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Author Topic: The Heist - Accepting Applications  (Read 5401 times)

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Offline Aiden

Re: The Heist - Seeking Female Players!
« Reply #50 on: November 19, 2014, 06:39:51 PM »
Maybe distant relatives. Enough to know that he is "in hiding" and can't be in Mexico but not know him by face? Something we can leave in the background to come out later in time?

Like last time they saw each other was when they were kids? Also this would pigeonhole your character into being at least half Mexican on the father's side.

Offline Wargtass

Re: The Heist - Seeking Female Players!
« Reply #51 on: November 19, 2014, 07:11:21 PM »
She would be all Mexican anyway, so...  :P

I'm not gonna make any mention of it for now, since approvals and such, so got some time to think about it. Would have been a good way to refer her to the team though since she is turning out to be a bit of a problematic bitch...  ::)

Offline Amelita

Re: The Heist - Seeking Female Players!
« Reply #52 on: November 19, 2014, 07:36:43 PM »
Nadia Bishop

Current Occupation: DJ at some club downtown under the name De'Lite

Appearance/Style Description: Nadia is a natural redhead but dies her hair various shades of red as the mood strikes. She keeps it long and lets the large waves and curls hold as they will on their own unless she's indulging in a little pinup styled theme. Her skin is decorated in large portion by tattoos and she has a few piercings. Her style of clothing is usually in the line of jeans and band/brand t-shirts, hoodies, sneakers... Or the polar opposite of pencil skirts, fitted tops, stockings and pumps of a pinup kind of feel. The latter is not as frequent as the former, and usually reserved for occasions where dressing up is absolutely necessary.
Personality: Nadia is a hot tempered, lively and passionate firecracker. There is never a dull moment around her, whether she's working or playing, and she likes it that way. She has a tendency to be snarky, especially so when she's bored or something tests her patience, but counters it with liberal and open flirtation that colors most of her interaction with people at some point. She can be protective of people she cares about, has a bit of a momma bird syndrome in that way, but keeps that group limited to very few people since she doesn't like expressing that side of herself. It's not very badass. Music relaxes her, whatever she's into at any given time. The most calming thing to her in one moment might be some death metal, Latin pop, old school R&B or Mozart piano concerts... The one thing that's going to get you on her black list is interrupting her when she's in her groove, working with music pounding in her ears and more than likely dancing in place. It's not an invitation to grope her ass or shake your hips at her, dammit!

A big part of her personality is her abstract thought process. She's very creative and thinks outside the box, so much so that she tends to feel closed in if she's forced to color inside the lines. She prefers working on her own, simply because she's had trouble teaming up with people. They tend to not trust her ways of doing things. But she jumps on opportunities as they present themselves, goes with the flow, and is always ready to try new things as random and out there as they may seem.

She's highly adaptable to different situations and quick to adjust to change. She likes being on the move, constant motion, and it translates to the smallest of things for her, such as being absolutely incapable of sitting still. She kneads key chains, gloves, random items laying around, in order to sit still when she really has to, venting her need for motion through it. In a pinch she'll play, toy, knead or poke at whatever available part of the person unlucky enough to sit next to her. (People she's dated have generally not complained over this when at the movies, for example.)

History: Raised by a single mother in a questionable business of the escorting variety, Nadia has no idea who her father is. For all she knows, he might be any of the men running around town in their fancy suits pretending to be grade A husbands and fathers while they secretly seek the comfort of those of her mother's kind.

School was a blast, in its own way. She did gymnastics and was pretty good at it, but going for the competitions wasn't an option with how her home life was. Practice was a good excuse to stay out of the house though. Her mother OD'd when Nadia was sixteen, saving the girl from further issues with 'clients'. Around the age of fourteen she'd grown into her body a little, enough to give her mother ideas of fattening her income, but the girl was feisty and independent enough to avoid getting sucked into that. She'd taken care of herself since she was little anyway. When her mother passed away, she moved out of the shitty hole they called a home, dropped out of school (which had been a requirement for her mother to receive any child support), and eventually got on her feet.

Her journey there was colorful, the one epic highlight of it being just under a year she spent on the road with a circus as part of a three girl team of tattooed beauties who performed acrobatics and aerial acrobatics. The DJing gigs happened after that and transpired into something real for her, with side projects of alternative modelling for a while, and then she accidentally stumbled on safe cracking.

