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Author Topic: Envie's Home for Peculiar Characters! (F seeking any)  (Read 998 times)

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Envie's Home for Peculiar Characters! (F seeking any)
« on: May 13, 2016, 04:19:44 PM »

Hello! I am Envie and I am looking for some awesome RPing. I am looking for RPs where I can play a female character to any sort of character you choose. I like to have a good deal of plotting with my RP but I can be persuaded to do the occasional straight up smut thread. I would love it if you took a moment to pop on over to my Ons and Offs thread and peek at it real quick to get the sense of what I'm interested in and looking for.

When in situations like these I like to just lay out my favored characters like a deck of cards. Most all of my characters are adaptable to any sort of situation you can think of and some are semi-adaptable. They can fit in any situation but are genre specific (fantasy or urban fantasy more than likely). Some characters have different variations or different species I have played them as. Each variation of that character has it's own backstory and will have a short synopsis. Most of my OCs have celebrity playbys that I use for them and a picture will be included. If you have a plot idea you think one of my characters would fit nicely in let me know and I'll see what we can hash out! After the character list I'll include a list of fandoms and pairings I am up for with my preferred character bolded. After that I'll list plots that I am interested in to see if any tickle your fancy. I will add what character from my character list I would most likely put in that situation.

Character List!

Adaptable Characters

Amelia (Amy) Calloway
Age: 24-28
Looks a lot like Emma Watson
Theme Song: Hell on Heels- Pistol Annies
Favorite Food: Anything Chinese
Hated Food: Vegetables
BDSM Spectrum: Switch with a lean towards submissive.
Sexuality: Bisexual

Amy is very sexual. She always has been. She's in tune with her sexuality and uses it to get what she wants. She's not above sleeping for someone for money or food or any sort of favor. She is fiesty and has a hot temper. Deep down she's a broken individual but she covers that up with flirtation. She prefers to be unattached emotionally and isn't quick to fall in love. She absolutely hates being called by her first name.
Standard Human Variant:
Escort/Call Girl
Her mother used to date for dinner and other favors and Amy grew up watching her so it was no surprise that when Amy turned eighteen she ended up doing her own version of that. She works for an organization in [insert city here] that will set men and women up with beautiful dates such as Amy. She mainly works in the less-than-vanilla sector, tending to take clients with kinkier tastes.

High Fantasy Urban Fantasy Variant:
Amelia sold her soul in order to save her lover when she was a young woman. Now she is a dezien of hell who specializes in using her skills as a temptress to lure others to lose their souls as well.

Historical Variant:
Born in a whorehouse to a whore mother Amelia grew up and eventually took her place among the others whores as well.

Emma Murphy
Age: 21-28
Looks a lot like Holland Roden
Theme Song: Hero-Regina Spektor
Favorite Food: Steak
Least Favorite Food: Ketchup
BDSM Spectrum: Submissive
Sexuality: Bisexual

On the surface Emma seems shallow and materialistic but that’s only on the surface. She likes things and she can afford things and she’s not above throwing money around to get what she wants. She has never had to want for anything in her life and that shows when she isn’t getting her way. She gets angry and indignant and is not above throwing a fit to get what she wants. She doesn’t take no for an answer, unless no is the answer she’s looking for, she’s hard headed and stubborn and will dig her heels in, especially when someone tells her she can’t do something. Emma will go out of her way just to prove someone wrong about her and it’s gotten her into trouble before. That being said, even with her love of the material, Emma is a compassionate person at heart. It used to be a lot closer to the surface than it currently is. Since her boyfriend’s death Emma has gotten to the point where she can be empathetic and want to help and take care of others without ultimately getting attached. She doesn’t care about being polite like she used to. As a beauty queen and a debutante a lot was put on her about manners but the older she gets the more she finds she doesn’t have the patience for them. She’s not above calling someone out when they’re sexist or when they stereotype her and she will make a fuss out of it.
Standard Human Variant:
Spoiled Rich Girl
Daughter of a rich oil baron in Texas Emma has always gotten what she wanted. She had an MBA from Columbia and was poised to take her place in her daddy's empire when her long term boyfriend was killed suddenly. Now Emma, heart broken and aimless, has decided to find herself by traveling across the country.

Urban Fantasy Variant:
Supernatural Hunter
Same as above except the thing that killed her boyfriend was a supernatural creature and now she travels the world trying to find whatever killed him.

