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Author Topic: JessLowell's Request Thread (All genders and sexualities welcome!)  (Read 1377 times)

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Jessica Lowell's Request Thread

The slightly edgy, dynamic ideas of a modern writer are contained within, so please enter if you dare.

Hello all and welcome to my solo request thread! I'm glad you decided to drop in. Below this you'll find a short introduction, and specifics on my own writing style. But first, please know that I am a very flexible role player. I tend to compare my ideas to non baked clay. They are always mold-able, so please come on in and check them out! If you like one of the characters or ideas contained within, please shoot me a message and we can create a fantastical story!

Note: I'm currently really craving a poly relationship story. I'm talking multiple people together. You can find the idea I have for this below, or we could plan something new.


To begin, I would like to say that I am pleased to be here on E. I've actually been here for about two years, but have never had the bravery to post one of these until today. I have however participated in several RPs, and just below this post you will find my most recent games.

You should immediately know, I'm a writer at heart, and by trade. In fact I'm working on my own book series that spans an upwards of five novels. You'll find some of those characters and world ideas in this thread eventually. I hope you find them intriguing!

So I'm a Game Master. I've run games along the lines of Vampire the Masquerade, DnD, Star Wars, and a brief stint into Star Trek. I've also acted as a Co-GM on several games. My love is crafting stories and characters, but my biggest joy is seeing how the player characters, or characters mold the world around them through their actions.

My Preferences

So like most request threads, I'll be putting writing preferences just here, but in a list format to make it easier to read.

Length Preference: I tend to match my partner's length in an RP, so for example, if you write a paragraph, I will too. But if you write a three paragraph response, then I will write three paragraphs. My RPs are usually story driven (more on that later), so they tend to go long. But I'm perfectly fine with short responses as well.

Language Preference: I read and write English, as it is my first language. However, spots of other languages like French, German, Spanish, even Latin are interesting shake ups for me. I love having to go and translate lines, or figure out what the character said. It twists things up in a very pleasant way.

Smut Preferences: I do not have an O/O currently crafted, however it is in the works. But, I will say briefly here, that I am perfectly okay with most things as long as they follow E's rules and regulations. I tend to stay away from extreme gore, but if the story calls for it, well then, my job is to follow the story isn't it? However, I will say that I prefer a RP that has a story in it rather then something just smut centered.

Partner Preferences: I write everything under the sun. Sexuality is not a defined thing for me and my characters. I've written almost every kind of character you can hope for. I do have a preference for playing females, but will generally pair them with any style of character. What I'm doing in terms of pairing will generally depend on the story we are crafting. Is the story smut center? Then I'll probably request a FxF or FutaxF pairing. If its story centered, then I will likely be fine with anything.

Communication Preference: I cannot stress this enough, communication is key to everything and anything. I love talking through an idea. So please do not hesitate to communicate with me. Shoot me a message, and I'll reply within the next two days.

Real Life Comes First: My real life has to come first, as I'm sure most of you understand. So sometimes there will be a week in between responses. It happens to the best of us right? If I don't reply to you, don't worry, I'm getting there I promise.


If you have ideas you would like to explore with me, please shoot me a message, and if you want to peruse my own ideas, please feel free to continue reading!

Story ideas will be posted in separate posts for each idea here in my request thread.

Character ideas will be all be located in a single post in my request thread.

Thank You!

Thanks for coming to my thread! I look forward to talking to you, or if you are just stopping in, I thank you for perusing my requests!

Disclaimer: This is a work in progress, so please be patient with me. Especially with any spelling or grammar mistakes.
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Re: JessLowell's Request Thread
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2019, 02:44:01 pm »
Character Ideas

Here I will be posting all the character ideas I have. Or current characters I have created or played in games.

Character Images
Spare Character Images that I have yet to use:

Freya Nightingale
Her Story: Freya Nightingale grew up with the talent of magic, and she was treated differently for it. Some would tease her, some revered her talent, other coveted it, but her family only ever encouraged her to foster the talent and spread its wings wide. But what they didn't know, was that Freya's talent had a certain, darkness to it. Freya was a necromancer, able to raise the dead, and command them. Though she would not figure out this particular talent until much later in life.

Freya's parents would send her off to school to learn her crafts, and Freya would choose to learn medicinal magic. She was good at keeping things alive, but she was better at reanimating them. At the age of 16 she would officially discover this talent after her own brother's death.

A plague had hit her city, raging sickness and death spread around her and her family, and soon her brother would fall ill. With her resources Freya would fight to find a cure, and eventually she would, but it was too late. Freya's brother succumbed to his illness, and the young cleric would set upon finding a different solution. She would find a way to bring her brother back.
Eventually Freya would be given a book that offered her the answers, a resurrection spell in a book of necromancy. She would attempt to resurrect her brother, but the spell would fail, and she would be left having to kill him once again as his reanimated corpse was nothing but a husk.

