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Author Topic: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Recruiting Closed)  (Read 9001 times)

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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

By our reckoning it's been 30 years since the human race almost died, in the end it wasn't some act of nature, or some massive meteorite, or climate change, or some disease, or aliens, or even fucking zombies... It was us, it was mankind and our near constant need to kill each other that nearly sent us all over the edge into oblivion. No one but the oldest among us remembers why the nations of the old world got to fighting, and honestly no one really cares, it doesn't matter anymore. What does matter is that those people started an atomic fire that raged until there was nothing left to burn. In one day, the planet stopped being a place of life and green plants, and endlessly different types of climates. Now there is only one climate, an atomic desert that never ends.

Those of us that live on do so by feeding off the corpse of the old world. Using it's scrap for our building materials, it's tools as our own, and it's weapons to protect ourselves. We live in a world of violence, hate, fear, pain, and suffering. A world where a man can be killed not only for what he has, but for what some people think he has, we live in a wasteland.

If you want to survive here you either have to find a ride, keep your tank as full as you can, keep moving, and pray you never run out of gas or into someone with a faster ride. OR you find others like yourself, people you can live with, work with, fight for, and when you've found them you stick together, you build a town, and if you're lucky it grows big enough to be safe from the outside. That's where we're at now, the town of Dry Gulch, and we're surviving.

OOC thread

Currently we are looking for females with a pause on accepting males in order to balance our gender numbers

Alright, so this is my idea for a story about a post apocalyptic town/city (depending on your definition). I see the town as being relatively large by the standards of the world they live in with nearly 150 people in the town when the average settlement has roughly 30-40 people. I'm looking for players to play citizens within the town. Ideally this would be a very free form, sandbox style game with an overarching story plot that slowly progresses as time moves on and play more focused on interactions between player characters etc. I'm looking for at least 7 players to start this off. I'll be portraying the town's mayor as well as any other important characters that don't get filled up. Players can be basically anyone they want to be, from guards, to prostitutes, to traders, to whatever. Some important town positions that are open are as follows:

The leader of the town's gaurd
The owner of the town brothel
Town's repair man/woman
The owner of the trade post

Also it should be noted that I'm looking for players who can post at the very least once every two days but preferably more, as well as players who are interested in sticking with this game and making it something that lasts and possibly grows in time.

If you've read this far, hopefully you're a bit interested. If that's the case here is some more useful info.

The Wasteland
The History
The history of the world isn't hugely important to this game, especially because the people who know it are dying out and the people who don't aren't really dying to learn it. But there are a few things that everyone knows and our players should know right off the bat.
1) There was a massive nuclear war roughly 30 years ago(the year 2027) that destroyed much of the world's infrastructure, governments, and began a destruction of it's original climate.

2) There are no real governments left, there are some leftovers such as small military bases run by surviving military personnel, as well as vip bunkers etc. But they are for the most part having just as hard a time surviving as everyone else.

3) The war wasn't just atomic, it was also biological and chemical. The effects of the chemical portion have already worn off in all but the hardest hit areas, which are still basically areas of earth covered in literal death-clouds. But the biological portion is still being felt, in the form of some offshoot diseases formed from biological agents mutating either through natural processes or exposure to radiation. As well as in the form of minor mutations caused by some of these weapons. (For reference minor mutations means, as far as humans goes, people who suffer from these mutations wind up with deformed body parts, extra digits, decreased intelligence, etc. Not Fallout style ghouls, despite how cool they are). For the most part it has been minor animal species such as rats, and some breeds of wild dog that have been noticeably changed by these mutations.

4) The times just after the war were many times more violent and dangerous then things are now.

The Climate
The climate of the wasteland can best be described as intense heat with a side of low level radiation. I'm thinking something along the lines of a Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome style desert with damn near no standing water, vegetation, etc. The sun is always shining just a little too brightly for real comfort in the day, to the point that the use of some sort of sun protection for your eyes is highly advisable if you don't want to go blind in a few years.

