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Author Topic: The Exotic Pleasures of Non Consensual Love Making (NC, Dub-Con, Submission)  (Read 2094 times)

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Offline SinfullyShyTopic starter

Welcome, Welcome

My Name is SinfullyShy.......
I love developed stories with a partner who can paint the scene. I especially love when the emotions of the characters can come through the screen, which is what I feel I spend a lot of time elaborating on! I have a penchant for writing characters who are innocent and naive. There is just something that attracts me to it, like a moth to a flame. I think the inner turmoil and awakening these characters can go though when faced with harsh realities is delectable. I find great interest and pleasure in stories of sexual dominance, but with the end result of romance. (I know it's twisted, but I love it). I don't enjoy just cold cruelty or brutality! I like dark, dominating male characters who eventually develop an intense interest and love for my character, even if that wasn't their original intent. That doesn't mean cruelty and rape are not a part of the story, just that I like a twisted romance factor. Maybe it's an appreciation your character begins to have of my character for her strengths to take his cruelty or her kindness in the wake of all that has gone wrong that makes him/her delve into passionate feelings of love. Whatever it is that tempts your character to feel love toward mine is fine, as long as it happens eventually. I don't expect your character to suddenly become gentle simply because of this revelation. Anyway, if the story is shallow and lacks this I often find myself disinterested.

My characters are usually always female, but if convinced, I will play a submissive male character! I prefer MxF, but I wouldn't mind trying a FxF or MxM scenario. I do not have anything against males writing as females or the opposite as long as the character is convincing.

FACT ABOUT ME: I put a lot of effort into a roleplay if I decide to pursue one with you. That being said I can get very eager and excited about starting a plot. If your going to give up on me, don't like my writing, etc., just let me know. It makes me sadder to wait in angst for your reply and never, ever get one.

ANOTHER FACT ABOUT ME: If you don't get a post from me right away or I don't respond to a message just message me again. I can be a bit air-headed or even just miss a response altogether. SO PLEASE, just message me again. My posting frequency varies, but often times real-life constraints keep me from a posting everyday, non-stop.


****I don't know if this is a fetish or not, but I love male characters to have hair on the longer side. It gets my creative juices flowing. That doesn't mean your character has to have long hair; however, if your character is bald that will completely demotivate me. I don't know why, it just does.

Long hair is a spectrum, just because I say I like long hair doesn't mean that it has to be past YC's shoulders.
For example:


***I also like handsome, fit men in role-plays. It's suppose to be fantasy right?

**** I like to write a decent chunk. That being said two sentence responses will generally turn me off from an RP and if this occurs consistently I will probably ask for the role-play to cease.

*** Please also visit my ON & OFF thread!!!!

Some Generic Endeavors

Please Take A Look!

King/Conquer x Slave/Villager/Other Royalty

Elves/Vampires/Werewolves x Human/Other race

Any Kidnapped Scenario

Killer x Witness

Mafia boss x Witness

A God x His Sacrifice

Military Officer/Captain/Chief  x Lower Ranking Solider (CRAVING)

Military Solider x Civilian ( CRAVING)

Police Officer x Civilian (CRAVING)

Demon/Devil/Fallen Angel x Human/Angel/etc.

Popular Jock x Quiet Smart Girl ( I would prefer a college setting, but can do high school)

Loner/Unpopular kid/Trouble Maker x Quiet, Smart Girl (I would prefer a college setting, but can do high school)

Prisoner x Civilian

Guard x Prisoner

Prisoner x Criminal

Superhero x Civilian

Super villain x Civilian

Superhero x Super villain x Civilian

These are just some generic desires, but if you have any unique ideas or suggestions let me know! I’m pretty open-minded!

Some More Developed Ideas

Click Me Please

A Kings Dispute
In an attempt to make peace with an enemy, another empire/nation provides their daughter to marry the eldest son, who is set in inherit the crown. The eldest son is smart, sharp, and level-headed and not outwardly cruel, although he can be. He has a younger brother with whom he often has contention with. His younger brother wants the crown for himself and is jealous of the power it entails, but would never go against his brother as he does have respect for the royal family. This younger brother, however, does like to make life hard for his eldest brother in a spiteful sort of way. When the daughter comes over to be wed, the eldest son takes her in with general kindness. The wedding isn't set to happen right away; however, the youngest brother decides to make her his target. He doesn't take her virginity although threatening too. Dealing with this the daughter is very distraught and finds she really admires the eldest son for his kindness to her. She shows real interest in him, but is fearful to tell him about his own brother. The eldest son begins to find himself growing close to her, but then hears of the rumors of his brother and her. This makes him angry and he takes it out on her. I think it would be interesting, especially if both brothers began to feel something for her.

The Dystopia:
This is a world where the lower class is definitively separate from the upper class. The lower class is often used to entertain the upper class in various ways. The lower class is not subjected to this behavior all of the time. Generally, the world appears normal as people go about their daily business, working, getting educated, etc; however, there is a biyearly date at which anyone from the upper class can choose to take anyone from the lower class for whatever purposes they desire.

The Anxious One:
Abby was always fearful about the world. She often suffered from panic attacks and generally confined herself to routine. Her sisters were all normal. They didn't outwardly fear the world as she did, but they didn't have the dreams she did. They didn't understand that she has an intuition that always seems to be spot on. Little did she know however, the protective shell she placed herself in would get her stolen away.

