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Author Topic: Star Trek: Continuing (Prime Universe, Need Various for second ship, GLBT)  (Read 5064 times)

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Offline slytherindoctorTopic starter

    OOC Thread
    Character Sheets

    USS Endeavour-A- Nova Class Scoutship
    Captain: Arik Soong
    First Officer: Isha Khellian
    Chief Science Officer: Zeynep Mesia
    Chief Medical Officer: L'Ther Freya
    Chief Tactical and Security Officer: Loda Yshtoll
    Chief Engineer: Erica Calhoun (E'kr'aa of Calhoun)
    Ship's Counselor: Otwin Miiro

    Ship #2 To Be Announced
    Captain: To Be Announced
    First Officer:
    Chief Science Officer:
    Chief Medical Officer:
    Chief Tacitcal and Security Officer: Zelara Barax
    Chief Engineer:

    Welcome to the Star Trek universe! For those not familiar with the new(er) movies, the 2009 Star Trek movie destroyed Romulus in the Prime timeline. The mainstream Star Trek universe in which most stories take place is called the Prime timeline. This is where the story starts.

    Before I start going on about the plot, these are the types of characters that can be played. For now, we are just sticking within the Federation and specifically Starfleet. If this gets quite a lot of support, we may be able to cover more and more ground. For now, though, the types of characters you can play are Starfleet officers of any species within the Federation (including Romulan or Reman refugees- see the plot), a member of the Federation government, or a cadet in Starfleet Academy, also of any species within the Federation. The species can be extended to both androids and holograms as well, synthetic life, although there may be a limited number of these.

    The Plot
    The universe looks on as the planet Romulus is destroyed. For centuries, the Romulans have been a major power in the quadrant. Their stealth ships have been the envy of many an empire. They have watched and waited on the sidelines, plotting against the Klingons and the Federation. But now, their home planet is gone. Their government has collapsed and various crime lords and former senators have picked up the pieces, taking advantage of the situation. Many Romulan refugees have fled to other parts of the empire or even to the Federation and the Klingon Empire themselves, taking refuge with their former enemies. The Romulans were a proud people, but they now must accept help. The Federation and the Klingon Empire are at a loss for what to do. After much deliberation by the Council and a signature from the President, the Federation has decided to start granting citizenship to Romulan refugees who seek it and, as a consequence, allowing them to join Starfleet. The Klingon Empire, on the other hand, has decided to treat Romulans as second class citizens as payback for the centuries of hostility. Indeed, the Klingon Empire has taken advantage of the situation and declared war on what's left of the Romulan government, annexing more and more of their territory. The Federation attempts to care for these Romulan refugees even though there is quite a lot of prejudice going on among its citizenry towards them. The Romulans are not exactly beloved by the Federation's citizens either. However, the Federation government and Starfleet now attempt to negotiate with their allies, the Klingon Empire, to get them to stop fighting the Romulans and allow them to rebuild. The disappearance of one of their best negotiators, Ambassador Spock, makes this all the more difficult. Everyone believes that war is inevitable. The Federation fights to prevent that from happening in an increasingly hostile political climate at the turn of the 25th century.

    Some important events in Star Trek history that pertain to this game for those who are not as familiar with the universe. All dates are according to the standard AD/BC calender, or the Gregorian Calender:

    ~4th Century- The Time of Awakening on Vulcan. The Vulcan people descend into nuclear war, wiping out a massive amount of their own people. Surak, a philosopher, arose to prominance advocating a supression of all emotion and a belief in pure logic. This would, he argued, make wars completely obsolete as they are only caused by Vulcan emotion. Surak's philosphy came to prominance and most people on Vulcan came to accept his beliefs. Those who did not agree, however, fought back against this dominant philosophy and soon fled the planet. Surak himself died of radiation poisoning, but his legacy lived on as even today the belief in pure logic and supression of all emotion is the dominant orthodoxy of the planet.

    ~5th Century- Those who left Vulcan in the wake of Surak's philosophy lived on a generational ship without technology like cryogenic freezing or warp drive. After several generations, they settled on the planets Romulus and Remas, becoming the Romulans as we know them today. They built a larger empire then the Vulcans with the discovery of warp technology.

    Early 20th Century- Vulcans make first contact with Andorians which leads to centuries of warfare between the two people.

    2049-2053- World War Three on Earth is a devestating nuclear war that leaves most of Earth as a horrifying post-apocalyptic wasteland.

