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Started by Starling, October 26, 2023, 02:20:57 PM

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Hello, hello.

Starling here, always up for a good roleplay.

Currently hoping to do a Mereoleona x William (with me playing William), roleplay.

Alternatively, I'd also be up for Pitch x Esmeralda, Luna (MLP - as a human), Megara, or Tiana. I'd be playing Pitch. Might be willing to do a Pitch x (your) O.C ... if I think the OC mixes well with Pitch.

In turn, depending on your pairing, I can try doing yours.

I can play any gender-pairing and any role - for OC x OC - within that for your part of things, or I can play out one of the OC x Canon or Canon x Canon pairings I am comfortable with listed below in the Fandom section. (The list isn't an exhaustive one, so feel free to ask about other fandom/pairings. But there will be some I am not comfortable with, so please respect that.)

However, I will not just do your pairing. We either double, or do one of the one's I've listed above. I'm sorry, but I just wouldn't be as engaged/motivated in a roleplay without a ship of my own.

General Roleplay Expectations:

  • Life gets busy, which I can understand and attest to. Responses might not be daily, nor do I expect them to be daily with you. That said, try to maintain a steady line of communication, preferably checking in at least once a month OOC, so that I can be sure you are still interested.
  • Avoid one-liners. I prefer responses of one or more paragraphs. No single sentences, no "he smiled"/"she nodded". There simply isn't enough substance in there to drive a roleplay, to suggest engagement, or to keep me inspired/interested.
  • Your character is allowed to be an ass in roleplays. You, however, should avoid being one of them. I won't tolerate transphobia, homophobia, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia, or other forms of toxicity.
  • Cussing is allowed - although, please consider the character and the situation before you indulge in cussing. Cussing needlessly is just... tasteless and sometimes even out of character.
  • Absolutely no Mary Sues, Gary Stus, Godmodding, Metagaming, etc will be allowed.
  • If you wish for two characters to be in an established relationship, please discuss this with me beforehand, don't just surprise me with it in the roleplay.
  • Do not just respond with a "do u wanna rp?" This will be ignored. Tell me something about yourself, what it is you're hoping to get from me, what you can offer, and what are your limits. This is as much to weed out people who do not read interest checks, as it is to speed up the process. The less time is wasted on introductions, the more time can be allocated to plotting, roleplaying, and maybe even chatting/bonding.
  • Respond in the third person only. I am not comfortable with the first-person point of view.
  • Keep text talk out of the actual roleplay unless the characters are texting.
  • While I will not notice or let alone judge you for your every type, I expect some degree of decent grammar - I want to understand what you are trying to convey. I also expect sentences to begin with uppercase unless you are making use of enjambment and other such techniques. Simply using all lowercase for aesthetics does my head in, however. Similarly, avoid all uppercase. Ony use it when a character is being particularly loud or to place major emphasis on something. Overuse of either hurts my brain.
  • Avoid writing this small if possible, at least in roleplay. It can be hard to read, as we do not all have 20/20 vision.
  • And please don't use font colours that fade into the background a lot.

Fandoms I Dabble In:

Attack On Titan:
I Can Play: Levi, Armin, Annie, Mikasa, Hange, Erwin, Original Character(s)
Pairings I Can Do: Annie x Armin, Levi x Hange, Erwin x Original Character(s), Original Character(s) x Original Character(s), Levi x Fem!OC
I Can Play: Haru, Jack, Juno, Legoshi, Louis, Original Character(s)
Pairings I Can Do: Louis x Juno, Legoshi x Haru, Legoshi x Jack, Legoshi x Original Character(s), Original Character(s) x Original Character(s)
Black Clover:
I Can Play: Alecdora, Charlotte, Dorothy, En, Finral, Fragil, Fuegoleon, Gauche, Grey, Helene, Jack, Julius, Kahono, Langris, Leopold, Letoile, Luck, Magna, Marx, Mereoleona, Morgen, Nacht, Nebra, Noelle, Nozel, Patri, Rhya, Rill, Secre, Solid, Vanessa, William, Yami, Zora

Pairings I Can Do - CC x CC: Kahono x Noelle, Vanessa x Finesse, Alecdora x Solid, En x Jack, Jack x Yami, Leopold x Asta, Yami x Zora, Charlotte x Rhya, Charlotte x Finral, Dorothy x Nozel, Finral x Vanessa, Fragil x Fuegoleon, Gauche x Grey, Langris x Vanessa, Letoile x Nacht, Luck x Helene, Magna x Sol, Mereoleona x William, Nebra x Zora, Patri x Secre, Rill x Charmy
Pairings I Can Do - OC x CC: Charlotte x OC, Dorothy x OC, Finral x OC, Fuegoleon x OC, Jack x OC, Julius x OC, Langris x OC, Leopold x OC, Luck x OC, Magna x OC, Marx x Fem!OC, Morgen x Fem!OC, Nacht x Fem!OC, Nozel x Fem!OC, Patri x Fem!OC, Rhya x OC, Rill x OC, Solid x Male!OC, Yami x OC, Zora x OC
Can also do OC x OC