Arizona Avery
Age: 25-35
Looks a lot like Adrianne Palicki
Theme Song: Chasing Twisters-Delta Rae
Favorite Food: Burgers
Least Favorite Food: Kale
BDSM Spectrum: Switch
Sexuality: Bisexual

Arizona is bubbly and always optimistic almost to a fault. The young detective tries to see the good in everything even when it seems like there is no good to be found. She loves a good laugh, almost as much as she loves making others laugh and she’s the life of the party at bars after various cases. She doesn’t seem like she would make a good detective at all. She often seems too trusting, too young, too innocent, too naïve. They would be right for the most part, that is of course if they had never seen her work. She’s cocky when it comes to her skills. She thinks she’s better than she actually is. It hasn’t tripped her up quite yet thus making her more and more overconfident as she goes along. If she were to die from a sin it would definitely be pride. She’s never been the modest type and probably never will be the modest type. It’s just how she is. It doesn’t mean Arizona doesn’t work hard. She works her ass off and that’s why she’s so proud.

Arizona’s a tomboy to the core. She doesn’t like getting dressed up, prefers to wear clothes that would be at home in a guys closest as well as her own and would think an eyelash curler is some sort of torture device. She would sooner kick someone’s ass then wear any sort of dress and all that was true even as a young girl. It was mainly because she idolized her brother so much and couldn’t even see herself as part of the girlie girl crowd that seemed to overrun her high school. It made her a bit of an outcast among her peers. She’s used to living on the fringes of what’s deemed society and prefers other people who thrive there as well. One thing Arizona does have going against her is the fact that she pushes any and all negative emotion down and away from her until she eventually snaps. Usually it’s in anger and she ends up breaking things but sometimes it ends in a crying jag that lasts all night but she’ll be damned if she let’s anyone see. She doesn’t like showing weakness due to the fact that she has been one of the guys for so long and had to work hard not to be seen as the little girl when deep down she is still very much that girl and the strings that are holding her together are the only thing.
Standard Human Variant:
Jonathan and Crystal Avery are the parents of four very rough and tumble kids, of which Arizona happens to be the youngest. All four kids were born close in age, only five years between Henry and Arizona. Jonathan was a police officer with a long and storied career, eventually ending in him being named Captain of the local precinct. Crystal was a stay at home mom who had her handful everyday trying to run the house, take care of the boys, and make ends meet. Henry, Alex, David, and Arizona all grew up in a nice house in South Philly with a pretty general childhood barring the occasional late night wondering if Jonathan was alright due to a case he was working.Being Catholic, Crystal and Jonathan tried their hardest to raise their kids with a sense of right and wrong that had very little gray areas. You hurt people you were wrong. This led to little Arizona getting into fights with a lot of people she probably shouldn’t have. But luckily for her she had three older brothers who could come to the rescue. She was an alright student but all of her teachers had something to say about how good a kid he was. One-by-one each of the Avery boys joined the force and no one was surprised when Arizona did the same.

Urban Fantasy:
Same as above but with urban fantasy elements.

Semi-Adaptable Characters

Iolanthe Nightfyre
Age: 21-28
Looks like Halsey
Genre: High Fantasy
Theme Song: Castle- Halsey
Favorite Food: Roast Lamb
Hated Food: Won't refuse anything
BDSM Spectrum: Switch with a lean towards submissive.
Sexuality: Bisexual

Lane was raised to be a warrior. She was always going to be a in the military. As the youngest royal in the family she was always going to be a part of Tourmaline's army. All of the princes and princesses were expected to serve but only the younger ones were expected to excel and make a career out of it. She grew up knowing that. She grew up well aware that she was going to have to work her way up in the ranks and nothing was going to be handed to her. This gave Iolanthe a sense of pride in what she could do because she worked for everything she got. The people of Tourmaline knew that their leaders were pampered and didn't sit on their asses. It was important to the structure of the country.

That being said Lane has avoided going after her duty for quite some time. She would never admit it out loud but she was more than a little frightened about what she would find if she ever returned home. It was easier to believe that someone in her family survived and were fighting the good fight. In honesty it was easier for her to do that than to think she might be the last remnant of her family. On top of that she had been adjusting to a new land. She had to learn the language and customs. Iolanthe was also well aware she was never supposed to become queen. She wasn't given the tools her older brother had been. She knew how to lead sure, but in a military capacity, not a diplomatic one. Deep down she's insecure about taking over. She worries she won't be a good queen and will make things worse. She is a good public speaker and knows how to inspire people to fight for her but she is not quite sure she'll be able to do appropriate diplomacy.