    April 5, 2063, Bozeman Montana- Zefram Cochrane, a human, makes his historic first test flight of his invention, the warp drive. The Vulcans take notice and make official first contact with all of humanity, letting humans know that they are not alone in the universe. This official first contact would start a long lasting relationship between the two species.

    ~Mid 22nd Century- Starfleet is founded as Earth's primary means of space exploration and defense.

    2156-2160- The Romulan government attacks the United Earth believing it to be a threat, hoping to neutralize it before it can become stronger in the Earth-Romulan War.

    2161- The United Federation of Planets is founded after the resolution of warfare and hostility between Vulcans and Andorians. The founding members of the UFP were the Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites, but the Federation soon spread to countless member worlds. The Federation incorporates Starfleet as its military and scientific arm, founding Starfleet Academy to train new recruits.

    23rd Century- The Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Empire all have a stand off cold war. All three hate each other, yet war does not quite break out.

    2265-2270- Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise undergo its historic five year mission to explore uncharted territory.

    2293- The Klingon Empire signs a peace treaty with the Federation called the Khitomer Accord. This comes after the explosion of the Klingon moon Praxis which devestated both the Klingon homeworld's atmosphere and climate as well as the Klingon economy.

    2344- The Enterprise-C responds to a Klingon distress call at the Narendra III outpost when the Klingons are under attack by the Romulans. The Enterprise-C defends the Klingon colony from attack and is destroyed. The ship's destruction is instrumental in establishing an alliance between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

    2347-2367- The Cardassian Union and the Federation establish colonies in close proximity to each other leading to strong border disputes that result in a decades long war. The Cardassians start the war by attacking the Federation colony on Setlik III, killing over 100 civilians. The Cardassians claim self-defense in a pre-emptive strike.

    2364- The Federation makes first contact with the Q. The Q are a race of highly intelligent, nearly omnipotent (they can not time travel), and nearly indestructible (except when they attack each other or commit suicide) species. The Q judged humanity to be unworthy of continued existence and decided to wipe them from existence. However then captain of the USS Enterprise-D, Jean Luc Picard, convinced the Q to spare humanity. The Q promised to continue watching and judging humanity from afar.

    2365- The Federation makes first contact with the Borg in the Delta Quadrant. The Borg are a race of cyborgs made of biological and technological parts. They do not advance as a species like everyone else. Instead they assimilate other species into their own collective, adding their biological and technological distinctivness to their own knowledge. They function as a hive mind with "individuals" being drones that only think in one single collective voice.

    2366- The Borg invade the Alpha Quadrant, assimilating Starfleet Captain Jean Luc Picard as a mouthpiece for their conquest. They destroy the vast majority of Starfleet's ships at the Battle of Wolf 359. They are eventually stopped when a Federation android figures out how to put the Borg into "sleep mode."

    2369- The Federation agrees to aid the struggling Bajoran people after the end of a fifty year Cardassian occupation. They take possession of the Cardassian space station Terok Nor, renamed Deep Space Nine, orbiting Bajor, staying as guests of the Bajoran people. The Federation later discovers a stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant, making Deep Space Nine and Bajor one of the most important sectors in the Alpha Quadrant.

    2370- The final treaty between the Cardassian Union and the Federation is finalized as both sides give up colonies to the other side, forming the demilaterized zone along the border between the two powers. However, the Cardassian military secretly ships weapons and ships to its colonists, leaving Federation colonists defenseless. Many Federation colonists refuse to leave their homes and attack the Cardassians in retaliation. These colonists form the Maquis who break away from the Federation entirely to fight Cardassians wherever they can. They make their main base in the Badlands, an area of highly unstable astrophysical phenomenon that is difficult to navigate.

    2371- The Federation makes first contact with the sole dominant power of the Gamma Quadrant, the Dominion, leading to a standoff cold war between the two powers. The Dominion attempt to sow political chaos between the various powers of the Alpha Quadrant. The Dominion are led by a species of shapshifters known as Changelings who treat all other species are subservient classes that only exist to protect the Changelings. Changelings are also known as Founders to members of the Dominion.

    2373- The Cardassians make an alliance with the Dominion, officially becoming a member of the Dominion in service to the Founders. The Cardassians do this because they are weakened by contiued Maquis attacks. In response, the Dominion completely wipes out the Maquis.

