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Author Topic: Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F)updated 7/13/15  (Read 2224 times)

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Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F)updated 7/13/15
« on: November 29, 2013, 05:58:09 PM »

Post 1:  index & intro
Post 2:  pairings that interest me
Post 3:  fandoms I like
Post 4:  my ideas
Post 5:  my characters
Post 6:  pics without plots


First, DO NOT POST HERE.  If interested PM me.

Its been a little while and I’ve been meaning to overhaul my idea thread for some time so I thought I would just start fresh.

I am a straight male and play almost exclusively straight male characters (I say almost because I have played secondary female character in sexual play but only with other female characters and I did get kind of bi in a group game once). 

I do have a real life that takes priority as well as other obligations online and I’m also ADD.  This leads me to be a procrastinator and means that unless I’m extremely inspired and we get a rapid fire rhythm going I will most likely not post more then once a day, maybe even once or twice a week.  Don’t pester me about posting but if its been a week and you haven’t heard from me, first check my profile to make sure I’ve been on then feel free to send me a reminder.

For more info on me see my ons and offs and my intro thread, both in my sig (note: my feelings on guys playing girls have changed since I’ve been hear.  In my intro I said that I didn’t mind but preferred girls playing girls.  Since then I have played with some guys who played really good girls (by good I mean convincing, some of them weren’t such good girls  >:) )so at this point if you think you can poll it off I’m game.)

I am open to any suggestions, what follows is just some ideas and listings of things I like.
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Re: Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F) under construction
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2013, 05:59:16 PM »
Pairings that interest me:

NOTE 1:  Not going to bother putting werewolf because there would be too many, basically if there is a werewolf I’m probably interested.
NOTE 2:  gargoyle refers to the race from the Disney show.
NOTE 3:  Amazon hear refers not just to the legendary warrior women but any strong woman or female soldier.
NOTE 4:  most roles are interchangeable, the exception being gender specific roles like Amazon.

Currently craving M/F/F with the females being mother and daughter.

Alien x alien
Alien x human
Angel x demon
Angel x human
Biker x geek
Cop x criminal
Demon x Human
Furry x furry
Furry x human
Guard x prisoner
Gargoyle x Human
Gargoyle x Gargoyle
Gargoyle x Mutate
Gargoyle x Fae
Hero x Hero
Hero x Villain
Master x Slave
Mutant x Human
Mutant x Mutant
Student x Teacher
Soldier x Amazon
vampire x human
Villain x Villain
Week male x Amazon
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Re: Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F) under construction
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2013, 06:13:24 PM »
Fandoms I like:
These are some worlds I would like to play in, I’m open to any story suggestions but especially if they are in one of these worlds (or maybe crossing over between them).  This is not a complete list and I’m sure it will grow.  Some will have spoilers under them with ideas or details on what I like about that fandom.  While there are characters I would like to interact with and a few I might be willing to play in these worlds I do prefer to play an OC character within the world.

   I have this idea of a female pred (maybe half human) on her first solo hunt in the mountains of north America.  She plants a face huger egg in a cave with a sleeping bear and while she waits she attacks a camper for what she thinks will be an easy kill but he turns out to be a werewolf.

Alien nation
Avatar (cartoons)
Avatar (movie with blue aliens)
Babylon 5
Being human
Ben 10
D&D/Forgotten realms
DC comics
Batman beyond
1:For some reason the idea of a late teens/early 20s buttercup (the girl in green from power puff girls) having a crush on terry (batman) keeps popping into my head.
2: Another idea that appeals to me is one of terry’s enemies getting there hands on his friend max.
3: I know terry already has 10 as a catwoman type but you could play an OC as another villain/love interest.
Justice league
I could play a new member (an OC) who catches the eye of one of the girls (I do like hawk girl), or a villain who gets his hands on one of them.
Young justice (cartoon)
Basically the same ideas as justice league.

