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Author Topic: The Great Civil Unrest of the Mutants Character sheets.  (Read 945 times)

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The Great Civil Unrest of the Mutants Character sheets.
« on: July 06, 2013, 01:13:08 PM »
Real Name: Aaron Shaw
Played By:Batman4560
From:Cleveland Ohio
Known relatives:Sebastian Shaw
Professions:Boxer/ Former second in command of the Inner Circle
Role at school: Dean
Mutation (Powers):
-absorb energy and use it to augment his strength, speed, stamina and recuperation capabilities to superhuman levels. He absorbs the energy of any impact he is struck by, including not only direct physical blows, but also the impact of bullets and throwing weapons, and less successfully, concussive energy beams.(weaker beams) The energy is stored for various amounts of time depending on how much energy he is hit with. (high amount-six hours, moderate amount-2 hours, low amount-20 minutes) Bullets take alot of energy to block and can sometimes drain his stored energy.
-By absorbing enough blows from an opponent, Shaw can surpass the strength level of said opponent and then overpower them.
-He is sometimes shown to be capable of absorbing the cutting, piercing and thrusting energy from a blade which makes it exceedingly difficult to cut or stab him with sharp edged weapons. While Shaw is highly resistant to injury, especially kinetic ones, even he can be damaged by powerful enough blows
-Shaw is, however, vulnerable to being incapacitated, or being attacked psionically

Special Skill or training:
Master taunter- Shaw has learned to goad his opponents into direct attacks by taunting them.
Boxing master- Aaron has learned how to box and made it a profession to help hone his powers.
Advanced with computers-Early on his father taught Aaron to keep up with the times and that knowledge is power.
Natural leader- Threw working with the Inner Circle Aaron has learned to lead and does so like it is second nature.

Added Details:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Personality will be revealed in character.

Born in Cleveland Ohio to a mother he never knew and Sebastian Shaw. Aaron was taught early by his father to use his powers and tried to get him to join the hellfire Club. Sebastian taught him everything from basic math to computer science. He learned how to stay young from his father and how to fight from various members of the Hellfire Club. Aaron spent a majority of his life as second in command of the Inner Circle and learned to use its vast wealth to his advantage. Aaron eventually grew to hate his father due to the amount of crime he committed and soon devised a way to escape his father and the club. When Aaron was old enough to leave home he swiftly took up boxing as a way to earn money and hone his powers. The day the X-men disbanded and the Inner Circle started to take in mutants Aaron decided a new school needed to be made and based it in New York much like the old X-mansion...

Offline Demigod1945

Re: The Great Civil Unrest of the Mutants Character sheets.
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2013, 01:23:46 PM »
Real Name:  Samuel Ervin
Alias: None
Age:  17
Gender:  Male
Sexuality:  Straight
Played By: Demigod1945
From: Springfield, Missouri
Known relatives: Alan, his Alcoholic father
Professions: Teacher

Mutation (Powers):
Samuel has innate genius intellect and a perfect mind to body connection, meaning he has perfect reflexes, and he processes information faster than any normal human could.
Any information he takes in remains in his mind clearly for a certain period of time, based on the amount of information taken. Complex information he can retain for a month, while less complicated for several. General facts he remembers permanently.
He can copy any physical movement, but only for so long, unless he is trained like anyone else. Untrained, he retains the style of combat, movement, or skill, for up to seven days.

Special Skill or Training:
Master mechanic: During his childhood, Samuel spent great amount of time tinkering with machines, so much in fact that he permanently remembers any information regarding machines.
Analytical perception: Due to his ability, Sam has become in tune with his environment at all times, and is able to use said environment to his advantage almost perfectly.
Martial artist: Samuel is a black belt in karate.
Expert in physics: While on his travels, Sam be came interested in many subjects, most notably physics, which he studied for months at a time, because of this he is an expert in the field, and can even teach the subject to others.

Weaknesses: When he becomes nervous, stressed, or unnerved by extreme events, his ability seems to fail by a significant rate, he still retains his intelligence, but loses his ability to think straight, and keep his focus.

Personality: Sam tends to be distant from people, appearing as cold, calculated, and emotionless. Though deep down he seeks companionship with other mutants or special people. He sometimes doesn't understand why people can't see the world as fast and easily as he does, leading to some social difficulties.

Background: Born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, Samuel, who's mother died during child birth, and father who he hated, had a relatively simple and uneventful childhood, at least until his ability manifested, his father extorted him for money by having him watch sports game of all types and Samuel would tell who would win, which he almost always correct about. On the rare case he wasn't, his father always lashed out violently, eventually driving Samuel away from home at age 15. For two years he traveled the country looking for a place where he might just belong.

