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Author Topic: The Space Between - A Trapped Roleplay  (Read 670 times)

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The Space Between - A Trapped Roleplay
« on: April 15, 2013, 10:15:26 PM »
On what should have been a normal Tuesday morning in the busy city of New York, seven complete strangers board the last car of a train, all with different destinations in mind. As the train goes underground along it's normal route, it suddenly comes to a startling hault. The conductor informs the passengers that everything is fine and the train will get moving again fairly soon.
Except it doesn't.
There is an incredibly loud booming sound above you that shakes the tunnel walls and rocks the train. It sounds a lot like a nuclear bomb just went off but you all nervously laugh it off. That's just not possible.

A short while later you hear the conductor's voice again, and this time he cannot mask his terror behind false pretenses. Everything is definitely not ok. New York has just been leveled by a bomb and you and the other passengers are trapped below ground on a train.

On one hand, you're still alive and well. On the other hand you're stuck below ground for God know's how long and with a bunch of strangers. And whats worse, a huge slab of rock comes crashing down on top of the car in front of you. The resulting rockslide leaves an impassable wall where the rest of the tunnel used to be, effectively cutting you off from the other side.
What will the seven of you do now?

So this roleplay has six open slots right now as I will be taking one. I'll leave up 3 female slots and 2 male slots to be filled now, and the last person can choose the gender they want. Try to diversify the ages, I don't want a bunch of teenagers lol If someone would be willing to play a mother and a young child(would count as one character towards the total seven) that'd be awesome!
The roleplay will start just before the bomb hits, but you can have your first post start from the moment your character gets on the train if you want, as long as you end just before the bomb hits. I will make a special event post so you guys know when the bomb hits. I wanted to give everyone a chance to introduce their characters before we dive right into the story.

Brandon Jones was never a particularly prompt person, but a very important interview had the sandy blonde male up and awake well before his usual 10:30 am rising. He'd even taken care to shave this morning, remembering his mothers words of advice that also included 'take a shower, make sure you don't stink ya?'. Presently, he was fiddling with dark green tie that he bought specifically for the interview having read some website article that said the color green represented a lot of good qualities that he didn't actually possess. After he finally got the tie to sit just the way he wanted it, Brandon checked his reflection in the mirror. He was a well built in-shape twenty four year old, though a few months of unemployment and lazing about his apartment had started up a beer belly. Brandon lightly patted said belly, sucking in his breath to try and hold the pudge in before letting the breath out in a huff. Heck, they couldn't refuse to hire him because he was getting a bit fat. No sense in giving himself a headache trying to hold it in.
Pleased with his appearance, Brandon made his way out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. There he poured himself a cup of coffee to go, careful to unplug the machine so he didn't come home to a smoke filled apartment again, and grabbed his freshly pressed suit jacket from the back of a chair along with an empty briefcase that was strictly for show. Certain he hadn't forgotten anything, the male left his apartment with one last glance and locked door.
He was used to there being a lot of people trying to catch a train, but not so many people that he was forced to sit in the last car. All the other cars had filled up and where standing room only, so Brandon had mosied on over to the last car, choosing the single seat at the back. He could count on one hand how many times he'd been on the last car of the train and decided to treat the experience as an adventure rather then a nuisance. He settled into his seat, sipping at his cooling coffee as six other stragglers boarded the car. He was surprised it too hadn't filled up, but was glad nontheless. It meant he'd have a relatively peaceful train ride.
The trained pulled off moments later, creaking along the tracks as it traveled through New York city. Brandon looked out to admire the same scenery he saw everyday. It didn't amaze him quite as much as it did when he first moved here for college but the view was still nice. He knew he wouldn't be seeing it much longer though as the train took a dip, signaling they were about to enter a tunnel. Brandon sipped at his coffee again as bright blue sky was replaced by darkness with the faint orange glow of lamps.
As he was preparing to settle down further into his seat and perhaps catch a light nap, the train came to halt.
"Ladies and gentlemen this is your conductor speaking. Just wanting to inform you folks that there is a bit of rail traffic ahead of us so we will be delayed for about 10 minutes or so. We do apologize for the inconvenience, but everything is fine and we will be moving as soon as I get the all clear. Thank you for your patience."
Brandon let out an audible groan of frustration. The one day he actually had to be somewhere and this happens?
He supposed it was just his crappy luck. "Awesome." He muttered, letting his head thump back against the window. This would likely be the longest ten minutes of his life.

