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Author Topic: A Cure for Boredom: A Taron Sunwake Story  (Read 1476 times)

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A Cure for Boredom: A Taron Sunwake Story
« on: November 06, 2010, 10:36:20 AM »
Helloe everyone, and thank you deciding to take a peek at my first story on this site! This is also the first site to actually have this particular story, so if you spot any mistakes, please make me aware of them to I can fix them in my off-line copy! It's a bit of a Marie Sue, but this story was actually supposed to be a way for me to plan the next arch in a rules-light game(most of the characters where similiar, but we had an agreement that no one would "god-mode")   Enjoy!

         The Cure for Boredom ---  A Taron Sunwake Story

   Before I start telling you this story, there are a few things I think you should know about the main character.  You see, while Taron Sunwake looked like any other kid at his uncle's school(Ryo Antairus' School for the Gifted), he was actually much more.  He was a Gem Dragon, an Amethyst, one of the last in Agartha(the world within a world) and among the most powerful for his age. Thanks to a powerful bit of magic his grandmother had used to hide her children from killers(who thought dragons were nothing more than beasts and would bring ruin to Agartha), he, his brother, his sister, and his mother could all look human(his father used to be human too, but an encounter with a Silver Dragon ended badly, and the magic used to bring him back didn't work as expected, turning him into an elf).

   But he had one problem.  He was always bored.  Nothing could hold his interest for long, and this caused him to look for something -anything- to do.  It didn't matter if it was taking apart a toaster or setting his sister's Half-Dragon Barbie collection on fire, he'd do it.  As you can tell, this got him in quite a bit of trouble, but no one really got mad at him(except his sister, who now had to start her Half-Dragon Barbie collection over again) because they knew he couldn't help it.  He was just bored all the time.  Now, how about we get to the story, eh?  It all star- What?  You want to know what he looks like human?  Fine, if it will get you to shut up and listen to the story.

   At the time of this story, Taron Sunwake was 5ft 3in., a bit short for his “age”(his body grew slower than humans, almost aging at the same rate as half-elves) and he weighed in at about 130~140lbs.  His hair was a weird mix of black and blond with light streaks of purple, and his skin was a little paler than his schoolmates. He wore simple clothes when the school uniform wasn't required, usually tan pants with a gray-blue shirt. Not the most stylish choice, and I can't say the colors went together or anything, but it's what he wore. Though technically, he did wear something else, but I won't ruin the surprise! Now anymore questions? No? Then let's get on with the story!

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Re: A Cure for Boredom: A Taron Sunwake Story
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2010, 10:42:53 AM »
Chapter 1: In which characters are introduced!

         The Cure for Boredom ---  A Taron Sunwake Story
            Chapter 1:  First Day of School

   As soon Taron stepped out of the Gate his Uncle Ryo had created to get them to the school, he knew that he would once again find nothing but boredom here.  He sighed as he looked upon the school, seeing it as everyone did when they first arrived.. or when they weren't supposed to know where it was.

   Before him stood his uncle's large, two story house, settled in the middle of his large estate.  Most of which was covered by his Aunt Adsila's garden(she was a plant mage of considerable skill, and often tended the vast acres on her own).  He'd once spent some time helping her with it, but that attempt to lift his boredom fell apart, just like everything else.  As he remembered those fruitless(no pun intended) days, his father broke his reverie as he pointed at the house.

   “Well look at that!  Seems he's learned a bit more about his house since the last time we were here!”  Tamrin Sunwake, accomplished arcane gunslinger, exclaimed.  He was referring to the fact the house's shape had changed to become a much bigger, more impressive building.  Taron's impulsive little brother, James “Jiminy” Sunwake ran straight for the door, eager to see his Uncle, the School, and what new mischief he could get into.  Ephebe Sunwake, Taron's older sister, walked beside their mother Aananda, taking in the sheer size of the school carefully. Tamrin stood back long enough to give Taron a hopeful grin.  “Maybe you'll find something interesting here, huh?”

   “Don't get your hopes up Father, you've already fallen from the Argarthian skies once.”  Taron said bluntly as he followed the rest of his family inside.  Unlike the others, he didn't stare as the wide double-doors opened to reveal a mass of students moving quickly to get to their next class.  One student, absently plucking at the strings of his guitar, strode over to them.

   “Hello there, you wouldn't happen to be the Sunwakes by any chance?  I'm Su'Ta,  Headmaster Antairus asked that I show you to the Auditorium. He's a bit busy at the moment, and thought you might like to listen to some of Avalon's bands while you wait. You'll be getting the full show of course, mt band's opening first and they can't start without me.”  He said with a wink, his guitar changing to a style seen more often in bands.  Taron saw Su'Ta's eyes change, turning faint purple with slit pupils, and noticed his mother had seen them too.  She knew that meant the boy in front of them had draconic heritage, Amethyst Dragon to be exact.  But Su'Ta smiled, his eyes became normal again, and he turned around to lead the Sunwakes through the school.  Just outside the Auditorium doors, as Su'Ta left them to join the band as his family started to slip inside, Taron tapped his sister on the shoulder.

   “Tell Mother and Father I'm going to go find my room. I need something to do, and this way Mother won't scold me for not unpacking.”

   “Okay, but couldn't you at least stay for one song?”  Ephebe said as her brother turned to go.

   “You know I'd just be bored.  If I'm unpacking, at least I'll be a busy kind of bored.”  He knew he should stay, even if just so his older sister would be happy, but he couldn't bring himself to go in there.  The thought of being surrounded by students who would soon be filled with the euphoria brought on by music when he himself couldn't feel the same...  He didn't like it.  “I'll be back before dinner, sooner if Uncle gets done with whatever he's doing.  See you later.”

   “See you later Taron.”  Ephebe said as she gave her brother one last look before joining their parents and little brother inside.

   A bell rang as Taron was walking through the halls, just as the last students slipped inside their classrooms, leaving a sweet silence.  “It would seem not all of the students could go see the concert today.”  Taron thought as he traveled through the now empty hallways.  Taking a flight of stairs up, he finds himself on a floor with rooms for students.  Room Numbers 300-399, Section X2 to be exact.  It didn't take long for him to find a room that had a vacancy.  The was one problem though... is that it was a double, meaning he'd be sharing the room with someone else.  Bored with the search for a room though, Taron knocked on the door, waited a moment in case someone was inside and needed time to get dressed or something, then went inside.  He instantly found out why the double had two doors.  There was a groove on the floor and ceiling going to a slit in the wall, where a pull-out wall was showing.  One side of the room was a bit messy, sheets of music piled on the desk and instruments propped up in the corners.  The other side was bare, having only an empty shelf, a desk and chair, a dresser, and a bed with folded sheets at the end.

   “Ammy, could you get my things while I fix the bed?” Taron said as he pulled out his psicrystal(a special gem psychics sometimes had) out of his pocket.  Thin, spidery legs grew from the  sentient, faded purple gemstone.

   “Of course.”  The tiny stone said in his mind.  “Would you also like me to find a map, or perhaps see what Uncle is doing?”

   “No thank you, just my things right now.  I want to be unpacked before dinner.”  Taron said back, sending Ammy on it's way, watching the gem scuttle away before turning back to his bed.   He had just finished when a portal opened up next to him and his luggage fell through, Ammy standing on top.  “It took you long enough.” He said as the portal closed with a *poof*.

   “Do you know how much energy it takes to move something a hundred times heavier than yourself?”  The indignant psicrystal thought at him angrily.

   “Considering that the power came from me, yes I do.”  Taron replied as he unhooked the latch on his first bag and started unpacking.

   A few hours later he was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling when he heard the door open.  He glanced up to see a kid his age(younger technically but, like I told you earlier, Taron doesn't age like other kids) staring at him, an electric guitar hanging from it's shoulder strap.  He looked genuinely surprised to see someone else in the room, and went on edge almost immediately.

   “Um... I wasn't told I was going to be having a roommate.”  The kid said, taking off his guitar and laying it on his bed.  He stared at Taron like he was crazy, and just for being in the same room!

   “I only just got here, along with the rest of my family.  This isn't going to be a problem, is it?”

   “No,” the kid said slowly, as if trying to gauge Taron's reaction.  “But I would have liked some warning before you moved in.”

   “My apologies,” Taron said, already bored with the conversation.  “But it seems introductions are in order. My name is Taron and this,” he said as Ammy crawled up his shoulder, “is Ammy, my psicrystal.”

   “I'm Kamenwati.  Only the teachers call me that though, everyone else calls me Kamen.  Or the Prince of Music.”  He said, rolling his eyes.  “As if I wanted that kind of attention right now...”

   Taron made his eyes shift to draconic, letting him see magical and psionic auras.  Kamen was covered head-to-toe in illusions.  Strong ones.

   “You should be more careful with what you say.  There are more people in this school now that can see magic, if they try.  So why are you he-”  He was cut off as Kamen grabbed Taron's shirt, moving faster than he should have been able to, and pulling him up to stare him in the eyes.  His own seemed to hold back a storm.

   “If you tell anyone, you'll regret it.  This is the only place I'm safe, safe from something terrible, so don't you dare tell anyone I'm hiding!”  He paused, his breathing harsh and ragged, the faint scent of stormy air wafting from him.. and brimstone.