Above all else Iolanthe is angry. She has a bubbling magma layer of anger and vengeance deep in her heart that drives her to push past insecurity and fear she has. She responds with violence and being tough. She is not about to just sit back and let others fight her battles either. She proudly fights alongside the men and women who have rallied behind her. She wouldn't let her people do anything she wouldn't do herself. This makes the leaders in the group wary because they fear what would happen if she dies but she refuses to just sit back and let her battles be fought for her.
Ionlanthe can remember being gathered up on her mother's knee and curling up against her while she regaled the tale of how the Tourmaline became the kingdom they ruled. There were three mage clans in the northeastern mountains that were constantly fighting for the resources in the area. The Nightfyre clan, which resided in the dense forest around the mountains. They controlled the lumber of the dense forest and hunted and fished there. The Nightfyre forest held wood that made the strongest staffs and shields and was coveted by all three mage clans for staffs. Then the Tourmaline clan which lived in the caves of the mountain and mined the dark blue crystals that were perfect for channeling magic. And the Graveflower clan was the final clan that lived in the valley between the mountains and had fertile farm land and access to the flowers, herbs, and plants needed for necromancy.

The clans were constantly at war with one another until one day a group from across the mountains threatened to take everything from all of them. The leaders of each clan met together and developed a plan. They would come together as a kingdom, share the resources and fight off outsiders that threatened their home. The leader of the Nightfyre clan and the leader of the Tourmaline clan were at the same age. So Greston Nightfyre and Iolanthe Tourmaline agreed to marry. They kept the Nightfyre name and agreed to call the kingdom Tourmaline to pay homage to the new queen's family. Graveflower would be named steward of the entire kingdom and have equal say in the way the kingdom was run. It worked well for centuries. The Nightfyre's ruled Tourmaline, always picking spouses from what was the Tourmaline clan and relying heavily on the Graveflowers for advice and guidance.

That was until Erthebart Graveflower decided that equal share was not enough for him and he attempted to kill Elaetha Nightfyre, Iolanthe's great-grandmother and the current monarch at the time, in her sleep. It was not successful and for their treachery the Graveflower's were exiled from Tourmaline. Since then the Nightfyres and the Graveflowers were trenched in a bitter war that still continued. That was why each prince and princess of the Tourmaline family had to be trained militarily.

Iolanthe always loved that story. Whether it was entirely true or not it seeded deep in her soul. She was named for her great ancestor, one that brought the kingdom together, and it gave her pride in her country and she couldn't wait to take her place in the Tourmaline army. Of course that was not allowed until her magic came in which didn't happen until she was eight years old. After learning the basics she was sent with other children her age who were going into the military as well. Her five elder siblings had all done the same thing. In the military Iolanthe wasn't a princess. She wasn't in line for the throne. She was another soldier. They taught her how to use her entropic abilities on the battlefield. Her abilities rivaled that of her eldest brother who was already leading a command in the war against the Graveflowers.

The training she went through was tough. She was put through the ropes. She had to learn how to train her body first. It took a year of physical training before she got to magical training. The first spell she learned was paralyze. She had to learn how to use her sword in the minute that her enemy was paralyzed. It was the same for the horror spell and waking nightmare. She had to learn how not to rely on magic because it had a time limit as well as a small area of effect. Even after intensive training she was only able to hold the spells for a three minutes at the longest and only one maybe two people were effected. On the battle field that wasn't much time and she had to learn to deal with it.

Her other abilities didn't come until she was older and she had to learn it as she went along. She had to learn how to access her blood mid-battle and channel her magic through her. Iolanthe struggled with the power and often ended up collapsing before she finished. It took her years to accomplish being able to use any of those abilities to any sort of actual degree. Once she uses drain life it usually stops her from being able to access much more of her magic for a good deal of time so she only uses it when she has no other choice. She can draw energy from freshly dead bodies but not much because she's essentially taking whatever the last little bit of their life essence and since they're dead there's not much left. It's basically enough to give her a small boost to keep her going if she gets to the full point of exhaustion in a fight. The curse of mortality only lasts for a few hours and if the person she cast the hex on manages to survive the battlefield the hex will eventually wear off.