Jocelyn Derollo (Hogwarts: A New Dawn)

Name: Jocelyn Madelyn Derollo

Nickname: Lyn, Madie, Jo

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Birthday: February 19th 1998

Sexuality: Fluid

Birthplace: London, England

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Year: Fourth-Year

House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 8 1/2 inches, hazel, and dragon heartstring

Patronus: Bearded Dragon

Apparation license: Yes

Physical Appearance: Jocelyn Derollo has blond hair and green eyes, and strikingly clear skin, although you can blame her ridiculous attention to detail for that. Usually dressing in modern style clothing with just a touch of witchy chique, Jocelyn maintains a meticulous wardrobe as well.

Personality Traits:
   1. Controlling: Jocelyn is ridiculously controlling, and has to control every single aspect of her own life to a tea. She doesn't much care about others and what they do with their lives, but don't mess with her system, and everything will be just fine.
   2. Big-heart: Jocelyn has a big heart, and a soft spot for creatures and plants of all sizes. Don't let her around puppies, she'll never leave.
   3. Social: Jocelyn does her best to be social, though she tends to fall short and be a little awkward, a lot of the time.
   4. Family Oriented: Jocelyn cares deeply about her family, and when she says family she includes her friends. She may be awkward, but those she keeps close know this well, and don't mind. She would die for them if it came down to it.
   5. Vegan: Jocelyn doesn't eat meats. She hates the idea of eating something that was once an animal, and felt pain.

Brief History:  Jocelyn Derollo was born to mothers Vesper and Annabeth Derollo, after a long year of debate on whether or not they could handle another child. The second of three children, Jocelyn was the quiet one. Always learning, and living to learn, Jocelyn was the type of kid who absorbed everything given to her at an astonishing speed. It was no surprise later during her Hogwarts years that she was a Ravenclaw. 

Jocelyn grew up thinking both her mothers where her biological parents, until one day her grandfather, a doctor, sat her down and gently explained how biology worked. How Vesper had contracted a man to give his sperm, in order to produce a child, Jocelyn. Ilveos explained how this had happened with her two siblings as well, not from the same man, but all from Vesper. Although confusing to her siblings, Jocelyn wasn't confused at all, and was rather relieved to know how she came about. She was also comforted by the fact that this meant that it wasn't that Anabeth wasn't her mother, just that they didn't share a biology.

At a very young age Jocelyn developed a love of all things living. Plants, animals, insects, and even fungi. The young witch would run around collecting plants and cataloguing them in a journal. She would sketch animals and plants and give them their own names, until she could understand they already had names. Vesper's influence was the biggest reason for this, as her love for magical creatures had translated into the mother's work. Jocelyn aspired to be like her mother, and would work towards that goal unwaveringly during her time at Hogwarts, and later in University.

At the age of 5 Jocelyn became an older sister, and was suddenly thrust into the realm of being the middle child. Jocelyn and Genevieve got along very well, being only 3 years apart, and both girls. Neither had much to be jealous of, as both were provided equal attention. Kineth however was a different story, as soon as he could talk and walk Kineth was a wild child. Racing around and causing trouble wherever he could, the youngest of the Derollo tribe and Jocelyn did not get on very well, until much later when they had mutual grievances to bond over.

At the age of 11 Jocelyn was accepted into Hogwarts, and sorted into Ravenclaw without hesitation. The sorting hat had barely sat on her head before shouting the blue and silver house, and Jocelyn was over the moon with excitement. She had access to thousands of books on creatures, and plants. Plus she could learn from experts other then her mothers! Jocelyn's first three years at Hogwarts were the best years of her life.

Until tragedy struck the family when Jocelyn was only 15. At the age of 18, Genevieve Derollo was struck and killed in a severe motor vehicle accident on her way to class at Cambridge University.

The family mourned, but Jocelyn didn't allow herself to. Pushing all those feelings down, she threw herself unwaveringly into classes. Stuck in her own loop of needing to prove herself worthy of her sister's image. To this day she doesn't talk about her sister, nor does she allow others to. Its just too painful, and her time would be better spent focusing on school.

Anabeth left for a time, dealing with her grief in her own way, until she eventually came back and tried to mend fences with everyone. But the damage had been done to Jocelyn, the young woman felt as though she had lost her mother and sister that day. The whole event triggered an intense fear of abandonment, and she struggles with that to this day.

Jocelyn graduated Hogwarts with high marks in her classes, and immediately jumped into Hogwarts University, studying all she could of creatures, plants, and potions. Now she is a junior and approaching her last year at Hogwarts rapidly, a thought she doesn't like to dwell on. Hogwarts is her home, more so then her actual home is now at least.