Offline Cascalence

Re: The Great Civil Unrest of the Mutants Character sheets.
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2013, 01:29:35 PM »
Real Name:  Karen Schmidt
Age:  25
Gender:  Female
Sexuality:  Straight
Played By:  Cascalence
From:  Boston, Massachusetts
Known relatives:  Melanie Schmidt; little sister.
Professions:  English teacher
Mutation (Powers):
-Able to spark and manipulate flames on a moderate scale.
-Able to absorb flames on a small scale, to extinguish them.
-Unable to spark flames if too cold or wet.

Special Skill or training:
Psychology:  A must for any teacher.
Computer training:  Though she isn't very advanced with computers, Karen has been trained with them.
Tae Kwon Do:  Not proficient, and rusty in skill, Karen took classes as a teenager.

Added Details:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Personality:  A bit mousy, Karen is mostly quiet around other adults.  However, she opens up around children, smiling and encouraging their skills.  She is very maternal and nurturing in nature.

Background:  Growing up in Boston wasn't the easiest life.  Her parents lives were taken early on in a train derailment, and she and her sister were thrown into the foster care system.  At some point, they were separated, and while they keep in contact now, they rarely speak.  However, Karen made the most of her life, keeping on the straight and narrow as best as she could while hiding what she is.  She managed to put herself through college, though barely, and was working off student debts on her teacher's salary.  She doesn't complain about her life, however.  She's seen some pretty dark holes with the way she grew up, and is grateful not to be in them.
Discovered during putting out a fire in a homeless shelter, Karen was forced to register herself as a mutant.  When the school she worked at as an elementary teacher discovered this, she was swiftly terminated from their employment.
After several months of traveling the country in her car, she finally discovered the Academy, and requested to join, asking only for room and board in exchange.  Thankful that she had a strong background in English, she was accepted as the school's English teacher, and now has a roof over her head, and is able to continue with her passion for educating young minds.

Offline Demigod1945

Re: The Great Civil Unrest of the Mutants Character sheets.
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2013, 02:26:09 PM »
Since for some reason i can't put up pictures ill just put a physical description.

Hair: Brown
Eye color: Grey
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Body: average build, some muscle
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185 lb.
I hope that gives everyone a picture

Offline EndofDivine

Re: The Great Civil Unrest of the Mutants Character sheets.
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2013, 02:53:34 PM »
Well, I don't think I have any changes to make unless you guys want me list her personality...but that'll probably be changing a lot.

Real Name: Jessica Reynolds
Alias: Mirage
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
From: Washington D.C.
Known relatives: Her father, Leon Reynolds
Professions: Student
Mutation (Powers):
-Jessica has the ability to mentally alter the perceptions of others. She can essentially choose what her target sees, hears, and feels through mental suggestion. She mostly uses this ability to erase herself from someone's mind, becoming invisible to them. It's not uncommon for her to use this ability to impersonate the appearance and voice of others.
-Her ability can be extremely dangerous if she chooses. When she was forced to work for the government, her most common form of interrogation was to simply deny her victim all of their senses, leaving them alone with nothing but darkness and their own thoughts. She can also inflict pain in a "your mind makes it real" sort of way. This rarely proves lethal and instead usually just results in her victims passing out from over-stimulation before anything too harmful occurs.
-Her ability does have a few drawbacks. Jessica obviously can't fool machines. A simple surveillance camera or alarm is sometimes enough to foil her attempts to be sneaky. The biggest drawback is that she has to keep a sort of "open link" between her mind and those she is manipulating. She requires input from their mind in order to make believable illusions. This tends to leave an imprint in her own mind of anyone she uses her ability on. Typically, the more powerful the emotions of her target are, the more of their personality and memories she takes on.
This makes her hesitant to use her ability in malicious ways.
-A strong willed psychic or any character with mental resistances can usually just block Mirage's abilities if they become aware that they're being manipulated. Similarly, if someone comes to realize that she's implanting images into their head, her ability to cause physical harm becomes negated. She can't hurt you if you know it's not real.

Special Skill or training:
Interrogation- It's not a skill she enjoys using but the combination of her time with the military and her power makes her very effective at it.
Weapons Training- Jessica is familiar with most standard firearms. Not a sharpshooter or anything like that but she's at least competent with a gun.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Jessica is a bit of a late bloomer. She only realized she could tap into the minds of others a year ago and told her father about her abilities almost immediately. Her father, Leon Reynolds, works for the US government in the Pentagon and thought to ask his military friends for help protecting his mutant daughter. Instead of helping, the government decided to use the young woman's abilities for their own ends. Against his wishes, Jessica was taken from her father's home and put to work interrogating people that were deemed a threat to the government. She did as she was told and found herself forcing others to live through waking nightmares and she often came away from these experiences as shaken as her victims.