Doctor who/Torchwood
Harry Potter
Kim possible
Legend of the dragon
Marvel comics
Mortal kombat
   I kind of have a thing for Shiva.

Once upon a time
Star trek
Star wars
Sword art online
Teen wolf (TV)
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Terra nova
The almighty johnsons
The matrix
The walking dead (or any zombie really)
Thundercats (new or old)
True blood
Ugly Americans
World of warcraft
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Re: Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F) under construction
« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2013, 07:09:23 PM »
My ideas:

FALSE WITNESS(magic, NC, possible slavery, possible NC2C)
Me:  magic user
You:  accuser
Story:  a girl who falsely accused another of being a witch is abducted by a real magic user that was passing thru and taught a lesson.

This could be short with him teaching her a lesson then leaving her or for a longer story he could make her his slave, serving him as he travels.  Maybe the girl even has some magical potential of her own that eventually begins to cultivate.
Inspired by

FALLEN (magic, slavery, compulsion, NC, maybe NC2C)
Me:  battle mage war lord
You:  female warier
Story:  YC is a nomadic female warier (kind of like Xena) who has taken up the task of defending a village from MC’s forces.  Maybe she has a connection to the village or maybe they just paid her but either way she is the last defender standing, finally defeated by a volley of arrows.  MC is impressed with her and he uses his magic to keep her from dieing.  He offers to save her but only if she swears herself to him.  Wanting to live she accepts with no intention of keeping her oath but what she doesn’t realize is because he was feeding her energy at the time her very soul was bound to him and she became incapable of disobeying him.
Inspired by

BLACK SHEEP (NC, bondage, torture, table turning, possible death)
Me:  The black sheep of a mob family and those sent to avenge him.
You:  rich bad girl with a sadistic hobby.
Story:  YC is a spoiled rich girl who was raised getting anything and everything she wanted.  She boars easily and the only thing that seams to hold her interest is making others suffer.  By her mid 20 she had a habit of abducting some small town loser that few if any would miss and torturing them, often to death.  She would do this a few times a year, her money and influence not only keeping her safe but allowing her use corrupt small town cops to help pick her targets.  Unfortunately for her this time she has picked the wrong victim.

The victim in question is the drug addict younger brother of Victor Rosonay, a high ranking mob boss from another state.  Victor detests his brother and basically disowned him years ago, few even know about the family connection but blood is blood and when his brother is found dead and mutilated Victor puts the full force of his organization into finding out what happened.  He learns about the spoiled rich girl and sets a trap for her.  He insures she is pointed to one of his men as her next target and when she strike two other men follow them back to her “play room”.

I would like to start this with her being lead into the trap but I might be willing to play out her fun with the brother as well if you really want to.

LAYING LOW (multiple characters, NC, blackmail, possible lesbian incest)
Me: male criminals
You: female resident (and daughter(s) if open)
Story:  I would play one or more criminals on the run having robed a bank or armored car or something, maybe escaped from prison.  The roads are blocked so they break into a house to lay low for a while and find your character home.  While waiting for the heat to die down they decide to have some fun with your character.

Your character can be alone (in which case she could be anywhere from 18-40) or she could have one or more daughters in the house (it would be late so the daughters would be sleeping).

If your only playing 1 character I’m willing to play 1 or 2 guys.  If you include the daughters (who can be anywhere from 16-23) I’m willing to play up to 5 guys (6 if there are 3 daughters with 2 of them being twins).

Kinks beyond those listed above would depend on both our O/Os.

THE CHAMPION'S COLLAR (magic, slavery, compulsion, manipulation, Amazon, NC, NC2C)
Me:  king
You:  would be assassin
Story:  Long long ago most of the known world was conquered by an extremely powerful magic user.  Kept young and made hard to kill by his magic he still rules as king.  In addition to his magic he has been protected by a champion, a skilled and powerful female warrior, from the beginning.  Though she too seams to be ageless stories say the currant champion is at least the forth to stand by his side.  Few know the true nature of there relationship, the true nature of the collar she wares.