   I. Jocelyn's Parents
      a. Vesper Derollo: Biological Mother Status: Living Age: 56 Blood: Pure-blood Occupation: Auror for the Ministry of Magic working in the Magical Creatures Department
      b. Anabeth Derollo: Mother (Adopted) Status: Living Age: 53 Blood: Half-Blood Occupation: Herbologist
      c. Biological Father: Status: Unknown Age: Roughly 50 Blood-Status: Muggle-born Occupation: Unknown
   II. Vesper's Parents
      a. Percieval Derollo: Status: Living Age: 76 Blood: Pure-blood Occupation: Retired
      b. Vex Derollo: Status: Deceased Age: Would be 81 Blood: Half-Blood Occupation: Was Retired
   III. Anabeth's Parents:
      a. Ilveos Amakiir: Status: Deceased Age: Would be 84 Blood: Pure-Blood Occupation: Doctor
      b. Nyla Amakiir: Status: Deceased Age: Would be 71 Blood: Muggle-Born Occupation: Herbologist
   IV. Jocelyn's Siblings:
      a. Kineth Derollo: Brother: Status: Living Age: 16 Blood: Half-Blood Occupation: Hogwarts Student
      b. Genevieve Derollo: Sister Status: Deceased Age: Would be 24 Blood: Half-Blood Occupation: University Student for her Doctorate's in Surgical Medicine
   V. Vesper's Siblings
      a. Julius Derollo: Brother Status: Living Age: 57 Blood: Pure-Blood Occupation: Ministry of Magic Records Attendent
   VI. Anabeth's Siblings
      a. Eduin Amakiir: Status: Living Age: 57 Blood: Half-blood Occupation: Auror for the Ministry of Magic
   1. Organization: Jocelyn is hyper organized, and absolutely excels whrn she is so.
   2. Animals: Jocelyn is a lover of animals through and through. If she isn't doing hw or studying, she is absolutely with the creatures around Hogwarts.
   3. Plants: Jocelyn is fascinated by Herbology, and its uses. Paired with how plants sustain life on earth, well how could someone not like that? She always willing to get down and get her hands covered in dirt for a good green thumb session.

   1. Abandonment: Too many people have walked out of Jocelyn's life before she was ready for them to do so, and so she is hyper aware of every situation where it looks as though this will happen again. Its an issue, especially with new friends, because she often drives people away, or distances herself from them.
   2. Systemic: Jocelyn has a system, and she is very retentive about that system. Its not easy for her to bounce back if its interrupted at all, and so she tends to get aggressive about people intruding upon it. To this end, she doesn't let others into her space, even a room mate.
   3. Undedicated individuals: If you aren't dedicated, or only here for fun, then why are you here? Jocelyn is a very dedicated individual. Her goals are immense, but achievable, and that requires dedication.
   4. Animal Cruelty: If you are hurting or being mean to animals, expect Jocelyn Derollo to give you a peace of her mind. Never will she stand by and watch cruelty!

Passing Grades
O - Outstanding
E - Exceeds Expectations
A - Acceptable

Failing Grades
P - Poor
D - Dreadful
T - Troll

OWL Grades:
Charms -E
Transfiguration -E
Herbology -O
Defense Against the Dark Arts -E
Ancient Runes -A
Potions -E
Care of Magical Creatures -O
Astronomy -A
Divination -A
History of Magic -E
Arithmancy -E
Muggle Studies -E

NEWT Grades:
Care of Magical Creatures- O
Defense Against the Dark Arts-O

Familiar: Black Footed Ferret named Sebastian


Face Claim: Rachel Taylor

On's and Off's: Jocelyn doesn't quite know what her on's and off's are, as she is rather inexperienced in that area. However, she is open to exploring romance.

Extra: Member of the Care of Magical Creatures club, and the Herbology Club. Ravenclaw Prefect.

Sarah-Rose Dubois- Bestie
Catora Gleason-Friend (potential lover?)

Melisande Brighton (Hogwarts: A New Dawn)

Name: Melisande Brighton

Nickname: Melly

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Birthday: December 13th 1988

Sexuality: Fluid

Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland

Blood Status: Muggle-Born

 Occupation: Professor of Ancient Runes

Alumni House: Alumni of Ravenclaw

Wand: 9 ½ inches long, flexible, Black Walnut, Unicorn Hair
Patronus: Falcon

Apparation license: Yes

Physical Appearance: Melisande is a raven haired woman, standing at five feet seven inches (or 1.72 meters). She boasts fair, alabaster skin, and a rather timid complexion. She’s definitely on the more muscled side of your average witch, having taken great personal care of her own body’s wellness. After all, mother says the body’s wellness is the first step to your magic growing.

Personality Traits: 1. Melisande is very attentive when it comes to her students.
2. Melisande can be absolutely insufferable with her know it all attitude.
3. Melisande can be a little scatter-brained, she tends to go off in her own little world at random moments.
4. Melisande trusts the Runes, and her divination methods above most else.
5. Melisande is a very calm individual, especially with her students. After all, they are just trying to learn, like she always is.

Brief History: Melisande Brighton grew up in a household of witches, but not the magical kind. The majority of Melly’s family follows the Wiccan religion, stretching back to the days of the Celtics. Her entire childhood she learned how to do rituals, and make potions based. She learned how to grow herbs and read runes very early. The day Melisande got her letter from Hogwarts, was the single most exciting day for her whole family. Not only where they wiccans, but they had an actual witch in the family!

Life at Hogwarts was completely different then every-day life. Melisande was actually doing magic, and she found that she loved every second of it. Devouring every single bit of information she could, it was no surprise that she had ended up in Ravenclaw. There she found a new kind of family, living and learning as a part of this great house, she found herself wanting to devour everything occult she could.

