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Author Topic: The Key to the Universe(Fantasy)  (Read 496 times)

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The Key to the Universe(Fantasy)
« on: July 08, 2011, 12:07:31 PM »
So I had this idea in my head for months and finally decided that it's something i really waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant to do!

Uma Martin was a average Joe at the age of 18. Lived in a small suburb with her parents. Her dad was the towns mail man and her mother a bank teller. Everything about Uma screamed average and boring expect the fact that Sky is the only person in her universe to be able to unlock a whole new world.

Marlidia is an alternate universe on the verge of extinction. A powerful couple; Silas and Onara, have been on a war path. They have destroyed anything and everything that was once good and valued in their world. Innocent lives and towns were killed off in a instance if they resisted the couples control. Barely any food or water or even shelter was left in the world. Their next line of action is to get to earth and enslave the entire human race. No one knows why they want to but the rumor is there is a child on earth who; in a prophecy, will be the ultimate destroyer of the deadly couple. If the child is real then He or she will come to Marlidia, find the heart of Marcia; the universes oldest and most powerful dragon and with it, be able to bring Marcia back to life for her to bring peace over Marlidia.

A young yet wise wizard beyond his years named Alden, came up with the idea to send a key to their universe to the child. Without knowing it the child and the key would make its way to each other some time soon. While waiting, Alden and few others gathered together in a hidden forest making plans on a revolution against Silas and Onara.

It's been 4 years since Alden sent the key and with the couples gaining power, it is beyond time for Uma to find the key. To make the key find her faster, he sent a small Dragon; Martina who is a direct relative to Marcia, to find Uma and bring the key to her.

One day when Uma and her best friend Luke were walking through the woods, they heard an odd sound. Uma rushed to where she thought the noise came from and discovered a small bug eyed creature. She jumped back in horror but something made her get a closer look. To Sky's shock and excitement the bug eyed creature extended it's wings and grew a few inches. In front of her was a foot tall, brown with gold flecked, scaly dragon.
"Don't be scared" The dragon hissed in dragon tongue. surprisingly, Uma understood the dragon. "Please listen to me carefully. Pick up this rock and hold it to your chest tightly." The dragon kicked a small smooth purple rock towards Uma. "Don't scream or yell, you will feel a bit of pain. The rock will be transporting you to my world. A world where we need your help very much."
Uma nodded and without thinking she went to pick the rock up.

"WAIT DON'T!" Luke shouted behind her. The dragon growled slightly and Luke stepped back out of fear. Uma turned to the dragon and replied to it in dragon tongue. "Let me bring him and i will go." The dragon sized up Luke and gave it's approval. She grabbed Luke's hand and lifted the rock to her chest. A sharp stinging came from the rock as it slowly dissolved into her chest. The dragon, Uma and Luke were no longer on earth but they were in Marlidia.

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Re: The Key to the Universe(Fantasy)
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2011, 12:21:05 PM »
History of Marlidia

Over a thousand years ago, Marlidia was once a peaceful and beautiful world. With it's lushes green valleys that were said to hold healing powers to the clear and sparkling oceans, there was nothing wrong with the world. Elves, dwarfs, witches and wizards, fairy's, humans and any other mystical beings lived amongst each other with no issues. Set in different parts of their world to keep harmony.

Marlidia had the best ruler it has ever had back then; a kind witch named Lidia. Lidia wanted nothing other than to keep Marlidia alive and well. Any wars that she saw between different towns or tribes, she ended abruptly, giving each side what they needed to keep the peace. Lidia didn't roll around in her richness and never ending power. She was always very in touch with her people and their lives

What made Lidia so powerful was her dragon Marcia. Marcia wasn't an ordinary dragon. When Marcia was hatched, she was holding a small metal golden dagger that had a silver hilt, a grip made out of oak and a crossguard with jewels on it. Lidia was a mere child when she got Marcia as her dragon. Her parents noticed when Marcia grew , the sword grew and so did Lidia. By the time Marcia was 1 year old, she was about 15 feet long and 10 feet tall. She wasn't yet fully grown but the sword was and as the same for Lidia. With the growth of the sword came the power of Marcia. No one knew why the sword was born with the dragon but separate the two and neither could survive. Lidia became ruler at a young age when her parent's were poisoned in their sleep one night. She never found out who did it but she had an idea it was her sister.