    2373- The Borg invade Federation space yet again, this time sending a cube into sector 001, Earth. Although the ship is destroyed by the USS Defiant and the USS Enterprise-E working in tandem with the rest of Starfleet, a smaller Borg sphere is sent back in time to 2063 and assimilates the Earth, preventing the Federation from ever existing. The USS Enterprise-E goes back in time along with it and prevents the Borg from interferring with first contact.

    2373-2375- The Dominion War rages between the Dominion and the Federation/Klingon/Romulan alliance. The war only ends when Odo, a Changeling who had been living on Deep Space Nine, convinces the Changelings to stop the war.

    2375- Captain Sisko, captain of Deep Space Nine and major leader during the Dominion War, disappears, absorbed into the realm of the Prophets: aliens who live in the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. These aliens have no concept of time and can see all of time at once. Sisko becomes one of them.

    2371-2378- The USS Voyager makes an unscheduled and unplanned exploration of the Delta Quadrant when the ship is thrown thousands of light years from home. Voyager is thrown across the galaxy with the Maquis ship Val Jean. The Maquis ship is destroyed, but the two crews are integrated on Voyager.

    2379- The entire Romulan senate is killed by Shinzon, a clone of Starfleet officer and commander of the USS Enterprise-E, Jean Luc Picard. He takes over the government in a bid to destroy Picard in a fit of jealousy for the life he could have had in different circumstances.

    2387- The planet Romulus is destroyed by Red Matter. The substance was discovered by the Federation. It creates miniature black holes. It was used by Ambassador Spock to stop a supernova from destroying much of the galaxy. Unfortunately, he was too late to save Romulus from the supernova which was destroyed. Spock went back in time when a Romulan mining ship goes back in time to destroy the Federation and Ambassador Spock as revenge. Many Romulans are left homeless and the government collapses.


    This is a map of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants where the grand majority of the game will take place.

    And if we zoom out a little farther we see the entire Milky Way Galaxy divided into the four Quadrants.

    This is Moraline's topics to cover in a group rp:
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    • Section the Game will be placed in and whether it is a system game or not.
    This will likely be in the Exotic: NC section because we will have multiple different aliens. There may be times when non-consensual sex may happen, but it will be rare. If a Federation citizen engages in non-consensual sex, he/she will probably be imprisoned. However, there may be times when members of a ship may be kidnapped and forcibly raped, plot depending. We shall see.
    • Who is the RP open to? (Gender, Sexuality, etc..?) 
    This RP is open to everyone of all genders and sexualities.
    • Short Summary of Player Roles and General Story/Plot.   
    See below.
    • Character creation info/guidelines if any.   
    See below.
    • Required Resources (If any) (If a system game - What books(ver.) or links to information needed such as an online guide or wiki?)     
    Nothing but yourself. Some knowledge of the Star Trek universe may be required, but I have endevored to put most of the required information above in the post. If you are lost on something, feel free to ask or look at the Star Trek wiki, Memory Alpha, which I highly recommend.
    • Game Pacing.     
    It makes sense that you be required to post at least once a week. If you are non-responsive in posts or completely poof out of nowhere, you may be dropped. More often is prefered. Keep up with any plot or events. If you are a vital character in a plot and aren't responding, chances are your part may be taken over by someone else. This will generally be a sandbox game for the most part, though. People will have the option of participating in plots and, if they commit, are expected to stick to that commitment.
    • How much sexual activity is likely to occur or expected, if any?   
    Sexual activity is not required, but can happen if you wish. This will be entirely up to the people playing whether they are sexually or romantically involved with anyone else.
    • Whether tagging will be used or not.   
    I can not create tags, but if someone else can, I'd be fine with implementing them.
    Game Master Info / GM(s) Participation Level (If/where applicable)
    • Will there be a Co-GM?
    For now, probably not unless there is so much interest that I can't handle it all.
    • How guided will the play be(sandbox, directed etc)?
    It will be mostly sandbox with occasional plot elements. Starfleet officers will be grouped together onto ships while will be the main focal points of the rp.
    • What extent will players be allowed to create/use environment or setting details?
    They will generally be allowed to interact with the environment as much as they like, as long as they don't destroy anything without GM permission.
    • How NPC's will be handled. (If any) - (By GM and/or players, and what expectations)
    NPCs will be handled as they arise, probably by the GM. At the moment there are no NPCs except for the three captains: Jean Luc Picard, Kathryn Janeway, and Benjamin Sisko.
    • How active will the GM be?   
    I will be as active as the game is active.
    • Will there be an OOC thread? (expectations of thread usage)
    Yes. You don't have to use it, but it is generally where I will discuss plots with people.
    • How to contact/approach GM with questions? (use OOC thread, direct PM, etc...)
    Any plots will be discussed through the OOC thread. If there is a problem, send me a PM and we will work it out between the people in question.
    • How will decisions be resolved?   
    GMs have the final say, however all opinions will be considered.
    • Will PvP be allowed (if applicable)? 
    For now, no. Everyone in the game will be on the Starfleet side so there is no PvP. However, if the game gets bigger, PvP may be considered if people are allowed to play Klingons or members of makeshift Romulan government.
    • Respect everyone's ons/offs. Do not do any sort of NC without permission, ect. You aren't children, I shouldn't have to tell you to respect other people's boundries. If there is a serious problem, come to me, but I will expect this to be a no brainer for people.
    • Player Participation Expectations. (Posts/week expected. Methods for reporting a possible absence/The method used to remove drop-outs from the game.)   
    You are absolutely expected to post at least once a weak. If you aren't meeting this, I will PM you and ask why you aren't posting. If you can't post regularly, you may be dropped or someone else may take your place until you can post. We can work this out, however, if you can't. Let me know beforehand if you can't. If you are committing to a plot, you are absolutely expected to post much more then that, as the plot goes on. Don't worry, you will know well beforehand if a plot is coming and you will be given the chance to either commit or not to the plot in question.
    • Discuss how new players will be brought into the game (if the game is already running.)   
    New players will be assigned to ships (if they are officers) or go into the academy if they are cadets. They will be expected to know the basic gist of what's been going on, though, and as events go on there will be a timeline.
    • What Writing style/POV. (Third person, first person, past, present, omniscient, etc...)     
    Third person past.

