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Author Topic: Black Cat Fever - Kuroneko's Requests  (Read 1330 times)

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Black Cat Fever - Kuroneko's Requests
« on: October 01, 2011, 12:04:08 AM »
Hello good people of E, and welcome to my first ever request thread.  Some of you know me but many of you don’t, so I thought I’d just give you all a little information about me. 

First, it would be a good idea if you checked my Ons and Offs.  I’ve been pretty thorough there in checking all the little boxes and what not with regards to sexual and other RP components , so by giving it a good read you’ll be pretty aware of my limits.  I don’t really see a need to post them again here, but I might add it in at a later date just for the sake of convenience. 

Second, this is not a first come, first served set of requests.  While I’m not trying to sound like a writing snob, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty picky about my partners.  Mostly, my time is limited so I’m only looking for one or maybe two more games, max.  If you reply to any of my requests, I’m going to have a look at your Ons and Offs as well as your posts in order to see if our interests and writing styles would be a good fit.  I expect you’ll look at mine as well and it seems to be a pretty natural thing to do.  It’s why we have those posts in the first place, right?  I don’t want to waste your time and keep you from a really great partner if I don’t think we’ll be compatible.

Okay.  Long thread is long, so let’s get started. 

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Re: Black Cat Fever - Kuroneko's Requests
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2011, 12:08:01 AM »

What I look for in a Writing Partner (in no real order - they're all important)

Communication – This is probably the most important thing for me.  I want to have a good working relationship with my writing partner that is based on the two of us being honest with each other about what we want in a story, plotting, when it’s going well and when it isn’t.  The same thing goes for if the story just isn’t working at all.  We should be able to talk about it. 

Dependability – This goes hand in hand with communication.  If I start a story with you, and invest my time and effort into it, barring it simply not working, I’d appreciate it if you were dependable and committed to the RP.     

Respect - I do my best to remember that there is a real, live person on the other side of the screen, thread, IM and PM, one with real feelings.  I will respect your likes and dislikes as well as your limits and boundaries, and I won’t try and talk you into something you’re uncomfortable with.   I will not god mode your character.  If I ever need to assume a small action on your character’s part to move the scene I will ask you first.  I’m not here to engage in any arguments, play mind games or be treated badly – or to treat anyone else badly.  I expect any partner will extend me the same courtesy.  And speaking of courtesy …

Courtesy – If I can’t post, or I’ll be away for a while, if I need a break or I want to end the game, or if I’m just having issues writing in general, I’ll let you know.  I won’t leave a writing partner hanging or just disappear without an explanation if I can help it, and I expect my partners will do the same.  It’s just common courtesy and really, it takes only a couple of minutes to send a PM.  If you aren’t reliable and courteous, I’ll most likely thank you for your time and then drop the game. 

Collaboration – The reason I choose to engage in RP is to have a collaborative creative experience with another writer.  I enjoy the fun of not always knowing what comes next in a story.  I expect that a good writing partner will contribute as much to the story as I do myself.  If I wanted to write everything myself, I’d just write my own fiction (which I do, lol).  I need a creative and cooperative partner who brings their ideas to the table, and is also willing to here mine if I answer their request. 

Quality – I prefer it when a partner offers posts that contribute to the story and help move it along, as well as describing what their characters think, feel and do.  For me, that generally takes a few, well-structured paragraphs.  Sometimes, it might take more than just a few, depending on the scene.  Basically, I write as much as I need to in order to accomplish what I want to with my character in each post.  I’m definitely not a one line poster, and I gravitate towards partners with a similar style in terms of length.  I’m not a big fan of length for the sake of length, purple prose and endless description of every tiny detail.  There should be some room for my imagination to fill in the picture as I read.  If you’re the kind of player that posts just a handful of lines with each post, it’s likely we won’t be a good fit.

Literacy, Voice and Tenses – I write in third person, past tense for my RP posts.  Occasionally, I might have a character think in first person, but I generally prefer not to write in that voice.  I need a writing partner to write in the same voice and tense.  Mixing up tenses on a consistent basis will send me packing, as will continual bad grammar and spelling.  Everyone makes mistakes, and I will too.  But if I can’t follow or read a partner’s posts because of grammar or tense issues, I’ll have to politely recuse myself from the game. 

OOC Friendship – I like chatting with my partners and getting to know them OOC.  I think it helps the story if we have some chemistry outside of the writing and it helps me to be more personally invested.  I don’t need to know everything about my partners, nor do I think they need to know everything about me. But, I do enjoy discussions over PM or IM if we’re both comfortable with that.

