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Author Topic: Female for creative human or furry male - Original Plots + some VGs  (Read 461 times)

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*-Be able to post 2-3 paragraphs of detailed writing

*-Prefer partners who are male and play males. (For main characters but side characters I dont mind)

*-Fluffy Love - (I do like it when characters 'fall in love' so to speak, or care alot about each other. I like the thought of something 'sparking' between them. Something that happens like a simple touch, kiss or look that sometimes sudden sparks a passion between them and no matter where they are they must have each other.)

*-Carry the Game with me - Though I have supplied the plot...please treat it as your own. Do not feel like you cannot introduce other characters or events ect into the play. Some of the best Rps Ive had is when my partner treats the plot has his own.

Please PM me if interested. Do not reply here

Tip -
*I am Furry Friendly and adore FurryxHuman pairings - All plots can include a male fur for your character if you choose. - Preference - Dragon or Wolf - or made up
I prefer anatomically correct genitals, bar spines, or made up appearences (Pointed head, twin members, ribs or further textures)

*Pictures of my characters can be given on request - However, they are not accurate. More a reference for clothes and hairstyles. More details of characters will be even in post.
All my characters are between the ages of - 23 to 28. I expect yours to be between 23 to 38.

Remember -
Feel free to change my plots or suggest your own ideas or plots..
-No incest
-No watersports, scat or the like

Original Plots-

That fateful meeting (craving)
Modern Setting.

You have wealth (Required by owning a business or gaining it from the family, selling art or writing music or anything else you can think of) and you have some fame, or at least, people know you by name. You've dated around but never committed to anyone for more than a few months for one reason or another. You're a man who has everything, or if not, most things are such a click away but what isn't is a decent girlfriend. For a change of scene, you go to a regular bar for a change a meet a girl you hit it off instantly with. Though you've made some effort not to look so wealthy, you've not made any effort to change your name but she doesn't know who you are. She's just a regular girl who lives alone with a dead end job but you exchange numbers. You invite her out but she doesn't seem to respond well to fancy restaurant and instead you offer to invite her around and everything starts from there. You have quite a heated, intimate relationship and there is sparks between you that cause extreme lust and must have each other where ever they are (car, elevator, public toilets, changing rooms...). Would like to have some drama from ex girlfriends but future prospects - marriage and children maybe.

Home Learning
Modern Setting.

My character has decided to carry on her education from college/university and do a part-time home course. After finding herself struggling to keep focused on her own, she desided to get help.
Your character will be her teacher - Either sent by the company providing the learning materials, a free lance home tutor for extra money or a friend, or friend of a friend ect.
You tutor her in the evenings and there is always heavy sexual tension between you and soon, all the lessons end up in sex. You become sex-friends, then something more.

The Big, not so bad, beast
Modern Setting. Furry Needed

After a heartbreak, my character decides to go on a quiet forest cabin holiday. During her stay, an anthro comes sniffing around her cabin. In todays society, the race are treated lower than humans, either kept as servants to the rich or paid peanuts for the jobs no one wants to do. Those who choose not to do either, tend to live feral as their ancestors did in small pacts, or tribes. Winter is fast approaching and due to deforestation, there are little places to stay warm and be near water sources. While scouting, he comes to her cabin and after some initial shock, the two become friends and quickly, lovers. When her holiday is over, she invites him to stay with her in her apartment. The two become addicted to each other to the point that she no longer wants to leave him to work. Instead, she sets up a pay per view website so that their heated sessions are recored to those wanting to watch and the money soon starts pouring in.   

The Demon's Deal (craving)
Modern Setting.

You've done a deal with the demon. Its given you fame and wealth (either via owning a large business, becoming successful in sports, music ect. Up to you) in exchange for your soul. You enjoy every bit of it - you do whatever you want, you pick and choose the women to date out of the many that throw themselves at you but  you've never committed and you have no responsibilities. The demon returns with another offer. He carries a girl in his arms - whom has also made a deal. After losing all of her small family in an accident, she made a deal for someone to take care of her. The demon will spare your soul if you take responsibility for the girl for the foreseeable future. To make sure of her need to be looked after and the deal for you to take responsibility for her - She will become weak at times, so much that she is not able to walk to function properly. She needs your energy to replenish hers. Its at not cost to yourself, but in order to pass it over, you must have sex with her. Wherever you are, if she needs it, you'll need to give it to her. It bothers you first of all, perhaps you still bring home girls or do whatever you want because you have no emotions towards this girl. You may like it or her but its still abit of a hassle but soon you start caring for her.

The Debt
Modern Setting.