The Indebted:
A wealthy family owns another less wealthy family. When the eldest daughter of the indebted family turns twenty it is required that they hand her over for one of the sons to own and claim. If no daughter is provided, the wealth of the indebted family will be taken away. Despite Emma being kept in the dark about this her whole life, she always knew something was wrong by the way her father guarded her and restricted her movements, as opposed to her other siblings who could carry on as they pleased. She always wondered why she was treated as an asset as opposed to a daughter. She managed to do some digging of her own, finding out about her fate. She plans an escape, leaving before she turns twenty and escaping into the night. Little did she know the sons of the family who owned her would not just let her disappear.

Criminal Enterprise (CRAVING):
A well-known mafia leader has been expanding his territory, taking over rival groups and mafia with ease. Other groups and families have started to worry and with that worry compromises have been stricken; however, there are always those that need to be disposed of. A particular enemy had earned the wrath of the leader (your character) and instead of having his men take care of the job, he did it himself. Usually extremely careful, methodical, and level-headed he wasn’t excepting a young woman, in her early twenties to witness his actions. She had just been on her way home when she witnessed the unspeakable.

Killing for the Fun of It (Craving):
The killer (YC) has a dark past that has driven him to his current state. He is wealthy, owning a lucrative business that is completely legal and requires his presence very rarely. He is methodical in his search for kills, taking men who deserve death a thousand times over, but have escaped the system. He proves that they are not innocent and feeds his dark urges to kill by wiping them from existence. He  stalks his victims until he has figured out their entire routine. One day he is at a universities library, watching an egocentric professor that beats his wife and child at home. No one knows this about the professor as he is held in high esteem by his colleagues. A student who is very studious and shy notices the new, handsome face seemingly browsing the library for a book. She wonders if she should introduce herself as she recently received a lecture from her good friend about the reason she is alone. She thinks it over and decides against it, her shy demeanor taking over; however, when she sees he has dropped a small note she picks it up. A few numbers were scribbled on it with various information. She felt nervous he may have forgotten something important and quickly follows him from the library. She doesn't catch up to him before he enters his car and she feels compelled to follow in her own to give him his note; however, she wasn't prepared for the repercussions of her actions.

Dreams of Hell:
Dreams can be the most amazing places of fantasy for some, while for others nightmares are more of a commonality. Either way, the general population wakes up and has the satisfaction that the dream they had wasn't real; however, for my character one of her dreams turns out to be far too real. One night, after a particularly hard day, she had a dream of a very handsome man who takes her against her will, stating he is Lucifer/Hades/Demon Lord and that he will take her to hell as she is to be his bride. When she wakes up, she finds that she is sore and has all the marks left over from the incident. She feels like she has lost it, but finds herself afraid, trying to stay up to avoid sleep. The next time she falls asleep Lucifer/Hades/Demon Lord takes her through her dream, into his world and she has now exited the human realm both mentally and physically.

Wrongly Accused
On the verge of a huge break a young hacker and journalist, age 22, finds information incriminating the chief of police as well as the governor. Before she even gets the chance to release the information she is arrested abruptly on trumped up charges that she couldn't even possibly have comitted. With a crappy public defense lawyer and a system against her, she is found guilty. Worse, the governor and chief of police wishing to teach her a lesson send her to a men's prison. Her hair is cut short and already having small breasts and slender features she looks like a really feminine boy. The warden of the prison is aware of her status and uses his power to assert himself over her. Offering her protection from the general population for her obedience. Initially refusing, she is placed with a cell mate who offers his advice and friendship, assuming she is a boy; however he finds himself noticing strange things about my character and also that he has a strange attraction toward her. This leads to her admitting that she is a woman to him, which changes their dynamic. This role play would require you to play multiple parts as I would really like to explore multiple dynamics of what it would be like for a women hiding in a male penitentiary.

A Person I Once Knew
My character (MC) and your character(YC) would be childhood friends and eventually good friends as teenagers. Both growing up in a small town. MC as a teen and child would have been nerdy, geeky, and sort of a loser; however, YC would have been relatively popular. Both YC and MC still remained close friends, despite differing social statuses in high school. MC eventually developed a small crush on YC and a small romance between the two ensues. With MC being a nervous virgin and YC being relatively popular and always having sexual offers thrown his way a falling out occurs. As high school neared to an end and college approached both went on their own separate paths, despite being family friends for so long. MC went her own way, developing a booming art career before moving back to the small town at the age of 23. An introvert despite her career she has remained a virgin. The young man she once knew, YC, is now an officer and it doesn't take long for her to run into him, but YC has changed. MC immediately noticed the dominant air surrounding YC and the desire in his eyes for her.

The Nanny (CRAVING)
My character is an innocent 20 year old who uploaded her profile on an online care site where parents can reach out to child-care professionals and request services. Currently, my character wants a live-in Nanny position. She wasn't ready, however, for the lucrative offer she received from a devilishly handsome father. She accepts the job, the pay too good to deny. After conversing online with the father, he outlined her duties very clearly. She flies out to their large estate and meets his cute child, jumping right into the task of caring for him. Once there, she sees the man who hires her very rarely. One night, however, upon putting the child to sleep she hears the faint scream of a women. Following the noise, she peaks through the bedroom doors of the man who employs her and witnesses him indulging in rough, kinky sex. He notices her peeking, but doesn't stop continuing his brutal thrusts as my character's face turns bright pink. She rushes away, tearing her eyes from the scene and rushing to her own room. She knew she was going to get fired for compromising his privacy. An hour or so later her employer knocks on her door, offering her a deal to in order to keep her position and reputation as Nanny.