The Style
I'm looking for this game to have a bit more of a Mad Max/Book of Eli feel to it than a Fallout feel. This should be our timeline's future not a very different one's. That means realistic technology (explained a bit below) and other such things. For reference things along the lines of reasim such as this, this, and this are good. Where as things based on a more fantasy/high scifi setting such as This, this and this, aren't exactly what I'm going for. However stylized things that still have a basis somewhat in our reality such as this, this and this, are also very acceptable.

The Tech
There were quite a few advances in the years between 2013 and the day the bombs dropped, but nothing truly world changing. People still drove in cars, rode on planes and boats in addition to flying in cars and helicopters. There were never any laser guns invented, or fusion powered vehicles. Most cars still ran on old fashioned gasoline, though hybrid cars were making gains as the years went by. In the wasteland one can expect to see technology on par with the real world's as well as a few slightly more advanced pieces of equipment but nothing really radically different that what is available today.

The Valuables
The economy of the wasteland is quite different than that of the pre-war world. Many places run on a simple barter system in which one good or service is traded for another of near or equal value. Only the most secure settlements use formal currency and even then these currencies are no good outside the walls of the settlement that made them. Things that were once considered valuable are no longer so, and many things that once had little value are now worth massive amounts. Some of the most valuable merchandise and goods are as follows.
Valuable Goods
Water In a desert, the most valuable resource is nearly always going to be water. Now that the entire world is practically one giant desert that is especially true of the wasteland. Someone with an ample supply of water can nearly always trade for whatever they want.

Food Nearly as valuable as water, food in the form of meat, vegetables, canned goods and anything else is something that everyone needs and everyone wants.

Vehicles A good ride is a very important thing in the wastes, something fast and reliable to get you where you need to go and away from from trouble. A nice vehicle is something to be treasured and well taken care of, because often your life will depend on your machine.

Gas A ride isn't much use without something to run it with. As such gasoline in all its forms is extremely valuable.

Weapons Possessing a weapon isn't a good idea in the wasteland, nor is advisable, or even important. It is absolutely vital it is the difference between surviving the day and dying in a pool of your own blood.

Ammo Just as gas is important to your vehicle, ammo is important for your weapon. Those who plan to survive long in the wastes know to carry enough ammo.

Clothing Good protective clothing, things like strong glasses to protect your eyes, good shoes for your feet, gloves for your hands, and other such items can be traded for a good price if they are of high quality.

Luxuries Soap, shampoo, recorded music, books, nice looking clothing, fancy underwear, booze, and of course smokes. Are all worth much more than they once were, and those who are well off in the wastes will pay top price for nearly anything that lets them be just a bit more comfortable or forget the horror of where they are for even the shortest amount of time.

Valuable Human Resources
Technical Skills Someone who can build you a house, keep your car running, fix your gun, get a generator going, or has any of the other now rarefied skills needed in the wastes is a very valuable person. They are someone to be taken care of, and at times even fought over.

Combat Skills Anyone skilled at said fighting is also a very valuable person to have around, they can keep you safe and they can fight off those who would try to kill you and your family.

Knowledge Those with the knowledge of the way things were and what things from the pre-war world did are important people. They can tell you what a symbol means, they can read instructions from books to you, they can help you avoid some of the dangers of this world and live an easier life because of it.

Beauty A beautiful man or woman has a value all their own, either as a trophy for those with power, or as a member of the so called 'oldest profession.' Whether it be outright or in the guise of a relationship, the sale of one's beauty and body for protection and goods is even more common and profitable in the new world than it was in the old.

Entertainment Someone who can play an instrument, tell a good story, or sing a beautiful song can find a living using their talents to entertain others, to take them away from their sorrows  for a while and then reap the rewards of a grateful customer. Though not as valuable or sought after as many other skills, the ability to entertain others is still useful and something that the skilled can survive on.

Slavery The only thing more profitable than paying someone for their skills is not having to pay them for their skills! Slavery has become a common feature of the wastes, with those who have the strength to do so enslaving and selling off others in order to profit and survive. However many places outlaw and look down upon slavery and as such it can be a risky proposition for those looking to partake of it in more 'civilized' settlements.

