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April 21, 2018, 06:19:21 PM

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Author Topic: Lonely Cyborg needs a hug (F for M)  (Read 467 times)

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Lonely Cyborg needs a hug (F for M)
« on: May 16, 2016, 09:26:24 AM »
This is something a bit different from my normal Ďvauge ideaí approach and is, rather, a more involved and detailed story idea. Itís still got a lot of leeway and plenty of flexibility in its setting and execution, but is based around a single core concept which I will outline below. Iíd also invite prospective players to check out my Ons, Offs and RP preferences to know what Iím looking for and what to expect. I respond best to PMs and rarely check the thread itself.

The Concept:

Basically, what it comes down to is a character type that Iíve been looking to play for some time. A female cyborg, somebody who is part human and part machine. Iím looking at the character having under some sort of obvious, gross modification in their; replacement of limbs as the best example. The reason for this modification can vary; it could have been for medical reasons or to replace injured/lost parts, it could have even been something that they did to themselves for whatever reason.

However, for whatever reason, theyíre not happy any more with this state; who they are and what they have become. They canít go back to their old life, and know that a part of them will allways be cold, dead, lifeless machinery. Theyíre detached, isolated, lonely and feel less than human. They need companionship and maybe a good hug.

This game is going to be more story and character driven then anything else. Iím expecting it to have a very low smut content (Although at the same time, a Ďsexual reawakeningí of this character could make for an interesting subplot). I donít have a fixed goal in mind; itís something thatís open for negotiation and Iím more then interested in ideas.

The setting:

This is something thatís open to exploration and negotiation. All Iím saying is itís something futuristic where such modification is not unheard of. It could be a Cyberpunk Dystopia, it could be a war-ravaged world, military sci-fi or even something post-apocalyptic. Iím open for ideas.

My thought is that this character is some sort of combatant, hence the idea that cybernetics would be useful for them or possibly even seem like a good idea. She could be a member of some special unit, an independent operative or the like. Of course, that also means a life of conflict and warfare is only serving to further hurt her condition, making her feel even more dehumanized.

Your character:

Your character can be anyone that has a logical connection to this character. They could be somebody they work with in whatever unit that they are a part of; a fellow soldier or somebody in a related but supporting role. They could be a cybernetic technician or some sort of medic, for example. Or they could be somebody who is outside their normal world, which could help them ďcome backĒ so to speak and provide a break to their humdrum life.

As an option, they could even be another Cyborg. Maybe just one whoís a bit better adjusted.

Anything else:

Iím sure that thereís plenty of other things that I havenít thought of. If you have ideas or comments or suggestions, then please PM me with them.

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