By the time Iolanthe was fifteen she'd fought two small skirmishes with a small battalion. She was thirteenth in line for the throne and she was excelling in the military. There was very little chance she would become the Queen. Her parents were healthy, as was her older brother and he had two sons who were strong and only a few years younger than Iolanthe herself. Her second eldest brother also had a wife and three kids. So, ruling the kingdom was the last thing on the youngest princess' mind.

That was until late one night the alarm sounded and she was roused from her sleep. The family were all in the castle after a the Midwinter feast. There was an attack going on directly on their home. Iolanthe jumped out of bed and grabbed her sword and staff, heading into the hallway. There had been drills for this. If Graveflower's men ever got this far the family would retreat to an alcove in cellar. So she ran, fighting any of Graveflower's men who got in her way. She eventually made it to the cellar where her mother, most of her siblings, and her sisters in law and their children already were. They waited for an hour, defending their place and waiting on her father and eldest brother.

Neither man showed and the sound of battle within the castle surrounded them they started picking up on the fact that things were dire. So her mother decided to go with the escape plan. They would open a gate to another country that had been sealed in the cellar years before and escape that way. They would return later when they had a plan. Iolanthe's mother agreed to open the portal and Iolanthe was to go through first to eliminate any threats on the other side.

So they went to work and the gate was opened and Iolanthe stepped inside. Unfortunately by the time she got through the doors barring the cellar were burst through and Iolanthe watched as one of Graveflower's men ran through her one of her brothers. Iolanthe made a break for the gate but her mother closed it before she could go through, leaving Iolanthe alone.

She lived in exile for years under the firm belief that someone had to have survived and they would send word for her when it was safe. Word never came, instead Graveflower's assassin's did. Eventually Lane grew tired of it and returned home to see what had become of her family.

She appeared on the outskirts of Tourmaline and was hit with a wave of devastation she didn't expect. Hooded and disguised she traveled through the country. She found out that her father and two of her brothers, the eldest and the one she saw through the portal, were slaughtered the night that Graveflower took over. The rest of her family was taken to the dungeons in the mine. Her mother and remaining brothers were executed not long after. Her sisters in laws and nieces and nephews 'disappeared' but rumors had it they were all used in sacrifices in order to give Erthebart more power. Her eldest sister was going to be forced to marry the pretender and killed herself rather than do so. Her final sister was killed trying to escape.

Although she had an inkling this had happened knowing that her entire family was gone was something different. And on top of that she found out why Graveflower had been so hellbent on killing her. Apparently groups of rebels had rallied behind her name. She'd never been proved dead. She became the lost queen. Many believed she would return one day and that scared Erthebart for multiple reasons. If she could invoke this sort of loyalty from another realm what could she do if she returned.

And he was right to fear her. Lane went searching for these rebels who had united under her name. When she found them and unhooded, showing them her hair and proving her identity, they rallied. They had purpose but now they had a solid leader. Their queen had returned. Their leaders had filled her in on what Graveflower had done to the people, robbing them of their resources. The mines had been almost cleaned out, the forest was dwindling and Graveflower had used the farms to supply his own table more than anything else.

Anger replaced any insecurities she had. So she buckled in and started planning, choosing leaders and starting to travel searching for allies because she knew when she finally alerted Graveflower to her return she would have to do something big to prove herself against him.

Maria Rodriquez
Age: 21-26
Looks like Diane Guerro
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Theme Song: Flesh- Simon Curtis
Favorite Food: Anything Traditionally Mexican
Least Favorite Food: Anything Bland
BDSM Spectrum: Submissive
Sexuality: Bisexual

Ten pounds of crazy neatly packed up in a five pound bag would adequately describe Maria Rodriquez. To say the woman has issues would be an understatement. Of course being lied to your entire life and ripped from your home would do that to a person. She has trust issues a mile wide that go from both ends of the spectrum. She either trusts someone completely with no questions asked or she doesn't trust them at all. The former happens rarely but when it does it inspires loyalty the likes of which no one has ever seen.
Maria is also a master manipulator. She's able to read a situation and figure out just how to get what she wants out of it. She knows when sexiness will work. She knows when being tough will work, and she knows when wide, doe-eyed, innocence will work and she has the ability to slip in and out of whatever sort of character she might need. She's an expert con-woman, something she learned while working under the vampire. Maria doesn't have much in the way of morality anymore due to living in a dog eat dog sort of world.