My Availability -

Oy, I am a busy, busy girl, lol.  In addition to my time on E, I also run two RP boards off site, have a very demanding full time job the often calls for long hours, I freelance in professional theatre and I have a book project that my editor actually wants me to write, go figure, lol.  There are also times when I just don’t feel like writing or I need break.  There are going to be times when I can post several times a week, or if I’m super motivated and my schedule permits, I might be able to post a couple times a day, but that will not be the norm.  I promise I’ll do my best, but more than likely I’m only going to be able to post about once or twice a week.  When I’m in late night rehearsals, chances are I won’t be able to post at all.  So, if you need someone to post faster than that, I am not your girl.

Still with me?  Okay then, on to the next section.   
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Re: Black Cat Fever - Kuroneko's Requests
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2011, 12:10:45 AM »

The Types of Characters I Play –

This is just a general idea of the kinds of archetypes and characters that I like to explore in my writing.  I play both men and women, with a slight preference towards women and I’ve noticed that they all share some common characteristics, so I figure that it’s worth sharing.

Strong Men and Women - You will never catch me playing anyone shy and retiring.  My characters are assertive, at some times aggressive, people who know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it and/or take it.  For some, that comes out as being a player.  That doesn’t mean they will be one dimensional, however.  I strive for multifaceted characters with weaknesses as well as strengths. 

Tall Characters – I’m tall, my characters are usually tall.  ‘Nuff said.

Athletic Characters – More often than not, my main characters are in good physical shape.  Muscles are sexy.

Spiritual Characters - I am very fond of highly spiritual and/or monastic/ascetic type characters.  Men and women who have at their core, a strong set of spiritual beliefs and values that inform and influence their lives.  I like to explore the discipline of these things with characters.  More often than not they will be pagan or based in Buddhist traditions.  Think samurai, ninja, warrior monks, jedi, etc., for an idea of what I mean here.  Honorable people with a code of ethics. 

Warriors – Whether present, future or past, I love a good, well trained mercenary or military character that is very good at their job.  Martial arts, guns, explosives, jumping out of planes, it’s all good. 

Super-powered/gifted Characters – What can I say, I loves me a good super now and then. 

So-Called Villains – I looooooove the bad guys.  Love. Them.  I love to make well-rounded, multi-dimensional villains that range from the calm and coldly rational to full out batshit crazy.  All my bad guys and gals will have some code of ethics that motivates them.  Evil is, after all, just a point of view.  But, they will all be capable of Very Bad Things.  I can and have written some very gruesome stuff in the name of a good story.  Morally challenged characters and anti-heroes are also good.

Ethnic Characters – I like lots of diversity in my characters, so don’t be surprised if I offer up a Native American, Romani, Asian, Middle Eastern or other non-Caucasian character into an RP (or whatever works for that particular world setting). 

What I look for in a Partner’s Characters –

Basically, I want characters that can hold their own with mine.  I really enjoy the competitive back and forth of well-matched characters without subscribing to the whole dominant/submissive/switch tropes.  Here are some general things that I look for:

Athletic Men and Women – Physically fit characters are preferred to stick figures and bodybuilders.  Give me muscles I can ogle, but I like a nice butt to hold on to along with curves. 

Tattoos – not required, but a definite bonus. Like muscles, they’re sexy. 

Experience – Knowing how to do things and being able to do them well is appealing to me, personally.  That doesn’t mean that a character should know how to do everything in the world and there’s no room for learning, but I’m really not interested in virgin characters.

Older Characters – Between 30 and 50 is my favorite age range, though late 20’s also works. 

Assertive Characters – Nothing is sexier than a person that knows what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it or work to get it. 

But wait, there's more!
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Re: Black Cat Fever - Kuroneko's Requests
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2011, 12:14:02 AM »

What I Look for in a Story –

Plot, Plot and More Plot – I need a good plot in a story, with goals and obstacles and I’m not willing to compromise here.  Basically, I like a story where sex is a component, rather than the main focus.  Though I can do a PWP, I prefer to include that kind of encounter in an established story between characters that have already interacted with each other – i.e., let’s have a quickie up here against the wall before we kill the bad guy, kind of thing, lol. 

