Ideas That Stir a Wolf's Soul, Seeking Female Writing Partners

Started by Wolven Soul, March 27, 2015, 04:09:03 AM

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Wolven Soul

Okay, having found more time to take on more stories, I decided to make my first attempt at creating a request thread.  So here are a few ideas that have been swirling around within my head.  :)

I am not demanding when it comes to grammar and spelling, as long as I can understand what your saying, we're good.  Post length I can adapt to my partner's style for the most part, but you'll grab me more strongly with posts of at least 3-4 solid paragraphs.  Also, I have never been great at coming up with story titles, please don't hold that against me, lol.  Now, on to the ideas.

Wheel of Time Story
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I posted this idea before, but now that I am making a request thread, I am adding it here as well, with a little more detail I hope.  Oh, and ignore the hammer in the picture, I am not trying to recreate Perrin, lol.

Corvald (name subject to change), was once a soldier in the army of Artur Hawkwing.  Strong, skilled in his two bladed fighting style, sure of himself, he was a soldier who was thought to be swiftly on the rise, a man people were confident to follow into battle.  He was promoted to Captain at the young age of twenty three.  He took no pleasure in fighting, knowing only it was what he was most skilled at, so what better way to earn his living?  Then the day came when Hawkwing died, and his armies split apart as people began to fight over control of his vast empire.  It was a time of chaos and war.  Several of these new would be Kings sought out the services of Corvald, but he did not view any of them as having any honor, as they sought the title out of greed and selfishness.

So he broke off from the armies and set out on his own, spending the next couple of years hiring himself out as protection for people trying to travel across the war torn lands.  It was at this time, during occasions when he had to be in the wilds at times to avoid the roving bandits or soldiers, that he began to hear the wolves, and to find that he could speak to them.  His senses became much more keen, and he found in his sleep he began to slip into a world of dreams.  The wolves even had their own name for him, Two Claws, for his fighting style of a blade in each hand.

At first, he was enchanted by this new ability, finding the wolves surprisingly engaging companions at times.  The only thing that frightened him, were the times he felt that wolf like spirit inside himself, the urge to throw off the trappings of humanity to run and hunt with his four legged brethren until he woke from the dream. 

Until one day, he spots an Aes Sedai in a village, trying to hide herself, as her kind were not well thought of after Hawkwing's death.  Surely, if any could help him learn control of what he was, it was one of these mysterious, powerful women who knew so much of the world.  So he makes contact with her, asking for her help.  She will give it, if he agrees to become her warder. 

I envision this story to be a clash of wills, as a man with a wolf inside of him would of course be not even remotely submissive, and Aes Sedai are known for their strong wills and demanding ways.  Over time they would come to a better understanding of one another, and with that, their ability to work together, with her abilities with the One Power, and his affinity with the wolves, would become incredible.

I am also open to the idea of setting it in the time of the Trolloc Wars.

Ideas for a Feline Woman Character
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Okay, I will admit it the following ideas are in large part here for the erotic possibilities.  What can I say, I find feline characters sexy as hell.  :P  But I think I have a few interesting story ideas all the same.  If you have a picture of your own you would prefer, that's fine, this is just the one that got my mind flowing.

Scenario 1-This one would have a fantasy setting.  It would involve my character as a Runic Monk, which means that he is a monk with runes tattoo'd all over his body.  Each of these runes possesses the power to physically alter his body in one way or another.  A strength rune would enhance his strength, agility rune his agility, and so on.  Even one that would allow him to absorb a certain amount of magical energy.  I have back stories not just for this character, but for his order written up.  As to the story idea.

His name is Arland, and he is setting out from the Order of the Radiant Sigil's monastery for the first time since arriving there to start his training.  His mission is to spread the word, and possibly establish the beginnings of new monastery in new lands, as the Order is still young yet, and wishes to spread it's honorable teachings to the world. 

Only a few weeks out, he comes across a caravan with cages containing a dozen people the likes of which he had never seen.  Humanoids with feline features, beautiful and exotic.  It doesn't take much to learn that these men are slavers, and the feline people new slaves being taken to market.  This is intolerable to the honorable young monk, who attacks and sets these poor unfortunates free.  One of the females in particular catches his eye, a truly beautiful woman who sparks his imagination and desires. 

The honorable thing to do is escort them back to their lands, which he does simply to spend more time with her.  Once he does though, can he bear to say goodbye to her, or will he try and convince her to leave with him, against the will of her people?

Scenario 2-This world would be a more modern setting, one where anthros, animal people, whatever you like to call them, are sold and traded as pets.  It is considered the height of fashion to own one.

In this one, Arland would be a young man working in a zoo that houses several of these people.  His whole life he has had a unique ability, animal empathy. Though not able to talk to them, he can feel their emotions, and even soothe and calm them.  There is one of these poor women in particular he finds himself drawn to, a feline woman whose spirit is not yet broken despite being held in a cage.  Over time he forms a friendship with her.  Until the day when a zoo customer gets to close to her cage after having tormented the poor woman, and she lashes out.  She only scratches the man, but it is enough to earn her a death sentence.  Arland cannot let his friend end this way, so he breaks her out to save her.  Now they must avoid those who would capture her to send her back to face her execution.

Superheroine in Peril Story Idea
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No pictures or names for this one yet, but I have always wanted to do a role play like this, and I think I have at least a decent idea for one.  This one would have NC content within it.

Your character (YC) would be the superheroine of course.  Widely admired for the criminals that she puts away, held up as a role model to women everywhere, the pinnacle of strong, confident women. 

She has though earned the ire of my character (MC) by putting his brother, her arch nemesis behind bars.  Seething at this, MC has determined to tear this heroine down, and force her to break his brother out of prison, despite not having any true powers of his own.  But he has always been very intelligent, and first sets his mind to deducing YC's secret identity.  Eventually, he figures it out, and manages to charm his way into dating her to learn more and more about her.  His efforts bear fruit when he discovers her weakness through trial and error. 

Exploiting this weakness, he brings her under his power, and sets about the process of forcing her into becoming his slave.  I am thinking some form of mind manipulation similar to that used in 'A Clockwork Orange'.  He begins to force her to commit crimes, eventually destroying her reputation before he has her break his brother out of prison. 

Not strongly developed yet, but I think it could be fun to at least discuss the possibilities.  :)

If any of these ideas appeal to you, please PM me rather than responding here.  Or even PM me with ideas to help me make a better request thread, I'm still new at this.  I hope to hear from you soon.  :)

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