Melisande quickly found that her biggest interest was in history and the old magics. Runes specifically and how they had been used on a day to day basis for magic, and how they had translated into the modern day Paganistic religions.

But Runes weren’t all that she found intriguing, the Scottish girl quickly found that divination was also a big subject she enjoyed exploring. Of course, she enjoyed almost any subject put in front of her. Except potions, Melisande had never been good at those. She passed that NEWT, but it truly had come close.

Once graduating, Melisande went off to study ancient sites for a few years, throwing herself into the archeology aspect of the wizarding world. She learned new things, and became a professional when it came to Ancient Magics and Runes. Braving cursed tombs and Celtic burial grounds was no joke, but those she met and the things she learned where very much worth it in her eyes. Quickly Melisande had made discoveries and pumped out research papers on the subject. She had made a name for herself.

Eventually Melisande decided it was time to return home to Scotland, and spend time with her family away from the curses and death defying leaps in the name of education. But it wasn’t long before she was asked to come teach at Hogwarts, and she almost immediately accepted. Her time at Hogwarts as a student had opened her eyes to a whole new world, and she wanted to return the favor to students incoming.

Family: Madelyn Brighton: Mother- Living- 62 years of age- Occult Shop Owner-Muggle
Christian Brighton: Father- Living- 57 years of age- Doctor-Muggle
Kelani Brighton: Sister- Living- 25 years of age- University Student-Muggle

Likes: History: Melisande is a huge history buff, she loves knowing what has happened in the world.
Divination: Melisande learned she was good at divination at an early age, but she has embraced this skill and learned all she could with it.
Learning: If Malisande doesn’t know it, she wants to learn it. She strives to learn all she can in her life.

Dislikes: OCD: Melisande is downright obsessive about keeping her space clean, and will go off on a tangent about anyone else’s space not being clean. This can get her into trouble, as it’s the only time she is a loud mouth.
Dishonesty: If you are going to lie to her, what was the point of even talking? Melisande is an avid believer of honesty in all things, even if it hurts.
Disrespect: There is a level of tact and respect in all things, and to Melisande, this is a very big thing. Calling people by their proper titles, and addressing individuals with respect is seen as good behavior to her. But if someone disrespects others, she will voice her opinion on that, loudly.

Passing Grades
O - Outstanding
E - Exceeds Expectations
A - Acceptable

Failing Grades
P - Poor
D - Dreadful
T - Troll

OWL Grades:
Charms -A
Transfiguration -A
Herbology -A
Defense Against the Dark Arts -A
Ancient Runes -O
Potions -A
Care of Magical Creatures -A
Astronomy -O
Divination -E
History of Magic -A
Arithmancy -E
Muggle Studies -E

NEWT Grades:
Divination- O
Ancient Runes - O
Astronomy - O

Familiar: A large maine coon cat named Albus that acts more like a dog then a cat.

Face Claim: Katie Mcgrath

On's and Off's: On’s: Tenderness, Honesty, Romantic Moments   Off’s: Forced feelings, Disrespect

Extra: First year teaching at Hogwarts.

Katarina Lockheid (Nightmare Firm)
Basic Information
Name: Katerina Lockheid
Curse: Demonhost
Subtype: Lust
Citizenship: British Citizen
Place of Birth: Coventry, England
Rank: Master
Role: Scouts

Physical Description
Age: 57 looks roughly 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Fluid
Ethnicity: White/Caucasion
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 128 lbs
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde
General Appearance: Katerina Lockheid takes great pride in her appearance. Believing looks are the sole factor over whether somebody is attracted to you, Katerina takes care to primp and prime herself for every day and situation possible. She always looks impeccable, and her sense of fashion is beyond that of a normal cursed.

Katerina usually wears reds and blacks, but will occasionally throw on a navy blue or bright blue blouse to broadcast trustworthiness. Recently, Katerina cut her hair into a bob, going for something different and fresh, but sexy. She usually applies a light layer of makeup just to bring out her natural features even more.

As for her wardrobe, Katerina tends to stick with low cut shirts and tank tops, finished off with a pair of skinny jeans and killer heels to make it all come together.

Katerina’s monstrous form is a sight to behold in and of itself, With a deep red coloration of her skin, and giant wings adorned with tiny horns. She generally avoids transforming, due to her need to keep control over herself, but when she does, it’s an amazing sight to see, but also incredibly terrifying.

Personality & History

Personality: Katerina can best be described as picky. She has a particular taste in absolutely everything, but that gives her an insane eye for details. From lovers to potential recruits for the firm, Katerina notes every little detail she can see, right down to nervous quirks. She files that information away in her many boxes stacked up in her brain. Katerina likes to read people, as a lust demonhost she garners this information much easier then most using her talents for charming others. But once she is done with the person, they tend to lose their usefulness to her.

Katerina is a self-proclaimed control freak. She likes having the control over whatever she is doing, and although usually this would be seen as a character flaw, it allows Katerina control over her urges in a way that’s effective.

Katerina is picky when it comes to her lovers, they have to be well groomed and have a sense of loyalty and honor to them. This helps her control her urges.