She also cares a hell of a lot about her brothers. Maria was a teenager when her stepmother had the two boys and she instantly fell in love with them. She would lay down her life for the two kids, and she never even thinks of them as half siblings. To her they are family through and through. They are the reason she's never tried running from the vampire, because she knows he'll go after them next. Her love for them is the only real warm spot in her, seemingly, ice cold heart.

Try as she might to hide it Maria does have real feelings however. She gets scared and lonely and often when she's like that she'll retreat into silence and curl up in one of her older brother's hoodies and try to drown out the rest of the world with music. She tries her best not to let anyone see her like this and if they do she attempts to make it look like it's not a normal thing and that it's never happened before. She knows she can't afford to be weak in front of anyone, not with what's at stake. More than anything Maria is a survivor and will do whatever it takes to do just that.
Maria was born on March 5, in Calexico, California to Javier and Catalina Rodriquez. Javier owned a successful grocer and Catalina was a stay at home mom. Maria was their second child, the first being a son named Christopher. Chris was five years older than Maria and became fiercely protective of his younger sibling. They were close almost instantly, the little girl toddling after him the moment she could walk. There was never any of that 'no girls allowed' ridiculousness either. Christopher had often yelled at his friends when they refused to include her and Maria grew up as one of the guys because of it.

Unfortunately their happy childhood came to an end abruptly when Catalina got breast cancer. Maria was ten at the time and Christopher was fifteen. The two kids watched as their mother wasted away from the cancer and their father ended up drowning himself in a bottle. After Catalina died it took them a year to get their father back to normal. The three of them did alright there for a while. Eventually Javier met Gloria and the kids got a stepmom. Gloria was good to Christopher and Maria and she never tried to replace the mother they had lost she just worked tirelessly to be the best stepmother she could be and because of that Maria and Gloria grew very close.

And that ended up being a very good thing. When Maria was thirteen Christopher graduated high school and joined the Army. He made it all the way through basic and was shipped out to Iraq. Three months after he was shipped out word got back to the family that he'd been killed in the line of duty. The young girl spent a month in a pit of deep depression. Gloria tried to help. She was constantly dragging Maria into the kitchen and teaching her how cook and bake. Maria managed to start to function again. Javier, however, after losing his first wife and his only son became zombie-like and dedicated himself to his store. He was only be drawn out of it when Gloria announced that she was pregnant.

Nine months later the family welcomed Marcelo into the world. Maria instantly took to the little boy and spent a lot of her free time helping Gloria with him. Javier was ecstatic too and did everything he could for Marcelo. When Maria was fifteen and Marcelo was two she got her parents to agree to let her drop out of school and get her GED. Maria never was much of an book learning person anyway and she was going to eventually take over the grocery store anyway. It was a good thing Maria dropped out when she did because it was around that time the family found out they were going to welcome another child into their home.

Miguel was born two days before Maria's sixteenth birthday. The young boys became everything to the teenage girl fairly quickly and she spent all her time helping Gloria with them and the like. The older woman was worried about her stepdaughter a little, thinking that she was growing up too quickly, but those thoughts were pushed aside when she saw how happy Maria was helping out her family and taking care of her siblings. They spent two years in relative bliss, the small grocery store somehow managing to meet all their needs even as mom and pop shops like it seemed to die out.

On Maria's eighteenth birthday she found out just why that was.

It was late in the evening and the family was enjoying dinner and cake when there was a knock at the door. Maria answered it to find a very well-dressed Hispanic man and about six others behind him. They didn't bother to wait for an invitation, barging into the door and Javier stood claiming that there was no one here the man could take. That his first born was dead. This confused both Maria and Gloria. Not sure what was going on Maria's instincts kicked in and she quickly rushed her younger siblings upstairs, sitting with them in the room. She could hear arguing and the sounds of things breaking downstairs and she did her best to distract the younger ones.

After about a half-hour the shouting stopped and one of the six men with the well-dressed man came upstairs with Gloria trailing behind him, tears pouring down her face. Gloria ran to Maria and kissed the young girl on the forehead and told her to be strong. Maria barely got a word of question out before she was being dragged bodily out of the room and down the stairs.

Once downstairs she saw her father, who was sitting at the table, blood dripping from his nose and neck. She cried out for him but Javier didn't even look up as his only daughter was taken from the house and thrown roughly into the back seat of a dusty limo.