A New Spin on Marriage:
Marriage is a must of this world. All women at the age of 19 are put up for sale by their families to be married off to men with the best offer. The men of this world have the express luxury of picking their wives, regardless of what the women want. Each area has their own auction. The men don't call it an auction, they call it a coming of age ceremony, but MC certainly doesn't see it that way. Born to a family of low status her Father hopes to cash in on her rare beauty. Amongst the auction are two rich men of status, brothers only a year apart. Both brothers are very handsome men who share everything. They are looking for a wife to share between each other and indulge in their dark cravings, even if it requires force on their part.

Shared by All: (CRAVING)
A young women who works as nurse in a hospital provides aid to a very handsome man. Little did she know the impact her services would have on him and the true identity of the man she had helped save. The man she aided was a foreign dignitary of a remote country situated in a desert oasis and he was royalty. A king, a sheikh, whatever you want to call it. His custom dictates that a women that would be taken for the country must be shared amongst the royal family. With a deep yearning for this women, he has her stolen and taken to meet his brothers. All of which are eager to get their hands on the young maiden.

A New Business Owner: (Craving)
A young women (20-22) has harbored a dream since her pre-teen years to open a restaurant in honor of her mother and father's memory. Her parents died tragically in a apartment fire while my character (MC) was at school. One of the only items MC salvaged in memory of her parents was a cookbook, which created a desperate desire for her to have her own restaurant fueled by the memories of her mother vigorously cooking for the family. Luckily for her, she attended an accelerated cooking program at a technical school, graduated, and saved enough money to open her own place in a quaint town; however, she didn't realize that the town was relatively unwelcoming to outsiders and that town was very tightly controlled by one handsome man, who was exceedingly wealthy and acted more like a mob boss than he did a pillar of society. With her business going underwater from lack of customers, he swoops in to take advantage of the situation.

When We Were Young: (Craving)
High School can be a time of great memories for some and for others it can be a nightmare. Either way it is a turbulent time for those teenagers involved. My character (MC) a very pretty, yet intelligent and reserved girl keeps herself out of the social loops. She keeps herself focused on her studies in order to escape her neglectful parents. She wants to become a nurse. The popular girls periodically made fun of her and boys, thinking of her as prude, usually didn't bother with her, despite often times admitting her beauty. That's when your character (YC) is paired up with mine for a group project and finds himself pretty interested in her. YC could be either a social outcast or a popular boy. Either way, a romance develops between the two and MC loses her virginity to YC. I imagine this all takes place during senior year because when it is time to go off to college, MC will not lose sight of her dreams to become a nurse. She doesn't want to go to the local university and the two fall out of their relationship. Due to this my character is heartbroken, but driven and decides not to take up relationships during her time in school. She graduates at about 23 as an RN and works at a big hospital for approximately 6 months, but then decides to take a position in the relatively small town she grew up in. The same town she desperately tried to escape. She is utterly shocked when she runs into YC, noticing how different his persona is from before she met him.
  • I would like YC to be in some type of position over my character
  • I would like YC to have previously been very romantic, but now more dominating
  • I would like him to somehow get MC into a position that requires her to submit to him.

A Case of Mistaken Identity: (TAKEN)
My character (MC) is an identical twin and comes from a very wealthy, yet sort of cruel and cold family. Most of her life growing up, MC and her twin sister witness the unhealthy relationship of her mother and father. Their father often cheating on their mother, leading to their mothers alcoholic tendencies. Most of the time, MC and her sister are raised by a nanny and during the summers they spend time with their Aunt. MC loves her Aunt, who is widowed and very different from the rest of their cruel family. As MC and her identical twin grow older there are distinct difference between the two. MC's sister is very manipulative, promiscuous, bossy, and very vain often using people to gain her money, apartments, etc. The sisters are still very close, but MC doesn't know everything about what her twin sister does, only that she often schemes and can be very cruel. One summer at 18 MC was staying at her sister's house and her twin sister forces her to stay home. She makes my MC ensure that she remain in her apartment and not leave, or else her plans would be ruined. MC is concerned and tries to get her twin sister to tell her what is going on and to stay home, her sister assures her she has nothing to worry about. Being the more submissive twin she agrees to stay home, despite knowing her sister is lying to her. MC is the polar opposite of her sister, so staying home for one night in bed was not a big deal, but she was worried about her sister.  MC falls asleep, only to awoken by the heavy feeling of very handsome man (YC) on top of her with his hand covering her mouth. She goes to scream, but it is muffled by his hand. That's when YC starts talking to her like he knows her, telling her to calm down, it's just him, and he figured he would make her fantasy she had talked about come true. That's when MC realizes that YC thinks she's her twin. He begins to toy with her body, making her gasp. She tries to explain this to him, even stating she is not her sister, but this plays into the fantasy and MC ends up getting fucked by this man, who obviously must be her sisters suitor of choice at the time. Passion and connection passes between the two that is so strong and undeniable and MC is shocked and enraptured by him.

