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Author Topic: Sowing Seeds with TheVillain [M lf F or FF, Impreg, Varies]  (Read 375 times)

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Sowing Seeds with TheVillain [M lf F or FF, Impreg, Varies]
« on: October 17, 2014, 09:31:11 AM »
So previously I've posted interest threads with three ideas with the same theme and I thought why not make that a trifecta as well? This time the theme is the oldest of them all, the act of impregnation. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

The Inseminator

You know, the funny part is that every guy thinks their cock is special. The only reason Jay Greene is any different is because he's actually been proven right.

He always knew he was special. Having a big dick is in itself a reason to be happy with how your world works, and Jay happily carried the burden of having a large penis. It's when he started getting sexually active in high school that he started to suspect that there might be more to it then that.

In college is when he got it confirmed though when had a one night stand with a biology major, which insisted he come into the lab for tests when the deed was complete. There he got confirmation for that feeling he's had his whole life - that all men have their whole lives - that their cocks are somehow special. Except in Jay Greene's case it's actually been medically confirmed that his really is a medical wonder.

You see, Jay has a slight genetic quirk that means Jay Greene not only has a large dick but when he has an orgasm he releases at least triple and sometimes as much as five times the amount of semen a normal man does. And now with the publication of the scientific papers that the discovery has spawned the world knows it. Which means women that want babies but are having fertility problems now have someone to turn to if they want to try a radical new tactic...

Quote from: Info
Comparatively straightforward this one. A young man discovers that due to a genetic mutation he's actually releasing somewhere between 3 to 5 times as much semen and sperm as a normal man when he has an orgasm. The hijinks center around the fertility clinic at which he's being studied for science, both with legit experiments and not so legit.

The Last Hurrah

Jacob Taylors has a secret. A new face among the city's doggers and perverts, he seeks as much casual and often risky and public sex with as many women as he can and word on the street is that he's very good at it. Many of his past partners flat out call him the best lay he's ever had. The only downside to this brave new male on the scene is that condoms often break, but that's a risk you take on this scene.

What he doesn't tell anyone is that he does it because he was told by his doctor that he has an inoperable brain tumor and only a few months to live. Refusing to give into despair, it occurred to him that this means he also has very little along the lines of actual consequences for any of his actions - and he's determined to enjoy his actions to the fullest.

Quote from: Info
Basic Story would be that a woman stumbles onto the local public sex scene. Finally indulging with a man who she met there, it's easily the best sex of her life but the condom broke and she might be pregnant.

In trying to track down her mystery partner, she discovers that he actually did that on purpose as he's done with several other women in the group - because he's dying of a brain tumor and not having any children is his only real regret.

Baby Crazy

Kelly Casey has a secret, known only to her and her best friend Carrie Bryant. Kelly on the outside looks like a professional career-oriented woman and in many ways she is, but her biological clock went off. Her secret is that she actually wants to have a baby very badly and has for almost a year. As her and Carrie have joked, she's gone "baby crazy". Can't help but window shop online for baby clothes, comments on the cuteness of maternity wear, looks into fertility clinics, etc. At least she hasn't done anything stupid and for now it seems like its all good fun between her and Carrie.

She has another secret though that she even keeps from Carrie. She doesn't want to adopt, she wants to feel the life growing in her. She doesn't want artificial insemination, too cold and impersonal. She wants to find a donor on her own. Unfortunately as she's bemoaned to Carrie she just can't quite find a man who she's comfortable with having a baby from, there's always some problem.

Which isn't entirely true, she does know a guy who she considers the ideal sperm source for the baby she wants so badly where there's only one real problem with the idea of having his baby. She'd love to have a baby from Mark Bryant, but the last name isn't a coincidence - Mark is her best friend's husband...

Quote from: Info
Kind of straight forward, a married woman's best friend confesses to her that she wants her husband's baby. Drama and hijinks ensue. Hopefully group sex hijinks with two female partners.

Thank You For Flying With Us

Flying is statistically the safest way to travel. That's just basic math - per person and per mile the airlines are the most likely to get you where you want to go. In no small part because the only people allowed anywhere near the controls are people who've been training for years, granted, but that certainly counts.

So the passengers on the 11 hour flight from Tokyo to London could at least rest assured that they were in the safest of hands and that their only real enemy would be boredom. At least this group had the good sense and the resources to have the flight take place while they were in their sleep cycles anyway. It was a bit of a thin crowd really, but it was enough to pay for the fuel and salaries, not a bad arrangement really.

This is the story of three people on that flight in particular, a married couple who bravely sat in one of the emergency exit rows and one of the stewardesses.

Quote from: Info
Basic Story - A married couple who've been trying to get pregnant decide to make another attempt late at night in the middle of an international flight, to join the mile high club while they're at it. Caught in the middle of a sex act by one of the stewardesses, it's hard to tell who is the most surprised when instead of asking them to stop she asks to join in.
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Re: Sowing Seeds with TheVillain [M lf F or FF, Impreg, Varies]
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