Maria sat across from the well dressed man, trembling in fear. It was only then that everything was explained to her. The man revealed himself to be Julius Garcia, the man in charge of a very well know drug cartel in Mexico and the southern border state. He revealed to her that her father had made a deal twenty-five years ago with him. He would help young Javier and Catalina get to the States and set up a successful business in exchange for their first born child. Javier took the deal and never told his wife. Javier apparently intended on never having kids but two years following the move Christopher was born. Javier never told anyone about the deal and when Christopher died he thought the deal had become null and void. It turned out that Julius wasn't going to let something stupid like death keep him from collecting his due.

If that wasn't a hard pill to swallow Julius revealed that he wasn't just a normal man. Maria watched in horror as fangs appeared in his mouth and she found out that the man who had taken her was actually a vampire. It was at this point that Maria ventured to ask if her father had even tried to stop him from taking her in Chris. Julius chuckled and told Maria that he did. Of course, the fight left him when Julius threatened to drain Gloria and the boys dry and leave Javier for dead and take Maria anyway. All of this was too much for the young woman and she passed out in the back of the car.

When she came too she was on a cot in a dark room. It was cold and she couldn't see any light from anywhere. After sitting in the dark for twenty minutes Julius entered the room, turning on the light from the outside. He handed Maria a plate of food and ordered her to eat, watching as she did. When she finished her food the vampire was on her in a second and fed from her for the first time. This was the routine for the first week. He would come in three time a day to feed her and feed from her. After a week he explained his plans for her. She would be trained to be his personal assistant, kept on a tight leash of course and never let out of his sight. She was also going to be trained in fighting and used to that end to bring money to him in the form of winnings and bets.

Maria saw no other choice than to comply to what Julius had in store for her. A female vampire took Maria and scrubbed her down and dressed her and she took her place in Julius's office. She was a quick study when it came to the Personal Assistant stuff and it wasn't long before she was doing her job very well and not incurring the wrath of her new boss.

The fighting however took longer. The training for it was brutal and she was often left bloody and beaten afterwards. It took her an entire year before she was actually put in the ring and even then she lost more than she won. But like anything else practice and negative reinforcement got the better of her and she managed to start getting good at fighting as well. She still pissed of Julius occasionally but she figured out that if she willingly offered her body to him as well as her blood he was more likely to go easy on her.

After working for him for two years Julius started dangling a carrot in front of her. He'd noticed that while working as his personal assistant she oozed charm and put a lot of his clients at ease. He wanted to use that charm to his benefit so he told her if she managed to seduce or charm the right about of hunters into a death trap of his making she could eventually buy back her freedom. She was hesitant at first, almost botching the first attempt but after a few it got easier for her, of course, every time she asked how many more she had to kill she would get the same answer, "I'll tell you when you've gotten enough."

After a while she was allowed to contact her family at least once a month. Julius's subtle way of reminding her that they will suffer if she tries to get out. Of course, that hasn't stopped the young woman from looking for a way out that won't cause harm to her family.

Frances (Frankie) Taylor
Age: 25-35
Looks like Ruby Rose
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Theme Song: Control-Halsey
Favorite Food: Pizza
Least Favorite Food: Tuna
BDSM Spectrum: Submissive
Sexuality: Bisexual

Frankie is hell on wheels and at one-hundred miles per hour. She is almost constantly entrenched in some sort of vice or another. She has her addictions, smoking, drinking, sex and gambling and she lays them right out for everyone to see. She not ashamed or embarrassed about them either. Frankie tosses them out with a sort of bawdy humor that can either turn people off of her or make them laugh. Not that the woman cares what people think of her. She never sticks around in one place long enough for the opinions of others to matter. But under the leather and thigh high boots there is a side to Frankie that just cares about people in pain. It was something she dealt with as a little girl every day and part of her can’t stand seeing it. Frankie will literally do anything to stop someone from suffering and has gotten hurt because of it but that doesn’t stop her from looking for the next victim. If she can’t save someone she will sure as hell make sure whatever hurt them will pay for what they did. She’s got a sense of justice about her that runs deep. Evil, true evil, shouldn’t be allowed to exist as far as she’s concerned.
Frankie was born Catherine Taylor on a sunny day to eighteen-year-old Louisa Taylor. Before Catherine’s birth Louisa was a very different person. She drank and smoked and partied and all throughout her teenage years but sometime during her pregnancy Louisa found God and the Catholic church. By the time Catherine was born you couldn’t find a more devout young woman. With the help of the church Louisa found a job and created a good life for her and her daughter. Catherine was raised in the Catholic Church and went only to private Catholic schools. Her mother worked hard as a secretary for her school in order to provide for her daughter.

