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Started by Pixilicious, October 26, 2023, 05:54:59 PM

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Hi, everyone! 

I am looking to get back into writing on here.  A couple of things to note, please:

  • My schedule is a little bit hectic at times, so I will not be posting daily. 
  • I'm looking for M/F pairings at the moment.  I'd prefer to write female characters but if we're doubling up on pairings, I'm more than happy to write a male and a female character as part of separate pairings.
  • Not looking for anything hard-core or extreme, so mostly vanilla-ish. 
  • I love to plot and chat!
  • I am available on Discord for plotting, chatting and writing.
  • I do not play over PMs.
  • I do not play characters younger than 25.

I have skeletons of ideas for some of the pairings below:
  • Dad's best friend × Daughter
  • Boss × Employee

I'd also be good with discussing the following:
  • An escort/billionaire type plot
  • Anything military-esque
  • Supernatural creatures
  • Small town romances
  • Medical romances

Let me know if anything strikes your fancy!  😄

Pixi xx
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Adding actual plots now...

The Wrong One

Chloe had known them for the last four years.  She'd met them in college, during her freshmen year.  They'd technically been juniors at the time, and it was by chance that they had the same elective class together.  

Handsome, smooth, well-spoken and every girl's fantasy, these identical twins commanded the attention of every female that managed to get next to them.  Unfortunately, she'd managed to hit it off with the older of the two of them.  He didn't want to settle down, though.  Not yet.  It was college, and why shouldn't he play the field?  Life would wait for no one, though, and his brother had swept in, picked up and carried on where he couldn't.

Figuring she wouldn't get the one she wanted, Annalise did the only logical thing.  She settled, accepting the advances of the younger twin.  But, the chemistry and spark between herself and the older one never went away.  In fact, some could make the case that it got stronger as the following year and a half went on.  Not just sexual, but everything in between.  He had, and would always be, her other half.  The missing puzzle piece that fit her perfectly.  Even years later, what always had been, was still there.

Is it possible though, that sometimes, mistakes could be fixed, and people wouldn't get hurt in the process?

Note: I am looking for someone to play the older twin.  This will start out as an affair and then grow into more.  The role of the younger twin could be split between both writers of this plot.  Lots of other things still needs discussing, so please let me know if you're interested.
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To Hell & Back

This game's setting partially involves a prison in a foreign country, perhaps China or Japan.  The other half would be taking place back in the U.S..

Emma Matthews a student studying abroad there.  During the time she was there, there were a lot of groups revolting against the government, and therefore causing lots of terrorist activities.  This is the same group that captured the male character in this scenario.  In a stand, they start targeting random tourists in the country, and as a result Emma gets taken prisoner as well.

When Emma gets taken to prison, she gets put into the same cell as the male character.  What happens from there is to be seen.  But..the two characters are in prison and prison isn't fun so therefore each of them endures our own share of torture because of the terrorists trying to get information out of anyone from the U.S.

Because of the time Emma and her cell mate spent together, both characters start to grow close and dependent on each other, and eventually start to fall in love.

I would like the overall story between the two characters to be romantic, with the non-consensual stuff coming from their treatment in the prison.  There are a few more ideas I had for this, but I think this is a good start.

I am looking for the male character in this plot to be somewhat of a U.S government agent, rather than just a simple civilian, please.
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The Courtship of a Lifetime
Immortal things roam the Earth without anyone knowing, right?  So they say, at least.  Nevertheless, it has always been on the humans to learn how to make peace and behave.  Sometimes, the greed takes over and the human decisions are guided by just that.  Sometimes the obsession to become one of them is what drives the human form.

And this is where we are...

Years ago, a human family who wanted nothing more than a way to infiltrate the immortal clan, and what better way to do it than by offering up their only daughter as tribute?  So, a pact was made.  When the girl became of age into adulthood, she would be sent to a member of the clan.

I have several ideas for this story, none of which is dark or non-consensual.  The immortal creatures can be up for discussion, though I pictured either a vampire of shapeshifter.  I picture a bit of this to include a courtship through various forms of communication before the age specified in the pact.
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Mafia Royalty
The DeLucas and The Palazzo's ran opposite sides of the city.  Always staying out of each other's way, it was an unspoken truce that had kept war from breaking out for tens of hundreds of years.  

The landscape was changing.  Instead of the war starting between them, an unknown entity started the war with them.  The only way to stop it?  Join forces.  The only way to join forces?  Marriage.  

Two families were always stronger than one. 

I am looking for someone that would be interested in writing the male part in the above mentioned marriage arrangement.  

Further details, plots and ideas can discussed if anyone is interested!  Just message me!  :)
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7 Guardians 

Angels exist.  Of course they do.  But, in what regard?

The Seven Archangels were protectors of Heaven and Earth.  But, these were not your typical Biblical beings.   Only threads kept their sanity in place, and they were not afraid to take lives when it was time.

Now, the task was to protect the ones that could destroy the world, allowing the demons caged in the Underworld to run free.  

Seven Archangels.  Seven Women.  

Can be played with one coupling, several couplings or in episodes featuring different couples in each installment.  
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If anyone has ever seen The Last Kingdom, this is based on that.  

Alexandra was the only daughter of Alfred I.  Saxons had been at War with the Danes for centuries, and she had been sent as an emissary in her father's stead.  

Danes, Vikings, were a foreign concept to her.  She knew of them, but not properly about them.  She would learn, and fall in love, too.  Who would have thought?

Looking for someone to play the Dane/Viking here.  Have different ideas for this story.  No N/C.  
Be a girl with a mind.  A woman with attitude. A lady with class