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December 15, 2018, 10:28:23 PM

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Author Topic: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP (REMADE)-Please see OOC before posting!  (Read 11435 times)

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Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

After a few moments of staring after the man who had just departed, Rosa turned and followed Isaac silently, getting into the vehicle beside him. It was a rank little vehicle that smelled of old cheese and B.O. but Rosa barely took notice. She watched the people and buildings go by her as they drove, still fascinated with this city.

When he got out of the car, she followed him into the great building. He did seem to be a rather important person as the people he talked to were very subservient and did not argue with him. He got a card from the people behind a counter and Rosa was a bit confused. That was a key? How could that be a key? Not quite sure what else to do, she just continued to follow him, unaware of if he realized she was or not.

Offline Starlequin

Valentine Marlar -- Uptown

"Hang on, Ritchie, let me grab a -- Ritchie, hold on, dammit, I'm-yeowch! Sonnuva-!"

Val cursed as he stubbed a toe on the iron bed frame, and hopped toward the kitchen counter to find a spare notepad. He'd managed to get back to the apartment without further incident, and decided to give his friend Ritchie Farrino a call. Ritchie worked the Society pages for a couple of upper-crust newsrags, and he had connections with a lot of the grunts in the restaurant and hotel industry. Val figured from Isaac's partial phone conversation and the way he and whatshername were dressed, they were probably heading to an upscale event somewhere, and if that was so, Ritchie would be the man to know who and where. He gave his buddy a brief description of Isaac and told him to call back when he had the info.

After a few minutes, Ritchie had called him back with the address, and eager as always to know how he was gonna get paid back. "So, you met Isaac Dellos? He's a pretty hot commodity, man; I've heard rumors they're talking about giving him his own cooking show, right up there with Bobby Flay! Hey hey, are you going down there right now? You on the guest list or something? Any chance you could get your old pal Ritchie in with you? They say his sushi is to die for!"

"Huh. Yeah, I'm sure it's delicious, Ritch. I'm sorry man, but I'm already crashing the gate as is. I'll see if I can get you a few shots, though. Thanks, partner. Catch you in the funnies, neh?" Val said, hanging up. 'Sushi to die for? Pfft, yeah, right. I'd like to California 'roll' his sorry ass,' he thought with a snort. He pulled a new T-shirt on and slipped into his spare jacket, virtually identical to his old one but with a few more rips and frays in strategically unnecessary places. He'd learned a long time ago the wisdom of buying extra copies; it wasn't cheap, but it kept people from asking questions when he showed up somewhere in clothes different than he'd been seen in only an hour before.

He eyed the shredded remains he'd brought home of his previous outfit, sitting bundled on one corner of the bed; he'd have to dispose of them later. He rifled through the ripped jacket pockets and withdrew the money he'd swiped earlier and deposited the green in his faded leather wallet, finished dressing and was out the door. He considered going directly to the address Ritch had given him, but after a little thought Val decided to make a little detour to pick up a little something special. He had no idea if it would work or not, but figured it wouldn't hurt to have on hand.

Almost an hour later, Val walked into the lobby of the building Ritchie had pointed him to, and gave a low whistle. The place was crowded, bustling, and not at all comfortable. Rich, high-class socialites and high-powered politicos were busily rubbing elbows and doing...whatever it was they did; Val could practically smell the money on the air. He looked around for the Deluded Duo, but no dice. Then he spotted the service desk near the back wall -- clear on the other side of the crowd. Well, he did need some service...

His denims and leather were about as out of place in this sea of designer labels as a chainsaw in an orchestra, but he'd long ago mastered the art of being unnoticeable. Val strode through the crowds, confident, his head up but not deigning to meet anyone's eyes, keeping his breathing slow and his body language tight. It was always the same: don't give them anything to notice, and they wouldn't. Simple as that.

He reached the desk and leaned forward slightly, one elbow resting on the polished, gleaming wood, and waited. And waited. And continued waiting, for nearly a full ten minutes, before the attractive little brunette finally realized he wasn't about to go away on his own and looked up from her computer screen. "Yes sir, can I help you?" She asked, her voice a charmingly bland mingling of boredom, irritation and artificial chipperness that the building's owners no doubt forcibly injected into their employees intravenously during lunch breaks.

Val gave her his best sunny smile and pulled a worn press badge from his back pocket. Flashing the badge, Val leaned a little closer and spoke quietly to the woman. "Hey there, I'm Ritchie Farrino, with The Tribunal. I understand you're hosting a little soiree here tonight, and I'm here to conduct an interview with the caterer, a Mr. Isaac Dellos? I have it under good authority that he's staying on the premises, but here's the thing: my editor made the arrangements for this interview with Mr. Dellos, but he forgot to get the room number, so I was really hoping you could take a quick look and tell me where I can find the man of the hour? If it's not too much trouble? Pretty please, with a bowlful of cherries?" He said with a grin and a conspiratorial wink.

His smile widened when he noticed the girl's growing blush, and drummed his fingers idly on the counter as she tapped on her keyboard. "Well, I'm really not supposed to give out guests' room numbers, but...Mr. Dellos is staying in Room 614," she said, a shy grin threatening to break through her staid demeanor. Val thumped his fist against the counter triumphantly and jumped over the counter to plant a playful peck on the girl's cheek. "Thanks a lot, doll, you really are an angel!" He said with a smile, as her blushing grin finally broke through and lit up her face.