Offline Funks

Re: The Space Between - A Trapped Roleplay
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2013, 04:52:33 PM »
Well first role play here, here we go

On the table, in plain sight was the small heap of pills. The different colours and shapes were all jumbled together; a purple lozenge here, a smooth, near spherical pale green pill there. The pile looked like a small tribute to the pharmicutical industry. The 64 year old fumbled with the remaining packets. Her hands struggled to pierce the foil on the underside of the packets, so she resorted to using the end of a dinner knife to extract the drug.

The pill's main purpose was to restore the woman to her former beauty. She read out the backs of the packets " this will make you stronger" " your skin will be firmer" "with this product you will be flexible". They all sounded like good things. With retirement looming and the fear of being replaced slowly taking over all sensible thought, Clare Higgins needed all the pills she could get her hands on. Whether it was the latest "miracle cream" "the only lipstick you will ever need", she needed these products; they helped her. After all, to look as good as she did at 64 was not easy.

She took the pills one by one with the her cup of tea. Tonight's lasagna was sat on the kitchen table, ready to go as soon as she got in. During the final mirror check she inspected the latest grey hair. Her face was almost  paved with foundation, carefully powdered. It was only when you got less than a foot away that you could tell though. Today was was dressed neatly in a soft pastel shirt with an appropriately long woolen skirt.

Without further ado, she left the apartment, complete with snoring husband and braved the morning outside. The station was a few minutes walk away; just enough time to plan the day ahead. The boss's meeting was at 12, so she had to make sure everything was ready. She knew her secretarial position like the back of her hand an with just 4 months to go she wasn't going to slip up now. The planning took her right to her seat on the train. The last carriage was usually quiet enough. She whipped out a copy of the latest romantic novel to pass the time, blissfully unaware.

Offline Divine Brutality

Re: The Space Between - A Trapped Roleplay
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2013, 12:21:34 AM »
Last Sunday was when the call came. Nicole was sitting in her rocking chair, reading to her 6 month pregnant belly and her 7 year old son. It was nearing 9 o'clock in the afternoon and she was trying to sooth Benjamin, her son, so he would be able to go to sleep. When the phone rang, Nicole was surprised but lured nonetheless; she never received calls.

"Hello? That is I. Jeremy! you're what? When? I'll be there! Oh, good night love. I love you too."

Nicole was only 27 years old. She married young, at the age of 19, to a man in the United States Air force. He was 28 years of age at the time if their marriage. About 5 months ago, Jeremy was deployed over sea's for what was suppose to be 9 months. That Sunday night she got the news that her husband was coming home early. She had to go pick him up from the airport which was going to be a slight challenge without a car. She planned to take the train out of New York City to the airport where Jeremy will be waiting for her next Tuesday morning. She made plans to have Benjamin out of school that day and make it a family affair.

Tuesday morning came and Nicole was up early feeling slightly morning sick. It was 6 o'clock in the morning and the nice cool breeze coming through her window helped sooth her uneasiness. She was able to fight the sickness and get Benjamin out of bed, dressed, and fed before 8 o'clock. She called for a taxi to take them to the train station which only took about 20 minutes drive. When they arrived, Nicole bought their tickets and boarded the train. There were so many people they were forced to the very back, sitting across from a man wearing a nice green tie.

"Remember to be on your best behavior sweetheart." She said quietly to her son. She handed him a pop-up book and kissed his forehead.
"I'll be good mommy, I promise."

