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Author Topic: [Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 182  (Read 773 times)

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[Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 182
« on: March 08, 2010, 12:34:20 AM »
February 14th [182] - Dress Up Like A Man...

One would think dressing up as and acting as the opposite sex for a day would be strange and weird. The opposite for the roommates and I. In fact, we enjoyed knowing we would dress and act like men on Valentine's Day and even more ironic was to watch the Valentine's Day film playing in theaters. Just in case my wording was off the roommates and I (who are biologically female) would dress up and act as if were biologically male, go out on Valentine's Day (a holiday built around romance) and end the night by watching Valentine's Day on V-Day.

The day started out late because the night before we had gone off to Fisherman's Wharf only to return late in the evening. My legs were hurting from the walking as well as the soles of my feet from the boots constricting them. Fashion and beauty is pain. Nonetheless, I woke around nine in the morning for my body thought it best to get up before the other two. I distracted myself with checking up on Elliquiy and writing the blog series here on the site. It managed to keep me busy for two hours before the roommates woke up. We all agreed to go to the movies in the afternoon for Chocolate Thunder and Kaos (who used to go by N. but now wants to be called Kaos) had to read and study a bit for their classes. Myself, I was going to choose to put off finishing the rest of my RAZA paper until later tonight.

Now as the time started to fade away, I knew I needed to wash my hair. The good thing about shorter hair is that it dries faster but becomes difficult to deal with in tying back into a pony tail. I needed to get my hair wet in order to pull it back to make myself look more manly as a drag King. However, a look down at my shirt and my breast size can give me away as as a female. Unfortunately, I did not have any tape to bind my breasts in and even if I did, I doubt there is enough tape to cover my girls from the rest of public. I revel in the fact I have lush breasts and friends even joke about the names I have given them. What can I say, I am attached to my girly bits.

After I washed and changed into a pair of pajamas, I watch Chocolate Thunder bring out the make up necessary to pull off the facade. She smiles as she ponders over what to put on her face. When she does not find out what exactly she wants, Chocolate Thunder turns her attention to Kaos. After the last time we all dressed up (Chocolate Thunder and I as out there women and Kaos as a man), Thunder did not have any problem in putting make up on Kaos to make her look like a man. A few minutes pass and I glance over my lap top to see the progress (Chocolate Thunder scolds me for looking at her because she hates to have an audience watch her) and I go back to Elliquiy. When I am not at work (either vanilla or Dominatrix), school, with friends, family and so forth, I like to check in on Elliquiy.

I cannot say I hate Elliquiy since you do see me around the place whether I am vocal or hiding in the shadows. Elliquiy is another home to me and I like to make sure no one is intruding upon my home. Right now, the apartment I live in with the roommates is another home and I do like knowing the three of us have made it hospitable. Of course, we are without a couch but we manage to get by without it since moving in a month ago.

While Chocolate Thunder continued with the make up on Kaos, I went into the bedroom to change into a pair of slouchy and a size too big jeans. I wear these jeans when I could really give a flying monkey about my appearance or those days when I want to paint and not bother about where the paint lands. Either way, I love my too big jeans and I wear them to give a better look of the men around here who wear their jeans sagging and bagging. How can men handle walking around with their pants down to their knees and their colorful boxers showing off to the whole world? If I received a dime for every sagging pair of jeans on a male I managed to see in my every day life, I could give up being a Domina and live out the rest of my life on a private island. However, I enjoy the work I do even if it is grueling (mentally, physically, emotionally and so forth). 

When I throw on a white beater and another white shirt, I hear Chocolate Thunder call my name. It is now time for me to get the make up to make me into a lovely, scratch that, handsome man. As I go to take a seat, Kaos, turns to look at me and I have to laugh. Kaos looks dead on like a man. A very handsome, guero who I would not mind dating except for the fact Kaos is a straight woman. Such a damn shame.

Kaos has the facial appearance of a man and now it is time for me to get my own make up done. Chocolate Thunder sits back to ask me what I want. I did not realize while I was getting dressed, Chocolate Thunder had done her own make up. She would switch on and off to Kaos who did not mind waiting a bit. In fact, Chocolate Thunder's goatee and thick eyebrows along with her frown aids in making her look more and more a man. For me, I ponder if I can pull it off. I ask Chocolate Thunder to give me a soul patch, a mustache and eyebrows. Chocolate Thunder knows it is going to take a bit to draw on eyebrows (after years of plucking my eyebrows, I lack half an eyebrow on one side of my face. If you look at some of my pictures, you can notice I have hair but not a lot of its on my eyebrows).

A few minutes go by as Chocolate Thunder draws on thick and bushy eyebrows onto my face. I watch my reflection through her glasses to see how she goes and I can see I have thick eyebrows now. Not a bad thing since I do miss my eyebrows. Aye, I was such a fool in my youth to try and go for that pencil-thin look when having thin eyebrows were all the rage. It is taking almost two years to get most of my eyebrows back but damn if they are really slow in coming around.

Next come the mustache and soul patch. You can check out the pictures of me in drag on my A.A. The unapproved will have to guess or wait to see moi as a man. The rest can click on it and comment on whether or not I managed to pull off being a man. Chocolate Thunder took ten minutes on me and when I was done, I went into the bathroom to comb my hair. After I combed my hair to some sort of dude style, Kaos and Chocolate Thunder both thought I looked like Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride. As I stared at myself in the mirror, I had a bit of resemblance to Inigo.

All three of us finished dressing up and we take the time to take pictures. Each of us posed alone or with one another before noticing the time. We wanted to hit a show close to the afternoon where the masses would be greater on Valentine's Day. It would be ironic for us to dress as man and go to the biggest romantic comedies to come out in the last few months which is Valentine's Day the movie.

Once we made it to the movie theater we had people stare and a few wonder whether we were men or women. The three of us even had our picture taken in the theater and this one of moi giving the camera a mug. By the end of the movie, we were ready to buy a pizza, get the make up off and head back into the lives of women. It was a glorious experience especially the people wondering whether we were trying to make a statement or out of our damn minds. Nonetheless, I had the best time.

Miss Marguerite & The City

P.S. I love comments.