Little does MC know that her sister is off scheming. A scheme, which ends up ruining this man's life, which causes him to plan revenge. He becomes a very rich man, in charge of a criminal enterprise selling arms. MC's sister ends up murdered, found in a car with a man, which MC's family thinks is linked to another person after their families wealth. MC's family covers up the murder, it isn't heard about in the news, or even documented. MC is sent to live with her Aunt off the gird for her safety. Years pass (~4) and MC lives peacefully with her Aunt. One day, however, MC is stolen away by the man who once mistaked her for her sister. MC comes to find out about the scheme her sister made up, but now the man her sister ruined thinks she is her sister once again, but this time he wants revenge. MC tries to convince him that she is not her, but he doesn't believe her. It will take some time until YC figures out the truth and believes MC, but I hope a romance can ensue between the two despite the punishment he inflicts on the person he believes is the women he had been dating, the women who had ruined YC's life.

SO THIS IS BASED ON A BOOK. This is the beginning scene of the book, which is an erotic novel. If you are interested in this, I can send you the first chapter so you can see how it all goes down to get a better idea of how this type of story could play out!

Warring Wolves:
Werewolf/wolfshifter tribes were once separated by their color, which was indicative of their various powers and strengths. The white wolves were wise, friendly, peaceful, and had the power of luck. The black wolves were tactical, powerful, and strong. They were blessed with the power of strength and innate battle ability. Red wolves are noted for their loyalty, truth, and knowledge seeking ability. They are blessed as great teachers, known for raising strong, intelligent wolves. The grey wolves are noted for their agile, stealthy, and calm demeanor. They are blessed with the power of the hunt, always able to catch food. Very rarely is a grey wolf hungry. Each pack, the white wolves, the black wolves, etc. would come together to convene during a full moon to teach each other about their ways and in this manner each wolf would learn about the others powers, growing stronger and wiser with each moon. For many years this system worked until private lands began to become more scarce and food started to dwindle. Disputes began to take place between the two most respected tribes: the black wolves and the white wolves. After too many insults and differing opinions of how to fix the problem a war began. For many years the wise white wolves stood by the traditional pack, while the black wolves were talking about mixing the packs and creating a pecking order dictated by powers and strengths. Unfortunately for the white wolves, sheer battle strength won the war and the black wolves rules were instated. Due to the tension between the black wolves and the white wolves the law was made that the white wolves could only be the omega of every pack. The black wolves mocked the powers of the whites wolves. The brutality of the war had led to the numbers of white wolves alive to an all time low, making them a rare commodity. In the initial years after the war, white wolves were often used as the alphas breeding mare and wife. Their job was to keep the the pack's stress to a low level, keep the peace, and allow the powers of luck to work for the pack.

Black wolves, red wolves, and grey wolves came to understand the power of the white wolves as the lack of them made life much harder. They came to understand the importance of each wolf and their strengths and packs that lacked a white wolf often struggled immensely, luck not on their side. White wolves then became essential to the hierarchy of the pack and no white wolf was allowed to be without a pack or lone, as that would be breaking the law. How can the white wolves escape their oppression and save the fate of the wolf tribes?
My character is a white wolf who was hidden by her parents and alone in the wilderness. It isn't until her first heat that a cunning, strong, and dominant alpha senses her in the woods, finding her, and forcing her to be his and apart of his pack.

*** I figure these characters will have both a human and wolf form.

Black x White Wolf Pairing Needed

Back in Time:
It is widely known that the era of the 21st century, in most first world nations, affords women a great amount of rights that previous decades did not. Women are generally allowed to speak their mind, pursue careers, and be independent. Women are no longer considered property of their husbands and are protected from abuse. My character, a young women who has been on her own since a young age, somehow ends up transported to a previous era, one where women are not afforded such rights.

--This idea has not been fully developed. For example: I'm not sure what era I want her to be transported to. I also don't know how she gets transported. I would preferably want it to be magical in nature as opposed to man made, like a time machine. If you are interested and have any ideas, let me know.

Not Welcome Here:
YC is an army lieutenant. MC is his newest recruit: a private just out of boot camp. She's the only woman in the unit, and the officer instantly dislikes her. He starts trying his hardest to make her life a living hell: making her drills harder, making her run more than the rest of the platoon, singling her out for humiliation, not saying anything when he sees men casually grope her in the barracks. When he sees that she's unlikely to break, he decides to show her the price she'll pay to serve in his unit: she'll be his slave and she needs to be broken.

**I figure YC will misinterpret her rising up to his challenges as cocky, when really she is just trying to win his favor.

**I also figure the lieutenant is quite cruel at first, making her initially hate him. However, if he lets the soldiers have their way with her, perhaps they're even worse than the lieutenant, leaving her clinging to him for protection. He would have become more gentle with her by this point than he was initially, leading her to feel like he's rescuing her from the others. It doesn't have to progress this way, but it can!

To Serve and Protect: (Craving)
A drug addicted mother and her innocent young (legal age of 18) daughter were driving late, MC's mother badly needing another fix from her dealer, despite already being drunk. Unable to drive, she charges her young daughter with the task, hoping to limit the chances of getting pulled over. MC's mother, despite her flaw, is a pretty looking thing, and known for exchanging favors if caught red handed by law enforcement. Usually keeping her daughter out of her more risky endeavors, she desperately hopes to get lucky tonight and not run into the law. Unfortunately for her, two officers stop her and MC. A cop that has been on the beat for a while decides to take MC's mother for a walk around the corner, where he forces her to pleasure him for the chance of getting off free; however, the second, younger officer actually moves into the car and pressures MC to have sex with him and "just let it happen", playing on the notion that she should do this for her mother. I wanted  this to be out of character for YC. Maybe he has always had dominant, controlling tendencies, but up until now they have always been consensual, but something about my character drives him to rape.