Her father was able to remove his daughter from the program after four months at the cost of his own job. Believing the peace he had earned for his daughter would be short lived, he pulled a few strings and found a group that takes in teenagers like herself.
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Offline Kepesk

Re: The Great Civil Unrest of the Mutants Character sheets.
« Reply #5 on: July 06, 2013, 05:30:10 PM »
Real Name: Jacob ("Jay" or "Jake") Crow
Alias: BlackOut
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Played by: Kepesk
Home Town: Sedona, Arizona
Known Relatives: James (father), Barbara (mother), Kayla (sister)
Profession(s): Student

Mutation (Powers):
DarkForce Generation/Manipulation - Jake has the ability to summon and manipulate an extra-dimensional energy. The specific source of this energy is as yet unknown, but provides Jake with the following abilities:
   Energy Solidification - So far, this is Jake's primary means of attack. He summons the energy and solidifies it in crude energy `   blobs' around his hands, feet, etc, then attacks with it. He doesn't have the ability yet to form it into anything other than simple shapes. The attack adds a bit of extra damage, with the rare possibility of stunning an opponent.
   DarkeForce Bolt - This is currently the focused totality of Jake's ability. He can concentrate the energy into a single beam. It's fairly weak as far as energy emission abilities go, and has a better chance of stunning the opponent than doing any real damage. This attack can also leave Jake winded since it requires him to summon as much energy as he can at once.
   Resistance to Darkness - Jake is granted some resistance to Darkness-based attacks.
   Susceptibility to Light - Jake is susceptible to Light-based attacks.
   ShadowCasting - Jake can summon his energy to darken or dim the light in small areas.
   Gateway - This is actually just a function of his ability; that he's opening a `gateway' to another dimension where he draws the energy from. He has no real control over it other than this...yet!

Special Skills or Training:
Meditation - Jake meditates every morning...when he can.
Martial Arts: Weapons Specialist - Jake practices with various martial weaponry semi-regularly. He's not a real `master' of any of them yet, but he knows enough how to use them without hurting himself.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Jake had a fairly normal upbringing in Sedona, Arizon where his father worked at a real estate firm, and his mother worked as a landscaper. Eventually, his parents drifted apart, and ended up getting a divorce about the time Jake was entering high school.
One day while at school, Jake found himself in a confrontation with another student, and his abilities manifested from that altercation. He was examined by some nearby specialists who actually cared about their jobs and his well-being, and was fortunate enough to end up at the school.

Offline Thesunmaid

Re: The Great Civil Unrest of the Mutants Character sheets.
« Reply #6 on: July 07, 2013, 02:08:19 AM »

Real Name: Kimmi August
Alias: Breaks the I.C.E.
Age: 17
Gender:  female
Sexuality: Touch me and i break it off...that sexual enough for ya?
Played By: thesunmaid
From:Quebec Canada
Known relatives:Father Eugene presumed dead in a ditch somewhere.
Professions: Hacker

Mutation (Powers):
Is able to connect and control computer networks and any electrical device that she is able to touch or connect to via wireless connection. She only has to touch something and is able to tell how the different parts work and how to take it apart and put it back together. Was always the kid who would try and make the toaster work better which ended up that the toast would fly through the plaster. She got better as time went by.

Special Skill or Training:
Hacker. Knows how to code and is adept at computer repair which she uses as a way to get income since she's not supposed to do anything illegal...yes she just repairs computers...(looks all shifty and then smiles) She also learned from the guys on the reservation how to fix cars and other assorted vehicles but she prefers computers...they tend not to have moter oil.Shes also an inventor and holds a few patents she doesn't talk about because of all that legal bullshit.

Weaknesses: When she has to connect to a computer its a bit like an out of body experience.She goes limp and is unable to defend against anything that's done to her body. Although loud noises pain and shaking her will snap her back to her body or removing her hands from the console.

Personality: Shes very withdrawn although can be friendly if she finds a kindred spirit she tends to be sarcastic. She doesn't know how to make friends easily and seems to be more comfortable being one of the guys rather than girly in anyway. she tends to wear baggy clothes to hide the fact she is female the only girly thing she does is has long hair down to her ass.

Background:Born and raised on a native reservation outside of Montreal where her mother left her with her grandmother at the age of 5. She never knew her father and found out her mother died two years ago of a drug overdose when her grandmother was contacted. Her G-ma as she called her was shocked and not in good health in the first place. She passed in her sleep a few days after the funeral. When this happened Kimmi went into hiding away from the people who wanted to put her in a foster home. She made money by hacking and set up in an old abandoned building in Montreal where they are plentiful and a kid from the rez could fall through the cracks. She was caught when a rival ratted her out most online not knowing she was a woman but also only a few guessed she was a mutant.Sadly this rival was one of the ones who thought mutants should be registered. She was arrested and given the choice of being sent to the school or jail time and so here she stands in front of the gates with a sigh a laptop bag and a duffel.