   “A secret, huh?”  Taron said, unfazed by the intimidation.  Ammy though, was running back and forth in a panic.  “That's not too boring, so you can relax.  I know the importance of keep true forms hidden, and the consequences that can result if said form is revealed.  I assume you have magic keeping you safe from scrying as well?”

   Kamen's glare continued for a moments, then he threw Taron back on his bed and stormed off to the pull-out wall.

   “The school has wards that wreak havoc on those he try to look in without permission. I'll have the same by the time I leave.”  With one last glare at his new roommate, he slammed the wall closed, cutting the room in two.

   “Well,”  Taron said to Ammy,  “I guess I won't be too bored here after all.  Let's go see if dinner's ready, and rate the shock on people's faces when they see how much the new arrivals can eat.”

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Re: A Cure for Boredom: A Taron Sunwake Story
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2010, 10:26:16 PM »
I have a question: Should I split the posts up so they aren't as long?

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Re: A Cure for Boredom: A Taron Sunwake Story
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2010, 08:06:05 AM »
That is up to you. If I recall the post can contain up to 64,000 characters. ;) You have a natural warm flow to the story. It reminds me of something I might read to my kids as a bedtime story. Thank you for posting :D

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Re: A Cure for Boredom: A Taron Sunwake Story
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2010, 03:54:29 PM »
That you for the kind words, it's the first I've gotten for my stories! You may want to edit this next part for your kids though, there are two fights.

         The Cure for Boredom ---  A Taron Sunwake Story
                   Chapter 2:  Meet the Band

   As expected, dinner came with a show for Taron, as his siblings and Mother were eating far more than there slim, fit bodies would lead you to believe was possible.  One student actually had to leave the hall, afraid he'd lose his dinner if he stayed.  Not because he was about to throw up or anything, oh no, he was afraid the Sunwakes would want more and come after his!  Taron was careful to eat slower than his family.  His Uncle had explained he tried to encourage the belief that background didn't matter here, and that included family and race.  Ammy saw through that though, and told Taron as much later.  His Uncle actually didn't want rivalries and feuds to affect the relatives of those involved, or for ridicule and torment to find it's way to students who had parents as teachers.

   Students like Taron, Ephebe, Jiminy, and the three young red-heads Uncle Ryo said were his.  Yeah, you heard me right, Aananda and Tamrin Sunwake were teachers.  It was one of the reasons Ryo had asked them to come stay at the School.  He needed someone for PE(Aananda got this job, but students needed to be at least the equivalent of a 15 year old and had to sign a waiver to take her advanced class.  She was fierce!) and Arcana Studies(Tamrin got this one, obviously).

   Other than the one student and Jiminy accepting an eating/winning challenge, dinner was uneventfully(and as you may have guessed, boring for Taron).  After dinner though...

   “Excuse me!  Everyone, please pay attention for one moment!”  Ryo, seated in a balcony with the teachers, said, his voice magnified by a bit of magic.  “One hour after dessert is over and you've had a chance to prepare, I'm opening up the second basement for a Snipe Hunt!  Those of you who wish to participate should put your names on the entry forms.  As usual, you must meet all qualifications for the Hunt before you can join.  Students new to the school will find a pamphlet on their beds explaining all prerequisites needed to join the Hunt as well as the rules to be followed throughout the event.  That is all.”

   Immediately a buzz rose up among the students to fill the void Ryo left behind when he sat down.

   “A Hunt? I can't wait!”
   “I'm going to go get ready right now!”
   “Do you want to be teammates?”
   “Do you think Daki will want to be on a team?”

   All this and more Taron ignored as he sent Ammy to fetch his copy of the pamphlet while he left the hall with a myriad of other students.  He was alone not 50ft past the doors though, as the others rushed off to their rooms.

   “Must be a popular event.”

   “It is.  It lets them blow off steam and let's them use abilities in combat.”  Said Kamenwati as he rounded a corner and stood in front of Taron.  “Are you going to join in?”  He said, a malevolent gleam in his eyes.

   “I've made you angry, haven't I?  How long have you been here without anyone noticing?  You want to fight me, here I am, but don't keep making thinly veiled threats.  They are boring.”

   “I can't get into a fight with you, not outside of the Hunt.  Violence gets you teleported to Detention faster than lightning strikes.  My question remains, are you entering?”

   “I was getting bored and looking for something to do anyway, it might as well be this Hunt.”  Taron replied as a portal opened above him and Ammy dropped through with the pamphlet.  “See you there.”

   As Kamen stormed off toward the stairs down, Taron took a moment to read the rules and regulations before heading in the same direction.  “1:  There are only three Snipes in the Hunt.  The people playing the part of Snipes are chosen at random, and can be anyone from a new participant to a teacher.”  He read out loud.  “2:  All abilities and powers are allowed during the Hunt, save those that would allow you to know who the Snipe is.  Go all out and hold nothing back, the more students you defeat in battle increases the chance that one of them is a Snipe!  3:  If you are defeated, you will be teleported out of the Hunting Ground and into one of the observation balconies.  Accept defeat with dignity and grace.  4:  The Hunt is over when all the Snipes have been defeated, or in two hours, whichever comes forth.  5:  Have fun!  This may be a war game, but it is still a game.”

   “Regulations ”  he continued, starting to walk down the basement stairs.  “A student may only participate if they are old enough(respectively for their race's rate of growth), and have a passing grade in all of their classes.  If a student has had any disciplinary problems in the last month, they will not be allowed to participate.  Each student must sign on the line below, showing that they understand all of the rules and regulations.”  Taron took a pen out of his pocket, signed on the line, and handed the pamphlet to the surprised teacher as he walked through the door.  He was twenty minutes early, which meant he'd have plenty of time to check out the area he'd be hunting in.  He also kept an eye out for Kamen, not wanting to alert his angry roommate of his presence.  He noticed the markings everywhere, on the ceiling, the floor, the walls... He shifted his eyes and saw abjuration magic wove deep into the markings.  Protections and wards to prevent serious injury and death he guessed.  He turned a corner and found himself staring out at a forest.  Vast, with trees placed so naturally, his Aunt Adsila must have had some part of it.  He'd have to thank her for this later.  Hiding was so boring, and until the Hunt started, he'd have time to stop hiding.

   He started running, getting miles away from the entrance before he let the transformation take place.  His skull stretched out, his neck and spine lengthened, making loud popping sounds as his human form distorted grotesquely before his skin “flipped” over and became dark amethyst colored scales.  He felt his shoulder blades crack in two, separating as his torso expanded and his wings formed.  A loud crunching sound emanated from his body as the rest of his dragon-self formed and settled into place.  It always felt so good to take the slow transformation...  He threw his mind out in search of other students and found only Kamenwati, miles away, to far away to hear the long pent-up roar Taron shattered the forest's silence with!

   “I know the pamphlet said you could go all out” said a familiar voice behind him.  “But you should know better than to change here when the basement will be filled by nearly the entire school.”

   Taron turned his neck to gaze over his wings, meeting the eyes of his uncle.
   And you should know that I'll never be caught like this.  Even my roommate Kamenwati, the only other person in here besides us, is miles away.  Taron thought at Ryo. I'm more cautious than you were, Uncle Cardcaster.

   “I had to use my cards to keep people safe.  If that brought me to the public eye as a Cardcaster, so be it.  They forgot soon enough, and that was a long time ago.  You are here now, and the hatred Agarthians have for dragons is still running strong.  Change back now, the Hunt starts soon, and I don't want the other students thinking a dragon is one of the Snipes.  I'd hate to loose them too.”  Ryo said with a knowing wink.

   I wouldn't do any permanent damage to them.  Taron thought as he shifted back into his human form.  “Unless they did something extremely stupid.”  A loud piercing sound echoed throughout the forest.  Ryo glanced behind himself, eyes clouding over.

   “A decent amount of new students are joining in this time.  Wonderful, maybe some new talents will show themselves.”

   “So that's the real reason this event was held?  To ignite new strength in the participants?”

   “Actually, that's just a side-effect of the emotions and stress the Hunt brings on.  I actually started it so everyone 'could get away from it all' for awhile.  I have to go now.  If I don't I'll have the entire student body trying to take me down!”  Ryo waves farewell and steps into a Gate as Taron takes off toward Kamenwati.  If he wasn't going to believe him when he said he'd keep his secret, he was going to knock some sense into him...

   Despite his head start, Taron wasn't the first to get to Kamen.  Apparently there were some small teleport-pads scattered throughout the forest at random, and they'd take you to a specific person. 

Amazing what information a little telepathy can get you, isn't? Anyway, back to the story!

   He found Kamen in a clearing facing five other students, each one radiating the aura of experienced fighters.  Kamen didn't seem to mind though, since he was leaning against a boulder and looking for all the inner-world like he was tuning his guitar.  One of them, a halfling, ran at him tossing a wave of daggers and throwing axes straight at Kamen.  Each one fell from the air as Kamen struck a few chords, small shock waves knocking them all aside.

   “You didn't think I brought this guitar for show did you?  You're going to need to step it up against me.”  He plucked a single string, and knocked the halfling back a few feet, placing him in front of the other four.  “It's five on one, so this should be fun.”  Kamen looked up and saw Taron, and grinned.  “Are you going to join in?  Six on one would be even more fun.”