Action – I like for things to happen, both in terms of Action with a capitol A and character development.  Given the kinds of genres I enjoy writing, it’s pretty much a requirement.  Adventure, violence, sex, it’s all good. While I like a good dialogue scene, hanging out in bed and talking things through as well, I’m not likely to want to play out mundane scenes like breakfast over and over again unless something important character wise is going to happen there. 

Character Development – If these people aren’t going someplace, evolving or devolving as individuals, then I tend not to be interested.  I need character goals to work on throughout a story.

Forces at Work – Plots have twists; they move up and down, they are fluid and dynamic. They wax and wane and I need that in my RPs.  This goes back to goals.  The story should evolve as we write it.  Sometimes I write with an outline, sometimes I have just a general idea that can be more fluid, but I don’t like to plan every.  Last.  Detail.  If you do that, why bother to actually write it out at all?  I like to toss surprises out to my partner and I like to get them as well.  As I said before, a big part of the excitement of RP for me is not knowing what the other person will give you to work with. 

Occasional NPC’s – Sometimes stories need a guest character to help facilitate the action.  I have no problem writing multiple characters when needed, but I don’t want to be the only one that does.  A partner should be able to introduce a supporting character when needed as well. 

Still with me?  Then you deserve a cookie.  I hope you'll read on.

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Re: Black Cat Fever - Kuroneko's Requests
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2011, 12:16:27 AM »

What genres do I like to write?  I'm glad you asked!

Genres –

Sci-Fi – This is probably my favorite setting, as it allows for a lot of leeway with regards to plot, events, technology, weapons, races and what have you.  Who doesn’t like to go gallivanting across the galaxy?  I love original settings here as well as fandoms like Firefly, Star Wars, Dune, the Priest Movie or Pitch Black and Jack Chalker’s Rings of the Masters, among others. 

Steampunk – Crazy machines, gears, cogs, steamships, airships and pirates, fantastical vehicles, mixed tech worlds and fabulous costumes.  H.G. Wells comes to life.  Oh my yes. 

Urban Fantasy/Supernatural – Finding out that the world around you isn’t quite what you thought it was, that the Otherworld exists and is populated with Sidhe, mythical animals, sprites, spirits, animal people and all the things you thought were myth and they’re living right next door.  Fabulous.  Vampires and werefolk fit into this genre for me as well as mythology.  I prefer vampires to be of the Anne Rice variety, however.  Charles de Lint and Neil Gaiman-eqsue worlds, oh my. 

Quasi-Historical – While I’m not totally interested in complete, all out, fanatical, omg you mentioned something what wasn’t invented for another 2.5 years you must DIE historical fiction, I do like to write in AU historical places or in worlds inspired by them, my favorites being feudal Japan and Middle Eastern desert locations.  Native American and Pirate scenarios also appeal to me. 

Superpowers/Superhero – Either Marvel or original worlds where people have super powers are very fun.  For Marvel, I prefer canon characters and have played several that I can offer up for your pleasure. 

Action/Thriller – War, spies, competitors out to raid the same tomb, bad guys coming after us after we rescue a diplomat that was being tortured, hitmen out to take out the same target, car chases, explosions, mercenaries, mechanics, etc. - anything that gets the adrenaline pumping and the heart pounding.  I like action of some kind in all my stories.

Just one more section, I promise.

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Re: Black Cat Fever - Kuroneko's Requests
« Reply #5 on: October 01, 2011, 12:27:02 AM »

Story Ideas and Pairings –

Here are some ideas that are floating around in my head at the current moment, along with some basic parings that interest me.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, and I’ll probably add things as I think of them.  If you have an idea you think I might like, I'd love to hear it!

Fleshed out Story Ideas –  

These are in no particular order, but those I am particularly craving have a * next to them.

**Seducing the Lieutenant M/F - *TAKEN* So, perhaps we can blame my recent movie watching habits for this plot bunny, but I’m interested in exploring the idea of two military or interplanetary police personnel who are sent to accomplish a particular task. Perhaps to pick up a prisoner and bring them back for trial, or sent out to a new post in a hostile or otherwise dangerous location.  They have to travel by spaceship or by convoy train on a planet to get there, and once they arrive, things don’t go according to plan.  It could be that their prisoner is more than they bargain for – or not what they bargained for – or an event has occurred at the post that has killed the population there.  There are lots of possibilities and it’s something that could be worked out between partners.  My character would be the ranking officer and yours would a sergeant that has one objective above any of the dangerous circumstances they find themselves in: seducing her, either on the way or after they get there, despite everything that’s going on around them.  He’s tall, attractive, well built, charming and saucy, and thinks it’s only a matter of time before he gets his way.  She’s tall, athletic, intelligent and focused on the mission, but finds him increasingly distracting.  Could be Firefly-esque, or something more cyberpunky.  I think there’s lots of room for humor, plot developments, character interaction and action on top of everything else, so I hope that this will grab someone’s attention.   