It started out as a single occasion, getting into this guy's house to get back the vinyl record player he snatched from under her nose at a market. Only, when she did get in there, furious because he wasn't even going to use this gorgeous piece of equipment, she figured he'd suspect her if she only took the player and grabbed several random items that looked like they were worth something. After the cash she got from that... Man. There was no turning back. It turned into a game for her, and mastering the art of cracking people's safety precautions became her new favorite hobby. Over the course of three years she'd earned herself a nice rep, her 'jobs' usually targeting people who had plenty to spare, and her whole vibe a little Robin Hood. She's been contacted several times to be part of bigger game, but she's hesitant to do so, especially after a heist gone horribly wrong in the past. She prefers not repeating that disaster.

Her signature is a small black skull stamp she leaves behind. It's actually just the imprint of a cheap skull ring she found in a dollar store, so tracing it is near impossible.

Current Situation: Single, working every other Thursday through Saturday, supplementing her income with small solo jobs

Primary Job: Safe cracker

Secondary Job: Acrobatic thief

A safe cracker's goodie bag: Several autodiallers, drills and a drill rig, borescope, stethoscope...
Swiss army knife.
A small handgun.
IPhone and wireless portable speakers.
Motorcycle (see pic).

Special Skill: Noise Design. She is able to calculate impact of sound in any given space if she has enough facts to go on. This allows her to create noise with a fine tuned purpose, extremely useful when diversions/distractions are needed, or to figure out how much noise is too much noise during a job. She is very creative when improvising ways to achieve this, both to hide and to produce sound.

Calm under Pressure. As loud, snarky and passionate as she can be, she has a natural ability to remain absolutely clear headed and focused under pressure, allowing her to evaluate situations and prioritise actions accordingly. Some have called it her 'momma bird mode' and perhaps it's not a bad analogy.
Linguistics. She's fluent in Spanish, German and French, and decent in Russian and Polish. Several other languages are on the list of 'can manage' and she has a keen ear for similarities and connections so there is a high chance of her being able to pick up the context of someone's speech in a language she doesn't know, as long as it is related enough to one of the ones she does know.
Gymnastics. Flexibility, agility, balance, speed and absolute confidence in her ability to throw herself into flips and stands. She's not Olympics material, and her form might be rough enough to make her old trainers cry, but she sure can move.


Numbers. She messes them up, ironically with what her moonlighting profession is. Dealing with each number on its own is not an issue. Dealing with math and logistics however, is. Put her on the spot with even a simple math problem and she'll freeze. This is most prominent as a liability when it comes to calculating time, which is why she has a strong liking for watches with timers...
Hand to hand combat. While she won't just stand there and let someone pound on her, she's not had any actual combat training and the closest she gets to that are the classes she took when she decided to get a gun. Improvise to get the hell out of a situation, sure. Tackle an attacker face to face? Not so much.
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Offline Aiden

Re: The Heist - Seeking Female Players!
« Reply #53 on: November 19, 2014, 07:38:28 PM »
She would be all Mexican anyway, so...  :P

I'm not gonna make any mention of it for now, since approvals and such, so got some time to think about it. Would have been a good way to refer her to the team though since she is turning out to be a bit of a problematic bitch...  ::)

I'm not sure how the team is getting assembled, Cesar doesn't want to be in Northern California but times are tough.

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Re: The Heist - Seeking Female Players!
« Reply #54 on: November 19, 2014, 10:31:22 PM »
Slips in a character sheet.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Morgan “Grease Monkey” Chamberlain

Current Occupation: Sometimes Illegal Street Racer.  Sometimes Mechanic. Sometimes Gopher for Chop-Shops.  Sometimes stripper.  Whatever puts money in her pocket.

Appearance/Style Description:  A laid back type of person, Morgan is often most comfortable in whatever feels comfortable to her.  More often than not, she is usually dressed in casual clothes, and carries herself with a sense of reservedness.  It is a rare thing to see her dressed up in something other than jeans and a top, but when she does don a dress, she certainly can pull it off. 

Personality:  From a young age, Morgan always had something of a temper.  As the years went on in her life, she learned to control it, somewhat, with the help of Anger Management courses, but there are more than a few times when she simply can't control it anymore and lets loose.  She's known to be stubborn, however when it comes to plans and work, she is focused and driven on the task at hand, stopping only when it's perfect in her eyes.  A perfectionist when it comes to her work. 

History:  Morgan is a girl who never seemed to fit in.