    Alright, so this is a sandbox game with occasional plot elements. There may be more settings then just these (such as space stations), but these are the three major settings to the game:

    If you are a member of the Federation government, you will post mainly in the Federation Council. This is a government setting, not unlike Congress in the US or Parliment in the UK. You can be any species from the Federation. The Founding Members of the Federation have more weight with the other members in their ideas, but they still only have one vote like everyone else. The Federation President is the head of state and head of the government. He is primarily responsible for the day-to-day operation of the government, foreign policy, resource distribution, and is the official commander of Starfleet. He also has a Cabinet. The President's office is located in Paris, France while the Council is located in San Francisco, US. You may play as a member of the Council, the President himself (if the spot is not already taken), or a member of the President's cabinet.

    If you are a Starfleet cadet, you will post in the Starfleet Academy board. Starfleet Academy is the premier university on earth for anyone interested in military, science, or engineering fields. Starfleet accepts all majors from biology to computer science to engineering to history to physics to archaeology to medicine. Those entering into Starfleet Academy are cadets who become full officers when they graduate. While most people are accepted into the academy itself, different parts have other entrance exams. Starfleet Medical, Starfleet Command, and Starfleet Corps of Engineers are notoriously difficult to get into with high requirements. They only allow the best of the best. Starfleet Academy is located in San Francisco, US.

    If you are an officer, you will have to have a rank and a section. You will be either an Admiral, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, or Ensign. All officers are in either Command, Science, or Engineering sections, but all three encompass a whole range of fields. As an officer you will either be assigned to a ship, if ranked under Admiral, or you will post in Starfleet Command if you are an Admiral, located in San Francisco, US. Take note that not everyone can be a captain! The roles will be filled as shown below.

    Every ship will need to have the following officers before we can move on to filling another ship:

    First Officer
    Chief of Security and Tactical
    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Engineer

    Each chief officer is responsible for the day to day operations of every other officer in their department. They are ultimately responsible for everything in that department and will be held responsible if anyone or anything in their department is not working. You do not have to play one of these roles, however if one of these roles is taken, you can not take that role until all of the roles are taken. When all of these roles are filled, we will move on to another ship and start to fill those roles. You do not have to fill these roles if you do not want, you may play subordinates to these characters on whichever ship is currently being filled or on previously filled ships. You are allowed two characters, but you may not have more then one command role on the same ship. You may have a command role on another ship, however. Once all the command roles are filled on the ship, the people who are assigned to that ship may take the opportunity to name it and give it a number which will be its name for the entirety of the game. Federation ships have the "USS" moniker followed by the name. If it is named after a previously destroyed or decommissioned ship, it will have a letter after it. For example, a ship named after the USS Pegasus will be called USS Pegasus A.

