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Author Topic: Adventurer Acadamy! Closed.  (Read 9136 times)

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Re: Adventurer Acadamy! ONE SPOT LEFT!
« Reply #100 on: April 05, 2016, 07:50:21 PM »
That looks good, and with juttagular, we can either put up a fourth team or assign four to a team. But I wanna wait to hear feedback from everyone else on that first.

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Re: Adventurer Acadamy! ONE SPOT LEFT!
« Reply #101 on: April 05, 2016, 09:08:59 PM »
Hey guys! I got accepted! This is Aphelion. (Also the full story included far more detail and as such will be completed later if anyone is interested in the whole thing, lol)

Name: Aphelion Drako
Age: 16
Race: Dragoon
Gender/orientation: Male/Straight[With a liking to Futa's]
Class: Hybrid Adventurer
Team: TBD
Background: High, high in the mountains to the furthest North where it's nearly impossible for most people to gain access, lies a Kingdom of Dragons known as "Sky Haven" in the human tongue. It's leader is Draximas, one of the largest dragons to ever exist. And his queen, Mariana is the most beautiful of them. She was not always a dragon though. 1,000 years ago, Almeria was the princess of a powerful nation to the North, and was known as the most beautiful maiden in the land.

 And further, she was also one of the strongest mages on the continent, serving as the Arch Mage and head of Albion's Mage Academy. She was barely 30 when tragedy struck. Her father, the King was exiled from their own kingdom after he was framed as having killed a dragon. An egregious offense to Albion's allies, the dragons of Sky Haven. King Sten was lucky exile was his decided punishment, and not death. His wife, Queen Ygrda lost her position as Albion's laws declared that next in line for the crown carried precedent over marriage.

 So Sten's brother Mordred, General of Albion's armies became King. And his first act was renewing the peace between Albion and Sky Haven by marrying his niece Mariana to Draxmius, King of the Dragons. The union was purely political, but in time the two came to love each other. And when he gazed into her heart, Draximas knew Sten was innocent if he was anything like his daughter. Together the two found the wayward king and discovered a conspiracy set in place by Mordred himself to seize the throne. By the time he was exposed however, his control over the kingdom was nearly absolute.

 A war raged, and despite his might, Draximas was gravely wounded. To save him, Mariana bound her soul to his, becoming a dragon in the process, her love was so great for him. After the civil war ended, Mordred was found guilty of numerous crimes, and sentenced to death for bringing both kingdoms to war, and costing many lives. As well as everything he'd done to his family. Sten and Ygrda were placed back on the throne, and all was right again. Mariana would not go home to Albion however. She was a dragon now, and belonged with her love in the clouds. Sixteen years ago, Draximas and Mariana had a child...Aphelion.

The boy was born as a human though; a result of Mariana's powerful magic, her soul being human, and her body dragon. He was born as a Dragoon, the rarest offspring between human and dragon. Prince Aphelion from childhood was trained by his parents to one day rule. And that meant everything from being dropped a few hundred miles from home and being told to find his way back, to having to make actual decisions that would affect Sky Haven and beyond. He was groomed daily to become the best King he could be. And one day that would mean he needed to leave and experience the world, so he could come back wiser and more knowledgeable. So on his 16th birthday, he was enrolled into the Academy as the start of his life's journey beyond the spires of Sky Haven. 


Drakken/Wyvern: This weapon exists as a pair of gauntlets[Drakken] and greaves[Wyvern] that fit over Aphelion's hands and feet to increase his striking power. They can also be launched out at rapid speeds to grab things and enemies before reeling them back to Aphelion or pulling him to them as they are connected by a length of magical chain.

Fang: A massive, heavy sword made from ancient dragon bone and further enchanted to be unbreakable. It's so large and unwieldy that anyone not of similar strength and training could even hope to pick it up, much less use it effectively in a fight. For Aphelion, it's similar to a longsword...a really long, longsword. While he's fully capable of wielding it in his human form, he usually reserves it for his battle form, unless he's trying to show off.


Advanced Combat Training - He has been trained by his father and the royal guards since childhood on how to fight. He is far more ferocious than skilled in a fight however, and depends mostly on his physical abilities and natural weapons in a fighting style he's developed that's all his own. He's fast enough and strong enough that even using weapons he's not trained in, he's partially effective just by how much damage he'd do if he does hit.

Powerful - Due to being a Dragoon, and having trained intensely his entire life, Aphelion is incredibly resilient, fast, and strong, making him something of a nimble Juggernaut on the battlefield.

Survival - Part of his training was exposing him to harsh locales and environments and forcing him to survive there. Or dropping him off hundreds of miles from home with barely any provisions and having him make his way back with no help.

Heightened Senses - All of his senses[Sight, Smell, Sound, Touch, and Taste] are incredibly keen and sensitive due to his beastly nature.


Shapeshifting - A basic spell that seems to be more natural ability for his kind. He can change his form from human to dragon and back, as well as altering what he looks like in his human form. Due to being a Dragoon, he actually becomes human when he changes, and it isn't simply shapeshifting. When in battle, he covers his skin in armor-like scales and uses fangs, claws, and his tail as his preferred methods of attack. His teeth and claws are like swords, while his tail is like a spiked club. In battle, Aphelion can simply revert to his dragon form, as fighting as a massive winged lizard makes things much, much easier. Due to having a true human side, unlike most dragons who simply shapeshift, Aphelion can also change into a sort of hybrid form in battle, growing stronger and faster, while not turning into a giant monster.

[Aphelion may only use his full dragon, or dragoon form in battle once per day.]

Dragon Breath - As a dragoon, he like all of his kind can shoot an element from his throat due to magical glands located within his body. Due to his heritage, he has access to all elements for his breath attack. It can be launched like a fireball, or in a cone, or a number of other ways. In his human form, he can even fire the attack off from his hands.

Rapid Healing - On the chance that he is injured, he can channel the magic inherent in all dragons to his wound(s) to speed their recovery along, at the cost of draining his strength stamina for the duration he attempts to heal himself.

Magic Studies
Dark Arts
Martial Studies

Power: 7
Agility: 5
Magic: 5
Endurance: 7
Technique: 1


Human: 6'4, 280lbs, 12' Cock
Dragoon[Battle Form]: 12' | 800lbs | 17' Cock
Dragon: 30 feet long | Several Tons | Danger
Ons: Roleplay, Seduction, Foreplay, Anal, Oral, Teasing, Public Sex, Rough Sex
Offs: Gore, Vore, Scat, Watersports, etc...

Casual wear pic: Here
He wears the same clothes whether at home or adventuring, as his natural scales provide the protection he needs in a fight.

Draconic Forms



Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

Re: Adventurer Acadamy! ONE SPOT LEFT!
« Reply #102 on: April 05, 2016, 09:49:59 PM »
Looks like we're doing teams of four, so ershin drop her off in the sheets and you can start.

You should be able to get the rundown of what you need to do from my posts in the IC

Offline Juggtacular

Re: Adventurer Acadamy! Closed.
« Reply #103 on: April 05, 2016, 09:59:10 PM »
Do we select where we get dropped off after we step through the portal? Or is that your decision? I probably saw it but I made the mistake of reading every single page for all the topics back to back, so it's all sort of a jumble right now lol.

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

Re: Adventurer Acadamy! Closed.
« Reply #104 on: April 05, 2016, 10:01:56 PM »
Lol, I chose to drop people in the same section with players they already paired up with. The rule is that you'll form a team with who you make contact with, but your all headed to the same place, so you can form a team with anyone who hasnt yet.