The train started moving and they were off. Nicole was incredibly nervous about seeing Jeremy for the first time in 5 months. She had obviously gained some weight from the pregnancy and hadn't had much time to go for walks... Her long black curly hair hadn't changed much but she noticed small dark circled around her big light brown eyes. She watched her son read and noted how much he has grown since Jeremy left. He will be so proud to see how his son has matured.

"Ladies and gentlemen this is your conductor speaking. Just wanting to inform you folks that there is a bit of rail traffic ahead of us so we will be delayed for about 10 minutes or so. We do apologize for the inconvenience, but everything is fine and we will be moving as soon as I get the all clear. Thank you for your patience."

'Oh great, just what I need.' Nicole thought to herself. She turned to her son and gave a reassuring smile.

"Everything is fine, do you like your book?" She started reading the story with her son, hoping to pass the time by.

Offline Cascalence

Re: The Space Between - A Trapped Roleplay
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2013, 09:27:22 PM »
Serj sat up and rubbed the back of his neck, glancing at the time.  Grimacing at his lateness, he turned and looked down at his..."lover."  The abusive man was out cold and Serj considered smothering him with his pillow.  Not for the first time, either.  But he knew he'd never overpower Jack.  With a sigh, Serj stood from the bed, stretching his muscles which screamed in protest.  With a silent groan, he sent another glare at Jack, then moved to go shower.  A fifteen minute process of scrubbing his hair and body till his skin was pink and his hair free of oils.  Finally stepping from the cooling water of the dingy apartment shower, he grabbed his towel from the rack and began to dry off meticulously.  He didn't like his skin wet at all when he put on his clothes.  It made the cloth stick to his skin uncomfortably.

Finally wrapping the towel around his waist, he moved from the bathroom into the bedroom, relieved that Jack was still snoring away.  He quietly opened the dresser and drew out boxers, jeans, and a plain white tee.  Slipping the towel from his waist, he dressed quickly, then sought out a pair of socks.  He looked at the time as he pulled them on, standing on one foot and balancing carefully as he did so.  He was definitely going to be late, no matter what he did.  He sighed silently, then moved and grabbed wallet and keys before slipping on his shoes in the living room.  And with a grin to himself, he slammed the apartment door as hard as he could as he left, hoping it disrupted Jack's peaceful slumber.

It wasn't the first time he'd been late to work, but this particular morning, the train station seemed to be more packed than usual.  Enough so that the train he was required to get on was filling very quickly.  He frowned at this and moved to the last car.  An annoyance, least he still had a ride.  At any rate, this car didn't seem occupied by many people, so he relaxed a bit as he sat down, looking around.  He didn't usually people watch, but...he hadn't had the time to pick up a paper this morning.  His curious eyes took in the man with the green tie, the aging crone, and the pregnant mother and young child.  All interesting subjects.  He looked up and out the window, for a few moments, as the train began moving.  ...America.  He sighed quietly.  His work visa would expire all too soon and he'd be stuck in bureaucratic limbo for a few months, once again.  He turned back to watch the aging crone curiously, wondering what she read.  He could speak English fairly well, with few exceptions, but reading it...that was far more difficult for him.  The alphabet was so different.  His eyes then moved to the child with the pop up book.  ...Maybe he should start with children's books...ones meant to teach the alphabet and words.  It seemed like such a stupid idea, though, that he smiled to himself.

He looked up as the train entered the tunnel, watching the glow of the lights as they passed them.  The tunnels always made him nervous.  Antsy.  He wondered if it was a form of...what was the word?  Claustrophobia?  Perhaps it was...he was uncertain.  His eyes moved to the young man with the green tie.  He had a better physique than Jack.  ...Serj quickly found himself looking away with a flush.  Abusive as Jack was, Serj wasn't one to deviate from a relationship. all likelyhood, the other male was straight.  His eyes went to the pregnant mother just as the train halted.  His eyes widened and he stood, gripping a pole in panic.  What was going on?  Why had they stopped?  The conductor came on and announced traffic on the rails or some such thing, but it did little to calm his nerves.  He stood there, jaw clenched and knuckles white on the pole as he waited for them to begin moving once more.