I would play the king as well as his currant champion (for as long as she lasts).  You would play a would be assassin.  Another female warrior determined to kill the king.  Maybe she lost her family because of a decision he made and has trained to kill him ever since.  She crosses swords with the currant champion and kills her.  After she strikes the fatal blow he uses his magic to immobilize her before taking the collar from his now dead champion and putting it on your character.

The collar connects her to him, letting her share his agelessness but also giving him access to her mind, compelling her to obey him and causing her to feel many times any pain he feels.

TEMPORARY CUSTODY (incest, manipulation, age difference, reluctance, NC2C?)
Me: 16-17 year old boy
You:  mid 30s-mid 40s woman
Story:  your character gets a call saying the sister she hasn’t talked to in nearly 20 years is going to prison and she has a nephew who will either be moving in with her or going into foster care.  When he arrives he is not quite what she expected.  Physically imposing and attractive enough that she has to remind herself he is her nephew, he is guilty of crimes far worse then what his mother is in prison for.  Finding her attractive and not caring that she is his aunt, he manipulates and seduces her.

MAGE SLAVE (fantasy/magic, slavery, manipulation, NC, NC2C?)
Me:  fairly powerful mage
You:  slave girl/apprentice
Story:  a mage is passing a slave market, usually he pays little attention to such things but he senses an odd energy.  Investigating, he finds that one of the girls for sale has an extraordinary reserve of potential magical energy.  He buys her and takes her as his new apprentice. 
   Just because he is teaching her and trying to bring out her potential doesn’t mean he’s nice about it, he is still her master and will do with her as he pleases.

SITH SLAVE (star wars, slavery, manipulation, NC, NC2C?)
Me: sith lord
You:  slave girl/apprentice
Story:  basically a variation on mage slave set in the star wars universe with a sith taking the place of the mage and the slave being force sensitive.

SWITCH (mind control, manipulation)
Me:  guy with power
You:  manipulated girl
Story: This is really more of a concept then a story but my character would be a guy who has just gained the power to create mental knobs and switches in peoples heads that affect there emotions and maybe even have physical affects.  He can then control these knobs and switches but not completely or effortlessly.  For example if someone was mad at him he might be able to make them less mad or even make them feel something else about him but if they are really mad he might not be able to move the switch.

Both characters could be anyone really.  They may have known each other for a long time or only recently meat, they could be equal or one could have authority over the other (I like the idea of her being in authority, a boss or teacher but him polling her strings without her knowing).

Me:  male winged anthro wolf
You:  cat girl
Story:  I’m in a tree stalking my diner when I see you coming to the river to bathe and decide to make you my target.  The details beyond that are mostly open, you could be easy prey or a strong fighter and the level of non-con (from reluctant at first to outright violent) is up to you.

Note: he has no intention of killing her but if it is violent then A.  she wouldn’t know that and B.  it could happen.

THE CAMPER(NC, NC2C, werewolf)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Me: male werewolf
You: female camper
Story:  deep in the woods, you came hear to get away from the city, maybe you had a hard week or maybe you had planed to hike from one end of this forest to the other but for some reason you hiked further then you ever have before, it took you at least 2 days to get hear and you are planning to go further the next day.  What you didn’t know was that I come hear (I canoe in) on the full moon because it’s the only time I can’t control the animal instincts of the wolf.  I chase you, I’m having fun with the chase but the real fun starts when I catch you.

This can be straight up NC but I would prefer NC2C

PRICE OF THE GAME (superhero, NC, violence, torture)

Me:  male “Supervillan”
You:  female rooky hero (low level powers if any)

Story:  I’ve just broken into a bank at night (after disabling the alarm) when you show up and try to stop me but you don’t relies how far out of your league I am.  Amused by you I give you a chance to leave but you persist so I decide to show you why being a “hero” is a bad idea (especially for a girl).