I Can Play: Hinata, Kageyama, Kei Tsukishima, Koshi Sugawara, Oikawa
Pairings I Can Do: Kei x Fem!OC, Sugawara x Fem!OC, Hinata x O.C, Kageyama x Fem!OC, Oikawa x Fem!OC
My Hero Academia:
I Can Play: Aizawa, Bakugo, Deku, Kaminari, Keigo, Kirishima, Mina, Momo, Ochaco, Toshinori, Tamaki
Pairings I Can Do: Kaminari x Kirishima, Kaminari x OC, Kirishima x OC, Deku x OC, Mina x OC, Bakugo x Ochaco, Shoto x Momo, Fumikage x Momo, Kirishima x Mina, Aizawa x Fem!OC, Bakugo x Fem!OC, Shoto x Fem!OC

The Case Study of Vanitas:

I Can Play: Domi, Noe, Vanitas, Jeanne
Pairings I Can Do: Domi x Noe, Vanitas x Jeanne, Vanitas x OC
I Can Play: Darcy, Loki (not from the series though, no variants either), Natasha, Peter, Steve, Tony, Thor
Pairings I Can Do: Steve x Thor, Steve x Peggy, Steve x OC, Thor x OC, Thor x Darcy, Loki x Natasha, Loki x Fem!OC, Tony x Pepper, Peter x MJ, Peter x Fem!OC
Disney (series as well - All characters will be 18+):
I Can Play: Anna, Cassandra, Elsa, Esmeralda, Eugene, Frollo, Hades, Hans, Hercules, Jafar, Jasmine, Kristoff, Kronk, Mother Gothel, Mulan, Phoebus, Prince Charming, Rapunzel, Tiana, Ursula, Varian, Yzma
Pairings I Can Do: Eugene x Rapunzel, Rapunzel x Pitch (would prefer to play Pitch), Kristoff x Anna, Elsa x Hans, Hans x OC, Kristoff x OC, Tiana x OC, Tiana x Pitch, Naveen x OC, Mulan x OC, Jasmine x OC, Esmeralda x Pitch, Phoebus x OC, Prince Charming x OC, Ursula x OC, Mother Gothel x OC, Hercules x OC, Kronk x OC, Cassandra x OC
Rise of the Guardians:
I Can Play: Bunny, Jack, Tooth, Pitch, North (as a side character), Sandy (as a side character)
Pairings I Can Do: Bunny x OC, Jack x OC, Bunny x Jack, Tooth x OC, Pitch x Fem!OC (if she's interesting; yes, your OC, not mine), or Pitch x Esmeralda, Tiana, Megara, Luna (as a human - MLP)
Criminal Minds:
I Can Play: Derek, Spencer, Penelope, Hotchner, Emily
Pairings I Can Do: Derek x OC, Penelope x OC, Spencer x Fem!OC, Emily x OC, Derek x Penelope, Spencer x Emily
Hazbin Hotel (not Helluva Boss, sorry):
I Can Play: Angel Dust, Alastor, Charlie, Husk, Original Character(s)
Pairings I Can Do: Angel Dust x OC, Charlie x Alastor, Alastor x Fem!OC, Original Character(s) x Original Character(s)
I Can Play: Mordecai
Pairings I Can Do: Mordecai x Fem!OC
I Can Attempt to Play: Diluc, Jean, Kaeya, Zhongli, Original Character(s)

Pairings I Can Try To Do: Diluc x Jean, Kaeya x OC, Zhongli x Fem!OC, Original Character(s) x Original Character(s)
(feel free to ask about others, I might need to research them first though)
Pokemon - World Only
Harry Potter: (all characters must be 18+)
I Can Play: Draco, Hermione, Harry, Ron, Severus, Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Luna, Blaise, Ginny, Minerva
Pairings I Can Do: Harry x Ron, Sirius x Remus, Draco x Hermione, Blaise x Ginny, Minerva x Severus (as more of a crack ship), Minerva x OC, Ginny x OC, Luna x OC, Blaise x OC, Tonks x OC, Remus x OC, Sirius x OC, Severus x Fem!OC, Ron x OC, Harry x OC, Hermione x Male!OC, Draco x Fem!OC, Severus x Hermione (maybe, but only either post-Hogwarts - in a Snape lives AU - or in some other AU).