The People
It is still true that every person is unique, their life experiences shaping them into who they are with no two exactly alike. BUT there are still some broad categories that most people can be loosely classified into. Their are nomadic groups of raiders and slavers who wander the wastes searching for those weaker then themselves to prey upon. There are traders who travel from settlement to settlement swapping goods in order to continue surviving. There are settlements focused on peaceful survival and trade as well as other settlements focused on isolating themselves from the outside, and even settlements which serve as ports of harbor for raiders and slavers to call their own.

Dry Gulch
The Basics
Dry Gulch is a large settlement in the wastes, with a population of roughly 150 people. The town has electric power and access to fresh water as well as fuel. It is well defended by a wall that surrounds the town, with those who man the defenses serving as Dry Gulch's guards and and personal enforcers of the law. It is a settlement who's rules and culture are focused on keeping the peace within their walls and ensuring that no uncontrolled fighting takes place within Dry Gulch, while also showing a willingness to trade just about anything with just about anyone...for the right price.

The Location
Dry Gulch, or Sommerset as it was known before the war, was once a small town near by a moderately sized hub for a commercial rail line. With many of the company's minor lines linking to it's main line within the general area of the town. The line was designed this way due to the rail company gaining the rights to a small oil well and refinery that been the original reason the town of Sommerset was built. This allowed the area to also serve as a refueling post for the line's engines.

Now, the small oil well and refinery systems are within Dry Gulch's walls and are used to provide fuel for the town's vehicles as well as the three train engines which have been converted to provide most of the town's power. Allowing it to have electricity and draw water from a small nearby source. These two features allow Dry Gulch to be self sufficient and are the reason why the town has grown to such a relatively large size when compared to it's smaller neighbors.

Important Places
Some of the more important parts of the town.

The Wall The wall is the town's primary defensive structure. It goes all around the settlement and only has one entrance. It is designed for guards to be able to walk along it's inner ledge and has several towers running along it's length as well as weapons emplacements along the inner ledge to provide ample protection from any angle. 

The Brothel What was formerly the town's train station now serves as it's brothel, where a customer can get a safe bed for a bit of trade, and for a bit more trade they can get someone to share it with.

The Trade Post: Dry Gulch's primary trading outpost, almost all outside vendors trade with the post's owner which allows him/her to maintain control over new goods within the city.

The Repair Shop: The shop of the town's repairman/woman, it is where someone will need to go if they need a weapon, machine, or vehicle repaired and lack the skill or parts to do it themselves.

The Water Station: Off limits to everyone but those who work within it, the water station pumps water from the town's source into it's storage tanks where it stays until it is traded for.

The Oil Derrick & Refinery: The oil derrick sits at the center of the town and is fenced off from the general population, only those who work on it or guard it are allowed beyond it's fence. It pumps the oil to the refinery which is next door to it and also fenced off and guarded.

The Generators Three train engines which sit on the same portion of track at the far corner of the town make up what have become Dry Gulch's generators. Their engines are now run on fuel from the refinery and used to power the town rather than move the locomotives.

The Arena A former factory now serves as the town's arena which is used to settle disputes between townsfolk that have become violent.

The Law
The laws of Dry Gulch are few, simple, and focused on keeping the peace within the town while leaving people to either succeed or fail on their own. They are as follows...

No Murder: The law allows a single way for someone to kill another person. Anyone caught killing someone within the settlement in any other way is charged with, and punished for murder.[/u]

No Fighting in the Streets: Towns people are not allowed to fight in the streets, any conflicts needing to be solved will be done in the arena

Slavery Is Legal: It is legal to own slaves within Dry Gulch, however it is not legal to enslave anyone who has not broken one of the town's laws.

No Stealing: It is illegal to steal goods from others within Dry Gulch anyone proven to be stealing must face the law.

Keep Your Deals or Face The Law: Anyone who can be proven to have broken a fair trade that they have made with someone else will face punishment under the law.

