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February 20, 2018, 01:55:36 PM

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Author Topic: Sniper Canyon (Sci-fi, dark, M\f, potential M\M )  (Read 49 times)

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Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

Sniper Canyon (Sci-fi, dark, M\f, potential M\M )
« on: February 14, 2018, 04:16:53 PM »

What I'm looking for: Someone to play multiple charters that are dominate  or switches, no purely submissive characters

-world buidling

-Never use the 'but I don't know anything about the fandom' excuse around me. Most people simply refuse to try to understand anything about a fandom and rather make up excuses for not wanting to try.  You're voluntarily restricting yourself as a writer.

-When contacting me, pique my Interest. I find it rather disheartening opening a PM and there's a one line response to my request thread. Tell me why you are interested in my plots. Tell me if you have any ideas to add on it to it or have an RP plot I maybe interested in.

-I tend to let my partner know if I don't like the way the story is progressing or if I have questions or suggestions. I really want a partner who will help move the story alone and add to it instead of making me do all the work and just responding to the posts instead of pushing the plot forward. I also want a partner who will communicate. As for grammar, as long as I can read it, that's all I care about.

-Character first, not fetish first

-When it comes to smut, I don't do pure smut or smut heavy stories, there has to be plot. I refer a 50\50 or so ratio. 

- I have an exceptional love for darker stories, and mature themes. Gritty, grim, graphic, are all adored.

-I like to write Rape scenes. As in full on rape, no 'she\he ends up loving it'. If I am going to write a rape scene or have my character involved in one, then I refuse to have my character enjoy it if they are the victim. 

What I am not looking for

-  futa or traps
- purely submissive characters
- F\F
-pure smut or very smut heavy
-one liners


Brief List of Kinks/Limits:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
-Realistic anatomy
- Non-consent
- Rough sex
- Size difference (no macro\micro)
- Toys and restraints
- Taboo
- degradation and humiliation
-Anthro cyborgs
-Canon x canon or OC x OC pairings
-Story-driven RPs
-non human robots
-Switch Characters
-Darker plots and themes
-Torture (just no killing my character or removing limbs)
-Slavery\Pets with the one being the 'pet' being unwilling and not being 'and she\he\it grows to love it' type
-Anthros, real anthros, not humans with animal ears and tails
-Non-human partners
-Obsessive Relationships
-settings in my fandoms and and fandom-inspired RPs
-Passionate sex
-gore (with in reason)
-Abuse Of Trust

Things I have no interest in

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
-Passive Characters.
-purely submissive characters
- Scat/Watersports
- Vore
-One Liners
- Being ditched
-Killing my characters (killing NPCs is fine)
-Slutty characters
-Monster boys\girls
-Humans with animal ears and tails
-human only RP
-any school based
-Unrealistic proportions
-excessive amounts of body fluids

Sniper Canyon

General Setting: Sci-fi, Titanfall AU

Kinks: potential rape, potential bondage, M\M, M\F,potential kidnapping

Characters: Male human, female human, Human male, Sapient AI , various NPCs

The Setting: Futuristic Sci-fi set on a desert planet that is largely open sandy waste land with one of the largest canyon ssytems around, it dwarfs even the Grand Canyon on Earth. The canyon is vast as it is dangerous. The planet used to have several mining colonies that have long since left leaving the canyon scattered with mining equipment and unstable mines as well as hidden experimentation labs.

The day time temperatures often reach 120 and the might time below zero. The only water in the canyon comes from toxic sludge pits and trailing dams and natural springs though they are seasonal at best and difficult to find.

The Plot: In a nut shell, my character and her partner are trapped in a very harsh unforgiving planet. She works as a scout and knows the canyon system very well. Unfortunately scouts are viewed as disposable and since the Militia doesn't have the rescourcses to come pick her back up, they abandoned her and her partner there. Util they can figure a way off planet they are stuck there.

My scouts partner carries a lot of Intel, much of which is very important to high command. He's largely unaware of the importance of the Intel or what many of the files he copied from a secret IMC lab contains.

While I don't want to say my female character isis hyper sexualized due to the rape she is very interested in it but for all the wrong reasons. She wants to feel as if she is in control again but her partner isn't interested in her like that. He loves her as a friend and companion but he isn't interested in her in a sexual manner but she has a tendency to try and corner him. She also has some self destructive tendencies that directly stem from the trauma.

Your character is also stuck on this harsh desert planet as well but how and what they are doing there, that is up to you. Maybe they are a mercenary, maybe they Militia or IMC. Maybe they are working for one of the many companies owned by the IMC.

How ever our characters met, they will need to relay on each other to survive

Just to make things harder, they are being hunted by a mercenary that knows no mercy and is willing to do what it takes to get his bounty.