    Species List
    Here is a list of every species known to be in the Federation. Note: If you pick an "unnamed species" you are responsible for telling us a little more about them. All species under "proposed members" will be considered part of the Federation for the purpose of this game. Also, Romulans and Remans will be allowed as well due to Romulan refugees, but they must have persued Federation membership to join the Federation government or Starfleet. You may also play synthetic life, either an android or a hologram, but you must include, in your character's history, how they were created and why.

    These are the Starfleet Uniforms. Admiral's uniforms are slightly more fancy.

    Just because you are on one ship or in one location does not mean you can't interact with people in another location or ship. Communication is instantaneous between locations with face to face screens so people can post in location topics that they would not normally be able to post in while communicating with someone they know.

    Canon Characters
    Canon characters can be claimed, but claim them in the topic here first before writing their application. You are responsible for researching your canon character before posting the application including their rank and section. Any canon characters from any of the shows or movies who are in Starfleet (no canons who are not in Starfleet or the civilian government) are acceptable (except those who are dead, of course, like Jadzia Dax or Data or missing like Spock). Characters that specifically can not be claimed are the captains: Picard, Janeway, and Sisko because they will be heavily involved in plot and will be NPCs.

    Here is an application. Try to fill in as much as possible of it, but if you're having trouble let me know. You are limited to two characters, for now. If you can keep up with your two, you might be allowed to have more.

    Any other questions let me know in the thread. I am open to answering any questions or concerns you may have.
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    Code: [Select]
    [b][u]Basic Info[/u][/b]
    [b]Planet of Origin:[/b]
    [b]Role (Cadet, Officer, Government):[/b]
    [b]Major (if Officer, what was your major in the Academy, if Cadet, what is current major, if Government, what was your major in college, if applicable?):[/b]
    [b]Command Role (if applicable):[/b]

    [b][u]Physical Description[/u][/b]
    [b]Age (keep in mind that it takes a minimum of four years to graduate the Academy):[/b]
    [b]General Description (anything you think might be important):[/b]

    [b][u]Other Information[/u][/b]
    [b]General Description of Personality (anything you think might be important):[/b]

    [b][u]Skills[/u][/b] (things that your character is particularly good at, not necessarily related to their job, but can be, should be tied into their history)
    [i]Skill 1-[/i]
    [i]Skill 2-[/i]

    A history of your character. Important points that should be included are how they were elected to government (if involved in government), how they joined Starfleet, how they got through the Academy, what their experience was like there (if already an officer), how they got in, why they decided to join Starfleet, what was their major, did they make any friends, ect.

    Don't just give me a list of things that happened in the history section here. The where, when, and what questions are certainly important, but they're just empty bones without the why and how questions. This should be longer then one or two paragraphs.

    [b][u]Anything Else[/u][/b]
    Put anything else here you wish to add. Anything that isn't on this app that you think should be or anything you think is relevant to your character.
    « Last Edit: June 20, 2015, 09:23:57 AM by slytherindoctor »

    Offline MaiMizzu

    I wanna express interest!

    But what role? I like chief medical officer.. but I don't wanna commit to that if like I'll be the only one assigned to a ship

    I think first office might be more fun for me really
    « Last Edit: June 08, 2015, 01:06:04 PM by MaiMizzu »

    Offline slytherindoctorTopic starter

    Well you don't have to commit to that role now. You can wait for a bit and see what else people put down for characters. You could just go ahead and make the character and, if you like, have your character be a doctor that advances to command up to the post of first officer. You'd have to have some command experience to be a chief anything officer anyway.
    « Last Edit: June 08, 2015, 01:53:12 PM by slytherindoctor »

    Offline Raziel

    I'd definitely be interested in this, RP wise in Trek I can happily fill Captain, First Officer, Security or Engineer, wherever I'm needed.

    Offline mia h

    Interested, just not sure as what yet.

    Offline MaiMizzu

    I think I'll make out an app for first officer. see if i can find a pic i like. let's start there!

    By the by... if a lot of us do start on a starship, do you have a name and class for it yet? Or is that up to us (the crew) to help work out?

    Offline slytherindoctorTopic starter

    The name and number of the Starship is going to be down to the crew themselves to chose. I want everyone to be able to pick something personal that they like. You can come up with name ideas and we'll vote on it. It can be named after a previous ship or be an original name.

