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Author Topic: League of Legend Summer Fuck-a-thon (F looking for M for system game)  (Read 1229 times)

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Offline NanachanTopic starter

A very simple premise. Summer has come and the league is on holiday, but it does not mean the fun stops here! Oh no, instead, the girls are all hyped up to show off their new bikinis and the guys are vying to get lucky. The chosen island for this activity is a tropical paradise called Hibiscus island, a place with both a great swathe of untouched nature and a state of the art hotel. Each summer, the island became the home of non-stop hookups and one night stands between champions. As a tradition, whenever a female champion allows a male champion to cum inside them during this summer holiday, they give a small silver token to the man as a memento of their time together.  Can you collect the tokens of all the ladies of the league and win the many competition held in the island?

-Character Creation-

Option a (FATE Core)
-Standard rules
-max of 2 non sexual aspects (ex. expert swordsman, scholar of history, etc)
-max 2 sexual aspects (ex. Hung like alistar, Miss Fortune's fuckbuddy, etc)
-up to 3 feats
-May be canon or OC male champion (may even be shameless self inserts)

Option b (Pathfinder)
-25 point buy
-Level 4
-core races
-any paizo class
-No magic items
-2000 gold start
-May be canon or OC male champion (may even be shameless self inserts)

 Please send a brief character sheet and background via pm! I will consider doing this via thread, roll 20 or yahoo messenger
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Offline chaoslord29

I'm in for Fate, just gave to pick a champion.

Decided to go with an OC, just because I love Noxus and I feel like they don't get enough love.

Name- Caezar de Curze
High Concept- Commandant of the Noxian Secret Service

A prodigy of Grand General Swain, Caezar might once have considered himself a rival of the master strategist.  Rather than confronting him directly however, the former Noxian aristocrat utilized his considerable skill at gathering and brokering intelligence to subvert the then Colonel Swain's advance through the ranks.  Forcing the ever unflappable Jericho to seek an audience with him, fully confident that he could leverage future favor and loyalty from the ambitious lieutenant, the Lord de Curze was instead made to see by the older officer how his machinations and maneuverings sapped the strength from Noxus' military, the one true source of power in the face of the other, upstart nations of Valoran.  Though initially skeptical, Swain was as implacable in a duel of wits as he was on the battlefield, and in the end Caezar was convinced that there was more weakness to be weeded out on the homefront, and vowed to support Swain's goal of total, Noxian supremacy.

Caezar has been one of Jericho's most ruthless compatriots since, and if Darius is the Right Hand of the Grand General, then he is most certainly the left; officially, Caezar is the headmaster of the Noxian Military Academy, overseeing the training and indoctrination of the next generation of soldiers, officers, and that the latest batch of Zaun-forged Hextech is up-to-par for whatever wars are to come.  Unofficially, he is the power-behind-the-throne of Noxian Military Intelligence, the sixth division of the High Council, chief spymaster, and commissar-general of the Noxian secret police.  In this role, he has a less than willing ally in the form of some nameless spirit of the Void, made through dark ritual and Caezar's iron-will to serve his own, and the cause of Noxuian supremacy; the perfect testament to all that can be achieved through steely resolve and loyalty to the Grand General.

Trouble- "Feint within a Feint within a Feint"
Caezar's knack for elaborate, some might say, circuitous plans, has been used against him, most plainly by Jericho Swain, who made evident to the Commandant, that his attempts to tear down political rivals was ultimately harmful to the shared goal of Noxian supremacy.  Though there are few with the patience and foresight to challenge Caezar as the Grand General did, or outmaneuver his various contingencies and designs, it is possible to distract, dissuade, and otherwise frustrate Caezar merely by presenting him with the opportunity to further refine or embellish on his schemes.  After a certain point, Caezar himself can begin to lose track of the original goal as his enjoyment of the nebulous games and gambits becomes an end, in and of itself.

Noxian Supremacy Incarnate
The Noxian people believe themselves to be stronger and more worthy than any other to rule on the continent of Valoran, and Caezar is himself an exemplar of this spirit of dominion and the results of such elitism.  He has trained himself through constant discipline and a lifetime of martial regimens towards the end of physical and martial perfection; his mind he has sharpened through study and practice on every subject, and more than anything, his faith in the Noxian right-to-rule through conquest grants him strength and determination to surpass even his own perceived limitations.  To him, there is nothing and no one beyond subjugation through Noxian ideals, and he conducts himself with the particular brand of haughty elitism one would expect.

Great: Will (+4)
Good: Deceive, Fight (+3)
Fair: Investigate, Physique, Stealth (+2)
Average: Athletics, Burglary, Contacts, Rapport (+1)


Stress & Consequences-
Physical: ☐☐
Mental: ☐☐
Consequences:  Mild; Moderate; Severe

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