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Author Topic: A Wife Needed For A Pet Roleplay  (Read 873 times)

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A Wife Needed For A Pet Roleplay
« on: May 27, 2011, 11:21:42 PM »
A partner (Koi) and I are looking for a wife character in a pet role play.

The story:

A married couple have been trying to have a child for the longest time. Yet no matter what they do or try to do, no child is conceived, let alone born. The husband is not bothered by this for a while but he still wants children quite badly, and his wife wants to give him children and can't. As time passes the husband suggests to his wife that she have a full check to see if there is anything wrong with her fertility. She had been putting it off for a long time hoping for the news that she already knew to be true. She was infertile. The doctor told her the news, and she went home to her husband who was also a doctor, and explained to him that she would never birth his offspring.

For a while they tried looking to adopt a kid, get a surrogate mother, but nothing seemed to work to produce them a child. And then in a fit of anger the wife suggests he just grab a girl off the street and fuck her till a child is born. Wheels start to turn in both of their heads as they are desperate for a child. A friend of his from High School, a woman he calls about once a week, has a daughter in college two states over. Her family had always been known to be a group of Fertile Myrtles as they are sometimes called. All of the girls are known to get pregnant easily. And since the mother is far away, also in another state she would not be trouble to their plan.

So they plan to kidnap the college age daughter and breed her for their children.

Now I must ask for a character profile of the wife you are going to play should you be interested in the game and it goes a little something like this:

Name:______ (Maiden Name)-Meyers
Age: (?≥30)
Appearance (real pictures only). Also add any other descriptions of your character you would like):
Write your post of how the wife would react to seeing the girl in which they are to be breeding for the first time as they lie in wait for her:

We also require that you post at least 3 times in a week.
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Re: A Wife Needed For A Pet Roleplay
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2011, 01:16:31 PM »
Name:Nicolette (Colette) Sorenson-Meyers
Age: 28

Appearance (real pictures only). Also add any other descriptions of your character you would like):
Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Colette is a loving wife with a nurturing side she has craved to share with a child. She is sweet and generous as well, but she also has a very bitchy side that when crossed you should watch out for. She doesn't like to be lied to or betrayed at all.

Biography: Colette was born as the only daughter on August 12th to Jacob and Veretta Sorenson. She had been given everything she wanted as daddy's little girl, but some how also managed to remain unspoiled. She has one older brother who had been very...very protective of her at school. Even sometimes scaring off possible suitors so she was glad when he had moved on to college in her junior year of highschool. The moment he was gone, Colette had gone off and began dating with a flourish. It was her senior year when she had met her husband at the local cafe, a freshman at the local college it had been love at first sight. They were married a few short years later and she had longed for children, but her joy of being a new bride soon faded when hadn't concieved a child on their honeymoon but the dissappointment hadn't ended there. She would spend years of trying everything imaginable to have children before going to the doctor and finding out she is infertile.

Write your post of how the wife would react to seeing the girl in which they are to be breeding for the first time as they lie in wait for her: (I don't want to use names of the other characters as I am yet to know who they are nor can I describe them so I will be limited on how my first post would look but I see them sitting at a little cafe pretending to have lunch while scoping out the girl, perhaps she jogs by while excersizing)

Colette sat beside her husband as she looked through the darkened glasses, hiding her brown eyes from view of the other's at the little cafe. He was planning to show her the girl that would make her dreams of being a mother come true. "So where is she?" She asked him quetly as she looked for any sign of the college student he had told her about. "I hope she is just as you say." She was referring to the fertle myrtle he had told her this girls family was being described at. She desperately wanted a child and as everything else had not worked, this was her last resort in her mind. She looked up and spotted a pretty little thing coming their way, not as pretty as Colette in her own mind but she wouldn't atleast produce ugly children if she was the girl they were looking for. "Is that her? She's pretty enough." She of course was talking about the girl who was jogging by the cafe, her hair swinging behind her as her perky breasts bounced with each step.

Her legs were toned, as well as her stomach and all in all, the girl was fit and perfect for breeding their children. "You're sure her mother wouldn't know? Wouldn't miss her?" She asked, the last thing they needed was to do something that would bring the wrath of a mother upon them, that and the police. she didn't want to lose her perfect life for this little girl her husband was to breed like some prize mare. "Well I think she's perfect, when do we make our move?" She was a little more excited about getting this started then waiting, she wasn't getting any younger and wanted to have her babies with her before she couldn't have enough energy to play with them.