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Author Topic: Amazon & Darius Bromance Threeways (Seeking Creative Females)  (Read 451 times)

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Amazon & Darius Bromance Threeways (Seeking Creative Females)
« on: November 28, 2012, 01:24:13 PM »
Small Group Roleplay

Dariusfallenstar and I are looking for a descriptive female writer to be a third in one, or several, three-way scenarios (some of which are listed below). Feel free to contact me or Darius about these roles.

For the majority of these stories, Darius will be playing a dominant man and friend/brother/compatriot to me - who usually plays a butch female or as a man. We're looking for a very feminine partner in crime who can match our styles (see our joint thread for an idea) for long and short roles, both smutty and plot-intensive.

Hungry Triangle (Modern/Realistic)

Scenario: Darius's character and mine are friends, very good friends. My character is female but identifies with the male gender and has even strongly considered surgery; however, my character knows that Darius's character would be less comfortable with their close "bromanceish" friendship if she goes through with the surgery, so she doesn't. As a quasi-couple, our characters decide that they want a relationship with a woman, particularly with one willing to have a child with them. My catch is this: despite his character's fierce dominant side, he has to submit from time to time - this is to be fair, considering my character is giving up something to stay in his life.

Wanted: We are looking for a female player to form a very realistic, emotionally vibrant triangle. Expect emotional drama, some power plays and tension, lots of sex, and an exploration of gender roles, dominance and submission, and pregnancy risk, if not actual pregnancy. The normal descriptive and kinky stuff applies.

Twisted Love (Modern/Realistic)

Scenario: Darius's character and mine are deeply in love and have been dating since high school. One day, in the middle of finals at college, my character discovered she had cervical cancer and it was quite developed. The cancer ruined her career in college, destroyed her chances of having a child, and made vaginal sex incredibly painful. But, the relationship did not end there. In order for his love to feel pleasure and to overcome her deep depression and loss of sexual identity, he embarked on a mission to give her a more masculine identity. Toward that end, he has begun taking her to workout, showing her new types of porn, and slipping her testosterone supplements. This story starts with her first hunt for a female to dominate and share with her boyfriend/husband (my character). As the story progresses and the kinks deepen, My character becomes more and more determined to make sure any woman she brings home is fucked by her lover bareback (even if those poor girls are unaware of what is happening) - eager for that risk of pregnancy before the partner is discarded.

Wanted: Highly descriptive female writer willing to play one or multiple roles over an evolving story. There will be D/s elements, pregnancy risk, and some wicked psychological twists as the two struggle to maintain their love while the physical aspects of their relationship shift to include play with a third.

She has Two Daddies (Modern/Realistic)

Scenario: Darius's character and mine got married at a very young age. We've had a very healthy, open relationship, so when my character decides to get a gender change, his is supportive but leery: his character has lots of sexual reservations, but loves my character deeply. A few years before the change, our characters adopted a girl who was the victim of some horror (a Tsunami or storm or other event that left her an orphan). Shortly after the change, our daughter approaches us and offers to be the little woman for both daddies.

Wanted: Young female character, preferably of Asian (or at least non-Caucasian) descent. This character would be feisty, intelligent, creative, and passionate - but also sexually expressive enough to convince both "Daddies" to try this new idea out. The social ramifications will be explored, in addition to all the emotional oddities we can think of.

Please, Professors, May I Have Another? (Modern/Somewhat realistic)

Scenario: Darius and I are college professors: one of us is a well-known psychologist dabbling in hypnotism, while the other is a pharmacologist. Together, we've begun light experimentation combining the two fields in interesting and playfully wicked ways. When one of our newest students attempts to bribe not one, but *both* of us for better grades, we decide to give her a chance to be our guinea pig. 

Wanted: We're looking for a female student here (obviously), one shallow and gullible enough to fall for this sort of thing. This is intended to be a roleplay of psychological and pharmacological experimentation with lots of wicked twists and limit-pushing.

The Bullies and the Milf (Modern/Realistic)

Scenario: Darius and I are young bullies (16-17) who happen to terrorize the kids of a small, suburban neighborhood. Nothing *ever* happens in the neighborhood; everything is boring, everyone's husband works 8-6, and all the wives are dutiful and Christian. Except for one. When her young child comes home crying and the not-so-placid wife steps in to stop the bullies, she discovers something entirely inappropriate: she wants to fuck them!

Wanted: Female MILF for a smutty, wicked short-term drama involving white-bread suburbia turned upside down by scandal.

The Addict Rock Star (Modern/Realistic)

Scenario: My character is an androgynous rock star of epic proportions; everyone knows he does drugs and fucks everything that moves, despite being in his 40s. What most people don't know is that the rock star was once a female but did, in fact, have a gender change procedure and is now a sex addict: he wants to crawl into almost anything attractive. Darius's character is my bodyguard, dealer, and publicist - weeding out the worst of the worst, keeping my star on a somewhat even keel, and helping arrange proper groupies. That the rock star pulls his bodyguard along for the rides is just part of the scandal of hedonism.

Wanted: This scenario would involve tons of scandal and shenanigans, drug-use and whimsey. We'd ideally like one female writer comfortable with playing multiple roles, so we can explore lots of groupie dynamics. We'd also be willing to consider a female writer interested in playing a journalist, fascinated with the rock star and willing to do almost anything for a taste of that lifestyle, who hitches her fate to Amazon's star and gets dragged along a horrible, hedonistic, and dramatic life-altering experience. The story would examine various aspects of the rock star's life, including both the darker and lighter side of the fame.