This can be existing characters or OCs but keep in mind that he is trying to make an example of her so it will be brutal and in the end she will be broken (assuming she survives).

Unwilling sidekick (superhero, NC, violence, domination, Stockholm)
Me:  male “Supervillan”
You:  female rooky hero (low level powers if any)

Story:  a variation of price of the game in which the villain takes the girl with him, maybe seeing potential in her power or skills or whatever and dominates her while training her to be his dark sidekick.

Doomsday (superhero, NC, violence, torture, voyeurism, humiliation)
Me: male Supervillan
You: female superhero

Story:  Another variation on price of the game, this one with a powerhouse female hero (ex: wonder woman, she hulk) being attacked by a new enemy.  They fight a crossed the city with him basically playing with her, tearing at her costume and when he has her practically naked he publicly rapes her.  After that he could leave her there, humiliated and somewhat broken, or he could take her with him for further “fun”.

POKEBALLS(NC/mind control/slavery)

Me:  male “pokemon trainer”
You:  not quite human female
Story:  Basically I’m a strong willed guy who gets his hands on something like the poke balls explained in the above comic page and a way to travel the multivers.  Who will I use them on?  This is really pretty open, it could be a hero, a villain, a character from anime, video games or comics, some alien, a random anthro girl…as long as there not quite human, for example batgirl is human so I couldn’t catch her but poison ivy would fall under the category of modified human and as such I could catch her.  Also they have to be organic, that’s not saying a cyborg can’t be caught but they would have to be not quite human in another way besides that.

SPOILS OF WAR(NC/slavery/possible Stockholm)
Me:  male warrior
You:  female captive
Story:  this idea is pretty simple and very open.  Basically I would be a warrior if some kind who participated or maybe lead a raid and took your character as one of his prizes. 

Beyond that its all pretty much open to discussion.  It could be any number of setting.  Historical:  cowboy and Indian, Viking and kelt, Mongol and Indian/Chinese/Japanese.  Fantasy: I could be a orc or something like that who took an elf or to put it in the specific context of WOW I would like to be a Worgen who caught an orc, blood elf, tauren or troll. could even do sci-fi, maybe I could be the Capitan of a rouge klingon ship that attacked a federation/romulan/cardasian/whatever race (wouldn’t even have to be limited to star trek) outpost.  I’m also open to some kind of furry or fandom world.

A lot about your character would be up for discussion as well.  She wouldn’t have to be young but not old.  Will she be a strong woman who tried to fight of just a week fleeing villager?  Once captured will she fight tirelessly (most likely incurring numerous beatings) or will she worm to her captor over time?
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Re: Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F) new stuff 12/13/13
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2013, 12:40:49 PM »
My characters:
These are characters I’ve come up with for one thing or another and either didn’t get to use or would be willing to use again.  More to come.

Originally created for: the Asylum

Mathew Gabaldon, Erik
Age: 23
Orientation: Straight
Illness(s): multiple personalities

How did you end up here?: when matt was little he was a brat but then something happened, something so bad he repressed it and to this day dos not remember what it was.  After the incident he became very nice and sweet, always obeying authority figures and insisting to be called by his full name Mathew.  Mathew was very passive and submissive all thru his teen years, pushing down anything that upset him.

Just after high school Mathew got a job at a grocery store.  The manager was a prick, always mean and abusive to his employees and no mater how hard he tried Mathew could not please him.  Finally one day it was too much, while being yelled at for “missing a spot” after having moped the floor three times Mathew snapped and retreated into himself, allowing all his repressed anger and frustration to come to the surface in the form of Erik, who used the mope handle to beet the manager half to death before literally shoving it up his ass.  This happened in the break room with a security camera being the only witness. 