Punishments & Consequences

Anyone who breaks the law will find themselves taken into captivity by the town guards and then brought to face justice. Those who have a quarrel between themselves that has led to violence are made to fight within the arena. Those who are accused of thievery but cannot be proven to have done so are made to fight their accuser within the arena. Those who commit murder, break their deals, or are proven to have stolen goods must face the wheel. The details of each are as follows.

The Arena: When citizens of Dry Gulch come to violence with one another they are brought into custody by the town guard and taken to fight in the Arena that very night. The arena itself is a large pit dug into the ground and strewn with weapons. Those involved in the conflict are lowered into the pit, and once given the signal are made to fight one another so as to determine the victor in the argument by right of strength. The weapons within the pit are determined by chance and the fight itself is fought until one side of the argument surrenders or is killed. Those who surrender within the pit must then face the wheel.

The Wheel: The Wheel is a simple spinning wheel, similar to those used on pre-war game shows. It is divided into several sections, each labeled with a lawful punishment. It stands just in front of the entrance to the pit. Those who must face the wheel are taken before it, and made to give it a spin. And as the wheel spins their fate is decided. Whatever punishment faces the convicted when the wheel stops is the punishment they will face. The possible punishments are as follows.
Death: The convicted person is put to a quick and painless death. This section of the wheel is moderately sized(2 in 20 chance)

Enslavement: The convicted is enslaved by whoever they have wronged or by the family of who they have wronged. If the one they have wrong is dead and there is no family they become a slave of the settlement. This section of the wheel is a somewhat large (3 in 20 chance)

Lose Some Goods: The convicted loses half of their goods to those they have wronged, or to the town if no one they have wronged is alive. This section of the wheel is very large (4 in 20 chance)

Lose All Goods The convicted loses all their goods, including very the clothes on their back to those they have wronged, or to the town if no one they have wronged is alive. This section of the wheel is moderately sized(2 in 20 chance)

Acquittal: The convicted receives no punishment This section of the wheel is very small (1 in 20 chance)

Al's Choice Big Al chooses the punishment for the convicted This section of the wheel is moderately sized (3 in 20 chance)

Spin Again The convicted must spin again This section of the wheel is very small (1 in 20 chance)

Exile The convicted must leave the town This section of the wheel is very small (1 in 20 chance)

Suicide Run The convicted must be taken into the wastes and sent on a suicide run to try and gather some valuable goods from a dangerous location if they succeed and survive they have served their punishment this section of the wheel is moderately sized (3 in 20 chance)

If you're still reading then I'd say its a pretty sure thing you're into the idea. If that's the case then you'll hopefully be interested in making a here is the character sheet.

Character Sheet

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img]Link to your character's main image here[/img][/floatleft]
[center][font=impact][size=36pt]Character Name[/size][/font][/center]
[b]Played by [color=red]Your Name Here[/color][/b]
[b]Age[/b] How old is your character? As a side note please keep in mind that any character who lived through the war and its immediate after years will need to be at least 30 years old. As well as that anyone intending to possess any real memories of the pre-war world should be at least mid 30s to low 40s if not older.
[b]Gender[/b] Are they a man? woman?
[b]Role In Town[/b] What do they do in the town? Are they a shop owner? Do they run the brothel? Are they hired muscle? etc.
[b]Physical Details[/b] Anything worth mentioning that is not shown in their pictures or is different from them, such as scars, tattoos, hair color, etc.
[b]Personality[/b] What do they normally act like? How friendly are they? What are their defining characteristics?
[b]Personal History[/b] Who are they? Where did they come from? What has their life been like thus far?
[b]Sexual Orientation[/b] Do they like sex with men? Women? Both? Additionally, what kinds of sex do they like? ;D
[b]Skills[/b] What are they good at? What skills do they have that set them apart from others?
[b]Living Accommodations[/b] Where do they live? Do they have their own house? A tent? Do they live out of a car? Do they live in someone else's building?
[b]Notable Possessions[/b] What are some important things that they own? For instance what weapon do they have? Do they own a vehicle? A building? Access to an important resource? Etc?
[b]Character's Offs[/b] What sexual things does your character dislike? Not to be confused with what you don't want to happen to them. For instance your character may be against anal but you may be quite happy with it happening to them anyways. ;D
[b]Player's Offs[/b] What are your personal offs that you wish to NOT have happen to your characters in this game? Please provide a small list of your definite offs for this setting rather than just a link to your ons/offs page. This is meant to be a quick reference for the other players to see at a glance rather than a link to another page.
[spoiler=Additional Images]
Place links for any additional images of your character or their possessions here.