She was seven the first time it happened. She came home to find her mom on the couch with her head in her hands crying. When Catherine asked why Louisa explained that she was sad she couldn’t give the little girl everything that she wanted and it was poor decisions in her life that caused it. Catherine, being a young girl, put her hand on her mother’s shoulder and told her it was okay, that she forgave her and so did God. It was in that instance that a wave of images rushed into the young girl and she passed out. As for Louisa she could only describe it as a warmth of relief spreading throughout her body.

Louisa took young Catherine to the priest and explained what happened. The priest was astounded by the power the little girl had and called it a gift from God. She started laying hands on people in the congregation and when she was eighteen, much to her mother’s delight, Catherine joined a convent and eventually became a nun. She took on the name Sister Frances Clare after Francis and Clare di Assisi. This was a sense of great pride for her; she took on enough sin from others she felt she shouldn’t add to it. When she took her Solemn Vows at the age twenty-one another miracle, as the other nuns and those involved in the church would call it, occurred. It was midnight the night she had taken her vows when the nuns were woken up by Frances’s screams. When the abbess found her she was laying in a pool of her own blood, her back had been lashed and there were puncture wounds in both her hands and feet. She had gotten three of Christ’s wounds.

This, along with her gift, brought people from all over to see her. She would take on sin after sin, feel guilt after guilt, and it started to wear on her mind. It was around this time that she first came in contact with a demon. Weak from using her abilities and vulnerable as a beacon because of her stigmata she was an easy target. Frances knew what the man was the moment she saw him but that didn’t stop him from hurting her. By some miracle she was able to get free and get to a priest who performed the exorcism in front of her. The man that had been possessed by the demon felt guilt for what had been done to him. Sister Frances took his guilt from him and saw true evil for the first time in her life. It made her physically ill and she passed out from her power for the first time since she was a child.

Once awake she asked the abbess why they were not combating the demonic evil in the world. The older nun explained that it wasn’t their job to. Frances seemed to accept it and for a few months went back to her life as usual. As she accepted the endless wave of smoking and drinking and adultery she couldn’t help but feel angry that there was a real evil out there no one was combating. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore. It clicked inside her that the Catholic Church was petty about the things they considered sins. It was at that point that she walked away from the convent, intent on actually making a difference.

Once gone away from the convent Frances started asking to be called Frankie. She had nothing but a duffle bag with some clothes in it and a few dollars. She had no clue where to start finding demons so she did the only thing she could think to do, she researched. She used the library and found out what she could. She found hunters and talked to them. Frankie picked up as many weapon skills as possible, including her favorite which just so happens to be a machete. She learned about other manner of creatures out there. Frankie also started living life to the fullest, smoking, drinking, gambling and getting tattoos and having lots of sex. She knows she could die any day and she knows vices aren’t where true sin is.

Fandoms and Parings!

Below are the fandoms I am currently active or semi active in or I have ideas for. The bolded characters are the characters I prefer to play. If both characters are bolded the first one is the one I would like to play the most but I would be up to playing both characters. Some sections are further broken down into smaller sections and some sections have disclaimers.

OC/OC (two OCs in the SPN world)
Dragon Age
My Warden is a Dalish Rouge, Human Noble, or Elven Mage. My Hawke is a Mage. My Inquisitors are Human, Elf, and Qunari Mages. Please specify which Warden or Inquisitor you would like.

Marian Hawke/Anders
Marian Hawke/Fenris
Marian Hawke/Isabela
City Elf/Human
I like to keep to the cinimatic universe to make things simpler! I know the comic books but there are so many universes out there it is simpler to stick to the movies. As for X-Men they will be classified OM for Original Movies and FC for the First Class ones.