   The group looked surprised to see Taron, but they seemed to like the idea of him joining their side.  He dashed their hopes quickly.

   “Actually, I think I'll take you all on.  I need something to do until you can devote your full attention to our fight.”  He waved his hand at the halfling, copying  Kamen's attack and more, flinging him into a tree with a thunder-like crack.  He didn't get back up.  “I don't think this will take too long.”

   That set the remaining four off, and they all attacked at once in their own way.  The half-orc pulled a sword from out of nowhere, the two humans jumped over him to attack from behind, and the elf spoke an arcane incantation and threw two darts of pure force at him.  Taron ducked under the sword-swing and rolled with the human's, but the darts he couldn't dodge.  Fortunately, his draconic ancestry and the elf's inexperience worked together to negate the magic.

For those of you who don't know, most dragons in D&D/Pathfinder have something called spell resistance, which can stop some spells from even effecting them.  The stronger a spell caster is, the easier it becomes to bypass spell resistance, though older dragons have stronger SR.
   “Kamenwati did say you'd ha-”  Taron started to say to the shocked elf, before Kamen's guitar slammed into his head, sending a shock of electricity and a painful vibration throughout his body.  “That hurt.”  He said as shook the ringing from his ears before glaring at the guitarist.  Figuring out that the two feuding in front of them were out of their league, the group quietly collected their halfling friend and ran, leaving the Hunt.

   “It was supposed to knock you out.  Guess your words before weren't boastful after all.”

   “Whether you believed them or not, my skill and endurance level remained the same.”

   “Good!”  Kamen exclaimed as he lunged forward to attack again.  Taron barely had time to slip into a defensive posture before slipping out of the way of the enchanted instrument.  Kamen shouted something at him, and for a moment Taron thought he'd lose his dinner as pain ripped through him.  “Oh no.. ”  Kamen whispered as he backed away, horrified.

   “Since when,”  Taron spoke slowly as he stared at the retreating musician,  “do band members know evil spells?”

   Kamen tried to run, but Taron was faster, and it took only a few seconds to pin him against a tree.  Taron expected Kamen to struggle, and used a Stone Grapple to hold him steady as he tried to get away.

   “Agh!  Let go of me!  Leave me alone!”  Taron could see wet streaks on Kamen's face now, proof that the spell had done more to Kamen than himself, even if it wasn't physical.

   “Kamen, calm down.  I told you before I'd keep your secret, even if I don't know what it actually is.  If this has something to do with the form you hide, I won't tell anyone about it.  I'm not a liar.”  Kamen didn't seem to hear him and was on the verge of hysterics when Taron released his grip, spun him around, and punched him in the gut.  He let Kamen slump down toward the ground, stunned.  “Damn it, listen!  I'm not going to tell anyone!” He yelled at the guitarist.  Then he stopped, both to take deep breathes and because he was shocked.  He'd never been angry before, never been anything but bored..  He knew about stuff like anger and joy and sadness, but until now, hadn't felt them himself.  And he didn't know why...

   “You.. mean it don't you?”  Whispered Kamen, snapping Taron's attention back to him.  “About not telling?”

   “I did.  But I want to know why you reacted like that.  This school was started to help people gain control of their abilities, and a side-effect of the Hunt is that it may cause new ones to rise.  If you knew you might lash out like that, coming here was a mistake.”

   “It was the only place close enough that might hide me.  I told the Headmaster my mother sent to learn how to control my storm-magic.  He believed after I showed him one of my spells.”

   “Your mother doesn't know you're here, does she?”  Taron didn't wait for an answer.  “That doesn't matter to me, but I'll listen to your story later.  Right now, let's get out of here.”

   Kamenwati got to his feet, shaking the sudden stiffness from his body, before he nodded for Taron to start walking and picked up his guitar.  Unfortunately, they didn't even get close to leaving the Hunt.

   “What have we here, hm?  Kamenwati and a new kid, all alone with nowhere to run...”  A sickening sweet voice said.  Murmurs came from all around the pair.

   “Crap.”  Said Kamen.  “We're trying to leave Belyu.”

   “That's too bad Kamenwati, cause my friends and I wanted to have a little fun, and none of the new talent is very... well, talented.  Well, except for that one, if those five fools told the truth.”

   Taron knew where the voice was coming from now, and he knew how many there were.  20 others and this Belyu, who was walking around the circle her friends had made around him and Kam, trying to hide where her voice was coming.  If he didn't still have a bit of adrenaline , her plan would have worked.  Would have.

   There were a lot of them, so he had to use his mental powers sparingly.  He glanced quickly away from her, as if he thought she was over there, then tossed a ball of mental ice at where she really.  Caught off guard,  she wasn't able to fully dodge in time, and felt the preternatural chill spread through her shoulder.

   “Ooh, that's cold!  Guess that means those newbies were telling the truth after all.  Get 'em!

   Have you ever been in a snowball fight, and snowballs are coming at you from everywhere?  Now imagine it's arrows and throwing knives, javelins and clubs.  It's a scary thought, isn't it?  But Kamenwati and Taron moved quickly to block and dodge as many as they could.  Despite their best efforts though, they still got hit more than they would have liked.  A dagger that had cut across Taron's back was poisoned, and if he'd had the time, he would have thanked his racial immunity to such toxins.  Immune or not, that daggers was the reason his gray-blue shirt was slowly turning dark red in the back.

   Seeing their prey weakened, the gang swarmed them, drawing all kinds of weapons made for close ranged combat.  Biiig mistake.

   Now that they were close enough, his mother's training kicked in, and he kicked out.  The first attacker went down clutching a “sensitive area”, disappearing as another moved to take his place.  Behind him, Taron heard the faint thunderclaps that accompanied Kamen's guitar, and  decided to pick up the pace.  He slipped between two of the students and tripped another, sending her into the first two to bring them down with her.  He jumped out of the way of an ax only to slam into a shield.  He was getting real bored of being hit with stuff that wasn't supposed to be made to hit.  Turning, he ripped the shield from from the offending student's arm and proceeded to slam it down on his head, actually breaking it in two on the student's surprisingly thick skull. Tossing the broken pieces aside as he ducked another ax swing, he punched the ax-man’s kneecap and used the momentum from the resulting fall to fling him sideways at the other students.  As he did so, he saw golden flecks rain down on the mob, and felt a spell trying to affect his mind.  He forced himself to get rid off it, and was rewarded by being able to still see.  All the other students in the fight that got caught by the spell were blinded by the light bouncing off the flecks.  Several of them tried to run, only to lash out at whoever they ran into.  Withing ten seconds of the spell's casting, only half the group remained in the Hunt, the others teleported away by the wards before their injuries grew too severe.  Taron glanced back at a grinning Kam, who made another boy vanish as he swung his guitar again.

   “What can I say?  Not everyone likes stage make-up!” He laughed. Bleeding from minor cuts, the most serious injury he seemed to have was a swelling eye.  The things that didn't surprise Taron about this guy were growing by the minute.

   “Belyu, you can come out now! You too Su'Ta!” Kam called out.  Slowly, a beautiful brunette step out from behind a tree,  a playful grin on her face.  She was followed by a gray-haired boy.  Each looked to be the about the same age as as Kam and Taron.

   “You didn't disappoint this time, did you Prince?  That was a very entertaining fight!  Who are you?” She asked, suddenly turning to Taron, who was still waiting for an attack of some sort.

   “I'm Taron.. a new student and Kam's roommate.  Who are you two, and why aren't you trying to attack us?”

   “I'm Belyu Dae and this is Su'Ta, one of two former new kids.  We're both part of Fly Free, Kamenwati's band.  His roommate you say?  Kamen, I thought you preferred to stay alone in your room?  You even asked the Headmaster if you could have a room all to yourself!  Something about not wanting to hit someone with lightning.”

   “Well,” said a suddenly uncomfortable Kam, “I didn't have much of a choice.  I was coming back from the concert and found him in the room, already unpacked.”

   “Soon after which I was threatened profusely.” Taron interrupted. “Now if you'd answer the second part of my question?  I'm getting bored just standing around like this.”

   “Nothing gets past you, does it Sunwake?” Su'Ta said, speaking for the first time.  Taron recognized him now as the student that had lead his family to the auditorium.  “Don't look so surprised, I know most of the students around here before they know me.  We're not fighting because we usually round up the least experienced fighters and get them into a group, raising their confidence and skill as we direct them against stronger students.  They usually split up after their second Hunt as a big group.”

   “I see.  Kam, let's go before I accidentally knockout a Snipe or something.  My reason for being here is gone.”

   “Jeez Taron, could you be a bit more blunt and maybe add a hint of rudeness?  I don't think they caught it.”  Kamen muttered.  “He's right though, it's time for us to leave.  Maybe next time we'll get Su'Ta and Ta'Su together and have a big fight.”

   They left through one of the teleportation circles, got cleaned up, healed by the medics, and returned to their room.

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Chapter 3: In which we learn why Kamenwati is hiding from someone. Also, Kamenwati means "Rebellious One" for those who were wondering. It is the only name that means anything at this point.