When she was a few years younger in school, those around her never missed an opportunity to remind her of that.  “Grease Monkey” they called her, over and over again until the day she graduated.  They all always looked down upon her.  She wasn’t one of them.  She wasn’t rich like them, nor was her father a power-player in the city like most of theirs.  No.  Her father was a different sort of power player.

She knew what her father did for a living when he wasn’t servicing the everyday person’s cars.  It was an unspoken rule between them, to never bring it up, and nor did she.  It was their secret, between father and daughter.  Only a handful of people knew of her father’s value to the city’s more nefarious elements.  Mechanic to the Criminals.  Whether it was street racers who needed an extra boost under the hood, or the local crime bosses who needed extra hidden spaces or surprise elements in their cars, he was always there.  He was a magician with a wrench under the hood, able to fix any and all problems, a reputation he earned.

Cars and engines were what she grew up around ever since she was younger.  She didn’t play with Barbie dolls or dress up for tea with stuffed animals.  She didn’t fawn over dresses and fashion.  Instead she was a girl who played with engine parts, who at age twelve knew more about cars and fixing engines than most men did three times her age.   At her father’s feet she learned about engines and cars, learned how to take apart and disable an engine, how to rebuild one, and so on until the day he died of a heart attack.

Morgan “Grease Monkey” Chamberlain took over the shop on the day her father died.  Instead of going to college, as her father always dreamed, she stayed in the shop, working on the things her father loved as much as he loved her.  It wasn’t long until the same criminal elements who had paid for her father’s business came calling to her, getting pulled into the tangled web of crime just like her Daddy.

She was on her own, just as she always had been.  For a while Morgan was able to keep the shop up and going, clinging onto the few legitimate customers her father had, but never the ones who always paid the big bucks.  The racers, the crime bosses, all of them shied away from her.  Always it was the same things.  “Why trust a kid with stuff like this?  A girl at that?” 

When the shop finally closed down, unable to keep up with the large bills that had continued to pile up over the years under her father’s ownership and her own, it was as if a part of her father had died all over again.  Countless times she watched people going in and out of it, the prospective buyers while she could only watch from afar, sad and angry that the place which had been her refuge was taken away from her.  But no one would enjoy it the way she did.  No.  Morgan saw to that.

The Arson Investigators could never find out who caused the fire.  In that part of the city, it was a miracle if anyone had fake security cameras, let alone real, working ones.  The molotov cocktail had been clean of fingerprints, generic and easily reproduced.  When the fire had been finally put out, it was nothing more than a shell of a building, burned out and gutted.  It didn’t take long for the fruitless investigations to start, and just around the time the building was torn down, Morgan was brought in.  She played them like a fiddle, acting upset, depressed, near distraught over the building’s demise.

Yet she wasn’t.  In fact, Morgan would not have had it any other way.  She didn’t want others to enjoy the building.  She didn’t want others taking up the place that had been essentially a home to her, where so many memories were.  She saw to that with a couple of empty bottles and some gas and oil. 

Without the shop, she was on her own, alone in the world.  What friends she had were all gone, off to colleges to start their lives, raising families of their own, or whatever else that made them grow apart.  She moved around here and there for a time, doing the odd job that needed to be done.  An emergency mechanic.  A spare driver.  Boosting cars for chop-shops.  Even taking her clothes off on stage from time to time to make ends meet.

Current Situation:  Single, living alone in an apartment.

Primary Job:  Driver, Vehicle Mechanic

Secondary Job:  Con-Artist

Gear: Smith and Wesson 9MM Hand-Gun she keeps by her side.  Police Scanner.

Special Skill: Secret Little Spot:  This entails a knowledge of the area, and knowing a special little place where to hide out.  Timing on this can vary, from giving pursuing the slip completely, or just enough for them to pass on by before moving in and changing the direction of the chase.  For instance, pulling into an alley or garage with the pursuing entities passing by, before pulling out and going in the opposite direction.

  • Strong Focus:  When it comes to a job, whether it's racing, or putting together an engine, Morgan focuses a lot of her attention on it.  Sometimes it can be hard to pry her away from something until she finishes it.
  • Analytic:  A habit she picked up from her father.  She can't help but to analyze something until she understands it, and whatever problem it might have.  Sometimes it can be pretty quick from her experiences with cars.  Other times, she can't help but to tinker with something to just figure out how it works.
  • Knowledgeable About Streets:  From her time doing street races and scouting out routes, she has become quite familiar with the city streets, knowing where traffic is the worst statistically at most times, as well as some of the lesser-known short cuts and hiding points.
  • Charming:  She can be charming when she wants to be, and knows how to turn it on in order to get what she wants.  It's something she's honed and sharpened during the occasional pole dance on stage.