If you're interested please feel free to say so and/or post up a character, hope to see some interest soon!
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Offline MzHyde

If they have a working oil refinery they've got to have a much bigger town and way more than thirty or forty people in it. It would probably take that many alone just to run the refinery. Actually, probably double that, since people can't work 24/7.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

There's roughly 150 people in the town. Most average towns surrounding it have 40-50 ish people ours has 150ish

Offline JackWhite

I'm gonna claim the trade post owner character. :)

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

@JackWhite: Glad to have you aboard, I'll fill the slot with your name/character once you've gotten one up and approved. ;D

@Everyone else: Hope to see more interest!

Online ElvenKitten

Can I claim the brothel owner :D

Offline Primarch

Hey Urban! Keeping my eye on this, I've got my fingers in a couple things at the moment and I don't want to spread myself too thin, but I'm watching.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

@ ElvenKitten: Yes you may, same as JackWhite. Once you've got an approved character up I'll write you in the slot

@Primarch: Good to know :-) hope to see you join in if you gwt the chance.

Offline Cosmo_ac

I admit, I've been wanting to do a post-apocalyptic game for a little while now.  I'm thinking a corrupt, alcoholic sheriff (leader of town guards) in his mid-fifties, who remembers the world before it went to hell, was their for the fight to try and save it, and lived through the fall.  You know, who also doesn't look bad and has a ten inch cock :p

At any rate, I think he could be fun.

Online Neysha

It does seem interesting. I'm officially interested.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
« Reply #10 on: September 08, 2013, 10:08:26 PM »
Glad to see everyone's interest. Can't wait to see some characters ;D

Online Neysha

Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
« Reply #11 on: September 08, 2013, 10:48:44 PM »
Glad to see everyone's interest. Can't wait to see some characters ;D

But all of the economically lucrative jobs have been claimed. :p

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
« Reply #12 on: September 08, 2013, 11:03:01 PM »
If you're looking for independent and economically lucrative you might want to consider being the town's repair woman ;-) or if you don't mind working for someone a town guard or skilled prostitute would also be someone who could live well.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
« Reply #13 on: September 09, 2013, 02:52:37 AM »
Here's my character sheet skeleton. I'll be adding his bio and some additional images, etc tomorrow. Just wanted to give people a look at what the sheet will look like when done. Also if anyone wants to have their character have a tie in to Big Al as a friend, business partner, rival, enemy, etc. Please let me know and I'll work it into his  back story.

Big Al
Played by Urbanzorro
Age 57
Gender Male
Role In Town De Facto Mayor
Physical Details He has a number of burn scars on his right arm and the back of his right shoulder.
Personality Al is a man who was scared by the war, both physically and mentally. This leaks through into nearly every aspect of who he is, including his personality. Which can best be described as a man at war with himself. Most days he tends to keep a calm exterior whenever possible. He speaks clearly and with the best grammar he can muster. He is polite, eloquent, and tends to sound like he knows what he's talking about. He rarely raises his voice unless trying to speak to a crowd or across a distance. However his calm exterior also serves as disguise which hides the other portion of his personality. The portion of him created by the need to survive, a cold, calculating man who's drive to survive and not 'lose' to the wasteland will push him to nearly any lengths. A man who has embraced the cruelty of the wastes and rather than fight against it chooses to revel in it and use it to his advantage. Al is a man who's drive to be strong enough to survive is constantly fighting for dominance with his natural tendency of being a kinder man.
Personal History Big Al, born Allen Whitmore,  was born almost 30 years before the war, he spent his childhood and the early years of his adulthood in a world governed by laws, order, and peace. He knew the joy of a safe life and a full belly, he knew what it was to live in a world where random acts of violence were the exception, not the norm. But all that changed on the day the world burned.

