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June 25, 2018, 05:16:33 AM

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Author Topic: Foxgirl looking to sully up some Dom Males (+NSFW Images)  (Read 1908 times)

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Foxgirl looking to sully up some Dom Males (+NSFW Images)
« on: January 22, 2018, 04:55:24 AM »
Before the nitty-gritty, somethings to note to see if we are compatible writers.
At least 2-3 paragraphs please.
Literate detailed writing. Engaging, dynamic characters. Third Person only.

Kinks and Deal Breakers
F-list - Warning

Please read my Flist. Its small but specific. If we can include anything in Faves, then you'll have my greatest interest. Anything in Maybe will be included if YOU want it.
Do feel free to ask me any questions about it.
In summary, this would be the breakdown of my ideal partner -
  • (Sizeplay) Big/Tall (6ft+) who would like a smaller (4ft 10-5ft) lover (bonus points to give her a collar and make her his pet)
  • Somekind of Humanoid non human or Human
  • Top/Dominant demeanor with a soft spot for her Dom shenanigans
  • Isn't perfect (Personality/Emotional defects)
  • Has a great personality
  • Has long hair/Tattoos (Long hair is more fun to pull ;))
  • Enjoys inflicting abit of pain on her (spanking, biting, hair pulling, maybe even light choking.
  • Enjoys having alittle bit of pain inflicted on him (Biting, bruising, scratching, little hair pulling, frustration via edging)
  • Older than her
Please tell me yours!!!!

"What My Kinks Looks Like in Pictures (NSFW)"


About my Gentle Domme/Switch Female -
My fox girl character is my favorite to play. I put alot of detail into her extra features (tail, ears.) as body language if you wanted to play against something different. She's also the best to play with Sizeplay in mind.

My characters are all Heavy Switch - Both Dom and Sub 50/50. I wont play a full Submissive or full dominant.
She will not be a damsel in distress. She's feisty and independent - I only play against Dom Males.
She will be about 5ft tall or just under with D breasts. So she'll be pretty light and small since I love the idea of a smaller woman ruffing up Big/dominant/Strong/Powerful (Either physically or socially) men. She's small but she's not fragile!
What I mean by that is that she'll spontaneously face-sit (even if she has to climb up your body while you stand), edge him, spontaneously ride him, cause some bruising via light biting, use some breakable or unbreakable restraint (if you are comfortable with that).
Plus, she's at the right height to give him a blow and boob job at the same time while standing up - And he doesn't even have to ask. Who doesn't want that?

I like this level of restraint play where you are easily able to turn the tables on her when she uses breakable restraint (eg: using her body weight to bind his arms or body) but you sometimes don't the premise that she's cute, you find her too sexy to stop or its a guilty pleasure - but don't let her get away with too much.  You may need to remind her whos in charge sometimes.
In between, she looks after his emotional wellbeing with plenty of love and cuddles.

Since she's a heavy Switch, she does equally love being submissive and take everything he wants to give her. She wants to please her man as much as she can and will even tease him into fucking her or just be bluntly honest about what she wants. Her personality is outgoing, witty, confident and sometimes quite abrasive and forward.

All of my plots default to MC being my Fox girl.
Please request a Human character should you prefer it, though people wanting the Fox girl will be the priority.
I'd like to put her in new situations, with new characters with new kinks to indulge in.
I also REALLY like story. I wont do just straight up smut plays.
Send me ideas too!

Between Land and Sky/Sea-
Medieval / Steam Punk / Modern (or Mix of)
Sea/Sky Pirates

YC is a successful pirate Captain with a loyal crew (Self-made and came from nothing/inherited from a legendary pirate parent or staged a mutiny on the previous captain or other). Along with your most loyal friend/pet (saved her from slavery, found her, old friends or other) you are searching for the Legendary Treasure Cove but to open it, you need 4 items and you are currently searching the world for them.

No Home Left - Traveling Mercenary

Through whatever events in his life, YC is a strong fighter and survivor. He has no home to return to and has been traveling across the world, completing jobs for money. When coin lines his pocket, he lives like a king but when it is scarce he is left catching his own food and sleeping rough in the woods. He has one companion and she keeps his life interesting. Together, they do what they can to survive.