About three years later MC is living on her own and a mother to a child that resulted from the night she spent with YC. Coincidentally, YC runs into MC again, where, much to her dismay, he notices her, and once again finds himself drawn to her, needing to have her. This time with a higher position in law enforcement, he decides to claim her again, but this time for the long term.

**although this is relatively dark, I still want it to result in romance eventually!

Earth Air, Fire, & Water
I really, really love the powers put forth in the show Avatar: The Last Air Bender. I don't want to write a fan fiction on this or even base the world entirely on this show. I simply want to emulate the powers seen in this show. For example: the setting does not have to be in olden days and the air benders don't need to be bald. The setting can be completely unique as well as the plot line and characters. I just want to use the bending principles. Although, I would also like to keep the general idea of tribes, or distinct cities. For example: there would be a fire nation, earth nation, water nation, and air nation. The culture and costumes can be completely unique and up to us as we develop a story.  Your character should be a powerful bender and some how attain my character.  Maybe YC is a dictator? Maybe one of the tribes has taken over all the others? Maybe your characters a prince? Maybe your character is a criminal? or a solider?
***the possibilities are endless.
***pitch your unique idea to me and I will be happy!

The Superhero and the Anti-Hero/Villain (CRAVING)

The world is home to all kinds of super humans with vast amounts power. Some are good, some are bad, and some fall in-between those two classifications. My character is a new reporter recently tasked with digging up dirt on these super-humans, reporting on their deeds whether good or bad. Most of her pieces had been geared toward various superhero accomplishments, pieces about the tragedies caused by villains, and even theories on their pasts and motives. Unfortunately, my character receives orders from higher ups to write an article that delves deeper into the world of hero's and villains. Deeper into the council that controls and rules over the hero's, which is highly secretive. She is also tasked with finding out the identity of a particularly renowned superhero. The biggest question readers have is: who is _______ (insert your characters name)? My character is seriously conflicted about revealing the identity of one of the hero's of the world, considering that could get him killed or effectively end his career; however, if she doesn't she would likely lose her dream job, which she worked tirelessly at getting. Deciding to do her research into the superhero anyway she gets extremely close to finding out who YC is. YC is known for making an example out of those who pry, usually by embarrassing them or revealing private information of theirs (so they get a taste of their own medicine). I want this superhero(YC) to have found something on my character that she wouldn't want others to know. Maybe he could release the location of her family in protective services, which had to be placed there because of a piece she did on a particular criminal (this criminal is of the human variety). I want your superhero, to do something that isn't particularly hero-ish. I want him to blackmail her to be his pet and to drop her search into the council in exchange to keep her secrets, secret. If she is fired YC will pay for her expenses. Your character can also divulge his identity as he knows he's won against MC. Side note: I want the super-human's to have a way to mark the non-humans as theirs. Something that other super-humans would know if they saw it. How? I'm not sure. We would have to brainstorm. Anyway, some dub-con from the hero!

Now this story requires my partner to play two characters. I want my character to be a little rebellious in response to the hero, maybe because she is frustrated with how he makes her do depraved things, treating her as his pet, disliking how controlling he is. So, even though she is not going to publish any information about him, she purposefully disobeys him and digs into his past, researching a villain/anti-hero (your choice) of his. This character will also be YC, who is extremely powerful and feared by most. My character, fueled by frustration and naivety, goes out of her way to track down information about why the two are sworn enemies. Her research involves going to a relatively depraved part of town. While searching around my character is attacked by men who are weak villains (but way stronger than my character). They discover the mark of the superhero who has claimed her and mock her, but in an instant they are dead. That's when she discovers she is face to face with the villain/anti-hero she was researching. Your villain/anti-hero character, seeing the mark, as well as finding my character relatively intriguing, also claims her and has a very non-con encounter with my character (I picture some hot non-con sex in an alley). To say the least, when she comes home to her Hero she is likely to get a punishment. My poor character can't catch a break.

I want this story to enfold where the villain/anti-hero and superhero have a significant past together, best friends, comrades, brothers, etc. Something. I want it to be resolved between them as they fight over claim to my character and maybe have to team up to fight a bigger threat. I want both dominant's (YC's) to share my character in the end. A threesome twisted love story should result in the end. (YC's can be friends and not be sexual with each other in anyway, just with MC).

***character's have to be unique. Please don't introduce batman, spider man, etc. I am well aware that there are a ton of superhero's and quite possibly it may be impossible to be completely unique, but mash powers. There are so many skill possibilities: weapons masters, assassins, air/earth/fire/water bending skills, psychics, super strength, speed, can talk to animals, can transform into an animal, can control others by manipulating their bones. I don't know, anything.

Beauty & The Beast: Jekyll & Hyde Style

A beautiful towns women (MC) running away from home stumbles upon a strange castle in the woods by chance. A bit too curious for her own good she decides to explore the settlement. She is surprised to find that the castle is impeccable inside and yet seemingly empty. Intrigued she carefully explores the castle, in awe that such a place is unheard of. All the travelers and merchants from town never mentioned stumbling upon such a sight. Not to mention, none of the books in the town library documented its existence. As my character is exploring innocently she doesn't notice a man creeping up behind her. YC strikes at just the right time, takes her prisoner, and takes her virginity in a forceful manner. Leaving her for the night. In the morning, what appears to be another man enters the room. At first MC thinks he might also rape her, but instead he cleans her up, tends to her wounds, and spends time with her until about mid-afternoon. At that time he leaves and the cruel man returns spending time with her from late-afternoon until morning.