Since leaving education, you have managed to succeed highly in business. You have gained everything you wish with money, but have not yet gained a long term relationship.
You lost contact with your childhood friend during college, when she went off for a gap year and you stayed to study, before you had the chance to tell her how you felt about her. You gained information that her brother had racked up a huge debt for his gambling addiction and once the amount of money had finally sunk in, he took his own life, leaving your childhood friend and her family with the debt.
You bought the debt from the collection agency, totalling at $2.5 million. Having to sell everything she owned, your friend is soon to be made homeless. You provide her with her only solution.
Live with you and to pay off her debt, you pay her a sum of money every time you have her. This way, you hope she will fall in love with you.

The game will start a day after the deal has been made. You expect her to be nervous, but shes not. Something keeps 'sparking' between you. Like a simple touch, kiss or look that sometimes sudden sparks a passion between you and no matter where they are (home, his office, at the social functions, his car, changing rooms, elevators, shower, piano...anywhere) they must have eachother.

Video Game / Anime plots-
OC's Welcome

No plot as of yet but will revolve around the Shikon Jewel.

Tekken[/b]- (craving)
King of Iron Fist Tournament is about to be held again. Its prize - A large sum of money and publicity.
Its being held on a island resort and only a limited number of people are allowed to spectate.
However, all isnt as it appears. The winner will be taken and injected with a gene made from the Devil Gene and DNA from Azazel, since only the strongest can survive.   

Assassins Creed

A) To be set during Brotherhood
B) 2013 - No more Animus

(Dont ask for 3, I didn't really like it. Not yet played Black Flag)

A) Brotherhood
 Im looking for someone to play either Ezio or an OC or both for this plot, as well as temps and other canons that will be shared with me. You will need two characters for this – A 2012 character and a 1500s character so yes...we will be using the animus.
It will start off with my character infultrating Abstergo to bust you out. You can have been there Long Term or Short Term. Anyway, my character frees you, killing security as we go. Our small team transports us to Italy to hide out inside a Theives Guild building, where we set up shop.
We will each take turns using the Animus and flirt and whatever else happens
The bleeding effect will happen here! So, they will take on their ansessors skills to join your fellow assassins against Abstergo!
(If you choose to be Desmond, this would be reversed to Desmond breaking my character out of Ubstergo)

Our 1500s characters would have been around during Brotherhood, so you can take some of events from the game and claim you were apart of it or working behind the scenes.
5 years after the events of Brotherhood, it has come to light that a new religious cult group is said to hold the Shroud of Eden, the cloth that has been in many hands including Mario and Giovanni Auditore, Jason(and the Argonauts) and even Jesus Christ.  It was taken from Cesare Borgia after his death and thus has spawned this cult. The Shroud has been used to heal wounds of varying severity, mending injuries ranging from stab wounds to birth defects. It speaks in an almost kind voice that constantly offers healing, and urges its users to not believe in their own frailty. However, it is also known to cause severe hallucinations, and in extreme cases, can also seem to tear a person from the inside out.
The leader of this cult has come to his knees to these hallucinations and believe the figure in them is a god called St.August. He built his own church and only the strongest of people are allowed to join, those who don’t are butchered in the name of August. Their name is quickly getting around Italy and their promises are luring people to join.
Missions and events are up to us to make up along the way
The years will work much like Assassins Creed 2 worked, jumping into random years that the events occured. (If we choose to have 2000 characters too for animus use) So as the two Assassins relationship blossoms, they could very well get married, have children or own a home...anything, between the years that nothing happens, so that is a possibilty for some character development.

B) No more Animus.
The year is 2013.
Little to the worlds knowledge, some of the world influential people are members of the Assassins Creed and those who gain power to stand on the pedestals of the world are Templars. The world is becoming a corrupt place. There is no better time to start a revolution, even if the people do not know who it is being lead by. Assassins - You are not alone. The world is on your side. Rise the people up, lead them and use it to complete your last missions. Assassinate the corrupt Bankers, Leaders and Politicians and take away their power - The Pieces of Eden. Give the power back to the people...   

This can be set in any country. Names of cities do not have to be real. Templars can be made up, does not have to be ACTUAL people...We will both play Assassins as our main characters and other character as and when we need them. The only actual people I would like to use is the Hackvatist group, Anonymous. They are the 'Assassins' of our modern world and would like to use them and their resent efforts to get people to protest and add them to our game.
Weapons will reflect the technology of our world.  The story will revolve around getting people to protest and stand up, while the Assassins kill and take the Pieces to prevent further Templars coming into power. Open to ideas and brainstorming. 

Digimon Plot based on Season 2 - Female TamerxDigimon. No Cannon tamers
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Re: Female for creative human or furry male - Original Plots + some VGs
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Still open