         The Cure for Boredom ---  A Taron Sunwake Story
                Chapter 3:  Outer Dragon, Inner Demon

   “Okay,” said Taron.  “What was with the evil spell?”  Kam cringed, he hadn't been expecting the questions to start so soon.  He flopped onto his bed and stared at the ceiling for a long time before answering.

   “You already know I don't actually look like this.. and that I'm hiding from someone..  But you don't know that the reason for both is my mom and my... step-father.”  He spits the word out with such loathing that the air itself seemed to draw away from him.  “If she hadn't meet.. it, I'd probably not be here covered in illusions and threatening roommates because they noticed them.  She meet it and we moved within a week.  Not down the block or another town, but to a different plane.  The.. the Infinite Planes of the Abyss, to the Floating Citadels that followers of Pazuzu created so their Demon Lord wouldn't have to walk the infernal ground to accept their occult worship.”  He stops, trying to calm himself and failing.  “I was four years old when I saw my first sacrifice to that overgrown crow!  The things they did to that person-who actually seemed to enjoy it-gave me nightmares for weeks.  My loving mother took that as a sign that Pazuzu would be a great part of my life, that I'd be devout just like her.  Never before had I prayed so hard that I'd be able to get away, to go home and live like nothing had happened!”  He had tears streaming down his face now.  “Years in the Abyss, raised by demons and having occultist teachings shoved down my throat... and then I turned thirteen!  Oh what a happy year that was!  You know how kids change, how their parents say it's normal?  Well, I wasn't like other kids!”

   He reached under his right sleeve and pulled a hidden armband off.  Slowly, his form wavered until the illusions faded away.  Now before Taron stood an entirely different Kamenwati.  Short brown hair was long and black as a storm cloud, green eyes were blue, and pale skin turned dark gray.  Small horns poked out from his forehead, while scales covered his upper-arms and collarbone. A barbed tail whipped about furiously behind him.  The storm and brimstone scent Taron had smelled earlier filled the room.

   “Once I was a normal tiefling, a child with a weak blood-tie to some demonic filth far back in my family tree, just like my mother.  Now, I'm a cambion, a half-fiend, forever chained to the Abyss by my body!  To make matters worse, the Abyss acted as a catalyst for more than just my demon blood.”  He closed his eyes, and electricity arced  across his skin a  moment later.  “Exposure to Abyssal storms charged my blood throughout the years, and with puberty came the onset on storm magic.”

   “You can run now, go screaming through the halls about how Kamenwati's a demon child.  I'll be gone before anyone gets here.”  He pulled a suitcase out from under his bed and went to his clothes drawer to start packing, but Taron threw a bolt of mental fire in front of him.  Kam whirled around, black lightning surging around his clawed fingers and wings spreading wide.  “What? You want the glory for catching me, for stopping some made-up demonic invasion!?”

   “No,”  Taron said simply.  “I merely wanted you to stop be boring and stupid.  I've said time and time again that I'm not telling anyone, and still you don't believe me.  I have never lied, never been untrustworthy to anyone.  But you seem to need proof that I won't say anything.  Step back.” When Kam stayed standing, Taron threw a ball of mental fire strong enough to knock him onto his bed.

   “Now don't move.”  Taron felt the change traveling through his body, directed it so it was quicker, and curled in on himself when the room started feeling cramped.  To his credit, Kam hadn't moved an inch.

   “You.. you're a.. a..”

   Dragon?  I hope you understand now why I won't tell anyone about you.  It is because like you, I would have to run or face those who wish “a dangerous beast” dead if my true nature was revealed.  He watched as Kam jumped at the voice in his head, and saw the moment he realized it was Taron speaking telepathically.

   “Bu.. but how?  Dragons are supposed to be extinct!  Your should be nothing more than a picture in a Agarthian history book!”  Kamenwati shouted.

   A cambion doubts my existence?  Kam, try to be a bit more open minded, it's gets boring talking to people who can't see what's right in front of them.  Granted, I'm bored all the time, so that may not be saying much.  He stretched his neck to nudge Kam with his snout.  There, do you know I'm real now?

   “I guess so.  It's just that, of all the things I expected to see, a dragon wasn't one of them...  Why are you even here?  All the stories I've been told say dragons were...”  He stopped, obviously thinking it wouldn't be smart to finish that sentence.

   Feral creatures that bring destruction upon all they see?  Taron finished for him, causing Kamen to cringe.  I'm going to have to tell Uncle students are spreading lies. He won't be able to do much about centuries worth of hatred toward my species, but at least he can try.  Mother and Father can help him.

   “Uncle? Mother and Father?  You mean you aren't the only one?”  Kamen said, sitting up so he could pay attention better.

   Yes.  But I can't tell you anymore than that without their permission, and they would want to know why you know about me, why I would show myself to you in this form.  I do not think you are ready for that.

   “No, I don't think I am.  I'm not sure I want to be.  Knowing one dragon is one thing, but having him as a roommate and knowing his family?  No thanks.”  He replied as he looked around.  “Um, do you know where my armband went?”

   Taron stood up as much as he could and looked at the floor.  He saw the armband by the dresser, which had been partially hidden by his tail.  He used two talons to pick it up and hand it to Kamenwati, who took it back slowly.  Taron slipped back to his human form as Kam's illusions came back.  He grinned at Kam's expression, forgetting for a moment that he wasn't bored.

   “It's not as painful as it looks.  You should see what the slower process looks like.”

   “I'm not sure I want too...”  Kam replied as he checked to make sure his armband was hidden perfectly.  “It's getting late.  Between the Hunt and the post-adrenaline rush crash from seeing a dragon, I'm almost sleepwalking.  I'm going to sleep.  See you in the morning”  He got under the covers of his bed and turned his back to his roommate.  The last thing Taron as he got into his bed was a joking “Don't make me a midnight snack...”

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         The Cure for Boredom ---  A Taron Sunwake Story
                      Chapter 4:  What the Family Doesn't Know...

   Taron woke up to his psicrystal, Ammy, jumping up and down on his chest.   As lights as it was, it would have taken Taron a while to notice it even if he was awake, but this morning Ammy's legs came with sharp, painful little points.  Okay, maybe not painful, but very annoying to say the least.

   “I've told you before to stop waking me like this.”  Taron said as he caught the crystal in mid-jump.

   I believe your family wishes you to join them for breakfast this morning.  I did not wish to disappoint them and have you late.  I got the impression that private breakfasts like this are rare.

   “Why aren't we eating with the rest of the school?”

   It would appear that once a month the majority of the student-body and the teachers leave to visit their homes.  Those that don't go home go into the city to enjoy the food and the change of scenery.  Kamenwati left a few minutes ago.

   “Where did he go?”

   The band members of Fly Free are known to practice in the dining hall during this weekend while they eat.  They say the echoes of their music can last for minutes after they stop.  You really should be getting ready for breakfast.

   Knowing Ammy was right, and that it would just keep annoying him, Taron got up and dressed.  After his morning exercises, both mental and physical, Taron left his room.  He walked out not into the halls of the school, but the the hallway of his Uncle's house.

   Your father did say he thought Ryo had learned more about the house... I wonder how long it took him to get this just right?

   “Depends on whether or not he cheated and looked into the future for the right way.”  Taron said  as he walked downstairs.  He stopped outside the dining room doorway, knowing his human 'cousin' Razule was on the other side of the wall, waiting with what was most likely a harmless vial of liquid.  A habit he had keep from his childhood.  Taron shook his head and stepped through the doorway, grabbing the vial and tossing it back at it's owner.  “Razule, you know you can't get any of us anymore.”

   “Is that any way to greet your cousin?  And don't call me Razule, you know I only let three people call me that.  It's been awhile since we saw each other, hasn't it?  You're taller.”  Razzy said as he moved to mess up Taron's hair.  Ducking out of the way, Taron sat down at the large, metal table his Uncle had custom made to support the sheer amount of food the family could eat at one sitting.  Or, more accurately, what Taron, his siblings, and his mother could eat.  Everyone greeted him him warmly(except for Ryo's triplets, who weren't there) and he nodded back at them.  That seemed all they needed to start eating, and everyone loaded their plates high with pancakes, cave-flier(really big bats) strips, eggs, and various fruits from Adsila's massive garden.  Then the chatter started.

   “So, how are the other students?”
   “Have you meet any of your teachers yet?”
   “Did you know we actually made someone leave dinner last night?  I bet he thought we'd try to take his food!”
   “I've already been asked to join a club!”
   “I think I've got Jiminy in my second alchemy class.”
   “Have you seen the new flowers I've been growing?  A student said they reminded her of the aurora borealis up north and I think I'll call them that.  I certainly fits..”

   Taron was the only one quiet.  Unless directly talked too, he always stayed quiet when eating.  He was very good at being a wall-flower and going unnoticed when he wanted to be left alone.  Which was all the time unless he needed someone's attention.  Unfortunately, today seemed to be one of those days when he couldn't stay out of the spotlight...

   “Did you know your son participated in the Snipe Hunt last night?  He didn't finish, but the records put him among the best of the students.”  Uncle Ryo said, looking toward Aananda and Tamrin.  They in turn, began to congratulate Jiminy.

   “Good job James! How many did you be-” Tamrin started before Ryo cut him off.

