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November 15, 2018, 11:12:29 AM

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Author Topic: Zilyana's Recruitment Center (Futa/Futa)  (Read 349 times)

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Zilyana's Recruitment Center (Futa/Futa)
« on: March 02, 2018, 02:28:10 PM »
This is where I'll list most of the things I'm looking for. Please, do take a look at my O/O's to find out what makes me tick and see if we're compatible. And maybe check out my corner at the Storyteller's café if you want a hint of my writing style. Though I post mostly short, simple stories there. Nothing that'd require multiple episodes/chapters.

Gay camp
Themes: Modern, (mild) homophobia/transphobia, humor, romance
Setting: My character is trans (MtF, pre-op) and attracted to girls. On her eighteenth birthday her parents decide enough is enough and give up on 'hoping she'll come around'. They send her to a 'conversion camp'. What her parents didn't realize was that it may not have been a great idea to send a teenager, full of raging hormones, to a summer camp, filled with peers in a similar situation.
As it turns out the camp however is run by a ... Opportunist. The big boss set up a camp, because desparate parents will pay anything to 'cure' their sweet, little babies. The boss doesn't particularly care about people's orientation though. He just wants money! Thus he plans out a bare-bones curriculum. Tell them the same stupid things they've heard a million times. Maybe tell them how they can 'hide' their orientation or fake it, until they are less reliant on their parents for support. He can't do this alone, but he doesn't want to hire professionals. So minimum wage, part time it is! Whom probably don't get paid enough to care a lot to properly enforce the anti-gay stuff.
Comments: I'm thinking we both have our own character playing this, with occasionally both of us playing other characters to keep the story properly flowing. I don't want this to be too dark or traumatic. Imagine it more as a romantic comedy than an episode of Criminal Minds.
I'd prefer to do this with trans characters (girls with dicks). Female/female couplings may be considered as well. Maybe. Male/male only if said males are femboys. Sorry! Just not my cup of tea otherwise!

Alien VS Predator
Themes: sci-fi, romance, combat, pregnancy
Setting: Whenever a Predator comes of age, it is turned to the test. Destroy an Alien, using whatever means necessary.
An Alien specimen is dropped on a remote planet. A misfit Predator warrior is send out to destroy it and earn her place in society.   
Comments: Inspired by pop culture around the movie Alien VS Predator. Although my knowledge is somewhat limited. So I may make a lore error at times.
Each of the characters would be played by one of us. I have no major preference for which one I play. Ideally the two are somewhat equal in combat, meaning one can't kill the other without dying themselves. I was thinking that after a bit back-and-forth. The two team up, forming a new hive, a new tribe of warriors. For this, I want both of them as hermaphrodites. With mutual pregnancy as a central, but only eventual goal.

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Re: Zilyana's Recruitment Center
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2018, 02:46:26 PM »
Pre-existing characters

Tau Gamma Sorority
The Tau Gamma sorority was founded decades ago by 5 bright young ladies. They realized that, although they out shined most of their male peers, they weren't given the chances they deserved. Whether that meant knocking against the glass ceiling or just having to work harder for the same result. They aimed to change that. They founded this sorority for the state's smartest and most ambitious women and fight tooth-and-nail for their chances. As TG sorority grew in numbers and advanced in age, it got more influence. Ex-members, now graduated, didn't forget about their sisters or the new blood that entered on a yearly basis.

The TG sorority has its own building across campus, which doubles as both a dorm room for its members and a place to host the majority of their events.
The ground floor is filled with common utilies. One enters in the main living room, which has plenty of sofas, all of them pointed towards a gigantic flat screen. Naturally there's also a kitchen, big enough so a couple of girls can cook without getting in each other's way. There's also entertainment rooms, such as the one with a pooling table, table football table, a rectangle table for beerpong, etc. There's also a mini movie theater with a handful of love seats. The first floor is filled with bedrooms for the 'regular' members. All rooms are equipped with basic utilities, such as a double bed, drawers, wardrobe and a small bathroom. Showers are communal though. The second and highest floor is for the 'executive' members of the sorority, girls with a specific title and various responsibilities. Their rooms are typically larger. They have their own shower and do not have a roommate. Though pretty much all of them have a double bed anyway, usually for girlfriends or one-night-stands.

Natalie - President
Natalie became president of the sorority the year after she initially joined, something that was pretty damn rare. Her ability to lead and inspire others to follow her without question made her an obvious choice and she defeated her more senior competitors by a relatively large margin. Her main goal has always been to serve the sorority as best she could. Whether that means more influence or just keeping her members out of trouble. Now she already has 2 years of presidency under her belt and she has proven her worth. Every year there are elections midway the school year for new positions, though so far Natalie has been unchallenged. There's no doubt there will only be a new president once she graduates and retires from the sorority. She aims to leave a capable, if not better, successor.