Valentine waded through the crowd to the elevator and waited patiently until the middle doors *CHING*'ed open and let its passengers spill forth around him, like water flowing around a stone, then boarded the empty car and pressed "6". 'At the Copa, Copa Cabana, the hottest spot north of Havana,' Val sang along under his breath, tapping one foot in time with the choppy muzak that piped in from the tinny speaker overhead as he ascended.

On the sixth floor, Val wandered the halls for a few minutes before finally locating room 614. Before knocking, he took a moment and withdrew from his inside jacket pocket the reason for his earlier detour; it had taken nearly an hour and a trip to six different stores, but he'd finally found what he was looking for. He knocked urgently with one hand and pushed the mirrored shades up on his nose, making sure his eyes were completely covered by the reflective glass. He wasn't about to get caught by Shades this time, no sir.

Offline Grimmwolf

Isaac was silent, he pushed the button on the elevator and waited for the doors to open again, it was just him and Rosa. He looked over at her and and said nothing. When the doors opened he walked out and walked into his room, holding it open for Rosa before closing it. he took off his glasses and sighed, Isaac pulled out a filter and put a pot on for tea, he sat on the couch and glanced around the suite. "To think that a blind man would need all this... heh." He looked over to Rosa and smiled gently. "You hungry?"

Isaac got up and heard the knocking on the door before he grabbed the phone, he groaned stomped over towards her. "Who is it?' he looked through the peephole then sighed, a little green glow could be seen from other side of the peephole before he stepped away. 'Go away, idiot." He walked away before going back to the phone, he looked over at Rosa, 'Don't open the door." he rang up the front desk and asked for security to escort the man outside his door with as much as needed.

With a small smirk on his face he moved to peek out the hole again, wanting to watch a bit.

Offline Starlequin

Valentine Marlar -- Like Talking to a Wall

Val's eyes widened in disbelief behind the reflective lenses, and he folded his arms tight over his chest. In frustration he gave the door a hard stomp with one foot. "What! Shut the hell up and open this door! I've had a bad freakin' night since I met you, and it ain't-" Val heard mumbling from within the room, and he pressed one ear to the door. Sounded like...

Aw, hell, no.

"Hey! I heard that! Did you just call Security on me?! You asshole! You better open this door, or I'm gonna break it down, I swear I will! And when I get in there, I'm gonna tear you apart and put you in your own damn sushi rolls, little sawed-off, egg-sucking reptile!"

Valentine reached up and tore the sunglasses away and squinted sharply as he tried to peer in through the peep-hole. Of course, he saw nothing, but he knew Isaac was on the other side, looking out at him. He slammed his palm against the door again, and felt the heavy frame rattle a little under the strike. Further down the hall another door opened, and a tall, extraordinarily attractive redhead stuck her head out into the hallway, an irritated look on her face. When Val noticed her, he flashed her a sheepish grin and leaned casually on the door for a moment.

"Heh, sorry about the noise. I, uh, lost my key. Just a little tiff with the girlfriend," he said, pointing at the door and nodding awkwardly. "Say, are you staying here long? Maybe we could meet up in the bar downstairs later, I'll buy you a drink?" The woman rolled her eyes and withdrew back into her own room, slamming the door shut hard. "Ok, that's cool. Maybe some other time!" Val called with a wave.

He turned his attention back to the door in front of him and squared his jaw. So the jerk wasn't gonna let him in? Fine. Val had a feeling that Miss Tall, Dark and Loony would overrule him -- if she was there, that was. He lowered his voice and added a little smokiness to his tone. "Hey, in there. You in there, cutey? Come on, beautiful, why don't you cut a guy a break here? Tell your boyfriend to stop being such a dick and let me in. What do you say?"

He was pretty sure he heard Mr. Smarmy snickering inside.

"Aw, come on, lady. Look, I'm sorry I didn't come with you the first time you asked, alright? But I nearly got my head taken off a little while ago by Brooklyn's answer to Barry Bonds, and I got a feeling you might know something about it. So how about it, gorgeous? Open up, huh?"

Still nothing.

"Alright, look, I promise I won't beat the shit outta your pet cook, alright?" Val said, glancing back as the elevator *Ding*ed. Probably hotel security coming to give him an intimate tour of the emergency stairwell -- by throwing him down it. "Hey, if you need to think it over, can you at least let me in first? I think it's about to get crowded out here..."

Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

Rosa walked slowly towards the door, not wanting to irritate Isaac more, but not wanting to lose the other man for he was one of them as well. She walked up behind Isaac and put one hand gently on his back, the other on the doorknob.

"Isaac. Let him in. If he give us more problems, we will make him leave. For now, let him come in and talk." She said softly, looking up at him. "If he gives us more problems I will help you make him leave."

Offline Grimmwolf

Isaac groaned and stepped away, 'Do what you want, not like I give a damn." He stepped away and went back to his work in kitchen, pulling the tea away and placed out three mugs, pouring a little into each. He grabbed sugar, honey and cream to take the the table, he set everything down and scratched the back of his head as he went to the window, his eyes glowing brighter because of the moonlight. He cracked his knuckles before turning around and grabbing his tea, squirting honey and pouring cream into his tea. He stuck his finger in and swirled it around before taking a sip. 'Sweet perfection... "