   “It wasn't him.  Taron was the one in the Hunt.”

   The room went quiet.  Taron was never a part of anything like the Hunt.  He barely paid attention when his mother was teaching how to fight unarmed!  Aananda looked at him, a mix of confusion and joy in her eyes.


   “Yes Mother, I was in the Hunt.  I was bored and got challenged by my roommate.  He was mad at me, and didn't believe something I had said, so he asked if I would be in the Hunt.  Apparently he thought fighting me would prove something.  The whole thing got boring real quick, and we ended up leaving soon after that.”

   “But not before the two of you beat nineteen other students.”  Ryo remarked.  The room was silent for a few moments before his father spoke.

   “Nineteen?  At once?  That's amazing Taron!  You should tell us the next time you're going to join a Hunt so we can watch!”  The pride in his voice, so rare when he was talking to or about his oldest son, wasn't hard to notice.

   “It was a one time thing.  I won't be in a  Hunt again...”

   “Taron, why did he want to fight you?  What did you say that he didn't believe?”  His mother asked.

   Taron started to fill his plate again, taking his time as he piled it high with food again, then stood and pushed his chair in.

   “My apologies Mother, but I don't see how it's any of your business.  I'll be in my room.”  Taron left then, leaving a shocked and confused family behind.  As far back as they could remember, Taron had never said anything like that.. to anyone!  It certainly put a damper on the happy atmosphere in the room.  Ammy wasn't particularly pleased either, and he let Taron know it the instant the door to his room closed.

   What was that back there?  You don't act like that at all!  What happened in that Hunt?  You sent me away to learn your schedule and something happened before I got back, I know it!  I knew I shouldn't have stopped to look at the chandeliers!

   “Flirting with the other stones?”

   There's that attitude again!  You're not the same Taron Sunwake you were before we came here, and I want to why right now!

   “Like I told Mother, it is none of your business.”  Taron paused for a moment.  “I did feel something strange during the Hunt though...”

   Finally, some progress!  What was wrong?

   “Nothing was wrong.  I felt.. angry.  It was the first time I'd been anything but bored.  It was weird, as Jiminy would say.”

   So... you got angry during the Hunt?  Don't you think that might be a good thing?  I mean, you had an emotional response to something!  You know your family's been worried something was wrong with you, even after Ryo searched your mind and found nothing out of place.  Now they can stop worrying!

   “No.  If they know I got angry, they'll want to know why.  Since I won't tell them what happened, they may question Kamen.  I made a promise, and I don't break them.  I won't have him thinking I did because the Headmaster is asking if something happened.”

   Well, if you won't tell them, I will! Ammy thought at him defiantly, creating a portal and trying to jump through it.  Taron's hand shot out and grabbed the runaway crystal just before it landed on the  other side.  Pulling it back, Taron took back the tiny bit of power he used to give it legs.

   “Listen here you glorified pebble, I said they aren't going to know about this!  So unless you want to spend a draconic lifetime in a box lined with lead, you won't say anything!”  Taron was just as surprised as Ammy was, and after a few moments he dropped the now immobile psicrystal on the bed.  “Ammy.. I didn't mean it.”

   Taron... you need to talk to someone about this.  You have no idea what this could do to you!  The control you have over your mental abilities is because your mind was stable and clear.  If you keep having outbursts like this, they may not stay verbal for long.

   “When Mother was training us, nothing surprised me.  When Uncle Ryo taught us how to fend off mental attacks, nothing worked against me for long.  I've been able to handle everything thrown at me, so I can certainly handle this.”  He started eating again, not wanting the food to go cold.  “Don't tell anyone Ammy.”

   Taron, I'll have to if something goes wrong, you know that.

   “I know.”  Taron relented.  “But nothing will go wrong.  I'm starting to think I haven't changed at all though.  I got hit by this weird spell during the Hunt, so all this may just be the aftereffects of it.  I'm sure it will wear off soon.”  This seemed to convince Ammy enough for it to stop pestering him.  But Taron had been lying.  He had no idea if things would go back to being normal and boring again, and it made him feel something new again... fear.

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Well, I'm back with a new chapter. I'm sorry for the wait!

         The Cure for Boredom ---  A Taron Sunwake Story
             Chapter 5:  Ammy was right. Also, a Concert

This chapter involves a little time-warp(and a pun that was intended).  One month has past since the events of the last chapter. Bonus points to the first person to find the pun!  0o0  Also, for a friend of mine, something to remind her of our time at GenCon Indy, 2010.

   Controlled rage.. that was what Taron felt as he traveled through the halls.  His vision was sharp, his hearing perfect.  Where were they?  Did they think they could treat him like they did and get away with it?  In a group they were brave, but he'd find them alone..  What was that scent?  He stopped and retraced his steps.  He could smell it easily now.  Smoke might as well of been wafting down the hall!  He set off in search of the scent's source, a girl named Ember with a flare for pyrokinesis.  She'd tried to burn his clothing to cinders during class.  She had failed.  It wouldn't have bothered him at all, if she hadn't done it in an attempt to bully him.  After all, it would have been considerably less boring than the teacher.  Boredom now gave way to anger.

   “Blue is not your color, so how about we try flame-orange?”  Her words echoed in his mind, taunting him into moving faster.  She'd wanted a reaction of the student who was never surprised.  She'd get one now.  He slid to a halt as the scent of smoke threatened to overwhelm him.  He moved silently around the corner, and thirty feet away she stood there looking at him with a raised eyebrow.  She laughed.  Laughed.

   “That is one of your worst illusions yet Alder.  I thought you weren't going to make those gross monsters anymore.”

   Taron looked down and saw pale blue skin instead of his normal fair skin, and misshapen claws and talons were his hands and feet should be.  Why didn't that bother him?  He looked back up at here and saw here laughing again.  Something snapped and he lashed out, claws stretching for her.  She kept laughing.. until she felt her clothes clinging to her wetly.  She hadn't even noticed his attack had been real, so sure that he was just an illusion.  She tried to stop the bleeding with her hands as Taron looked on in confusion.  The wards.. why was she still here?  The wards send injured students to the nurse immediately...

   She screamed now, snapping him out of his confusion.  She stumbled back and fell, began to push herself away as he moved closer to attack her.  She threw her hands up and fire shot at him, scorching his open maw a moment before it closed on her.  That snap decision to fight back saved her.  She vanished as the wards activated, sending a student with truly violent intentions to Detention.  His head jerked as the sound of people running reached his ears, and he turned to run, blood still dripping from the tips of his claws...


   Taron gasped as he woke up in a cold sweat.  He sat straight up in his bed and looked around wildly.  All he saw was Kamenwati, leaning up on one arm and looking at him from across the room. Still trying to blink the sleep from his eyes.

   “Taron, man, what's wrong?  I usually wake up to you telling Ammy to stop jumping on you.”

   “It.. it was nothing, just a bad dream.”  Taron replied as he got out of bed and pulled the wall halfway out so he could get out of his pajamas and into his school uniform with some privacy.  He could hear Kamen doing the same on the other side.  Almost as an afterthought, Taron checked his nails for blood, and was relieved to find them clean.

   “You coming to the concert tonight?  Fly Free's playing last, but the other bands are just as good, so it's still a good idea to be there for the whole thing.”

   “You know that's not my kind of thing.”

   “Oh come man, you haven't heard us play once, let alone the other bands.”  Seeing that he wasn't getting through to his roommate, Kamen played his trump card.  “You know it's go to be very boring while everyone else is at the concert.”

   “That's not fair, you're making it sound like it wouldn't be boring.”  Taron replied as he finished dressing.

   “Almost a thousand students can't be wrong, Taron.”  Kamen shot back as he pushed the wall back into it's crevice.  He smoothed his shirt out and checked to make sure his armband wasn't visible.  “You know it won't be as bad as sitting in this room with no one but Ammy for company.  No offense Ammy.”

   None taken. The psicrystal replied, having grown to like Kamenwati over the past few weeks.


   Eventually, Taron gave in and agreed to go.  Then they all went to breakfast to meet Belyu and Su'Ta(his brother Ta'Su couldn't make it this morning), both of which had noticed the huge amount of food Taron could(and did) eat.  Su'Ta tried to out-eat Taron again, and again he failed.  Not that he let it get to him.  After Su'Ta stopped complaining about his stomach, the rest of the day was as boring as all the others had been, and all the next would be.  Taron slipped through the moving sea of kids as he made his way to his first class, but after that it all just blurred together...

   He regained conscious control of his body as the last bell rang, signaling the end of the day and letting every student and teacher know they could relax.  Relax and wait for the concert, now being called The Band Slam by some of the students.  Taron returned to his room to find Ammy sorting clothes out on his bed.  He blinked.  When had Ammy left his side?  He hadn't noticed at all.

   Ah, there you are!  Get over here and try some of these on!  Kamen thought you should at least look the part of concert goer.

   As Taron looked over the clothes, he grimaced.  If anyone recognized him while he was wearing them and unknowingly told someone in his family.. he'd never hear the end of it!  He knew how fast that would get boring.


   He told me not to let you leave this room until you picked some clothes out.

   “So he must be really confident I'll wear any of this if he's ordering my psicrystal to keep me prisoner.”  Taron replied, still frowning as he looked over the clothes.  “Ammy, I need you to get me something.”