**I have a Non Forum request here which is what I am most interested in filling at the moment.  All the details are in the linked thread, so I won’t repeat it here but, take up the character, treat and play him well, and I will love you forevah and make you cookies. Really, really good cookies.  *TAKEN*

* Wolverine X AU Callisto – They both have heightened senses, they both heal.  The potential to indulge in a little (or a lot, lol) rough sex with no long lasting consequences is pretty high here, and hard for me to resist.  I’ve played both characters in RPs for a long time, and I’ve played them together in adult situations.  I like the pairing and I’d like to write them again with a good Logan player.  Like his occasional canon dalliances with Domino for the pure fun of a good, hard boot knocking session, the two can easily hook up, despite her Brotherhood affiliation in this AU version of Cal.  She can take what he can dish out, and vice versa.  They arrange to meet for a once every so often tumble, or run into each other at some dive, find a room and proceed to dance.  Pretty much a PWP.

* Gambit  X AU Callisto – Again, I’ve played both characters and written both together in adult scenes.  Though Remy is not Logan, and can’t take the full force of her abilities, he’s very good at reminding her just what he *is* capable of.  Insert waggling eyebrows here.  This could be a FWB situation, or maybe one needs to engage the other’s services and a night in bed is the price of doing business. 

FemLogan X Canon or OC – I know this is going to sound odd, but I’ve played a very interesting female version of Wolverine for years and it’s hella fun.  As a Brotherhood member that primarily works as Magneto’s personal mechanic/hitman, she’s lethal, dangerous, sexually omnivorous and I can throw her into just about any situation.  Want to hire her to take out a rival executive?  Want to throw down with her in the Cage Fights at the Hellfire Club and have her think of it as foreplay?  You got it.  Think you can play an excellent canon Logan to my AU one?  Bring it on.

On The Hunt -   I've been craving a steampunk sort of adventure, and this could definitely fit the bill.  The idea is to have an explorer/adventurer on the hunt for important artifacts or other items that are crucial to solving a particular problem.  Said items could be supernatural or technological in origin, and the search for them could include time travel as well as world locations.  It sounds a bit Dr. Who-esque, but I'm really thinking more H.G Wells Time Machine here.  Ideally, one character would be the one on the hunt and another would be someone they pick up along the way for their ability to help the cause.  This would most likely require a feww NPC's as well.

General Pairings

These are not so fleshed out ideas.

Soldier X Soldier – in all kinds of time periods, and various levels of technological sophistication, this is always fun. 

Jedi X Jedi, Sith X Sith or Jedi X Sith – Going on a mission together and exploring the nature and dynamics of physical relationships in these quasi-religious orders are very interesting to me, including the differences between the Jedi and the Sith.  (Old Republic era).

Female Space Captain X Male Crew – Preferably two strong characters going head to head. 

Bounty Hunter X Target – Will s/he be able to turn in their quarry when the time comes?

Bounty Hunter X Bounty Hunter – who will get the target first?  Could be modern, historical or in space … space… space.

Female Operative X Male Browncoat – Firefly verse - interrogation, anyone?

Supernatural Hunter X Supernatural Creature – What happens when the thing you’ve been hunting turns out to not be what you thought?  Can you still do your job? 

Supernatural Character X Mortal – When you meet someone that you only thought existed in stories, and you see what they can do and where they take you, how does that change you and the way you see the world?  What would you give up to be with them?

Rival Airship Pirates – When you have to find a way to work with one of your greatest rivals in order to save Queen and Country, what would you be willing to do? 

This is a work in progress, and I’m sure I’ll add more ideas as I think of them. 

If you made it to the end, congratulations! I thank you for your attention.  Back rubs all around!

If you see anything here that interests you, please contact me via PM rather than posting here.   Thanks!
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Re: Black Cat Fever - Kuroneko's Requests
« Reply #6 on: October 02, 2011, 01:46:14 PM »
Added On the Hunt.

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Re: Black Cat Fever - Kuroneko's Requests
« Reply #7 on: November 25, 2011, 10:48:43 PM »
Added Seducing the Lieutenant