Loyalty is very important to Katerina, she values her work at the Firm, and values loyalty among her recruits. Overall, they have to have loyalty to the Firm and the Grandmaster.

Katerina has a secret side, where she acts as a guide to the newest recruits. Its her soft side, and she usually doesn't show her kindness to people. Its always subtle, and she absolutely hates her kindness being noticed.

History: Katerina was born as Lilith Martin in the prominent city of Coventry in 1962. Lilith was the third child of a middle class family, and the youngest. She was treated as a punching bag for most of her young life by her two older brothers, and her parents were both alcoholics who didn’t much care what was going on with their children.

Lilith joined the dance team at her primary school during her first few years, and found that dance would be her outlet for all of her emotions. She would continue to enroll in dance classes until she graduated from secondary school at the age of 16. Just after Lilith joined her local college was when the demon attached itself to her. Lilith was preforming at the local theatre in a production of Les Misérables, when her demon found her. Searching for a host it had peeked through the window of the theatre and sensed all of Lilith’s emotions in her movements, and from that day forward attached itself to her. It influenced her day after day to commit the sin of lust, but Lilith resisted, until her 18th birthday. Her boyfriend at the time was amazed with Lilith’s performance, but Lilith was confused by the whole thing. She barely even remembers the night now, but it was the night her curse activated.

Katerina remembers the nausea and vomiting, the sweats and shakes, she keenly remembers how close to death she looked and felt. She also remembered waking up two days later and feeling stronger, healthier, and with a completely different name; Katerina Lockheid. She quickly realized that her insatiable need for committing the sin of lust was uncontrollable, spending an entire with her current boyfriend, until he said she was being unreasonable and kicked her out.

Katerina returned home to find her stuff all tossed out onto the lawn with a note; If you aren’t going to return home, don’t bother ever coming back.. From that day forth, Katerina broke ties with her family, and set off on her own to find out what exactly had happened to her. Along the way, she slept with everyone she could, women, men, vampires. Anyone she could to garner information and settle her cravings.
Eventually Katerina found the establishment in London newly marked the Nightmare Club, and she joined as a Night Walker right away. She’s been with the Nightmare Firm since 1983 and has given her loyalty to the Grandmaster for creating such a place for people like the Cursed. Katerina would eventually ask to help in the recruiting effort to bring newly minted Cursed into the Firm, and help them deal with their own curses. She would be heralded as the first Scout, and eventually given the title Master of Scouts.

Skills and Strengths

Dancer: In life, Katerina was a skilled dancer and performer. As a cursed, this has only improved, and now she has more stamina and strength.
Perceptive: Even without her abilities, Katerina is able to read a person form head to toe. Picking up on small details like nervous ticks and lying habits, Katerina uses this knowledge when she needs something, or is trying to help someone.

Master of Scouts: Katerina’s experience as a Master has taught her how to manage several people at once. Teaching and guiding new recruits as well as sending out her own people to find said recruits. Many times Katerina will personally oversee a scouting mission.

Investigative Skills: Its necessary to know who you are bringing into the Firm, and so Katerina developed her skills as an investigator as a young scout. Now this skill is even more useful.

My Curse
I am a Lust Demonhost
Cursed with Sin

I am notable for: Being extremely picky with my choices, but with good reason. I enjoy having control, and being picky is just another way to do this. My charm helps with this, and I’m able to convince people to preform in a way I desire.

I personally dislike black magic, as I find it unsettling, and so I have a rather low affinity for it. However my red and purple magic makes up for that.

I am also known for my occasional foray into preforming as a Night Walker during club nights. Sometimes I just have urges that I simply have to embrace.

I deal with my Curse by: I tend to stick with a single lover at a time, for a long time. Eventually I’ll drop them if things get boring, and move on to the next person. This earns me some disdain from former lovers, but they are usually human anyway, so it doesn’t bother me much, and if the disdain gets potentially violent, I just dispatch them quickly, or make them a gift for one of my fellow cursed.


Elizabeth Arken-Grandmaster and Friend
Laura Ashton-Friend
Alexander Arken-Friend

Laura Ashton (Nightmare Firm and AHS Coven Reborn)
Basic Information
Name: Laura Ashton
Curse: Sorcerer
Subtype: Witch
Citizenship: United States Citizen
Place of Birth: Lynn Massachusetts
Rank: Master
Role: Mages

Physical Description
Age: Actual Age: 52/ Appears: 30
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Fluid
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
General Appearance: Laura Ashton believes the physical appearance is what determines the first impression, and so she maintains a particular routine of hygiene. Laura is rather slim, and doesn’t have much muscle density. Physically, she’s rather weak, but more than makes up for that with her mind.

Personality & History

Personality: Laura Ashton is a relatively kind person, until you get down into the deep depths of her soul. Handling others with a level of grace expected of a higher ranked member of the Firm, Laura prides herself on being calm and collected. She’s worked hard for the level of patience she has.

However, Laura has a temper, and that temper is easily dragged out by the stupidity of humans and cursed alike. Anything messing with the secrecy of the cursed is bound to get Laura angry, and you won’t like her when she is angry.