Like any other royal family, back stabbing was a part of the everyday conversation. Lidia's sister, Meredith was the eldest. But unlike her sister, she had no gift of magic. It should of been her to be the ruler of Marlidia but her lack of self defense made her an outcast. So Meredith grew jealous of her younger sisters status and popularity.

Meredith had every right to be jealous of Lidia for no only did she posse a gift that no one else had to that power, she was beautiful. Lidia had long flowing brown hair. Shimmering hazel eyes that reflected the seas. High cheekbones that softened her face and a pair of rosy plump lips. Lidia had the body of a goddess, long sleek legs and a smooth torso. She was beautiful and Meredith wasn't. She looked older than her actual years and too slender to be healthy. Short legs, box like figure a chunky face and eyes the screamed for death.

For years Meredith planned for her sisters death but she was missing a key player, a child. A child who would learn the art of magic and sword fighting to defeat their aunt. Years and years went by and some how Meredith was blessed with a baby boy. From the day the child was born, Meredith taught him all she knew about magic. Each year the boy learned and grew at a faster pace than his aunt. Lidia never knew about her nephew for Meredith hid his existence well. The boys name was Malchus.

To this day legend hasn't uncovered how Meredith taught Malchy's magic or how he became more powerful than Lidia but he did. On one of the rare days that Lidia and Marcia were playing outside, enjoying a free day, Malchus stole Lidia's sword. In a heart beat Marcia felt the disturbance and went to attack Malchy's but it was too late, Malchus had the sword and sliced his aunts head off. Instead of fighting Malchy's and killing him which she could of done, Marcia flew off into hiding. After that day, Marlidia was to never be the same.

Marcia was never to be found again but it was said that she laid two eggs and hid them somewhere in the world. She then ripped her own heart out which was buried near her body. Her eggs were found years later by one of Malchus grand daughters and a woman by the named of Danny.

Meredith became ruler like she wanted to but was killed by her own creation. Malchus ruled Marlidia in a sick and harmful way. He ignored the wants and needs of his people and set war on anyone who crossed him. He wasn't a faithful king and nor a husband. Every chance he had , he would sleep with another woman hoping to get a child like his aunt. A child that could find one of Marcie's eggs and bring back alive the sword. To his dismay, he never got to the see the day that his youngest great granddaughter; Onora found the first egg. Like her great great aunt, the dragon had a sword and when the dragon grew so did the sword and Onora.

Plague and death grew across the world as Onora and her dragon became more wicked than Malchus and Meredith put together. On the other side of Marlidia; a human woman by the name of Danny came across the last egg of Marcia. Danny fled her town to a hidden tribe of Elves. The elves accepted Danny due to the fact she was pregnant and had the other egg. Danny died at child birth but before she passed a way, she asked a young Elf named Sarion, do teach her child the way of magic. So Sarion did as told and taught the young boy; Alden the art of magic.

As Onora grew stronger and found a lover, Alden did too and was known as one of the most powerful young wizards alive. On countless occasions, Onora and her husband fought Alden for the egg but each time were unsuccessful. At their last battle, Alden told the couple of a prophecy his mother; Sarion told him.
" A young earthly child will come to Marlidia and awaken the dragon;Marcie and bring peace over the land. Not only will Marcie be awaken but the sword she was born with will be restored to full power meaning no one in its path, could destroy it."

Silas and Onora fled the battle to make plans to throw the prophecy off. They sent a message to all the towns and cities that if anyone were able to discover the key to the earth world, they would be granted mortality. What the couple didn't know was that, the key to their own world was off finding the child its self.

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Re: The Key to the Universe(Fantasy)
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2011, 01:43:42 PM »
Main Characters: There are 6 main characters, five up for grabs.
Alden The Wizard
Martina the dragon
You have complete Creative control over what they look and how they act. Just know that Alden is young and wise and Onora is completely and without a doubt the most vicious woman alive.

Sub Characters: Sub characters are characters someone made them selves. Once again, full creative control on them

Character Bios: If you are interested reply to the thread with character bio.

Name: Uma Martin
Age: 18
Personality: Shy, Down to earth, sort of a coward with an adventures side. She is very funny in her own way. Very smart but can be really boring.