   A few hours later, Taron was ready.  He'd dyed his hair pure black and used enough hairspray to make his hair a fire hazard in an attempt to disguise himself.  With the metal-studded vest, the ripped pants, and the blue-black bracers with serpents etched into the metal, he had done a very good job.  He even hooked Ammy to a silver chain and shaped the crystal to look like a jagged tooth or claw of some feral beast.  He had to admit it(because others would), he definitely looked like he should be at a concert.  He sighed as he glanced once more in the mirror.

   Oh come on, you look good!  No one's going to recognize you at all!  Ammy thought to him happily.

   “Why does that sound more like an insult than encouragement?”

   Because you're looking for an excuse to change back into your normal boring attire?

   “I'm starting to dislike the fact my boredom can be used against me.  You burn some dolls one time because you were bored and you never hear the end of it!”

   You built a pyre.

   “That's not my point!”  Taron growled angrily as he left the room, guessing it was time to head to the second basement(remade by his Uncle to better accommodate the stages and equipment).  Sure enough, bits and pieces of lyrics were being played in the hallways and students would sing along as they heard their favorite song come on.  Some of them were dressed like him, others normally, and others  seemed to like going all out for these kinds of things, wearing short capes and spiking their hair.  Ammy even pointed out one girl who had what looked like live bats hanging from her shirt.  Taron just shook his head and walked on, until a warning came from Ammy.

   Taron, don't look now, but Ryo's checking students.

   Taron silently cursed his luck as he gazed through his bangs toward the front of the line.  Why hadn't he seen his uncle before now?  He watched closely to see how the students were being 'checked' and was relieved to see their hands were being scanned.  If the light turned green, they were let in, if it turned red they were asked to leave.

   I think it checks to make sure your grades are good.  I guess poor study habits keep you from school events.

   “Will you keep quiet?  He could hear you!”

   Ammy was silent as Taron was checked and allowed to go in.  Neither of them noticed Ryo turn to look at them for a moment before returning his attention to the growing line of concert goers.

   As Taron looked around, he was impressed.  Instead of just one stage, it seemed there were five, allowing each student to sit were his or her favorite band would be playing while the others were on stage.  In the middle of it all was what looked like a large concession stand.  A concession stand run by none other than his older cousin Razule and his parents!

   “Why do the gods torture me so?  Next thing you know Ormarr's going to be handing out schedules!”

   Actually...  Ammy said slowly.

   “Oh come on!”

   At least your Grandmother won't be here.  Ammy replied, trying to cheer up the frustrated dragon.

   “Yeah, I guess your right.  She wouldn't like being around all these people.”

   Do you think she still using the scrying mirror that's always focused on the person currently talking about her?

   Taron froze and threw a mental barrier around himself knowing it may already be too late.  If his Grandmother was watching the mirror, she'd wonder why someone she didn't recognize was talking about her, seemingly to himself.  He just hoped the mirror couldn't get through his Uncle's wards.

   “Did you sense anything?”

   No,  I think we got lucky.  You really don't want your family to see you like this, do you?

   Ignoring the question Taron explored the rest of the area, unconsciously noting paths that could get him out if he needed a quick escape.  He was also looking for Kamen, wanting to see a face he didn't have to hide from.  And if Kamen didn't recognize him, this ridiculous getup might keep his parents from guessing who he was too.

   Ammy spotted him first, laughing with a group of students next to the concession stand.  Putting somewhat shaky trust in his new appearance, Taron walked over and stood at the edge of the group, careful to keep the majority of them between himself and his parents.  It took awhile, but eventually one of the girls asked him if he needed through to get something, and Kamen looked at him as Taron shook his head.  Now that Kamen had seen him though, he realized Kamenwati had no idea who he was, but felt he should.  Before anymore attention could be drawn to him, Taron raised a finger to his lips and shifted his eyes to their draconic shape, letting green eyes look upon purple.  Then he left.

   A few minutes later, as he was grimacing at the Karaoke Hour that started the festivities, Taron felt a hand grab his arm and spin him around.

   “You've got some nerve, turning my psicrystal against me like that.  Don't think I won't get back at you for it either.”

   “So it is you!  I didn't think you were going to come!  I must be growing on you!”  Kamen exclaimed a little too loudly.  “I can't believe you dressed up and everything..  I thought you might just ignore Ammy and come in the school uniform or something.”

   “Well you be quiet!  It's bad enough I'm here at all without you broadcasting the name of my crystal to the entire student body!”  Taron said as he glared daggers at his roomie, who was slowly starting to grin in a way that told Taron he should be running.

   “You know... it's kinda boring just listening to the music and watching the bands.  Why don't you try some karaoke?”

   “No way in the Infinite Layers of the Abyss!”  Taron snapped.  “Over half of my family is here right now!  Do you know what would happen if even one of them recognized me?  I haven't lived down the last incident!”

   After figuring out all Taron had said, Kamen just smiled again.

   “I just have one question.  What was the 'incident' that you haven't lived down?”

   He set his siste-  Taron cut Ammy off with both hands, making very tight fists around the tooth-shaped psicrystal.

   “Shut up!  I'm not telling him and neither are you, got it?”

   “That just makes me want to know what happened even more.”

   Taron was about to reply(perhaps with a well-placed punch) when a familiar voice sent a shiver down his spine and stopped him.

   “Greetingsss boysss, isss there a problem?” His cousin Ormarr asked from behind him.

   “No sir, just trying to get my friend here to go up on stage.”  Kamen replied smoothly.  “And you know the fake hissing sound you make doesn't scare me.  Never has, never will.”

   “That may be true, but it seems to have gotten to your friend here.  He hasn't moved since I came over.”

   “Ah, don't worry about, he's just nervous because this is his first school event and he doesn't want to get in trouble and get kicked out or something.  He'll get over it.”

   The half-orc laughed and clapped Taron on the shoulder as the young dragon glared much bigger daggers than before at Kamen.

   “Well I hope he gets over it in the next few minutes, I think karaoke singers are being pulled off the stages  so the first band can start playing.”  Ormarr breathed in deeply as he looked over the two boys at the seats quickly being filled by eager students.  “I can almost smell the excitement in the air...  Good luck when it's your turn Kamenwati.”  He began to leave, and stopped only to compliment Taron on his serpentine bracers before going to get something to eat.

   “So, judging from you reaction, Ormarr's family?”

   “Older cousin, and before you ask, he was kind of adopted by my Uncle, who was likewise adopted by my mother as a brother.  It's complicated.”

   “So he's not...?”

   “Didn't I just say 'before you ask'? I'm pretty sure I did...”

   “Okay, okay, I was just making sure! I was confused a bit, because he's a half-orc and you're not.  Anyway, why don't you go get a seat and enjoy the show? I've got to go do one last equipment check before I can do the same, so I'll see ya in a bit.  Bye.”  Kamen said as pushed Taron toward the seats before leaving.  Taron just shook his head and slipped into a seat in the last row of Fly Free's section, glad there was still a few empty rows in front of him.  He tried to listen to the music, but only managed to get to through the first song before everything blurred again...


   Pain, from something very pointy digging into his chest.  Taron batted Ammy away, forgetting for a moment Ammy was still on a chain, and came back to reality fully as the point dug into his hand instead.

   Hey! Listen!

   “To what? And I thought I told you to stop stabbing me!”

   You said to stop jumping on you to wake you up.  You were already awake, just not paying attention.  You should be more aware for Fly Free's songs, even if you missed the others.

   Taron looked up and saw that the students around him were all staring intently at the stage, quiet and excited at the same time.  There was a crack of thunder and a gust of wind almost strong to move Taron's heavily hair-sprayed hair, and everyone leapt out of their seats to cheer wildly.  Another booming crack of thunder, this one accompanied by a flash of lightning, and Fly Free appeared on stage.  Fully dressed to impress, they got an even louder cheer than last time.  Taron only had to look to see that Belyu was the singer and Su'Ta was the drummer, but even knowing that Kamenwati was the guitarist, he never would have guessed it from his outfit.  Almost the exact opposite of his own, Kamen was wearing what could have once been described as a cleric's vestments.  Silver with sky-blue trim, the bottom of the robes had been cut up the middle and sewn into separate legs(with any excess shredded or torn) while the mantle had music notes cut out of it and lined with dark blue thread.  Most surprising though, were the wings that were resting on the stage, covered with feathers of blue so faint it was hard to tell their weren't white.

   I understand why he didn't come back now, those wings alone must have taken an hour each to attach!

   “Yeah.”  Taron said with a smile.  He knew Kam had just let his wings out and changed the illusion around him to make them look angelic.  Clever, finding a way to relax them in full view.  And if anyone looked and noticed the illusion, they'd only think it was to add the wings and enhance the outfit, not hide what he really looked like.

   When the  music started to play, Taron couldn't help but absorb it all, listening to every change of pitch and tempo,  singing along in his mind, becoming completely engrossed...  To sum it up, he was terrified when things didn't start to blur together again, overjoyed with each new song, and constantly worried he'd be recognized!  Not even close to his usual sense boredom, but now he understood why everyone else loved music so much.