What MC thinks are two separate men are actually the same man. YC is cursed to have warring sides. A kind side and a cruel side. His cruel side is represented by the appearance of his true self and the kind man is a false appearance of another handsome man. He is aware of his actions during both states. In order to break the curse my character must fall in love with both his kind and his cruel selves.

The Zodiac Signs

This plot needs a long explanation and therefore I am providing a link to a new post:

The Hitman

MC is the daughter of wealthy, old-money family. Her disposition is kind, yet she in naive about the world. Most high-society women are sheltered, raised to please, and not much else. She has always been someone who obeys,  until she discovers some of her families side projects, which are horrible black-market deals. MC showing outrage toward this is belittled, silenced by her family, and outcasted from their favor. Little does she know that a hitman has been hired to rid her family from the earth, including herself. One night, alone in her room she hears the cries of her family. A bit nervous she walks herself to the dinning room, where her family had gathered to eat (excluding her). Upon arriving she discovers her entire family dead, shot in the head. Although she was disgusted with her family and their cold indifference to their horrendous acts, they were still her family. When the hitman (YC) steps out of the shadows and places his gun to MC's head, she surprises him. Instead of begging to live, she steps into him, closing her eyes, and whispering "I'm not afraid to die"

I figure YC will be relatively shocked by this. YC is a extremely good hitman and most people he kills beg to live. MC,  young and clearly innocent, passively accepts her death, almost welcoming it. I think this could be a great non-consensual love story. So yes, I eventually expect romance as I always do with my stories; however, I see this romance being deep and passionate. It's like YC is waking my character up, giving her life.

Hades & Peresphone
According to Greek Mythology, Persephone, the queen of the underworld, was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, the goddess of harvest and fertility. She was also called Kore, which means "maiden" and grew up to be a lovely girl attracting the attention of many gods. However, Demeter had an obsessed love for her only daughter and kept all men away from her. The most persisting suitor of Persephone was Hades, the god of the Underworld. He was a hard, middle-aged man, living in the dark, among the shadows of the Dead. But his heart softened when he saw Persephone and was amazed by his youth, beauty and freshness. When he asked Demeter to marry her daughter, Demeter got furious and said there wasn't the slightest chance for that to happen. Hades was heart-broken and decided to get Persephone no matter what. One day, while the young girl was playing and picking flowers along with her friends in a valley, she beheld the most enchanting narcissus she had ever seen. As she stooped down to pick the flower, the earth beneath her feet suddenly cleaved open and through the gap Hades himself came out on his chariot with black horses. Hades grabbed the lovely maiden before she could scream for help and descended into his underworld kingdom while the gap in the earth closed after them.

*** would love to do a modern version of this

Demure, Docile, and Above All Obedient. (CRAVING: Think this could be super hot)

A leader (YC) of a very traditional, conservative group steals a city women while she is visiting the country. He will take her as his wife and force her to live his lifestyle. That means obedience, surrender to her husband in all things, traditional roles, and submission. In order to mold and shape her there may be many times where he punishes her. I want romance to result like always.  Examples of lifestyles that would work: the Amish or even the Mormons.

A Twist on Disney's Tangled (TAKEN)

"After receiving the healing powers from a magical flower, the baby Princess Rapunzel is kidnapped from the palace in the middle of the night by Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel knows that the flower's magical powers are now growing within the golden hair of Rapunzel, and to stay young, she must lock Rapunzel in her hidden tower. Rapunzel is now a teenager and her hair has grown to to a massive length. The beautiful Rapunzel has been in the tower her entire life, and she is curious of the outside world. One day, the bandit Flynn Ryder scales the tower and is taken captive by Rapunzel. Rapunzel strikes a deal with the charming thief to act as her guide to travel to the place where the floating lights come from that she has seen every year on her birthday. " (IMDB). After an epic adventure and Rapunzel and Flynn falling in love, Mother Gothel plots a way to get her back. Rapunzel learns of mother gotherl not being her true mother, confronting her. Mother Gothel tricking Flynn manages to stab him, chains and gags Rapunzel and plans to imprison her elsewhere. Of course it's a Disney film so all works out. Mother Gothel dies, Rapunzel heals Flynn and they get together and live happily ever after.

I want to change this story. I want Rapunzel to be kept by a father figure. He keeps her in the tower supposedly for her protection, only for Rapunzel to find out he is not her father and was only keeping her to stay young, fit, and virile. I want to start the roleplay at the scene where he stabs Flynn. I want Rapunzel(MC) to beg to save his life, stating that she will go with YC (Father Figure) willing and never try to escape. YC decides to allow this. Upon Flynn being saved he is fed up and gives up on Rapunzel valuing his life over hers. Rapunzel is hurt beyond belief and goes with YC willingly. YC still not trusting her keeps her in the chains and gag all the way to their new hiding place. With this new relationship between Rapunzel and YC, this new honesty I imagine that YC can become dominant, sexual, and truly possessive of her.

