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November 20, 2018, 04:02:20 PM

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Author Topic: Mella's Request Thread | F for M | Don't be lame, just look at it.  (Read 1269 times)

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Offline AriamellaTopic starter

welcome. i'm Mella.

「 내가 필요한 건 마약과 돈 뿐이야. 」

grab a blunt and relax; here's some atmospheric beats to set the vibe

« drugs and fuckin' money, fuckin' up this whole thing »

I'm sure you clicked on this request thread thinking it was going to be yet another boring list of terms and conditions, and a list of plots asking for the same regurgitated shit that's been plaguing roleplay since its inception. You know exactly what I'm talking about – helpless submissive female needs her dominant dommy-dom to tell her what to do. And he so gladly obliges, because with the amount of testosterone he has, he might as well spank a rock and tell it to call him daddy.

Or even worse: helpless submissive female gets kidnapped by the bad guy and can only lie there as he does all the work, making her go from traumatized victim to hungry cockslut in the first 10 minutes of their interaction. Those plots are like... the Nigerian prince e-mail scams of roleplaying. You're promised something great and it turns out awful.

Lucky for us that I'm not into that, and hopefully if you're here, it means you're not into that either.

Go us, for not being lame as fuck!

« drugs and fuckin' money, only thing that i need »

& : 「 about me 」

Anyway, I'm here looking to kill some time with writing and roleplaying. I'm one of those college/uni bitches that write as a hobby while I cry over my student loans (kidding, lol.) That being said, flexibility is kind of a must for me since I can get busy. I'm pretentious about my coffee and probably my roleplaying, too (kidding again, sort of). I'm open to writing anything and everything; essentially what I'm looking for are creative, detailed partners who value collaboration and consistently bring ideas to the table. Proficiency in the English language generally gets my literary gears going, but writing is meant to be chill, so I won't be bothered by the occasional mistake or whatever.

« damn i love it, maybe i should drop it, pick a different subject »

As you can see in this thread, I don't have a "rules" list. I think they're kind of dumb since most of us write as a hobby, and I don't really want anyone dictating how I do my hobbyist writing. Send me a PM if you agree!

Anyway, here's more or less what I'm looking for:
  • FxM or FxF
  • Thread roleplays. Thread. Roleplays.
  • People with a sense of humor who like to chit-chat every now and again.
  • No-stress roleplayers who just like to have a good time.
  • Writers that don't keep or follow some asinine, arbitrary length requirement. Good writing is good writing.

Here's what I can give you as a roleplayer:
  • Versatile writing style that mixes it up between long and short(er) posts.
  • A post per week, maybe more, but no guarantees.
  • Ideas and scenes for plot progression. I love RP planning.
  • I'm extremely low maintenance. No crazy terms and conditions.
  • I honestly don't care when you reply to the RP. I trust you'll get back to me when you're ready.

« maybe it's deliberate if it's lacking substance »

& : 「 stuff i'm into 」

o / o ' s  ( Click me ! )

dark romance
bdsm *
femdom **
incest ***

* I'm okay with BDSM during sex scenes, but I don't really like playing the passive, slave role. Ew.
** Gentle female domination is my thing. Not the ball busting, cocks-in-cages type of femdom.
*** I don't play parental incest but siblings, cousins, step-family, etc. is fine.

« but baby, you still listen, so i know you love it »

& : 「 plots 」

If you don't like any of the ones listed below, PM me anyway and let's work something out.


f x m | student x professor
romance - seduction - forbidden relationship - comedy-ish

She was one of the brightest students in her program of study at one of the best universities in the country. She had a partial scholarship, some impressive internships lined up, and was considered by many to be an example student. But college didn't come free, and that was her secret. Away from public eye, she was an adult model, posting her amateur videos and pics online, and getting men to pay for her Premium Snapchat and Facetime "dates." It was easy money, and she was always careful to keep her identity a secret. But what happens when she gets a PayPal payment and a message from someone she happens to know – her professor?

drugs and money
f x m or f x f | crime syndicate
dark romance - drama - substance abuse - action violence

Being the girlfriend of a drug dealer was easy. It was just about looking pretty, giving good sex, and most importantly, making money. She was used to the life of luxury, designer clothes, parties and cocaine – the "rich man's" drug. Little did she know her world was going to be turned upside down when she mistakenly witnesses the murder of her boyfriend by the drug cartel he was dealing with, and now that they want her dead, too. She's on the run with nowhere to hide, but a chance encounter with the leader of a rival cartel sparks an idea: she wants the power and resources to get revenge for her boyfriend's death, and this is where she can get it. All she has to do is get him to trust her.

numb to the feeling
f x m or f x f | actress x director (or whoever)
corruption - drama - tragedy - substance abuse

Growing up in the limelight as a child actress was something special, especially since she wasn't some overrated Disney star. No, she was young talent who captivated the hearts of her audience. But even as an adult in her early 20's, she hadn't shed her "innocent child star" reputation, and now was her chance. A renown director had cast her for the role in a dark sexual, psychological thriller that promised to be the perfect transition into more mature film roles. But things aren't as they seem when she's finding she can't relate to her role, and the director suggests she get into character by trying a few things out for herself: sex, drugs, partying. How far is she willing to go down the path of corruption to portray the perfect on-screen performance?


Nothing yet; more to come.


]Nothing yet; more to come.

supernatural / paranormal

Nothing yet; more to come.


Nothing yet; more to come.
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Re: Honestly just looking for creative, English-profficient writers| FxM or FxF
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