  • “In the System”:  Having been caught on a rare few occasion, she is in the police databases, and has had them come calling on her a few times when there's been something criminal involving a good driver.
  • Medical Condition:  Morgan has a condition with her heart.  With proper medication, she's able to keep it under control.  Without it, she starts to lose focus, has blurred vision, and has been known to pass out.
  • Anger Issues:  Ever since she was younger, she's had anger issues.  For the most part, she keeps it under control, due in large part to Anger Management courses she'd been ordered to take.  However, once in a while, she will lose her cool when pushed too far and go full psycho-bitch.
  • Over-Confident and Cocky:  She knows she's a good driver.  Sometimes that means taking risks that don't always pay off.
  • Inexperienced with Guns:  Weaponry has never been her forte.  Usually she tries to keep away from guns, an away from using them.  She keeps a gun on her for her own personal protection, but is a lousy shot admittedly.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: The Heist - Seeking Female Players!
« Reply #55 on: November 19, 2014, 10:36:42 PM »
@Amelita, so far your sheet looks great! You just need some Strengths and Weaknesses and your sheet should be approved

@Aiden, I would just make up a "in" to San Francisco for the beginning of the game. Since your character needs to be there in order to participate
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Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: The Heist - Seeking Female Players!
« Reply #56 on: November 19, 2014, 10:39:00 PM »
Approved Gnothi!

I think we have enough to get started then. I'm going to make my sheet, and then post up a starter this weekend. Be on the lookout for it guys!

Offline Aiden

Re: The Heist - Seeking Female Players!
« Reply #57 on: November 20, 2014, 01:52:01 AM »
I added that he has been in town a week or so and made some calls to a contact who might be able to either tip him off, or put his name out to whoever is assembling a crew.

Offline AndyZ

Re: The Heist - Seeking Female Players!
« Reply #58 on: November 20, 2014, 02:12:06 AM »
Nicole "Smiley" Anderson

Current Occupation: Grifter

Appearance/Style Description: Trying to pin Nicky down with a particular style is an exercise in futility.  Not only does she change her look and style from day to day and job to job, but she usually develops a personality to match.
Personality: Her real personality, deep down, is that she just wants to be cared for and accepted no matter who she is or what she does.  It's a side of herself that she doesn't show very often because it requires really letting her guard down.

Despite her more provocative demeanors, she's not really that sexual of a person.  Simply snuggling up with someone can provide her with all kinds of inner joy, as well as relieving the pressure of being expected to perform.

When wearing the mask, she's jubilant and cheerful, all smiles as one might expect from her visage, and usually helps to keep up the hostages placated.

History: Nicky grew up the only daughter of a single mother in a poor neighborhood, who decided early on that having Nicole was the worst mistake she'd ever made.  She rarely told her daughter so, but the signs were there, and sometimes it would slip out when Mommy had been drinking.

Criminal profilers now recognize her need for attention, but back then, she just did what she could to fit in.  She always had a knack for reading people, understanding just what they wanted and making sure that she could provide it.  Sometimes it was as simple as making friends, sometimes it was helping a person get revenge on a common enemy (back then, usually bullies or teachers) and sometimes it required sacrificing a would-be ally to complete an objective.  She always hated the latter, but if she had no real attachment to the person, it could work.

By contrast, the easiest way to win her friendship was respect and affection, but few passed her strict tests.  It took her a long time to realize it was her own fault: when you can figure out how people work, it can be difficult not to change to make them do exactly what you want.

It only got worse as she got old enough to be considered a woman.  She lost her virginity with someone she didn't even care for just to "prove" that she wasn't a virgin and wasn't afraid of having sex.  She doesn't have all that huge of a sex drive, but the necessity of having that weapon in her arsenal means that she can get herself ready as necessary, further degrading that tiny sense of self that is still her and doesn't just shift with whatever is required of her.

Current Situation: Running out of money after her last stint with a sugar daddy, living in an apartment

Primary Job: Con Artist

Secondary Job: Mastermind

Gear: Pepper spray, Fake IDs, Purse with various items for Instant Friends, Smartphone and various burner SIM cards, usually enough cash for some good bribes

Special Skill: Instant Friends.  Nicky can look at someone and instantly deduce what that person wants, using a number of subtle clues around the area, and provide that desire in order to gain that person's loyalty.  For example, if she can't get past a security guard, she might notice from his keychain that he's a fan of a particular music band, and just happen to have two tickets on hand to offer him.