OC/Steve Rodgers
OC/Bucky Barnes
OC/Wade Wilson (Deadpool)
OC/Magneto (FC)
Mystique/Magneto (FC)
Rogue (OM)/ OC
Harry Potter
Ginny Weasley/Draco Malfoy
Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy
Hermione Granger/Harry Potter
Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley
Luna Lovegood/Neville Longbottom
Luna Lovegood/Ginny Weasley
Narcissa Black/Lucius Malfoy
Nymphadora Tonks/Remus Lupin
OC/Sirius Black
OC/Remus Lupin
OC/Lucius Malfoy
OC/Bellatrix Lestrange
OC/Draco Malfoy
OC/Hermione Granger
OC/Ginny Weasley
OC/Luna Lovegood

Teen Wolf
Life is Strange
Star Wars
Padawan/Jedi Master
Apprentice/Sith Lord
Bounty Hunter/Bounty

The Walking Dead
OC/OC (two OCs set in the TWD world)
The Dresden Files
Karrin Murphy/Harry Dresden
Justine/Thomas Raith
OC/Harry Dresden
OC/Thomas Raith
OC/Lara Raith
OC/Molly Carpenter
OC/Winter Queen
OC/White Court Vamp
OC/Red Court Vamp
White Court Virgin/OC
OC/OC (two OCs set in TDF world)
DC Television
Disclaimer: I am not caught up with any of these shows but I am working to get that way. I am sure I will extend the list the more I watch but these are what interest me right now. I have seen a lot more of Supergirl than any of the other shows.

The Flash

Plots and Ideas!

Below are my ideas and situations I would like to play. Italics are suggested things that can happen not definite. I have a few smaller bare bones ideas and some larger more fleshed out ones. YC stands for Your Character and MC stands for My Character. Check back often because I will add more as I think of them!!!

Small Ideas
On the Side D/s, Mistress, Powerplay

YC doesn't have the happiest marriage. In honestly you're only still together because without a prenup the divorce would be way to expensive. In order to find some happiness YC keeps MC in an apartment in the city. Stocked with everything MC could need the only thing that MC has to do is keep YC happy in bed. Could what starts as a business venture and a simple dominant and submissive relationship transcend to something else? Or will something else happen.
(Best Character:Amelia Calloway)

Rent Controlled Master/slave, possible dub-con, bondage, punishment, humiliation

Simple trope, YC is MC landlord. MC is poor and down on their luck so they make an arrangement with YC to pay the rent with their body. Each time however MC gets deeper and deeper into the mess.
(Best Character: Amelia Calloway)

You Owe Me a Debt Master/slave, possible non-con or dub-con, bondage, possible gun-play/knife play

Something happens and MC is about to die and YC manages to save them. But of course it's not out of the goodness of their heart. YC suggests or decides that MC owes them something for saving her.
(Best Character: Arizona Avery, Iolanthe Nightfyre)

I Can Show You a WorldD/s, bondage, collaring, humiliation, spanking etc
MC has never done anything outside of the traditional normal vanilla sexual relationship. No one night stands, nothing kinky. YC decides it's time to introduce her to something a little bit different and a lot more fun. YC shows MC the world of BDSM and everything that it could be.
(Best Character: Emma Murphy)

Apocalyptic D/s, bondage, Master/slave, post-apocalyptic, edge play, possible non-con/dub-con

The world has gone to shit. Women are few and far between and roving bands of men hunt them down and find them in order to procreate and keep the population alive. YC and MC find each other in this world and are forced together to survive.
(Best Characters: Arizona Avery, Emma Murphy, Frankie Taylor)

Larger Ideas
Here There Be Monsters BDSM, heavy bondage, edge-play, possible dub-con, post-apocalyptic, Master/slave

Humans are no longer the dominant species on earth. Now the world is overrun with demons and monsters and humans are a slave race, used as food sources, servants, and sexual slaves by the dominant species. Vampires, Werewolves, and Fae folk fight over territory with human soldiers. There are still holdouts. Groups of human militias who try to fight against the uprising. Some monsters even help humans to the few monster free territories out there. MC is human and YC is a monster. They can either be MC master or a monster hell bent on saving the human race. What starts as a hateful relationship between YC and MC turns into something else as things go along. You have to have allies in this world.
(Best Characters: Maria Rodiquez, Arizona Avery, Frankie Taylor, Emma Murphy)

My Keeper D/s, heavy bondage, punishment, edge-play, humiliation, possible non-con/dub-con

MC is the chosen one by the king of some far away land. He keeps MC locked in a castle where she can do nothing but sit and dote upon him and make him happy. After one to many escape attempts the king hires YC as MC guard. MC is to follow all rules set aside by the king and he's given YC complete and utter control of MC and can dole out punishments as they see fit. They are also to accompany MC on excursions out to the nearby village.
(Best Characters: Emma Murphy)

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