*** I want this to result in romance as well. It will be difficult, but I want to try!

Variations of Rapunzel Pictures


Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures:

A college students family is in a very bad situation, with loan sharks knocking at the door. Finding an odd book in her school library she accidentally summons a demon. In exchange for his help, the demon now owns her body and then her soul when she dies. I want romance to develop throughout all the non-con.
**** I already have a first post/introduction if your interested.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures Introduction

It had been another long, laborious day filled with various professors preaching their knowledge to half-brain dead college kids who mostly worried about the amount of selfies their new picture was getting, the next party being thrown, and the best place to score drinks. The occasional few were very vigorously soaking up notes, desiring to get the absolute best out of their education. Normally, Lilly fit into the aforementioned crowd as she didn’t take her education for granted, but lately her mind had been elsewhere. Today, during most of her classes she had tried very hard to write down the information presented in class via power points, or the words that the professors specifically repeated and annunciated, which cued those students who listened, that the topic was important; however, she just couldn’t. The words were being mashed together, fading out completely before they even reached her brain to process.  She found that the majority of the time her pale blue eyes wandered from the professor to a window as she contemplated the stresses going on in her home life.

She was two years into college so far and had been enjoying every minute of it. She had met some really great, philosophical minded people. She had even joined a psychology club, which she knew would look great on her future resume as a psychologist (hopefully). She spent most of her time studying and often avoided the rowdy college parties. In fact, she had avoided most popular social situations her entire life. In high school she had made herself scarce. Her good looks often brought attention to her, but the lack of a social presence often steered most away. Not to mention, her family always struggled with finances. Money was the bane of her family’s existence. Her father and mother both worked minimum wage jobs and were raising two other children. Her younger twin siblings were riots. They were identical and sweet as buttons, but her parents struggled to keep up with the cost that comes along with three children, let alone, children that were had in their middle thirties. Lily had been a young “oops’ and the twins an older ‘oops’. Her dad, however, was old school and refused to take handouts, everything had to look good on the outside, despite the turmoil for those involved. He did the best that he could given the circumstance he was dealt.

Most people , however, steered away from the poor, nerdy girl, who was hard to keep a conversation up with. In college that had changed slightly as nerdy, more studious friends were easier to come by. Still, however, Lily avoided the male species like a plague. Her father often reiterated that college should be for learning and not for relationship experimentation. She heeded his words like a good daughter both because she was obnoxiously awkward in relationship situations, but also because he had been the one to take out loans for her. If he wanted her to focus on her studies, well, then by all means she would.

It wasn’t until just a few weeks ago though, that Lily had discovered the nature of the loans her father had taken out. Her father and mother had both made it seem like they were accepted for the parent plus loans, government loans that helped those who needed it cover the cost of college. She had remembered being surprised since each of them were worried about her father’s low credit score. Instead, Lily had been graced with good news, her dad had been approved and she could go to college. It wasn’t until loud knocks had sounded at their door one evening two years later and three, burly men, with dark gazes and cold metal guns were welcomed inside their small suburban home. She had never seen her father tremble as he did before those men and she had never heard such violent threats delivered. Lily cringed inwardly, thinking about the things they said they would do to each member of their family if the money wasn’t paid back by the time they had stated.

Once the mobsters had left, Lily was so shocked and her father and mother so humiliated that the night had passed in awed silence. The next day her father had explained their dire situation and how he hadn’t wanted her to suffer because of their misfortune. A fight ensued, but eventually anger passed and everyone seemed defeated. The mobsters had given their family about two months to come up with the rest of what they owed. It was already almost hitting the first month mark and they hadn’t even come up with half the money. Lily had been resorting to desperate measures as of late, reading up various ways to make fast cash. She had picked up more hours at work and even donated plasma once to earn a few extra bucks. She herself was beginning to look worn from stress. Her skin a bit more pale with each passing day. Her normally well-groomed honey-colored locks were a bit out of place, much wavier then she usually let them get.

It was in this mindset that Lily had forced herself to go her universities library in a desperate attempt to start the essay she had to write for midterms. An assignment she had a feeling she would tank if she couldn’t get her mind to just… focus. She was looking for books on ancient literature and was scrolling through various shelves when she came across an odd leather bound book. Normally she would pass anything by that didn’t attain or seem to apply to the topic she had to research, but something about the book called out to her, making those pale, sky-colored eyes focus intensely on the non-named book. She felt compelled to open it, to read what it was about even if it had nothing to do with her topic. It had peeked her interest enough to focus on a single thing and so she picked it up. The leather binding on it was surprisingly warm, like the book had been sitting out in the sun for hours. She shifted, her eyebrows knitting together and her plush pink lips pressing into a straight line. She thought that was strange. Finally opening the book she was surprised to be reading what she was. The first lines were blunt: “A book of spells, darkness, and summons. Conjure up all manors of evil.”

Lily’s pulse quickened and she nearly put the book down, but still she was strangely captivated and entranced to read further. She let her fingers turn the old, delicate pages carefully. She thrummed through it and ironically landed on a page that stood out to her. One that provoked her to do something she thought of as silly. The page had explained that many kinds of demons existed and to summon one you could make them do your bidding. The text further explained that many men had used demons to solve problems of theirs. This automatically made Lily think of the men who threatened her family, who spoke about death, torture, and selling human flesh just to make up their lost revenue. She gulped, shaking her head, she was a rationale person, someone who didn’t believe in such things that this book talked about. She was a science- believing women, but for some reason she still found herself chanting the strange words in the book as if she were praying, willing for anything to save her family from the fate they would no doubt suffer. They were simply not making the money that was needed to pay back the loans sharks, they were failing and failing fast.