Long time no see-

Though you were best friends in High School, you both separated to do different things after graduation (to join the army, prison, became famous in a band, movies - whatever you want. ). Its been several years since you last saw each other and by chance, you get back in contact (via coming back into town and bumping into her or via the internet). One invites the other to spend the weekend with them and they develop a relationship.

Duties within Power -
Medieval Or Modern

You are soon to become the new Leader of your tribe/clan with a marriage to a woman.
Can be from another Tribe as an offer of peace between the two tribes and she needs to adapt to this new tribes rituals, rules and customs.
Can be someone from the same tribe but they dislike each other for a Love/hate relationship, but regardless of their dislike for this marriage or each other, they are also equally magnetized to each other.
Could be a childhood friend from same or different clan.

Alot has changed -

You left your hometown (to join the army, become a rogue, pirate, mercenary, knight, became famous in a band, movies - whatever you want. ) and your childhood friend whom you were in a relationship with before you left. She supported your choices though it upset her. 16 years later, you're back and you bump into her again. You hit it off as if their relationship never ended and its bringing old feelings back.
However, one big thing has changed. She has a Son/Daughter. When asked, she replies that you are the Father and she didn't want to ruin your future by telling you considering how passionate you were about it. She gives him an offer - He is welcome to take his role with their 16 year old or he can refuse and go back unhindered.
You decide to stay. You teach your new child your trade, move them out to wherever you had moved to and your relationship with her starts to rekindle.


Looking for something new or different? Looking for interactive battles?
Read below!

"Optional Plot Add-on - RPG Dice Battle System"

Action scenes often feel unfulfilling. Anything you want happens and it often feels very one sided and lacks the push and pull of a real fight.
RPG and Pen & Paper fans - I propose a Turn-Based Battle System that is simple, easy to understand, play and fully customizable to how YOU wish your character to be. No previous Dice Game experience necessary.
I will play GM and a Main Character, though the main battle strategy and the main damage dealer will be you.

How does it work?

We'll give the characters basic stats (ATK The amount of damage that will be applied & DEF The amount is taken off the damage from enemy attack) plus some special skills. The characters MUST be balanced. You cant hit hard and be able to dodge every attack.
Ideally, im looking for someone who is a strong attacker because I will play a 'support' character along with my duties as GM. (Considering her size, she will not deal much damage but she will have a chance to dodge attacks and heal YC).
We'll use a D10 (Dice with 1o sides) to determine all outcomes.

Special Skills are whatever you want them to be (Within reason. Must be balanced). How about a chance to roll a Critical Hit and deal double damage? Or have a chance to Stun? Whatever you can come up with. Looted or bought weapons may also carry Speical Skills.

So how does Battle work?

HP 25
Surprise Slash - Roll 6+ for Critical Hit (Double Damage)


HP 15
Smoke Bomb - Roll 8+ for Enemy to miss next turn

The first roll will be if the attack hits or misses. It defaults to anything over 5 to hit, so you have 6 chances to hit and 4 chances to miss.

Turn 1-
HP: 25
Hit/Miss Roll: 6 - Hit.
ATK: 7
DEF: 2
Surprise Slash Roll: 8 - Double Damage
7 + 7 - 3 = 11 (Your attack + Double damage - Enemy Def = Total damage.) damage to EXAMPLE ENEMY (HP: 15 - HP: 4)

Here is where the usual post by post rping comes in. Just as any other post you make, write about how this translates in battle. So you landed a critical hit, describe the 'surprise slash' that
got you that hit? Was the enemy distracted or were you just too quick for them?
What else is going on? This is just like any other post you'll make.

Then as GM, i'll roll for your enemy.

Turn 2-
HP: 4
Hit/Miss Roll: 4 - Hit.
ATK: 5
DEF: 3
Smoke Bomb: 10 - EXAMPLE BOT misses next turn.
5 - 2 = 3 damage to EXAMPLE BOT (HP: 25 - HP: 22)

Here I would write about the previous attack and how it hurt them. He's bleeding profusely from the gut, but he throws down a Smoke Bomb in a desperate attempt to gain the upper hand (Though much more descriptive and lengthy. This is just an example) Through the fog of the smoke, he slashes at Example Bot with his dagger, catching his arm (Since he didn't do much damage, im reflexing that in the post).

Turn 3 -
HP: 22
Turn Missed

Then go on to say about the smoke bomb, how much its choking him and the surprise attack from the fog, as well as anything going on around him. How does it feel to attack an enemy he cannot see?

