Seeking group scifi/exploration game.

Started by craeric, November 02, 2023, 01:14:09 PM

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Hi all.  I would like to find a group for a setting with a Star Trek Feel (Exploration, space, traveling).  we would be the crew of a small scouting ship, or something like Lower decks (which I have not seen so no spoilers, just know the premise).

 I would like to do something differant with my character- for most, though admitably not myself.  I would like to be a former male who somehow (Transporter accident? Alien nanotech?) ends up female, and has to learn the social and biological changes.  Perhaps the uniform code requires females into a dress... definatley some make up.  I would be bisexual, so that would not be much, or any of a change, but any girlfriend/boyfriend would be diferant.  

Submissive is possible, I often tend that way.   But regardless smut should not be the focus anyway- though definately not unwelcome somewhat.  The exploration, stories, adventure should be.  Is there anybody who would enjoy this?


Sounds fun.

I'd love to join something like that. Might be able to help with plotting.


If you get this off the ground, I'd love to join


Finding a GM is the problem.  and that is never easy.  


Hey guys.

If you're looking for sci-fi.  The two below links are to fantastic GM-less systems.  I've used both for solo writing as well as for group play without a GM.

Starforged - Really leaves it up to you to create the world you want but it's also guided with lots of random prompts.

Across a Thousand Dead Worlds  - Is MUCH more system based than Starforged but also has many, many random prompts for scenarios, scenes and encounters, etc.

It even motivated me to write this!

(Which I intend to get back to eventually)

Good luck but I've learned on E...sometimes it's better to just make your own luck.  ;)


perhaps, but having a GM really does help in a game like this.  It seems to me.