Strengths: Nicky is exceptionally talented at figuring out people's desires, to the point where she can usually deduce a person's kinks and limits after spending a few hours in conversation.  Learning their strengths and weaknesses comes as a consequence, and by the time she's gotten to know someone, she usually understands them well enough to be able to suggest courses of action (thus the Mastermind secondary).

Her spending habits have given her quite a taste for the high life, and she usually has a good understanding of all kinds of things happening in the more affluent corners of society.  She also has a large number of acquaintances that she can call upon in a pinch, though none of them have any major talents that would be useful during a Heist.


Hoplophobia: Ever since nearly getting shot as a child, Nicky has an aversion to firearms.  She's had a lifetime to work through it as much as she can - guns are a part of her lifestyle, after all - but she won't hold a gun and has on one occasion frozen up when she saw a gun pointed directly at her.

1001 Faces: The disadvantage of having so many different appearances is that somewhere, someone will eventually notice one that's similar enough to what they recognize.  Trying to deal with someone she's already met while simultaneously maintaining a new persona is difficult in the extreme, especially since she's usually using a different name.

Birthmark: She has a very distinctive heart-shaped birthmark on her left butt cheek, and considers it adorable.  She refuses to get rid of it, but it's easily recognized when someone sees her tush.  More than one person has seen her in a thong and recognized her just by that birthmark, despite changing any number of other features.  It's a very distinctive birthmark.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: The Heist - Seeking Female Players!
« Reply #59 on: November 20, 2014, 07:25:05 PM »
We have a full group! I will create the first post for everyone, and my own sheet (hopefully) tonight!

I've added two new roles so that I can bring in two very good players into the group.

Please see the players and their primary jobs below! This is also the approval for some people who have submitted sheets.

Mastermind - Red Lobster

Con-Artist - AndyZ

Hacker - Zephy

Equipment/Weapons Specialist - Aiden

Driver - Gnothi

Acrobatic Thief - Rel

Enforcer - Jugg

Safe Cracker - Amelita

Underworld Connection - Presta

The Cop - Blue Nova

Offline AndyZ

Re: The Heist - Accepting Applications
« Reply #60 on: November 20, 2014, 11:24:11 PM »
This may well be too late, but I'm toying with the idea of giving Nicky a replica gun, originally used as therapeutic to try to help her overcome her phobia but now kept on heists when she needs to intimidate a cop down, maybe even to convert them over if she can do that with secondary Mastermind.

Online RedEve

Re: The Heist - Accepting Applications
« Reply #61 on: November 21, 2014, 03:44:25 AM »
So I'm guessing this is a full game?
Would there be room for a Fed who is a member of a special task force that has been hunting this group?
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Offline Amelita

Re: The Heist - Accepting Applications
« Reply #62 on: November 21, 2014, 09:48:43 AM »
I think the idea is that the group is new, as in they haven't worked together before, but I could be wrong :)

Online RedEve

Re: The Heist - Accepting Applications
« Reply #63 on: November 21, 2014, 09:49:33 AM »
Ah okay. :)

Offline Rel Mayer

Re: The Heist - Accepting Applications
« Reply #64 on: November 21, 2014, 10:12:13 AM »
So I'm guessing this is a full game?
Would there be room for a Fed who is a member of a special task force that has been hunting this group?

I think the idea is that the group is new, as in they haven't worked together before, but I could be wrong :)

That is true! :) I could be wrong, but I also think that we're  avoiding playing the 'good guys' group on the other end of the spectrum. Pretty much everyone is part of the heist group.

Online RedEve

Re: The Heist - Accepting Applications
« Reply #65 on: November 21, 2014, 10:18:24 AM »
Okay, so the cop character is more of an "inside man" type of deal? :)

Offline Rel Mayer

Re: The Heist - Accepting Applications
« Reply #66 on: November 21, 2014, 10:19:41 AM »
Okay, so the cop character is more of an "inside man" type of deal? :)

That is my impression, yes. :D

Offline Blue Nova

Re: The Heist - Accepting Applications
« Reply #67 on: November 22, 2014, 02:04:40 PM »
Jason Hasek Jäeger

Current Occupation: City Police Detective

Appearance/Style Description: Jason is a tall man with a devilishly handsome smile about him. He has a well toned muscle structure, but is not by any means an olympian. His bright hazel eyes and slow turning smile give him sense of attractiveness that is more subtle, rather than supermodel. He usually appears to be well put together in his apparel, always dressing professionally and carrying himself with a sense of authority, though he is trying to work on that.