Turn 4 -
HP: 4
Hit/Miss Roll: 7 - Hit.
ATK: 5
DEF: 3
Smoke Bomb: 3 - Miss
5 - 2 = 3 damage to EXAMPLE BOT (HP: 22 - HP: 19)

He takes another swing into the smoke and catches the other arm of Example Bot with his blade. The smoke dissipates.

Turn 5-
HP: 19
Hit/Miss Roll: 3 - Miss.
ATK: 0
DEF: 2
Surprise Slash Roll: 0 - Attack missed
Attack missed.

Oh no. So your attack missed. He must be pretty frustrated. How did he miss? Did the enemy block it? Did YC slip?

But remember you aren't alone. You have a Dextrous Support Partner and she just happens to have an Ability to take orders from you.

Interaction Roll Request - SUPPORT BOT trip EXAMPLE ENEMY for a guaranteed attack.

So you've made an Interaction Request. That means me, as the GM, will have to come up with a fair number for you to roll, based on common sense, the situation and stats, for this request to go through. Since the enemy is very weak, it would be a high chance. I'd pick 3+. Should this miss, SUPPORT BOT will be hurt. (You can ask me in OOC chat about your request before you make it and I will tell you the roll so you can formally request this or not. Using common sense, you'd be able to work out when it would be viable.)

Turn 6 -
HP: 15
Hit/Miss Roll: 1 - Miss.
ATK: 0
DEF: 3
Take Orders: Tripping enemy - 5.
EXAMPLE BOT Successfully trips EXAMPLE ENEMY. EXAMPLE BOT's attack is guaranteed.

She hears the orders of her partner and quickly sleeks through the clearing smoke to EXAMPLE ENEMY clutching his bleeding gut. She gets behind him and lowers to her knees behind his legs. In his panicked stumbles, his legs are taken out from under him as he backs into her body and fall on his back in a pool of blood.

Turn 7 -
HP: 4
Hit/Miss Roll: Tripped - Attack Misses
ATK: 0
DEF: 3
Smoke Bomb: 0 - Attack Missed
Turn missed

The pain rips through his body from his back to his stomach. He slahes the air but EXAMPLE SUPPORT quickly pulls away. He watches as EXAMPLE BOT towers over him, sword in hand.

Turn 8 -
HP: 19
Hit/Miss Roll: N/A Guaranteed hit
ATK: 7
DEF: 2
Surprise Slash Roll: 6 - Double Attack
7 + 7 - 3 = 11 damage to EXAMPLE ENEMY (HP: 4 - HP: 0)

You rise over him and stab him in the chest. He chokes on the blood rising from his throat and becomes lifeless.

EXP Gained - 25!
EXAMPLE BOT Leveled up!

Loot found -
120 gold
Borbon Flask - Half  Full
Curved Dagger +2 ATK

Leveled up?! Loot?

That's right! Now you can upgrade one of his stats, including base ATK or DEF, increase the odds for a roll by 1 or create a new Speical Skill entirely (You are allowed 3. One can be used per turn)

So what did you take from his lifeless body? Surely that flask is abit bloodied. Continue with plot!

The battle is over, what now?

Carry on with the plot. It's still a Post by Post rp after all. Continue posting until the next battle.

Overall Rules-

  • You are allowed to carry two items into battle.
  • You can only use one Speical Skill per turn
  • Any interaction Requests must be at the end of the post. You must request what you want your support to do and what the desired outcome to be. This will take up her Speical Skill for the turn and may get her and you hurt if it fails. Use it wisely and assess all situations.
  • If one character loses all HP, then they will be down. The other character can revive them but it uses a whole turn and is an open target to be attacked. Once both are down, its Game Over. (We can talk about resetting from a Save Point. Perhaps go back to the last place they had sex. Climaxing with your partner is a save point!)

Input is encouraged at all times! If you want to talk about or add anything, please discuss with me.

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Changed plots - Demon Killer.
More edits.

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Re: Questing, Battles and Plot - Basic Pen & Paper post by post RPG
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Completely changed idea.

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Added breakdown of Battle system

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Re: Foxgirl looking to sully up some Dom Males (+NSFW Images)
« Reply #15 on: June 22, 2018, 10:40:00 PM »
Added new plots