Laura believes humans are all idiots, flocking like cattle for the cursed, with no knowledge they exist.  Of course, she much prefers them that way, its much easier to influence an idiot then a smart person.

As for the cursed? Laura both resents their existence and finds it to be a beautifully grotesque part of life. She can’t really explain her own feelings about it, all she really knows was that she was forced into this life, and loves it.

History:  Laura Ashton’s life started normal. It was just her, her older brother, and her father living in a quiet neighborhood in downtown Lynn Massachusetts. She did very well in school, excelling at subjects like chemistry and biology, until the day that changed her life forever. It was mid-October, and school had just released. Laura remembered it as a particularly cold day, and she had to walk home. So she had waited for her brother at the school entrance and together they had walked home. As they arrived, they greeted their father, and sat down to do their homework, as they did every weekday. Father bade the pair farewell as he was off to work, and that was when everything went south. Laura’s father walked out the door and she watched, from the window, as a bullet went straight through his head.

Laura and Nathan, her brother, would be thrown into foster care then. After all, no one wanted to adopt two sixteen year-olds, and they had no family. Laura would continue to focus on school, but Nathan fell into the wrong crowd. One night he had returned with a group of strange looking friends. Laura quietly tucked herself away in her bedroom, not wanting to interact with this strange group. But the next morning, there would be no sign of Nathan, or this group. It would be two years until she saw her older brother again.

Just before Laura’s eighteenth birthday Nathan would come back into her life. He apologized up and down for his disappearance, but wouldn’t explain what had happened. Laura blamed it on drugs, and Nathan was happy to let her believe that. But eventually Laura learned the truth. More than a little drunk, Nathan would enter her room, and start preforming a magic ritual in front of his younger sister. Laura would assume he had gotten himself into a witch circle or some sort of strange occult group like that, until the ritual he was preforming actually worked. He had returned a rat to life before her very eyes. Afraid of Nathan, Laura ran from him, ran away from the magic, but it caught up to her, and she spent the next week vomiting and in immense pain. Eventually she would pass out, and awaken, now cursed as a sorcerer.
She never went back to her brother.

Laura freaked out, finding she could now do things, and become something she had not known was possible. At random she turned into a strange blue like mist shaped like a human female. She also found that her once perfect eyesight was dulled, and it was slightly quieter in the world. It was all so brand new and terrifying to her, but the worst part was the incessant need to learn all she could. Laura quickly tracked down a library, but before she could lose herself in studying she was approached by the Nightmare Firm. Elizabeth Arken had stood before her, telling her that the Firm was the best place for her, and explaining the Firm’s purpose.

Laura didn’t hesitate, she instantly agreed to become a member of the Nightmare Firm.

Warned that too much learning would drive her crazy, Laura would set herself an hour a day to keep the craving to learn at bay. Laura would find she was quite adept at magic, learning how to do all sorts of rituals in the few hours a week she allowed herself to study. But she was the most adept at herbology, and creating potions of varying degree.

As she worked for the Firm, Laura would eventually be introduced to her familiar, Olivia. The pair met during one of Laura’s trips to a metaphysical store to pick up more herbs, a kitten at the time, Olivia was being hounded by a pack of wild dogs. Laura would drive the dogs off, and since that moment the two were inseparable. Olivia has grown to be over 20 pounds and is as large as a King Charles Cavalier dog.

Laura would be with the Firm, working mostly on the inside, for 10 years before she was offered the position of Master of Mages. Happily, she accepted, ready to serve the Firm as best she could, and keep a close eye on other young sorcerers.

Skills and Strengths

Herbology: Laura is a master of herbs and chemistry, if you need it, she can probably craft it. For a price of course, materials are not cheap you know.

Ritual Casting: Laura has had over 20 years to perfect her ritual casting, and although she hasn’t perfected her casting yet (by her own design), she is very adept at it.

Familiar Care: Laura likes to “guide” people on how to properly care for their familiars, sometimes its unsolicited advice, but it’s usually right.

Leader: Laura’s years as the Master of Mages has taught her how to delegate tasks and manage a multitude of people. She’s very skilled at directing others, and ensures the resources she has are all put into the proper things.

My Curse
I am a Witch Sorcerer
Cursed with Knowledge Addiction

I am notable for: I am quite gifted with black and purple magic. Although I possess the ability to use any kind, I tend to stick to black and purple as my main types.

I am also notable for losing my temper if my short study time every day is interrupted.

I deal with my Curse by: I keep a strict schedule of learning something every day for only an hour. This seems to quell my cravings for knowledge for the time being.

Elizabeth Arken- Good Friend
Alexander Arken-Good Friend
Nathan Ashton-Brother, Do not Speak
Christopher Ashton-Father, Deceased


Maine Coon, 23lbs.

Olivia is Laura’s familiar, a moody, and somewhat temperamental cat, there are currently only two people ever allowed to touch her; Laura, and Elizabeth. Everyone else will have their eyes scratched out if they dare to soil her perfect coat with their filthy hands.