Author Here: If you wish to know the kind of songs are played by Fly Free, here's a small selection: Everyone Like Me, Phenomenon, and Puppet(by Thousand Foot Krutch), Into Oblivion(by Funeral for A Friend), The Little Things Give You Away(Linkin Park), and Let Go Control(by Saosin).  I know they're not all the same genre, but they just seem to fit, you know?  If you have suggestions for other songs, please be sure to mention them in the reviews!!!

   Needless to say, Taron cheered along with everyone else when when the band finished and took a bow, even going a step further than most and tossed a ball of purple fire into the air, getting a wide grin from Kam, who took another bow after spreading his wings to their fullest.  Everyone started to leave, knowing the concert was over.

   The music may have stopped, but for Taron, it would always be stored away in his memories, there to listen to whenever he wanted...

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                 The Cure for Boredom ---  A Taron Sunwake Story
               Chapter 5.5:  In Which the Family Talks

Like the last one, there is something special about this chapter.  It actually takes place during Chapter 5, but none of the usual characters will be talking at all! Enjoy.

   When Ormarr left Kamenwati and his “shy friend” for the concession stand, he wasn't going to get a bite to eat.  He was heading for sister-in-law(or whatever she was, they never really figured it out) and her husband, the former of which was looking out at the students with a slightly confused look on her face.

   “Something wrong, Aananda?”  Ormarr asked, able to guess what was bothering her.

   “I'm not sure.. I think there's someone out there I should know, but I'm not seeing or sensing any familiar.  Have you noticed any kids who seem.. off, I guess?”

   “You mean like going still at the sound of my voice?  Yeah, I just meet up with that student, and I think I know why you feel you should know that student.  I think you should get Tamrin over here and brace yourself.  I've already sent a thought to Ryo, so he'll be here soon.”  While Aananda went to get her husband Ryo showed up with Ruji flying overhead, the small gray tressym ignoring the students gawking at the soaring cat.

   “Okay, I brought Ruji with me.  What's so important?”

   “Yeah, Ormarr, tell me why I'm sensing something strange.”   Aananda says, Tamrin in tow.

   Okay, okay, I'll show you.  Ruji?”  He asked, holding his arms out for the winged cat to land in.  “Just a few moments ago, I meet a student I didn't recognize(not surprising since so many wear costumes) having what looked like an argument with Kamenwati.  Here's what the kid looked like.”  He began to scratch Ruji behind the ears and as the tressyn purred, it lifted it's wings slightly, an image of the student Ormarr had seen appearing between them.

   “This is the student?  I don't recognize him either.  Seems familiar though..”  Tamrin said as he leaned in for a closer look.

   “I remember him from the entrance, I thought something was familiar about him too.”  Ryo commented.

   “That's because you do know him.  He's gone to great lengths to hide himself in plain sight.. from us.  I took a deep breath, and under the hairspray and dye, I scented....  Ruji, change the hair and zoom in on his face, okay?”

   “Why can't you.. just.. tell..”  Aananda trailed off as they all realized who they were looking at.  “Taron....?”

   “Amazing what a change of clothes and hair can do, isn't it?”  Ormarr said calmly.  Ryo on the other hand(literally!), rolled up his right sleeve and opened a hatch in his mechanical arm, revealing a small screen.  Data began to slide across the screen at an incredible pace before...


   “The recording of the last Hunt is gone.  Even the back-up files are missing.  He mumbled as he closed the hatch.  “Taron gets into a fight his first day here, won't tell us what it's about, and then Ormarr finds him arguing with Kamenwati, who seemed to be buddy-buddy once they were interrupted.  Now the Hunt file has vanished, so we don't have any idea what happened that night!  Some one is trying very hard to keep certain events secret...”

   “Tamrin, maybe you should talk to him, he may tell you something.”  Aananda quietly asked her husband.

   “Yeah, maybe I should.. Where is he now, Ormarr?”

   “It won't do you any good right now,“ the half-orc said as he pointed to Fly Free's seating section. “He looks completely out of it.  Avalanche's songs must have gotten boring.”

   The all turned to see the young dragon staring forward, not even moving to the music, while all the other students seemed to be enjoying themselves.

   “Perhaps I should call him to my office?”  Ryo suggested.

   “Not yet.”  Tamrin said as he continued looking at his son, wishing he'd do something that seemed more... well, more.  “Give it a week.  I hate to say it, but we have more pressing matters than a school-yard brawl.  Ryo, any leads on the creature that attacked Miss Shoru?”

   “No, nothing yet.  The description given doesn't match any known creature on this Plane or any other you can get to from Agartha.  That makes me think it really was another student, one who could conjure or maybe animate something like that, but it doesn't explain why the wards didn't activate until Shoru attacked it.”

   “So the only thing we can do is keep watching, hoping we can catch it before it attacks again?  The other students are going to find out soon and panic!”  Aananda said, glad magic was keeping the current band's music low enough for them to talk normally.  A student walked up to order a drink and she left long enough to get her one.

   “I know Aananda, and I'm doing all I can to find out what's going wrong.  You know seeing the future isn't easy, and I have to figure what the tarot readings mean when I'm not looking in the immediate time-line.  In the mean time, I've got nanites reworking the wards and keeping an eye on things.  It's all I can do!  You can't follow the psionic trace left behind in the wounds, and we can't have a divination spell cast because the wards will stop them.  Even another High Seer would have trouble looking in.”

   They all looked at each other, knowing they were dangerously close to having to... end the school year prematurely.  How could any of them guess that the person behind the attacks was only 100ft away?

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         The Cure for Boredom ---  A Taron Sunwake Story
                                Chapter 6:  The After Party

   “So you liked the show?”  Kam asked Taron after the concert.

   “Yeah... I can remember all of it.  If Ammy hadn't started stabbing me, I think I still would have been aware for that music!”

   “Well, I heard there's an after party or something up on the third floor the teachers don't know about, you wanna go?”  The demon child said with a sly smile.

   “If I say no, you're going to tell how boring it would be to go back to the room and sleep, right?”

   “I was right about the concert.  Well, Fly Free's part anyway!”

   “So I guess I'm going whether I want to or not.”

   “YES!”  Kam pumped his fist in the air.  “I'm going to show you that boredom is just a state of mind!  The night's not over until the last kid collapses!”

   “You know, you're awfully cheerful for some one who shouldn't be in the spotlight..”

   “Can't let that woman mess with life when she's not here, now can I?  I'm in hiding, not solitary.  Now let's get going before the halls clog up!”  Kamen said as he started pushing the reluctant dragon out of the concert hall and toward the stairs.  “Everyone will be going for the elevators, so we can beat them there using the stairs.”  He seemed to be challenging Taron, and Taron wasn't going to back down now.  If he hadn't when threatened, why should he when it was just a game?  Trying to be fair, he ran up the steps backwards, and still beat Kamen by half-a-flight.

   “How.. *pant* did you.. *pant* do that?”  Kam asked when he could talk between breathing.

   “Mother keeps us fits so we can defend ourselves.  I guess I should train more, I was a bit slow.”

   “Ah shut up.”  Was all the reply he got as they went to the classroom.  Kamen was cheered as he stepped in, and he was soon surrounded by fans praising him for his music.  Taron was largely ignored.

   “Amazing, isn't it, how playing a few chords can get you adoration?”

   Taron whirled on the strange voice, and saw Su'Ta standing there, looking smug.  The eye-patch was on the wrong side though.

   “It's.. interesting to meet you Taron, I'm Ta'Su, older brother to Su'Ta and air-tech racing expert.  Su'Ta has told me all about you.  Even his help makes it hard to figure you out, but I do know one little thing”  Ta'Su said slowly, a dangerous tone in his voice.  He smiled as Taron's eyes shifted behind his bangs.

   “And what is that?”

   “Oh no, I'm not going to tell you right away, that wouldn't be any fun.  Let's see... you arrived the same day as two new students and two new teachers, each of which look a lot like you, except for the elf, Tamrin.  So I know your part of a set.  You weren't phased when Kamenwati threatened you, so you can take care of yourself, this is backed-up by the records of the last Hunt, or at least was before they disappeared.  Despite the rocky start, you and Kam seem to be good friends now, even eating breakfast together.  That means you settled the fight in a very different way then violence.  You're also a psychic, but any one that has you in class would know that.”

   “All of which pales in comparison to the fact I know what you are.  No one else suspects a thing, but I know you're real-”

   Taron had had enough, and lashed out angrily, striking Ta'Su and sending him flying across the room faster than the wards could whisk him away to Detention.  Students gathered around the fallen Ta'Su, staring at the cracks left in the wall where he'd hit.  Some one had enough sense to speak the word that took incapacitated students to the Nurse's Office before the other students panicked and scattered to get back to their rooms before the teachers got there.  Kamenwati looked around for Taron, but couldn't see him anywhere.  He put two-and-two together as he sprinted back to their room, wondering what Ta'Su had said that would make his roommate do something like that....


   Taron sighed as he floated through the colorless expanse, bored again and unable to blur it out.  How can you forget about nothing?  He'd been in Detention for five minutes forty-five seconds and counting when his uncle appeared.  From the look on his face, he had not expected see his oldest nephew.

   “What in the Inner World did you do?!”