Erik then left the store, stopping on the way out when he saw Sharon, the manager’s daughter who Mathew had a crush on but was too shy to even talk to, running one of the registers.  He walked up and turned her around in the middle of a sale, grabbed the back of her head and kissed her forcefully and passionately.  Surprised, she resisted, but only for a moment.  He held the kiss for several minuets, giving waiting customers the finger when they complained and when he let her go he said in a authoritative tone “give me your number, I might call”.  He got her number but never had the chance to call her because as he left she was so flustered by what had happened she went to the break room to sit down and found her father.

Mathew woke up the next morning in a jail cell with only flashes of why he was there.  A psyche evaluation determined he had multiple personalities and that while mathew wasn’t responsible for what had happened Erik was a danger to society and so he was sent to a mental institute instead of prison.

On rare occasion Mathew and Erik have been seen arguing.  Once while they were arguing a third voice yelled “stop fighting” and like parents fighting in front of there kids they did stop, for almost two minuets.  This has been seen as evidence that both personalities are constructs and matt’s true mind is buried under them.

Personality: mathew is nice, always thinking of others before himself and will usually submit to anything an authority figure tells him.  Erik on the other hand is a real ass hole who hates authority, will dominate whenever he can and has a history of violence.
Anything Else?: no bathroom stuff or permanent disfigurement.  Mathew would probably submit to anal or pegging but the moment it started Erik would take over and most likely become violent.

Created but never used for super hero U game.

Name: Aaron Ronsani
Alias: Danake ( )
Age: 19
Gender/Sexuality:  Male/straight

Powers: you wouldn’t think it to look at him but no matter who you are, Aaron can kill you quick and easy, and he wouldn’t shed a tear about it.  He has no real training of skill as a fighter but just by looking at you he instinctively knows the quickest and easiest way to kill you and can poll it off.  He seams laid back most of the time but he can give you a look that tells you if he wanted you dead you would be.

He also has the ability to reach into thin air and poll money and other valuable objects from the treasure rooms of the underworld.
History: some years ago Rachel Ronsani’s husband was killed by cultist worshiping the Greek god of the underworld Hades.  Shortly after his death he appeared in her dreams and told her there was a way to bring him back.  She did as he said and soon found herself in the underworld where Hades, on the outs with Persephone at the time, offered her a deal.  One year of life for her husband in exchange for one night of passion with him.  She hesitated but accepted.  Nine months latter Aaron was born and three months after that she was again a widow, now with a son to raise on her own.

Being a busy god, Hades didn’t show up again until the day Aaron’s mother died when he was 17.  His mother had never told him of the deal she had made or that he had resulted from it.  He told him of his gift and what it could do.  Aaron had never killed anyone but he now understood why he was so good at intimidating others.  He also told him he could have anything from the treasure rooms of the underworld, there was more there then could be spent in a hundred lifetimes. 

He showed him how to reach for what he wanted but this only made Aaron resent his father more.  His mother had worked as hard as she could all his life to provide for him, refusing to let him get a job when he was old enough even thou they were barely getting by and she had finally died form a disease that could have been treated if they had the money.  Aaron now refuses to speak with his father but takes nearly every chance he gets to empty the treasure rooms, buying only the best for himself and those around him, he is extremely generous with his fathers wealth and often gives gifts most people couldn’t even dream of.

Aaron’s mother had made sure he worked hard in school, he was actually an A student and cost was now irrelevant so he could have gone to just about any school but shortly after coming into his powers he received an invitation to Super U.  A school full of people with powers sounded fun so he accepted.

After arriving he thought the dorm rooms seamed a bit cramped so he paid to quickly put up a new building with spacious rooms that had all the best gadgets built in and a spacious penthouse on top for himself.