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Re: JessLowell's Request Thread
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Fandoms are Amazing

So I decided to make a post directly centered on different universes I have wanted to play in or with. I have many fandoms that I am part of, but these will be specific ideas centered around specific shows, movies, video games or books. Fandoms in red will be ones I am extremely interested in at the moment. Fandoms in navy blue will be those I am moderately interested in. Those in yellow will be ones I am interested in with the right partner.

TV Shows

Criminal Minds:
OC (female)/Jennifer Jareau

Description: Amelia Lowell had joined the BAU for a reason, control the rising Faye population, and protect the humans. But what she hadn't anticipated was being sucked into a fully functioning family unit. Her job wasn't to make friends, it was to solve the cases thrown at her by the government involving the Faye. When did falling in love become part of that agenda?

Amelia Lowell is a Kikandrian; a being from a pocket dimension located in Scotland. Formerly Queen of Kikandria, she has since passed the title to her daughter Jean Lowell, to continue her work of regulating Faye forces and stopping an all out apocalypse on earth. Amelia agree to join the FBI for her cases, and is entrusted into the care of the BAU, the problem? She can't tell the BAU about any of it, or she risks their lives. The only two people are allowed to know who she is; Aaron Hotchner and Eryn Strauss, leaving Amelia in a very difficult situation. On top of it all, she ends up falling for Special Agent Jennifer Jareau.

The story will follow pretty closely the events of the actual show up until the most recent season, with other cases spatter in there relating to Amelia's own mission.

Player Information: For this story, I'm looking to play Amelia Lowell, the Kikandrian. Kikandria is my own world full of magic and mythical creatures, and is a modern fantasy setting. I'm looking for someone to play Jennifer Jareau in this story. Other characters will also need to be played, such as Emily Prentiss and Aaron Hotchner, but we can divide those between us. I also am very open to exploring other ships within the show. This can be a group game, or a two person game. I'm very open to communicating and worldbuilding for this game. So if you are interested, please shoot me a message!

A Charmed Life
Alternate Universe Events


A Little Extra Supercorp

Pairing: Poly, Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor/Lilliana Petrova (OC)
Content: Potentially Omega verse, Alternate Universe Events.

It happened with Lena first. Working with her was a blessing, and a curse. Lilliana only ever wanted to share more of her time with Lena. Found herself falling for the genius more every day. Lena was the first person Lilli told, first person she divulged herself too. The famous Luthor was the only person who knew that Lilli was only half-human. Her other half, Kikandrian. Was the only person who knew she was one of the heroes running around National City. "Witch" they called her. Dubbed her, due to her magical power set. She used them for good, only ever good.

Then Kara found out, because Lilli found out Kara was Supergirl. She had to promise never to tell Lena, swear that it was Kara's to tell only. It tore at her the entire time, as the three of them started delving into a relationship that was based on a lie. Then Lena found out, and it hurt her. Turned her dark, as Lilli fought to keep Lena on the side of good. Stop her from going down the path of her brother.

(Note: I want to explore the dynamic of a poly relationship with Kara, Lilli, and Lena. I'd like to explore Lena's darker side after being lied to by Kara for so long. Ideally, I'd like someone who could play Kara, while I play Lilli and Lena. Other characters can be divided up too!)

A Brief List of My Fandoms

TV Shows
Criminal Minds
Originals/Legacies/Vampire Diaries
Person of Interest
Pretty Little Liars
Motherland: Fort Salem
Grey's Anatomy
Star Trek (All of Them)
Witches of East End
Wynonna Earp
Lost Girl
Legend of the Seeker
Shannara Chronicles
Doctor Who

My Hero Academia
Dragon Ball Z
YuYu Hakusho
Death Note
Blue Exorcist
Violet Evergarden

Tin Man (Wizard of Oz)
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Alice: Through the Looking Glass

Video Games/Games
Elder Scrolls
Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest
Magic The Gather
Dungeons and Dragons
Call of Cthulhu
7 Days to Die
Life is Strange
Fire Emblem
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Re: JessLowell's Request Thread
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Plot Ideas

A Note: These ideas are in progress, and may not be fully fleshed out. But fleshing out ideas with partners is one of the funnest parts of role playing.

A Vampire's Purpose

Pairing: Vampire x Witch (Or warlock)
Content: Could be dub-con, non-con, or completely consensual. Idea is to have the pair find themselves falling in love without intending to.
Based on: Originals/Vampire Diaries Universe, Vampire the Masquerade, and True-Blood.
Story Line: Vampires are predators, dangerous lethal individuals who exist because of one witch's selfish choice for her children hundreds of years ago. But not all of them choose to be lethal. Some choose to be good, upstanding citizens until they cannot. Until its odd how young they are. But New Orleans is the place no one looks twice. Vampires, humans, witches and werewolves coexist in tandem, and sometimes they coexist in more then just rivalry. This story is about a powerful vampire and their witch associate falling in love over the course of time. The idea is to have the vampire end up protecting the witch and vice versa. For some reason these two fall in love, and its intense and violent and sometimes potentially lethal. Does not have to have a happy ending, but can.
My preferences for this plot line: Ideally I would rather have this be a role play driven story with multiple characters involved. Its supposed to be dark, gritty, and at times not pleasant. This is mostly a supernatural centered story line, but it can be slice of life. But, a high smut content won't turn me away. Help me flesh it out!