    Offline mia h

    Well I think I might have a picture for the character, now all she needs is a name and a background  ;D

    Offline MaiMizzu

    I need opinions.

    My char will be female (most likely), and first officer rank.

    Should she be human, vulcan or klingon?

    Offline Mathim

    Interested. Considering a male Betazoid (not half-human) employed in the same capacity as Counselor Troi.

    Offline Holmes

    Willing to play as the Chief of Engineering.

    Offline Orange Marmalade

    Definitely interested here! Would like to stake claim as an Android perhaps.

    Offline Truman

    If I can reverse the polarity flow of the creativity matrix, I'd be down for playing a techno-babble loving Starfleet type.

    Depending on what other people want to do I'm fine with Medical, Science, Engineering or Security. Anything but Command.

    Offline slytherindoctorTopic starter

    Alright so as the apps go up for characters, it's first come first serve on the command roles for the ship. All six roles will need to be filled before a new ship starts to be filled.

    Offline Raziel

    I'll claim Captain then as it's not taken yet and can work on a bio, might hold off on gender though for a while in case we need to balance it out.

    Offline MaiMizzu

    Wait.. forgive me if you said this already and I missed it.. but just what year will the RP be taking place?

    Offline slytherindoctorTopic starter

    This will start about the beginning of the 2390s and will continue into the 25th century.

    Offline Mathim

    This will start about the beginning of the 2390s and will continue into the 25th century.

    Sounds perfect. I was initially attracted to the prospect of continuing in the 2009 reboot when I first saw this thread and made that faulty assumption, but this sounds very intriguing as well. I never gave much thought to the universe going further than Spock's red matter ordeal, so this presents interesting possibilities.

    Offline slytherindoctorTopic starter

    Sounds perfect. I was initially attracted to the prospect of continuing in the 2009 reboot when I first saw this thread and made that faulty assumption, but this sounds very intriguing as well. I never gave much thought to the universe going further than Spock's red matter ordeal, so this presents interesting possibilities.

    I certainly thought so. I'm very interested in the whole Romulan refugee thing, and my character will probably be just that: a Romulan refugee.

    Offline Mathim

    I certainly thought so. I'm very interested in the whole Romulan refugee thing, and my character will probably be just that: a Romulan refugee.

    Did the Federation ever officially make an alliance, not unlike how they did with the Klingons, with the Romulans against an even greater threat? I swear I read that somewhere but can't remember. Obviously this isn't possible within this timeline but did it ever happen in a further future or something?

    Offline slytherindoctorTopic starter

    Did the Federation ever officially make an alliance, not unlike how they did with the Klingons, with the Romulans against an even greater threat? I swear I read that somewhere but can't remember. Obviously this isn't possible within this timeline but did it ever happen in a further future or something?

    Yes it definintely did happen. In the timeline I put above I mention it. The Federation, Klingons, and Romulans allied together against the Dominion. That was the only time though.

    Offline Mathim

    Yes it definintely did happen. In the timeline I put above I mention it. The Federation, Klingons, and Romulans allied together against the Dominion. That was the only time though.

    Ah, I see. I didn't quite make it all the way through TNG so I never got far enough to see that or DS9 or anything after.

    Offline slytherindoctorTopic starter

    That's fine. Any of the information you'll need to know should be in the timeline as far as historical info. The big one, of course, is the destruction of Romulus.

    Offline Doomsday

    Ohhh! Definitely interested! Been binging the heck out of TNG, almost halfway through season 5. I work with a lot of Trekkies and they got me hooked, looking forward to getting into DS9 when I'm done with this binge.

    I'd like to stake a claim on security officer. Going to chew on the race and gender over the next day or so, I'll wait to see if we get too male or female heavy and will balance it out.

    Debating between Deltan, Bajoran, Romulan, or plain ol' human.
    « Last Edit: June 08, 2015, 11:56:07 PM by Doomsday »

    Offline slytherindoctorTopic starter

    I posted a map in the first post so everyone go check that out if you would like. It's not required, but it might be nice to see where many of the political boundries are as well as many of the planets and places mentioned in the timeline. I will periodically mention places in the plots as well that are based entirely on this map.

    As soon as we fill up the first ship with the command officers we can begin the first plot point and start the OOC thread, and the ship's thread. Once the ship is full on command staff, if you have a character that you want to be a command staff that isn't part of that ship's crew, you can post in the Starfleet Command or Starfleet Academy threads until they get assigned to the next ship that fills up. Essentially they're waiting for their assignment.