Romance, Drama, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Mystery, Suspense, Comedy, Slice of Life, Friendship, Family (maybe a little bit of sci-fi, thriller, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, or horror)
Ideally, a mixture of several, if not all of these, to keep things interesting.
Historical, Modern, Futuristic, Kingdoms, College/University, Cafe, Retail, Battlefield, Alternate Universe, + more
Law Enforcement, Entertainment Industry, Medicine, Dark Themes, Isekai, Reincarnation, Harem, Reverse-Harem, Environmental, War, Millitary, + more, Soulmates, Curses, Forbidden Love (between adults), Redemptions, Second Chances, Healing, Found Family, Dominant/Assertive/Badass Women, Soft/Sensitive Men
Species | Races:
Female Werewolves/Werecats, Mermen, Sirens, Naga, Angels, Demons, Vampires, Harpies, Nekos (as well as kitsunes, and dog ears people, etc.), Phoenixes (with a human form), Dragons (with a human form), Shifters, Goblins (but not like Goblin Slayer type goblins), Elves, Fae/Fairy, Nymphs, Spirits, Ghosts

Roleplay Ideas:

Situationship roleplay ideas:
Snowed In:- An employer and their employee happen to go on a business meeting that happens to be taking place at a luxurious ski resort. However, when both are out one day, and a blizzard seemingly comes out of nowhere, they are forced to take shelter in the closest building they can find. Through an unfortunate mixture of happenstances, an avalanche rolls in to complete their entrapment within an abandoned cabin - thankfully a sturdy one. It'll take some time for people to find and rescue them, especially since their phones seem to have been damaged/gotten lost in the ordeal or for the snow to at least melt sufficiently for them to get out of the cabin and find their own way back. In the meantime, they're forced to put up with each other over time, which definitely wasn't the employees' plan -- they just want to go back to the lodgings, kick their feet up, and do nothing for the rest of the day, not being pestered by their seemingly self-important boss. But could this event potentially change their minds about each other?

In Order to Adopt:- Character A is hoping to adopt, but the rules of the orphanage and his generally busy lifestyle mean he cannot, unless he has a partner. As it were, Character B happens to be around and single. (She might also potentially be looking for opportunities and a close relationship to a well-respected man could help her get where she wants in life.) When they meet one thing leads to another and a deal is struck: she'll play the part of the fiancee, and in turn, he helps her get what she wants.

Surrogate Turned Soulmate:- Character A wants a child, but cannot adopt one unless they have proof of marriage, and likely won't be able to get married on a whim. Character B isn't really thinking of a child, but is rather looking for solutions to her own issues, and thus agrees to be a surrogate for Character A. Since children out of wedlock are frowned upon, the two agree to a temporary marriage (which might also increase opportunities for Character B), and soon after all is said and done Character B falls pregnant. This is good until she starts wondering if she might get attached to the child and then she realises that she might do, and she might also get attached to the marriage too. As it were, Character A is also growing fond of Character B, but is worried she won't reciprocate his feelings. Will they confess or just makeup excuses to stay together?

The Sides of War:- Character A and Character B are both on opposite sides of a war between two nations. When a mishap leaves them lost and fighting to survive, together they agree to a temporary truce. They hate each other's guts, thinking the other's nation is at fault for all of this, but during their time together, they wind up learning about each other's cultures, traditions, and heck, even the people of their nation, and start to realise the other side is not so monstrous... while also realizing they don't actually know how any of this began, nor why their countries are still fighting after all these years of death and destruction. Now, instead of fighting in a war, they might well end up fighting the war itself.
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Hi Starling,

wow that is an impressive list.

The one that absolutely jumped out at me and I would really love to give it a go with you, is the Sirius and Remus pairing. I adore the HP universe and always try to have some game in that realm going (which I currently do) but I am open for this. 



Quote from: Kendra on November 06, 2023, 04:35:34 AMHi Starling,

wow that is an impressive list.

The one that absolutely jumped out at me and I would really love to give it a go with you, is the Sirius and Remus pairing. I adore the HP universe and always try to have some game in that realm going (which I currently do) but I am open for this.

Hello, Kendra, sorry for the late response. 

I can do Sirius x Remus, but are you willing/able to do a pairing in turn for me? Specifically either Mereoleona x William (Black Clover), or Pitch Black (rotg) x Tiana, Esmeralda, Megara, or an OC?
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Remus and Sirius is one of your pairings. 

Am confused.

I can't take on anymore than what I have on my plate, but thanks anyway. 


QuoteCurrently hoping to do a Mereoleona x William (with me playing William), roleplay.

Alternatively, I'd also be up for Pitch x Esmeralda, Luna (MLP - as a human), Megara, or Tiana. I'd be playing Pitch. Might be willing to do a Pitch x (your) O.C ... if I think the OC mixes well with Pitch.
I clearly stated at the top of this request thread that this is my craving and that this is what I am hoping to do. In other words, Remus x Sirius isn't one of my pairings, Mereoleona x William is. The others are just pairings I can try. Not for me, for you. I think the above text already clarifies as much.
QuoteIn turn, depending on your pairing, I can try doing yours.
The pairings below that section are for your interest.

Thank you for your interest, but as I cannot dedicate that much time solely to another person's interest, I don't believe we are compatible. Nevertheless, good luck in your search.
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