Offline ErikaWyte

Re: The Great Civil Unrest of the Mutants Character sheets.
« Reply #7 on: July 08, 2013, 03:46:21 PM »
Real Name:  Rayven Hallows
Alias: been called "The Witch", but no official name has been given to her...yet.
Age:  25
Gender:  Female
Sexuality:  straight but acts bi-sexual
Played By:  Erika Wyte
From:  Salem, Mass.
Known relatives:  unknown
Professions: student/witch...previous school drop out, now re-enrolled to make up on school credits.
Mutation (Powers):
-Probability Manipulating & Reality Warping.
 The Witch possesses the mutant power of affecting probability fields. By a combination of gestures and mental concentration, she creates a hex-sphere, a finite pocket of reality-disrupting quasi-psionic force, which upon reaching its intended target, causes disturbance in the molecular-level probability field surrounding the target. Thus, unlikely phenomena will occur. Among the many phenomena she is able to cause are: the sudden melting of metal, the spontaneous combustion of any flammable object, the rapid rust or decay of various organic and inorganic materials, the poltergeist-like deflection of an object in flight, the sudden evacuation of air from a given volume, the disruption of energy transmissions and fields, and so on. These phenomena occur practically instantaneously after the completion of her hex. Her range of hex-casting is limited by her line of sight. (She cannot watch a live television broadcast and cause a hex-phenomenon to occur at its point of origin.)

The Witch's hex-casting ability still has a 20% unreliability factor. Her sorcerous training has not given her a set of powers separate from her mutant abilities, but only honed her control over her existing abilities. She has, however, a special affinity for the natural elements and materials that true witches utilize in their spells: the four alchemical elements, wood, organic substances, etc. The reliability factor of her hex-casting ability is also limited by her physical condition: when well rested, in good health, and mentally and emotionally alert, The Witch can cast numerous hex-spheres in rapid succession and attain desirable results for almost an hour.
Special Skill or training: sorcery & witchcraft
She is also good a persuading and manipulation.
Personality: She is onery and sarcastic and a total tease and flirt. Regardless of who you are she'll find some use of you. Her voice is haunting yet soothing and has a way of making itself in your head. She's a no non scenes type of girl who likes things her way, right away. She loves to flirt and use her sexuality to get her way including wearing skimpy clothes if it means getting that good grade. She's is slow to trust and to be trusted, if she's talking to you you better believe she has a use for you. Be warned!

Background: The history of the Witch is shrouded in mystery and darkness. Rumors have been told that her mother was a great witch of darkness and was burned at the stake by villagers. The witch was raised by the very spirit of her mother, through magik, in magik and with magik she was taught and grew-up.
The Witch's true age is unknown but she has the mentality and physic of that of a 20 year old. Its said witch's age a lot slower than humans do.
The witch had started school but was constantly getting into trouble for using her hex's against bullies and those that she felt like teasing.
She's now enrolled in Batman's class to make up her missing credits and to finally move on with her life after school.

Offline Cascalence

Re: The Great Civil Unrest of the Mutants Character sheets.
« Reply #8 on: July 09, 2013, 02:03:54 PM »
Real Name:  Penelope (Pen) Archer
Alias:  (To Be Determined)
Age:  16
Gender:  Female
Sexuality:  Straight
Played By:  Cascalence
From:  Springfield, TN
Known relatives:  Parents John and Tabitha Archer
Professions:  Student
Mutation (Powers):
-Geokinetic.  Able to sprout plants of all sorts, and even trees to moderate growth within seconds.  This ability is limited by the fertility of the soil and availability of water in the Earth.

Special Skill or training:
-Artist:  Pen has been drawing human, animal, and plant form alike since a very young age, and is quite talented with various media including pencil, pen, pastels, oils, paints, and to a very small degree, clay.

Added Details:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Personality:  A little on the spoiled side, Penelope can be stuck up at times.  However, once one gets her to open up, get past her exterior, they will find an artistic and whimsical budding young woman with a kind heart.

Background:  Growing up in an upper middle class family was relatively easy on Pen.  She had everything she needed, and was often given what she wanted.  But she never really wanted for much.  Just her beloved art supplies.  She found early on that she loved to create and capture beauty in all forms, whether it stemmed from real life, or from her unlimited imagination.
Her family was always very supportive of her.  Until the incident.
It was a sunny day and they were all together; a rare event.  They were enjoying a picnic on their front lawn when a high speed car chase happened upon their quiet neighborhood.  With the suspect car losing control and careening toward them, Pen's mutation revealed itself, a tree sprouting up from the ground as the car approached her family.  It sprouted strongly and quickly enough to stop the car in its tracks, with Pen just on the other side of it.
Since that day, her parents have withdrawn from her, unable to look at their child the same way.  Still, they wanted what was best for her, and sent her to the Shaw Academy for the Gifted to continue her education, and to learn to control this new ability.
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