After she chanted the incantation three times as indicated in the book she felt a cold shiver run through the library, but other than that nothing happened or appeared. Lily shook her head, scoffing at herself. Was she really that desperate that she had hoped a faux conjuring book would grant her wishes and solve her problems? Slapping the book closed she placed it back on the shelf, ran a hand through her hair, and then scurried home. She wasn’t going to be able to focus on school work right now. No way, no how. She shifted her bag over her shoulder. The strap stretched from her right shoulder, passing between her perky-medium sized breasts, leaving the heavy bag to rest on her left hip. She was headed back to her one person apartment, which was sanctioned as on-campus living. Once home she settled herself on her couch, leaning forward and putting her head in her hands.

“I just don’t know what to do” she whispered to herself, utterly defeated by the situation at hand.

A Sketch Artist's Nightmare (CRAVING)

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You can click to enlarge this picture.

My character is a criminal sketch artist, one of the best in the entire city. Currently, apart of a huge case she is tasked with drawing the "faceless man" of a crime syndicate. Based off of bits and pieces of the few spots on his face that people have seen, she draws a sketch, which ends up being very accurate. Drawing police attention and also his attention. He steals both her and the drawing before anything can be widely circulated.

Sane Among the Insane (CRAVING):

A group of college, psychiatry students are doing their internships at a psychiatric hospital with various units. There is a long-term, locked down dementia care unit for the elderly. A long-term, locked unit for adults who suffer from chronic mental illness. An acute unit for adolescents and adults with various mental health issues. Lastly, there is a separate building, which is the most secure, locked unit for the criminally insane. Each student was assigned a unit, MC originally was situated in the acute unit of the hospital. That is until the coordinator for the internships approached MC, informing her that one of her fellow students in the locked-down unit was threatened and slammed into a wall. All the other students had cited that MC thrived with more difficult patients as MC has a calm, non-judgmental, passionate approach to her work. The professor, after explaining this, switched her unit to the locked unit for the criminally insane. MC is weary about running groups and sessions with the population only due to what happened to her fellow classmate. On her first day, she meets most of her clients, but when she meets YC she knows that he is not insane. Intimidating, powerful, and able to make her speechless, yes, but not insane.  His act is well played out, convincing enough to get a jury to send him to the hospital and to fool other students, but not enough to fool MC. YC is instantly intrigued, but also worried that she might interfere with his escape plans. YC, is after all, a busy man. So, being the mastermind that he is he escapes and takes her with him.

Vikings: (Craving)
I would love to do something with a village girl getting stolen by a Viking king/warrior. This could take place in Ireland, England, or elsewhere. Further plot would need to be expanded upon. If you have any ideas, let me know!

Motorcycle Gang (Similar to the Sons of Anarchy): CRAVING
I would love to do a plot where MC fled her hometown, which is home to a deadly motorcycle gang (akin to the Sons of Anarchy). Upon returning with her kid to take care of her sick mother, she runs into YC, whom has become the leader of the club earlier than expected due to the passing of his father a few years back. YC and MC had a thing for each other in high school, but upon finding out about the some of the clubs more unsavory activities she fled. Little does YC know that MC was pregnant with YC's kid. This spurs YC to claim mine, forcibly. There is no escape for MC now. This, like all my other plots, should result in romance.

Obviously Jax Teller aka Charlie Hunnam is god, but still lol.            

Male Characters I Would Love to Play With

Click for Hot Picture Inspirations
Alix Legrand:
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Bart Van Maanen:
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Chris Dattola:
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Benoit Marechal:
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I’m very picky with older men, but this man is divine.

Brady McGetrick:
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Christian Santamaria:
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Christopher Mason:
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Drew Hanley:
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Elliot Meeten:
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Emanuele Fiore:
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Ewout Stradmeijer:
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Re: Female Submissive Craving Domination (Non-con, Dub-con, Romance)
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If you're still looking for a partner, I'd be more than happy to cater to your role-playing needs.

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Re: Take a Peek Inside: Dark Desires Await.
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to come up with an RP where I can play a character opposite to this man. PLEASE someone, PLEASE!

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Females I Would Like to Play As

Kiera Winters: (Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Lily Rader (Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Hailey Leigh: (Some NSFW Picture Below)
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Kristen Scott:(Some NSFW Picture Below)
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Blake Eden: (Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Chloe Toy: (Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Mia Sollis: (Some NSFW pictures below!)
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Markéta Štroblová (Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Elilith (Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Gabrielle Toth: (Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Ilvy Kokomo: (Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Catherine Cybulkiewicz Pugliese
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Nici Dee (Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Julia Yaroshenko(Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Natasha Legeyda(Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Egle Korsakaite(Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Ol Rzeplinska (Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Anoush Anou (Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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Kacy Anne Hill (Some NSFW Pictures Below)
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New Plot

Male Model Featured: Omar Borkan Al Gala

A beautiful photographer is seeking out adventure in the middle east, hoping to explore some of the ancient history of the world. She wanted to experience different cultures, take wonderful, breathtaking pictures, and have her eyes opened to the world. So far her trip had been wonderful, full of life, full of experience. She wasn't, however, expecting to get arrested for taking a picture of the wrong man and accused of being a spy. Her situation was more dire than she could have ever imagined, as the man she accidentally caught on camera was royalty. What will become of the innocent, adventuresome, tourist?
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