Before the bombs fell he'd been nobody. Just another man making his way though life the best he could, but on the day after he was alive, and that made him somebody. He'd been working as a train conductor when the war hit and was on one of the engines as the bombs fell. After the dust had settled, Al and and the other people on the train attempted to live a nomadic life using the train to travel the rail lines.

Eventually this lifestyle became unsustainable and the group transitioned into a more stationary existence. Slowly building a town around a former rail hub and growing as best they could. As the years passed Al watched many friends die, made many enemies, and in turn watched them die. All the while maintaining a large amount of influence over Dry Gulch, the settlement he helped found, until he eventually managed to gain full control of the town. He has acted as Dry Gulch's 'mayor' for the past 17 years.

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual. Al enjoys most forms of sex with women, there are very few things he won't take some form of pleasure out of. He occasionally has sadistic moods where he takes great joy out of others' pain but is also just as likely to be a kind lover to whoever shares his bed.
Skills In his younger days Al was a pretty good knife fighter, though his age has slowed his reflexes quite a bit. He is a decent shot with a pistol and a fairly good shot with a rifle. However his real skills aren't in combat, but rather in planning and persuasion. He is very good at 'reading' people and gaining an understanding of what it is that they desire. He is also excellent at laying long term plans and seeing them through to fruition and it is these skills that allow him maintain his control over Dry Gulch.
Living Accommodations For a home Al uses a converted train car which has been fused side to side with a second train car and serves as his house as well as the town's city hall.
Notable Possessions As far as personal possessions, Al owns an old revolver, as well as a simple hunting rifle. He has his own vehicle, and owns his house as well as several items of clothing and other small luxury items. In addition to this, as 'mayor' Al has control over much of the town's resources such as it's power, water, and fuel. He rarely uses this control to do anything more than insure that these resources aren't over used to the point of running out but has been known to use his power over these things to bend others to his will when need be.
Character's Offs Al has a very open mind when it comes to sex and sexuality and has yet to find anything he doesn't like.
Player's Offs For this game my only real for sure OFF LIMITS aspect would be scat. Considering the setting I'm willing to leave open the possibility for just about anything else.
Additional Images

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Online ElvenKitten

Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
« Reply #14 on: September 09, 2013, 03:15:35 AM »
Laura Jacobs
Played by Elvenkitten
Age 25
Gender Female
Role In Town Brothel owner
Physical Details Slave brand on her right wrist 
Personality Laura is usually flirty and extremely friendly unless someone interferes with her business. She is very protective of her employee's and treats them like family. She dislikes slavery and dislikes slavers.
Personal History Laura was sold into slavery by her parents when she was fourteen. Her owner was a warlord who used to keep her chained to his throne. He went from bing kind and gentle with her, to beating her and spitting on her in moments but never had sex with her, instead he gave her to his insane daughter.  After a few years she killed him in his sleep with a piece of glass and managed to escape. She managed to find work in a brothel but found she had a talent for more than just pleasing the clients. After a short time she became the Madam's right hand girl, handling the brothels finances and only taking the clients she wanted (mostly female ones). When the Madam died she left the brothel to Laura knowing it would be in good hands.
Sexual Orientation Bisexual (prefers women)
Skills Skilled in various forms of sexual activity. Barter and trade. Skilled with knives and guns
Living Accommodations Her Room in the brothel
Notable Possessions The Brothel, a small cache of weapons, Gold plated Desert Eagle
Character's Offs Rough sex, watersports, gore, vore, scat
Player's Offs watersports, gore, vore, scat
Additional Images

Offline Tamhansen

Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
« Reply #15 on: September 09, 2013, 04:57:37 AM »
Id like to add a character in here if that's okay