Personality: Jason was always the guy who could be relied on. He was always on time, and always met his deadlines. He excelled In his profession, and stuck with it. He was even a kind and loving husband and son. Although some may have said he was boring, he was still pleasant to speak with. He seems fairly noble and honorable in his behavior towards anyone, but is prone to be spiteful and irritated around certain people. As far as the women are considered, he is usually an all around gentleman.

History: Jason was born in Germany and crew up in the country with his parents and younger brother. However, at an early age, his mother and brother were killed in a car accident. His father almost turned to the bottle but decided to move to America, and stayed sober to make sure Jason was raised properly, which made them very close. They spent an absorbent amount of time together and would constantly go on hunting trips, mostly hunting bucks and big game. Jason would hold and fire his first rifle when he was 13 years old, and he was pretty good by the time he was 17. His father used to always tell him that his last name meant "The Hunter". Which Jason thought was really cool, at least for the first 20 times he heard it. Being bilingual helped him out in high school.
After High school he went straight into the military where he served for 9 years and went on 2 tours in Iraq. He earned several medals in marksmanship and even became long range recon sniper. He had great eye sight and accuracy for the job so he excelled there as well. After he left the military he joined the police academy, and enrolled in their officers program. Graduating with his bachelor’s degree, though not with any outstanding honors, he was excited to make detective in 4 years.
In his personal life, his dad would show a lot of depression issues and basically isolate himself from everyone around him. This was a heavy blow for Jason because him because he was so close to his father. He felt like his father was just being lazy, because it’s not like he was lonely. Jason visited him twice a week. But none the less, his father grew very distant out of nowhere, but he never failed to ask his son for money.
During this time he met what he thought was the love of his life. He would be married to her for 5 years before getting divorced. Later finding out she had been cheating on him for the last year of his marriage. This caused his cash flow to plummet as she took the house and the nice car. He only thanked God they hadn't had a kid together, so their offspring would not have to see this. During this spiral downwards his boss was not empathetic to Jason’s depression issues. Anyone who reminds him of his boss, ex-wife, or father makes him very cynical towards them.

Current Situation: Recent events brought his cash flow situation to spirally drain of bills and expenses. Not to mention the divorce with his wife had left him emotionally crippled as well. Feeling as if he was going to lose everything he worked so hard for, Jason starting looking for alternatives. His whole life he had done what was right, what was honorable. A law abiding citizen/soldier and now even enforcing the law, trying to make the city safer. However, he would get no thanks from anyone. Even the chief was always on his ass about not getting things done on time. He wished people in this world truly got what they deserved, but they didn’t. Every day he saw criminals he helped bring in, released back on the streets. Driving around in expensive cars and dropping hundreds at a strip club. He has basically decided that crime does pay, and that he is in a very valuable position on the inside.

Primary Job: The Cop

Secondary Job: Enforcer

Police Issue - GLOCK 42 handgun, Police Taser, Stun Baton, Bushmaster XM15-E2S M4 Style Carbine, Remington 700P Sniper Rifle, 870P MAX Police Shotgun
Military Issue - XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle
Custom Gear - Modified S.W.A.T. Vest, Custom made Gas Mask (built in headset, ears are antennas)

Special Skill:

The Badge – Jason has an air of authority about him that makes him seem like he is in charge. He can wave his badge around and make demands of anyone who would normally follow the law, as if he was supposed to be there and is in charge of the situation. However, if he remains in the situation for too long, the people around him will gradually grow more and more suspicious, asking questions like “who authorized this search anyways?” or “Wait, what department did you say you were from?” Even if he can maintain a hold on the situation for a while, eventually more and more information about who he is will be squeezed out of him, which could potentially cause problems from him at the police department, as it would be seen as an overzealous abuse of power. He is supposed to be tracking the group, but he better have a good reason how he knew they were going to be there and why he didn’t call for back up.
This can be very useful if he just needs to create a heavy diversion, or gain access to a room he shouldn't be in. Though it would not have any power if bullets were already flying around. People are more worried about dying than getting arrested.