   “Punched that kid Ta'Su hard enough to make him fly back and leave cracks in the wall.  You really need to upgrade your wards Uncle, they aren't nearly fast enough.”

   “Why would you.. What did he..  Agh!  Wait here!”  Ryo said as he left, shock making him sound angry and keeping him from realizing Taron wasn't going anywhere anyway.  The minutes ticked by again and Taron was just starting to see the magic that made this place possible when he was interrupted by another arrival.  He recognized these people easily just as easily as he'd recognized Ryo.

   “Hello Mother, Father.  How are you?”

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Re: A Cure for Boredom: A Taron Sunwake Story
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Before I post the next chapter, how does everyone reading this story(and I know there are people reading it, I've seen the veiws counter go up) think about it?

         The Cure for Boredom ---  A Taron Sunwake Story
                                  Chapter 7:  The Talk

   They both stared at him in utter silence, shocked even more than Ryo had been.  While the silence became awkward, Taron studied the facial expression of both of them carefully.  Aananda's changed between confusion and worry, while Tamrin's was a mix of anger and confusion.  Taron could see a little worry in his father's expression, but it was currently being overwhelmed.

   “You are going to explain what happened right now.”  Tamrin's growled, voice thick with anger.

   “Or what?”  Taron challenged.  “What could you possible do to me that would even come close to punishment?  I'm not like James or Ephebe, easily punished by taking away something important to me, because there is nothing important to me!”

   “A few months ago Taron, you'd be right.”  His mother said before Tamrin could gather his wits.  “But tonight we saw you at the concert.  You have a friend now, don't you?  Your very first.  What would you do if we had you moved to a different room and changed your classes so you wouldn't see him?”

   Taron went still for a moment, more surprised by the fact she was right than the threat.  Kamenwati was.. a friend?  When had that happened?

   “That won't work either.  Even if you home-school me again, I'll still remember the music.  I remember everything I hear, see, do, feel, or think.  And if you try to take my memories away, I won't hold back.  You may eventually take them, but some one will be maimed.”

   “Did you just threaten us?”  Tamrin said, having finally recovered enough to speak.  “That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard you say! What's wrong with you?  What aren't you telling us?”  He moved forward to confront his oldest son up close, but Taron avoided him.

   “What's wrong with me?  Last time I checked, keep the family's big, treasure hoarding secret was a good thing!  If I hadn't punched him out, Ta'Su would have said I was dragon in front of the entire party, and we wouldn't be trading threats in this void!”

   That shut his parents for a few moments.  Aananda was the first to speak again.

   “Why didn't you tell us that in the first place?”

   “Because instead of being calm and rational, Father's first reaction was anger, and I was bored.   Five minutes and forty-five seconds with nothing to look at and being unable to blur it all out. I had to do something to ease the boredom.”

   “So everything you said.. wasn't true?”

   “Except for Ta'Su about to out me, out all of us, what do you think Mother?”

   They seemed not to think much about it, because his father apologized and went to tell Ryo to let his son out, while his mother hugged him tightly and asked if he had had any fun at the party.  Unfortunately, he had to tell her it had only just started when he'd punched Ta'Su and been sent here.

   “I doubt it's still going on though, not after all of this.  I don't think any of the students will stay around to get caught at a party the teachers didn't know about.  I probably won't get invited to the next one either.”

   “Oh, I'm sure you will.”  Aananda reassured Taron, smiling.  Then she looked him over again.  “So, why did you try so hard to hide from us? If Ormarr hadn't pointed you out to us, we wouldn't have even known you were there!”  She tries to brush his bangs away from his eyes, but finds them as stiff as the rest of his hair.  “Guess you didn't want anyone to see your eyes easily either..”

   “Ammy here,”  he says as he holds up the purple claw hanging from his necklace,  “Had 'orders' from Kamenwati that I wasn't to leave the room until I looked like I should be at a concert.  They forced me to go.”

   No we didn't!  Ammy thought angrily.  We simply pointed out going to the concert(and the party) wouldn't be as boring as not going to the concert!  Don't say I made you dress like that either, because you sent me to get the dye and hairspray!

   Aananda burst out laughing as Taron swatted his psicrystal hard, stabbing his hand on the point.  As he rubbed his hand to ease the pain, color swirled into the blank void and they found themselves standing in his room, a shocked Kamen paused in the middle of putting on his pajama shirt as he tried to figure out how they got in.  He quickly finished putting his shirt on when he saw there was a female teacher present, out of modesty.

   “Uh.. hey Taron.  Hello Teacher Aananda.”  He said, bowing his head to Taron's mother.

   “Kamenwati.. I have learned you are the reason my son was at the concert, and later the party that resulted in his time in Detention.  Is this true young man?”  Aananda said in a serious voice, eyes cold and agry.  Ammy was giggling mentally to Taron, who kept his face blank.  He wasn't going to give Kam any sign that his mother was joking, not after he had given Ammy orders.

   “Um, I..  I thought he should get out of the room and have some fun, you know?”  Kam said, voice weak as he realized what it meant for Aananda to be Taron's 'mother'.  He may have been a cambion, but he knew the old stories(even if they got some facts wrong) well enough to know he was no match for a full-grown dragon, let alone an angry mother!

   Aananda decided to take pity on the scared guitarist and laughed.

   “It's okay Kamenwati, I won't hold the fight against you!  You couldn't have know it was going to happen, so why worry?  I'm just glad someone got Taron to do something for once instead of sit around complaining he's bored! It's good to know he's got a friend.”  She said with a smile.  “Just try to keep him out of trouble okay?  Last time he got really bored we had to put out a funeral pyre for his sister's dolls.”

   “Is that what he did?  He wouldn't tell me about it at all!”  Kam exclaimed, visibly relaxing as Taron groaned inwardly.

   “He wasn't supposed to know that Mother.  It's bad enough I let it slip that something like that had happened at all.”

   “Dude, you built a pyre for dolls!  That's hilarious!  How big was it?”

   Aananda was about to answer when there was a knock at their door.

   It's your Father and Uncle.  Ammy warned Taron, who immediately pulled his Mother over to the door, opened it, and kind of pushed her through.

   “Sorry, visiting hours are over.”  Taron said to his confused family before closing the door and pushing a dresser in front of it.  He turned  to find his roommate staring at him with a wide grin.

   “Man, your mom is pretty cool.  I though for sure she'd rip my head off for getting you in trouble...”

   “Under different circumstances, she would have.  My parents and Grandmother are very protective of my siblings and I.  Grandmother in particular can be very dangerous when angry, since she is old enough to remember the days when our kind were hunted.”

   “Remind me to never make your family angry.”  Kamen said with a shudder.

   “Trust me, the uncle we don't talk about was worse, and so was the clone of my little brother.  Again, long stories that I won't tell.  Those family issues were settled a long time ago though, so you don't have to worry.”

   “A long time ago?  How old are you?”

   “In human years, I'm in my early twenties, all the stuff I just told you about happened about a year before I was born.  In dragon years, that would make me a hatchling, but, except for my grandmother, we're different.  I'm about 15 in every other way.  An exceptional 15 of course.  What about you?”

   “I'm not sure anymore.. I lost track of time when we.. 'moved'.  I'm probably somewhere around 14~16 years old.  The sheet I filled out for the School files has me down as 15, with a birthday in two weeks.  Just in time for Last One Standing.”

   “Another student-body fight?”  Taron asked, wondering how many different types of events Avalon had the involved fighting among the students.

   “Yeah, but it's different than a Snipe Hunt.  It's like a free-for-all that you can enter alone or as part of a team, both of which has advantages and disadvantages.  Alone, you can get surrounded, but you don't have to worry about protecting team-mates.  If you go in as a team, you can handle greater numbers and have different skills to rely on, but you have to know how to work together or you'll get ripped to pieces.”

   “Sounds like I'd be going in alone, if I wanted to do something like that.”

   “And miss the chance to have a rematch with me?  What's wrong Taron, scared you'll lose again?”

   Taron saw the question for what it was: bait.  He decided to take it, just to make things less boring.

   “I remember that fight ending much differently.  You were leaning against a tree crying after I punched you in the gut.”

   “Hehe, that's the spirit!  Should be a good fight!  I think I'll hold back though, wouldn't want you getting hurt and running to your mommy.”

   “How about I disabled the magics that record the visual parts of the events and we go all out?  I'll have the formula for them by the time you survive long enough to face me!”  Taron shot back.

   How about you both make a team and whoever defeats more students wins?  Ammy suggested, trying to stop the conversation before it grew even more and the stakes became even higher..

   “You okay with that, Kamenwati?”

   “Only if you are.”

   Then it's settled.  Taron, see if Kam can join you in your hand-to-hand training tomorrow during his free period.  I just ran a schedule check and the time's match perfectly.  Get to sleep and eat a light breakfast in the morning Kamenwati, or you will regret it.

   “Is it really that bad?”  Kam asked from behind his part of the pull-out wall.

   “Yeah.. you probably shouldn't eat anything the first few days, unless you want to see it again.  Wear gloves to hide your claws by the way.  We don't want you accidentally cutting someone when you spar.”


   They got into there beds and went to sleep. Kam dreamed about getting his rear-end kicked tomorrow, or worse, being outed as a cambion.  Taron dreamed of.. something else.