Nicolas Albertine
Played by Katataban
Age 27
Gender Male
Role In Town Peacekeeper
Physical Details Has quite a few scars on his arms and torso from fending off knives and improvised weapons
PersonalityNicolas is a born soldier. Except he was born in a time where war is useless. He's strict, rigid and overly defensive of those he calls friends. The justice he meets out as peacekeeper tends to be fair, though at times he can seem rather arbitrary and overly strict with the rules. Anyone who gets to know him on a personal level see the softer, kinder side of his personality, and find him a man willing to do anything to protect them. He is gallant to a fault, bordering on chauvinism, as he believes men should treat women with deference and respect, and that they need to be protected. Even those women other men think little of. Many a man thinking he could be a little rough with a 'working girl' has found himself on the wrong end of the 'sheriff's' ire.
Personal History Nicolas was born in Dry Gulch, living with his mother. Like many young women at that time she had been raped and left at the side of the road, but the people of Dry gulch took her in, and made her, and later Nicolas, one of their own. He learned about his barbaric origins, and has lived with the sin of his father ever since, which explains his overly chivalric attitude to women. He grew up to become a strong man, and had an uncanny affinity with weapons. His mother died when he was thirteen, her experiences finally taking their toll. Nicolas started to walk along with the town's guards and peacekeepers, and soon proved himself a capable addition. Now, only 25, but with over ten years on the force, he's assumed leadership of the force.
Sexual Orientation Straight. Nicolas is a kind and gentle man. In no way submissive, but he will never hurt a woman, and even has trouble to inflict pain even if his partner asks him to
Skills Nicolas is an expert marksman, a quick shot, and very adept at close combat. He's also a very gifted speaker, able to diffuse a situation with words more often than punches or bullets. He's also trained in first aid and basic medical skills as he's often a first respondent when the shit hits the fan
Living Accommodations Although technically, he has a home in one of the old buildings, Nicolas can almost always be found in the office or on the beat. Now and again he spends a night at the brothel, though oddly without a girl
Notable Possessions Nicolas owns a shotgun as well as a hunting rifle and a sidearm his position supplies him with a car in case he needs to respond fast, or something happens outside of town
Character's Offs Rough sex, watersports, gore, vore, scat
Player's Offs I don't really do limits, though anything involving bodily waste tends to ruin it for me.
Additional Images
police vehicle
More pics of Nicolas


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Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
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@ElvenKitten: She looks good and is approved

@Katataban: He looks good, just to be clear are you looking to be the head of the town's guard or just a higher than normal member?

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Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
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head would be my preference. But if not then a senior member

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Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
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I was thinking about playing a scavenger who uses Barter Town as his home base!

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Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
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@Katataban: I'm thinking he'd to kn better as a upper level guard then the leader. Mostly because the role I see the town's guard as playing is more of a group of enforcers than of sheriffs, so based on your characters personality I think he'd fit in better as a 'good cop' foil to the rest of the town guard's 'corrupt cop' style. What do you think.

@ doodasaurus: Sounds good! :-)

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Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
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While I won't be able to do full long posts until the weekend, *fingers crossed*, that repairperson job sounds interesting. :)

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Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
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@Katataban: I'm thinking he'd to kn better as a upper level guard then the leader. Mostly because the role I see the town's guard as playing is more of a group of enforcers than of sheriffs, so based on your characters personality I think he'd fit in better as a 'good cop' foil to the rest of the town guard's 'corrupt cop' style. What do you think.

Sure. That could work.

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Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
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Master Blaster run Bartertown.


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Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
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I do admit, I would like to throw my hat in for the leader of the town guard.  Give me a little bit of time, and i'll have a profile rough up.

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Re: Who Run Barter Town? -Freeform Post Nuclear Settlment- (Mostly Sandbox Game)
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@Empyrean: The more the merrier

@Katataban: Great :-)

@Daylily: That's actually the movie that started this idea in my head(saw it a few days ago)

@Cosmo_ac: Can't wait to see him.