Marksman  – Jason’s military training earned him Expert Ranks in both Rifle and Pistol categories. He has been shooting guns for more than half of his life, and by the time he completed the Academy and been on the force for a few years. He was awarded Expert ranks in Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun categories. He had also achieved scores high enough to earn the Police Marksmanship Distinguished rank, though it has been withheld from him for the time being due to his failing attitude.
He does however lack the strength to keep heavy automatic weapon’s steady. So he is not really the best with machine guns.

Reaction Time  – Hunting with his father at an early age, combined with his military and police training has made him quick to reacting to new targets around him. He is a quick draw master because of this and can swiftly beat a standard officer in drawing and firing a weapon.

Other Side  – Due to his years of service in Law Enforcement, Jason knows the ins and outs and how to avoid leaving a trail. He knows what the police look for, how long it takes to respond, and has direct access to their inner workings. He is currently in charge of the team’s cases, in which he actively works to keep the cops off their trail.

Charming  - He may not be the most charismatic in the group, but he is surprising good with the ladies. Getting them to cooperate, and keeping their attention comes naturally to him. In his social life he has never had trouble getting a girl’s phone number, but the real power comes in the distraction he can provide, and the ability to seduce special favors.


Hard of hearing  – He has heavy hearing loss in his right ear, due to the 2 decades spent firing long range rifles. This would not have been so bad if he had proper training when he was younger, but because the ear damage was attained at an early age, he never really got over it. When the shooting starts and people are screaming, he sometimes may not hear orders being called out to him unless they are through his head set.

Tendon damage  – Jason  was in a nasty accident while on tour in Iraq, where shrapnel tore up his left shoulder and a small part his he lower chest. Though he survived, he has never been able to carry heavy things with his left arm without an excruciating amount of pain. This is one reason why he is not proficient with mobile machine guns, and has a hard time carrying two heavy things at once, like a giant bag of money and a rifle.

Moral Obligations  – Although he has no qualms shooting a fellow officer, they know what they signed up for. However, anytime civilians get in the way, he will hesitate. He Actively tries not to allow random civilians to get caught in the cross fire, even if it makes his job that much harder.

Spiteful  – With the turn his life took recently, he has become a jerk to those who remind him of anyone who has betrayed him. Whether it be his ex-wife or the chief of police. If that person strikes a chord with him, he will start to become unprofessional and agitated with them.

Ladies Man  – Much like his moral obligations not to kill civilians, he has a big problem with hurt women in general. He can’t stand seeing a woman get slapped around or knocked unconscious with the base of a gun. If teammate were to get abusive with a woman, he may even intervene, causing a decline in teamwork to say the least.
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Lori Bianchi

Current Occupation:

  Lori currently owns a small place called Iron Dora's.  It's been a labor of love, really.  She used money she used to earn street racing in Miami as capital to get the place up and going, trying to make one more shot at living a straight life.  San Fran is a great place for talented musicians and the LA bound looking to get their start performing, but it's also hard to compete here as a cafe.  Originally a coffee shop and jazz venue, Lori started to expand the business into serving alcohol and Italian Food, using her curious cooking talent to bolster the venture.  But when the open direction business started to tank, especially when competing with other restaurants in the Bay, it was her other, more useful set of talents that saved the place.

  Iron's Dora's is now an alcohol-friendly cafe and performance venue, with eclectic steam-punk undertones and a reputation for the discerning musical tastes of its proprietor.  Those who came before notice the place is smaller than it used to be.  Lori converted the back rooms into more comfortable private areas, allowing for the less-than-seelie clientele to meet and discuss things with a blind eye and plenty of sound proofing.  Lori is also making a name for herself as a connection broker, tapping into the network of smugglers, hired guns, and specialist criminals that she used to run with.

  Today she is above the black line, but not yet seeing any major profits.  Lori is slowly and carefully building a smuggling and money laundering trade, patiently investing time and money into safe moves.  Things are on the up, though.  She gets to sit down and smoke any time she wants to at work.  The place is just popular enough, with decent performers whenever she wants to book them.  She's getting more business from the back rooms..  They even like her cooking.  Imagine that.

Appearance/Style Description:  Lori is a pale woman with jet black hair that stops just past her ears, and lazy green eyes.  She has a long neck and a lithe, well-toned body, with flourishing hips.  Lori favors dark colors, and tends to dress nicely, preferring dresses or form fitting suits that match her venue.  She is extremely fond of fedoras and retro fashions, as well as gothic attire.  However, when she's out and about, she will usually opt for something simple, dark, and easy to move around in.  Sometimes this will show off the tattoo running from her right shoulder blade and down her left arm, of a stylized winter spirit roaring through the cold.  Lori's most remarkable physical feature is the custom built clock-work leg brace on her left leg, and the limp in her walk.

