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December 15, 2018, 01:04:29 AM

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Author Topic: Do You Like Salt? I Like Salt. [M/M, always seeking fantasy & sci-fi RPs!]  (Read 1007 times)

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Offline SaltyTopic starter

honestly who doesn't like salt
Before we get started, make sure to read my O/Os.

Hello hello! Call me Salty, or.. Well, there's not much else you can call me, really. For the sake of those of us that like to skim, I'll be brief and keep my request thread short. More information is in my O/Os linked above. So, let's get this under way, shall we?

▹ I primarily RP M/M. I might do M/F, but I'm very selective. I won't do F/F as anything but a side pairing.

▹ I'll play tops, switches, bottoms, doms, subs etc. I don't care.

▹ Most of my characters aren't white, Caucasian Americans.

▹ I consider myself semi-lit to literate, and I love to match posts. Keep in mind that the longer the reply, the more time it will take me to write. I won't do one-liners.

▹ Your gender does not matter to me and I don't have a smut/plot ratio, so go wild.

▹ I strive to reply daily, but that rarely happens anymore. Expect a reply within a few days, or a week to as long as two weeks. Any longer means I may be having muse issues or am too busy. In either case I'll PM you.

▹ I have a moody muse. Sometimes I'll lose the will to reply to specific roleplays for a period of time, so if you aren't patient or like to chuck a fuss when your partner doesn't reply to you but does to others, then I'm not going to be a good match for you.

M-preg, scat, vore and watersports are my hard nos. Do not try to persuade me otherwise.

▹ Yes, I do cuss a lot. Fuckin' why not?

▹ My A/As are here, and will be updated if I've got something going on as well as with any owed posts.

▹ In all of the sections of this thread, ** will always be next to what I’m craving more than others.

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Offline SaltyTopic starter

Re: Do You Like Salt? I Like Salt. [M/M]
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2018, 10:40:30 AM »

TV Shows, Movies & Books
Altered Carbon**
BBC's Merlin
Once Upon a Time
Shadow Hunters: The Mortal Instruments
Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom**
The 100
The Dragon Prince
The Shape of Water
The Walking Dead
Video Games
ARK: Survival Evolved
Borderlands 1, 2, Pre-Sequel, TFTBL
Destiny & Destiny 2
Detroit: Become Human
Dragon Age Origins, 2, Inquisition
Fallout 4
Final Fantasy XV
Horizon: Zero Dawn
LOZ: Breath of the Wild
Mass Effect Trilogy, Andromeda
Monster Hunter: World
Anime & Manga
07 Ghost
D.Gray Man
Devilman Crybaby**
Tokyo Ghoul

Note: I'm not up to date with all of these, only most of them.

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Re: Do You Like Salt? I Like Salt. [M/M]
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2018, 12:09:17 PM »

(Characters in bold are the ones I'd prefer to play, but all are negotiable.)

(I don't write up many originals on my own purely because I can't sit still and focus long enough to get my brain to work, so there's only ever going to be a few here at a time.)

;magic, probably some action, magical creatures & fae etc, tension;

Muse A
is a renowned entertainer who popped up out of nowhere one day, with no money to his (fake) name, but quickly rose to fame. He hitches rides with travelling caravans, moves from place to place and performs for both royalty, the poor, and everyone in between. A wants for nothing in return for his services, only too happy to bring joy to the unfortunate and wiggle his way into the good graces of kings and queens alike. A, however, has several secrets that could very well see him killed.

Muse B is royalty. Either a prince or king, he’s highly respected throughout not only his own kingdom, but neighbouring ones as well. Unfortunately, every good king/prince has his flaws, and B’s is magic. After a traumatic experience with a sorceress (to be discussed), he developed a deep hatred for it and had it outlawed long ago, the punishment being execution.

Muse C (the antagonist, NPC) is a tyrannical king, ruling over a far-away land with an iron fist. He cares little for his people, and would sooner watch them starve. C is also B’s mortal enemy (reasons to be discussed).


Not All Hope is Lost

;cyberpunk dystopia, dark elements, post-apocalyptic-esque but not really, non-con (can be left out);

It’s 2149, and the ozone layer has finally thinned to the point of no return. Humanity has turned nocturnal to avoid exposure to higher amounts of solar radiation, and scientists across the globe scramble to find an artificial means of restoring the layer to its’ original state before all is lost. But with each passing day, each failure, the few threads of hope that humanity still clings to snap, throwing them into chaos and disorder as the dome-shields protecting their cities and people flicker and fade one by one, leaving the people to die.

Muses A and B are under the protection of dome SR-03, one of the few shields still active in the north-eastern parts of the globe (no specific country). Life there is arduous; crime runs rampant throughout the city and drugs are easily-accessible, even to children. The mortality rate is a staggering fifty-three percent, and the rich & powerful have seized control of the only sources of food and water, dealing out miniscule rations for five tickets three times a week that are almost never enough to sustain a single person, let alone a family of two or more.
As a result, the middle and lower-classes slowly starve and have since turned to murder, thievery and various other methods in order to garner extra tickets for themselves or their loved ones. The only other way to get them is through hard work, but even then it’s barely enough, so the more desperate turn to enlisting themselves as slaves to the wealthy in return for tickets. These slaves are marked with faint blue bands around their necks and wrists, visible for all to see.

More recently, though, a small group of highly-motivated people from the lower towns have come together with the intention to drag the rich off their pedestals, and give everyone an equal chance at survival.


A few notes: I don’t have any particular ideas for who A and B could be, so I’m all ears for ideas. (If you want to make it a master/slave kind of thing, though, I’m willing to consider it, as long as the rp isn’t centred around that dynamic.) I also found some lovely art that is almost exactly how I envision the city and the outside to look like, so I’ll be happy to link them to any takers in PM.

(These are singular sentences of dialogue or something else that might spark an idea with either myself or others. They're also really good for using in conjunction with other plots/ideas.)

▹ “You fainted... straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
▹ A very successful and/or attractive person pretends to be unemployed/claims a low wage, and purposely posts a bad photo of themselves in order to find someone who likes them for who they are. (Reverse catfish.)

note: please don't reply to this thread, pm me.

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Re: Do You Like Salt? I Like Salt. [M/M]
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2018, 11:05:37 AM »

Bump, it's me again. Added two plots, changed up my o/os and req thread layout (again), also added a 'characters' section for when I get around to filling it out.
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Re: Do You Like Salt? I Like Salt. [M/M]
« Reply #4 on: September 29, 2018, 09:41:51 AM »
bumpity. Added the 'quips' and 'music prompts' sections, removed 'characters' and stuck it in my O/Os. Basically, I tweaked the plots section. Still changing stuff up and adding new things, so check back later I guess.

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