Tiger 37
created but not yet used for "price of the game/unwilling sidekick"

Full Given Name:  tiger 37
Coed-Name:  shadow tiger
Other Known Aliases:  Tommy Chan, Yoon Gyeong Kim, Cao Kh?c Thi?t, Fumihiro Miyazawa, Liang Ni
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation:  straight
Sexual Role:  dom
Species:  augmented human
Ethnicity:  Korean
Language(s) Spoken:  Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, German, portages, English, Spanish.
Language(s) Read:  Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, English, Spanish.
Apparent Age:  26
Chronological age:  37
Eye Color:  varies depending on what he is seeing
Hair Color:  black
Body Type:  athletic
Height:  5’11
Weight:  143
Legal status:  north Korean refuge wanted for questioning by Interpol
Occupation:  software developer, professional criminal specializing in break-ins, alarm evasion, safe cracking, cyber crime and human trafficking.
Base of operations:  mobile
Current Residence:  the tiger’s strip (yacht)
Typical range of operations:  global
Group affiliation:  yakuza
Status in groups(s):  mid level special operative
IQ:  217
Religion:  atheist
Powers:  enhanced strength, durability, healing, reflexes intelligence and senses.  Able to adjust eyes to see above and below visible light spectrum for normal human.
Origin of powers:  north Korean super soldier attempt
Weaknesses:  sudden strong odors or loud noises
History:  thirty eight years ago the north Korean government used eugenics to conceive fifty children and chemically experimented on them while in the whom.  Their hope was to create supper soldiers but more then half of the subjects died before they were born and more then half those that survived had horrible birth defects and were ordered destroyed.  They were left with seven healthy babies. 

Never given names other then subject number in the project codenamed tiger, the children were raised, educated and trained by the country’s most elite soldiers.  Most proved to be exceptional but one stood out from the rest.  Tiger 37 consistently out preformed his brothers and showed one ability none of the others did.  He could see in inferred and ultraviolet.

37 also excelled in intelligence and by the time he was six he had realized he wanted out.  He began intentionally performing below his best on the tests they were given, doing just well enough to keep ahead of his brothers but never showing them what he could really do.  He got them to underestimate him.

Finally, on his 14th birthday he made his move.  Killing the soldiers that had been watching over there training he fled for the boarder.  His brothers were sent after him but they were no match.  Unable to convince them to come with him or let him go he was forced to kill them.  That was the hardest thing about his escape, the boarder its self posing little challenge.

Once out of north Korea he learned all he could about the rest of the world, soaking up information like a sponge.  He chose the name Tommy Chan for himself and soon started fighting for money.  These underground fights lead to criminal connections and by the time he was 15 he was enforcing for a south Korean branch of the yakuza.

Over the years he rose thru the ranks until he grew board with the organization.  Now a mid level operative code named shadow tiger, he travels the world on his yacht performing varies jobs, often at the request of one of the yakuza higher ups.
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Re: Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F) new stuff 12/13/13
« Reply #5 on: July 30, 2014, 09:18:37 PM »
Pics without plots

Pics I'd like to play
Human Real

Human Drawn



Pics I want someone else to play.
Human Drawn

Human Drawn 2

Human Drawn NSFW

Human Real

Human Real NSFW



Other Stuff

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Re: Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F)
« Reply #6 on: August 06, 2014, 01:40:11 PM »
General tweaks made.
My characters finally added.
Mathew/Erik, Danake and Tiger 37 added to my characters.

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Re: Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F)updated 8/6/14
« Reply #7 on: September 04, 2014, 06:11:33 PM »
Craving for M/F/F with mother a daughter added to pairings.
LAYING LOW added to ideas.

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Re: Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F)updated 9/4/14
« Reply #8 on: January 12, 2015, 10:32:10 PM »

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Re: Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F)updated 9/4/14
« Reply #9 on: May 30, 2015, 05:18:03 PM »
Pics without plots added

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Re: Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F)updated 5/30/15
« Reply #10 on: July 13, 2015, 11:29:36 AM »
False witness, fallen and black sheep added to my ideas.
Lots of stuff added to pics without plots.

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Re: Luphawk’s new Den (M seeking F)updated 7/13/15
« Reply #11 on: August 14, 2016, 02:34:11 PM »
bump, everything open.