Twice Cursed for All Time

Scenario: My character and Darius's will play twin demons. These demons are vaguely Japanese-Hindu, in that they have some basic gender orientation but are utterly immortal, malicious, shape shifters. His character is masculine-oriented, and mine is feminine-flavored. This story could occur in multiple times and locations:

1: Historic/Fantasy - not high fantasy, more Conan the Barbarian-esque.
2: Victorian Times - Steam Punk-esque.
3: Modern Times.
4: Futuristic times - sci-fi flavored.

Wanted: We are looking for a female player interested in being sexually corrupted and a dominated by a duo. The role may be "revolving door," in which case, you could play a character for a specific time period (per your interest/request), or long-term. In this case, your character might be tied to the demons, doomed to have them find her each time she is reborn. This opens lots of fun opportunities. We're looking for a highly-descriptive player who is willing to play an effeminate, intelligent, submissive, character with a life and mind of her own. 

The Unfortunate Side Effects of Sex with Aliens (Sci-fi)

Scenario: Our characters (Darius's and mine) are scientists who discover an organism that can, through sound and desire, be made to look like any organically plausible creature. After a while, our characters begin sneakily arranging it to suit our sexual desires and (at first one at a time) fucking it. As our characters become more and more driven by lust, thanks to this perfect being, our guard drops and we engage in threesomes with the poor, helpless shapeshifter. After a while, we come to realize a horrible truth: the creature we've been fucking has infected us and made us into sort-of limited shapeshifters too. Once this happens, we find that own government wants us to experiment on. Predictably, we flee the mercenaries that force all three of us into a series of adventures and escapes as we work together to find a new haven and home.

Wanted: We're looking for a long term female participant comfortable with the idea of having to describe/depict a whole slew of shapes and forms. We'd like to see your character grow and become less innocent as time passes, ultimately evolving the triangle relationship in this expansive sci-fi world, loosely based on Serenity's setting.

What is the Truth of Steel? (Fantasy)

Scenario: Darius and I are famed warriors, each proud and powerful. We have traveled together for some time as mercenaries, working for kings, nobles, and merchants with no regard to morality. The third character is a beautiful and seductive assassin sent to kill the two, but when her initial attempts fail and her backer sends killers in for all three of them, she has no choice but to join the two. Adventure, romance, and hawt Conan-esque smut ensue.

Wanted: Female writer capable of handling being a sexy, seductive, assassin who can fall in with a pair of brutish killers and fall in lust/love with the two as time passes.

The Mask (Modern/Horror)

Scenario: My character and Darius are best friends in the school. Both of them are social outcasts and rather unpopular. A pair of geeks who would rather spend time debating over whether Wolverine is more badass than Daredevil or not and LARP'ing etc. than to be involved in anything happening at the school. They often end up getting bullied at school due to being a socially awkward and shy bunch. A scenario which pisses off both of them, but especially my character a lot who is often teased as being a weak willed and easy to scare. When Halloween is approaching, my character decides to cook up a scheme through which she could have the revenge which she has sought for so long. A new shady shop has opened up in the town, and despite warnings from the owner...she buys the scariest mask which she could spot. It's ugly, it's grotesque and it's downright incredible. At the Halloween party, she steals the show. However there's a catch. It's not just an ordinary mask. In fact, it has a curse on it, which causes it to attach itself on the user's head and the one who wears it, their personality meshes with that of the demon/evil entity, making them the evil demon. Gone is the small opening at the neck allowing them to pull away the mask as now it has become her skin and it has become her face. Darius's character notices how she's losing her humanity inch by inch as she raises havoc all over the town through her mad antics [and humiliating the bullies and perhaps even their lovers in a seriously gruesome manner.] It could go many ways, a doomed ending where she completely becomes a demon. Maybe there is some solution to the curse. And just what happened to the shop which vanished suddenly? Will it appear over there to give us answers to all this madness?

Wanted: We are looking for a female player to take on the role of bullies, with one of them bein her principal character who shall go through all sorts of crazy stuff. Themes explored would be loss of identity, morphing into someone else, mixture of realities, surreal atmosphere, dominance and submission, loads of extreme stiuations.

In the name of God (Modern)

Scenario: Me and Darius shall play a pair of husband and wife who are Tele Evangelists with massive following. Their sermons supremely popular, they are an image of perfection. The husband intelligent and kind presiding as a father figure, the wife gentle mother to all of those who seek spiritual guidance and feel they are lost in their life. They have published numerous books, tapes etc. But the fact is, the whole Evnagelist deal? Is nothing more than an act which they have been putting on. Behind the scenes, they are as dirty as they get. The husband not away from any sin including every kind of drug imaginable, the wife having a perpetually foul mouth and fucking all the Christian girls who come to visit them, especially at the camps which they arrange for young men and women. The duo shall use them, abuse them before discarding them and moving on to some other innocent souls. Some might try to complain, but really, how can anyone dare to complain against such a perfect couple, they have to be silly, right?

The game will be as extreme as it gets with no offs whatsoever. The girls will be put through some serious humiliation, emotional corruption, BDSM, watersports, dehumanization and bred to be nothing more than whores of the couple before being sent back their homes as 'blessed ones'. There will be scandal, and maybe even someone trying to expose the couple and all the good stuff.

Required: Someone to play the girls which the couple encounters. It shall be an episodic game moving from one scenario to another.
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