Reference picture:

Gwen - Vice-President
As Natalie's right hand, Gwen the Vice-President, takes care of most non-critical, yet still important tasks. She takes care of most operational tasks and decisions. She likes the power and she likes to be in control. Fortunately for her she also has the necessary skills that are required of her in this position. Some say that she'll occasionally go out of her way to show just how much power she has. There's also rumors that she loves little more than to be put in her place by Natalie, though the mere mention of this will make Gwen furious.
After her time in college she'd like to become a police officer, either as a cop in the streets or something like Chief Commissioner. She's not entirely sure yet. Some speculate her lust for power would be a liability, others figure the way she always gets the job done, no matter what, will be a valuable asset.

Reference picture:

Harley - Security Chief
As the Security Chief Harley is usually found near the door of parties to keep uninvited guests out. Once the party has advanced a bit, she's usually to be seen at a slightly elevated area, allowing her to keep an eye out for her sisters. If somebody steps out of line, she's there to take care of it, one way or another. She grew up in a rough neighborhood, which meant she tended to rely on herself and few, if any, others. She occasionally came home with a bruise or so, though always insisted the other looked twice as bad. Her mother scolded her just enough so she knew it shouldn't be so publicly visible, yet she should still stand up for herself. Harley did just that, never once letting someone mess with her, without that someone getting his/her ass kicked.
Harley has trained to become an MMA fighter since she was a child. She knows she won't be able to do that forever though. After her MMA career, she'd like to get into in physiotherapy.

Reference picture:

Angel - Chamberlain
Angel comes from a family that occasionally loses track of the amount of property they own. She is dressed in almost exclusively designer brands, whether that's her daily used purse or the spare umbrella for a friend in need. Growing up Angel has never had a need for money. Her parents made sure to teach her the value of money, but once she'd proven she knew this, little was off limits. With her parents money at her disposal, Angel gradually realized how the world worked. Everything and everyone has its price. She can judge one at a mere glance. This makes her ideal to keep track of the sorority's financial transfers. Even though Natalie is the one to make the big decisions, Angel's opinion is always requested.
When asked about her future plans she's mentioned she will go in the Finance department of her mother's company. She speaks of this as a fact, not a possibility.

Reference picture:

Lin - PR
Lin has always been the curious type of gal. Ever since she was young she has been picking the brains of everyone she meets. Her mother, father, brother, the cashier, the waitress. Nobody was safe from her probing questioning. Thus it came to nobody's surprise that the teenager exclaimed her desires to study journalism. During her first year in Oakwood university she was soon noticed by the girls of Tau Gamma. Naturally she did some research on them before making a decision. Making that decision didn't take very long, as Lin was convinced she and the sorority could help one another, both in short and long term.
After joining the sorority she became the new head of PR, after the next set of elections and Lin couldn't be happier. She's already making contacts in her area of expertise, while practicing her future job and her passion on a regular basis.

Reference picture:

Rachel - Newbie Tamer
Rachel's job is to guide the new members of the sorority, the fresh meat. General questions are usually answered by her. The Newbie Tamer also solemnly promises not to make fun of any silly questions, nor to spread any gossip or rumors when she's been told anything in confidence. Rachel may look sweet, but the kitty has claws. More than one has bitten off more than they could chew, as they let their guard down around the tiny, cute redhead.
Rachel would like to become a teacher later, since she likes to help and teach new things. She's also pretty good with teenagers, though always dismisses the notion that her students would constantly hit on her.

Reference picture: (NSFW-ish)

Monique - IT
Monique decided to take up the role of IT for Tau Gamma more out of necessity than personal goals like the others. For finding an IT girl is like finding a virgin in a whorehouse. While she's adept at IT, more so than the average sister, she's not an expert, just enough to get by. She knows most technical terms and knows who to ask if she needs additional help. In the sorority she's responsible for most of the technical stuff, keeping the website up to date, as well as the mobile apps for the sorority's upcoming events. If you find her in a good mood and/or at a quiet time of the day, she might be willing to provide basic technical support for your phone/computer.
After graduation, Monique is looking to climb the corporate ladder. She's still unsure which one she wants to apply to, maybe one of the big four (Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Facebook). Though she still doesn't know which one she really wants to go for. Regardless, she aims to start in a manager position, probably in IT and work her way up from there.

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Re: Zilyana's Recruitment Center
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2018, 07:50:15 AM »
Reserved post

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Re: Zilyana's Recruitment Center
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2018, 07:50:44 AM »
Semi bump? I guess?
Added 2 new ideas. Gay Camp + Alien VS predator