Caerlorn's Experiment
- Now a Group Game

Setting: Set in the world of Kikandria, within the city of Caerlorn. There is a mountain structure, recently renovated to be made into an academy of coexistence. This academy is where this plot line will be set.

Basic Concept: No one expected her Majesty the Queen to request the opening of a school to encourage the cohabitation of Vampires and Humans. But after years of separation, of getting their food from shipments from the world outside of Moira, now humans are coming to the dimension to cohabitate, and learn alongside the Vampires. 

Her Majesty Queen Mother Amelia Jericho Lowell started this idea, and her daughter Queen Jean Penelope Lowell is making it happen, finally. Should the vampires be excited? Should they be terrified? Are they supposed to keep their hands off of these new humans in their territory?

The Vampires are paired with their humans classmates. Sometimes two to a single vampire. They choose their partners at the start, humans pick out their vampires, and vampires accept their requests, or reject them. Sometimes vampires want two humans, and that's fine too.

Notes: This storyline will likely become a group game, but I am looking for a co-GM, and a test run with a solo story. I would like to see a human and vampire  in this solo game, both attending the academy, and interacting as partners.
Please note that Kikandria is a world I have created, and Caerlorn the Vampire city based in that world. I'm happy to share any details, and even take suggestions. In fact I'm delighted by these bits. But there are established parts of lore within the world, so be aware of that. This is not a clean slate world, which I sometimes find more fun. It is a clean slate Academy though, so we can work off of that just fine.

Pairing: I'm not particular about this pairing at all. It matters not to me what gender, or sex these characters are. What does matter though, is that at least one of them is a vampire. You can have multiple vampires, and multiple humans at once too. I will eventually have a character concept at the end of this idea, just to give a basic idea of what vampires are and how they function in this world. I'm happy to answer any questions you have though.

Story: This is very much a story centric RP. Though smut can happen, I think this story should start from the very beginning, with the picking of their partners. So in general terms, they would have to bond for a bit before they start doing the spicy bits. Of course bringing pleasure into the moments a vampire needs to feed will be easier on humans, so that could be an interesting plot line to follow as well. We'll discuss this part, and work out the finer details of the characters relationship.

One of the Pack


Pairings: Any/Any, Poly, Pack Dynamics, Omegaverse Potential/Preferred

Concept: A group of powered individuals has been hired to protect a rich wealthy philanthropist. However, what the philanthropist doesn't realize, is that this is a pack of were-beast wolves. Every single one is a dejected member of one pack or another, and has formed their own little pack. Their Captain is a true alpha, meaning despite there being other alphas in the pack, this alpha is the overall leader of the pack. The rich philanthropist ends up falling into the pack dynamics, and the pack accepts her as one of their own after a mating bite from the Captain. But that means this wealthy individual is now in a relationship with every single member of the pack.

Preferences/What I Want From This: I would like to see either multiple individuals for this concept playing characters, or two people playing multiple characters at once. I would like to see diversity, but would be fine with an all female cast or an all male cast. I prefer real life face claims, but enjoy fantasy art outside of character creation. This will be a long term RP, and I hope to plan with my partner the plot points for this.


Pairings: Any/Any, Can Be Poly

Concept: The apocalypse came, zombies raged, tore apart civilizations and life as they knew it. We were only kids when all that happened, when the world died and demanded we start anew. We're adults now, surviving as much as our parents did. So many of us have died, this world isn't made for survival. But somehow we have managed. In this community, living how we can. Its a rough world out there, but its one that we will live in together.

Our characters were kids when the zombie apocalypse started, now they are adults, (anywhere from 20 to 40 years old). They are just trying to survive in this world. This is very much apocalypse slice of life, with potentially a lot of plot points later on. We'll face zombies, and other survivors.

To give a good idea, this is based on Last of Us, and The Walking Dead, even with some elements of The 100.

Preferences: I like this idea as a poly style story, but could be persuaded to keep it either F/F or even M/F with the right writer and character. Preferably this story will have a lot of back ground for the characters, and a healthy ratio of story to smut. I like going 40/60 smut/story. But I'm all for the risky smut moments happening between the characters. I'd love this story line to involve maybe two females and a male, or even two males and two females. Survival in numbers is really the idea.
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Re: JessLowell's Request Thread (All genders and sexualities welcome!)
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Pairings/Basic Ideas

So here I am posting the pairings and ideas I have for certain stories. What I would prefer to play will be in purple!


Gender Pairings:
FxM (This involves a lot of plot before smut)
polyamorous relationships (Fully willing to play any gender of any race in this)

Type Pairings:

Poly supernatural relationships (really craving)

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Re: JessLowell's Request Thread (All genders and sexualities welcome!)
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Images That Inspire Me


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Re: JessLowell's Request Thread (All genders and sexualities welcome!)
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Bump! Added a new story idea, Survival. Really craving some apocalypse/zombie stuff lately, so if anyone has any ideas, or wants to expand on my idea. :D