  While she has a little trouble moving across a room, Lori somehow seems to move with grace in every other aspect, exhibiting excellent muscle control in her arms and upper body.  She has a lazy, almost apathetic way about her, usually conducting herself with a monotone voice and cynic comments.  Those that have known her longer recognize her for the curious, art loving, and even theatrical woman is.  Especially those that have seen her play her sax.  Those that haven't only know her as the young, tough-as-nails bar keeper who has picky tastes in music and likes loud cars. 

  Lori's subdued and lazy-eyed disposition masks a veritable mosaic of interests, conflicts, and triggers.  She is a confessed audiophile, whose tastes range from Smooth Jazz to Heavy Metal.  In her office, she keeps a poster of her favorite metal band, Anarchy in Harmony, right beside the saxophone she'll occasionally use to run poor performers out of her establishment.  Lori is also a passionate mechanic, who at one time broke into salvage yards to steal choice scrap, and who is fairly adept at street racing.  She loves steam-punk, and has a kinkier side that she tried to keep under wraps.  Be that as it may, Lori's first love will always be the criminal life.  She has a certain sneer she wears when she is about to do something she'll probably regret later, and lately has made a habit of keeping count of them.


    Lori was born as Lorelei Bianchi, to an Italian Immigrant Chef and an American Para-legal.  She grew up enjoying fine cooking, accordion music, and the like.  She was nerdy as a youth, smart and quiet, more prone to being lost in her own world than actually hanging out with others.  When she started to hit her rebellious years, during which her temperamental father and ice-berg like mother got on her very last nerve, she began to seek companionship.  She found music her calling card, at the time, going to jazz houses and coffee shops.  After making some quirky friends that, while not nerdy, seemed to understand her for what she was, she was invited to the Maw, the parking garage that served as the headquarters for a gang called The Teeth.  That was where she saw her first cover show concert.

  Lori was already familiar with their leader, Kaitlin Naus, who had been part of an experimental rock band.  The energy was entrancing, and she began to try to go to these cover shows as often as she could.  Her grades suffered as she began to fall into various substance abuses and small acts of hoodlumism with her gang-member friends.  A very confusing period followed, in which Lori teetered between giving up the gang for the life she'd had, or vice versa.  This confusion ended rather suddenly one night when a member of a rival gang attempted to kill her.  Naus herself was the one who saved her life, following it with hard but well-meaning advice to "fucking pick" where she stood.  After this, Lori formally began her life as one of The Teeth.

  While the nerdiness she'd carried as a youth had to be quickly beaten out of her, the gang members welcomed her curiosity.  Various mentors appeared, teaching her music, mechanics, driving, and fighting.  Under Naus's tutelage, Lori gained a deep appreciation for one on one fights.  A tall and imposing woman named Silver taught her to drift during street races.  And her first lover, a boy named French Fry, taught her the joys of junking.  It was he who re-awakened her nerdier side by showing her how to craft junk-jewelry. 

  It was during one of these junking expeditions that Lori's leg was crushed by a falling car in a junk yard.  Unable to walk under her own power, she fashioned a clock-work leg brace.  Thereafter, even the other members of The Teeth had to respect her nerdiness.  She started working more on steam-punk fashions in her spare time, running a profile on Etsy to raise money for the Gang.  She also rekindled her love of Jazz Music, buying a saxophone and taking lessons in her spare time.

  This was a fine time for her, but it was due to end.  Sadly, a gang member's foremost skill must be the art of violence.  Even with her brace, Lori no longer had the agility for it.  After nearly getting herself killed for the second time, Naus threw her out, partly for her own protection, but mostly out of frustration.  The event broke her heart.  She took what money she had and moved to Miami, consoling herself for a time on the beaches, taking her leg brace off and letting the waves caress her.

  Miami was a curious time in her life.  She went from working at a BP station, to being drawn into a street racing team, to falling back into the habit of smuggling car parts through salvaged chrome-cadavers, and running afoul of the law.  She had to go underground for a time, reconnecting with her old gang as she and her new racing crew dispersed around the country.  She made a great deal of new contacts, however, and eventually settled into San Fran, attempting to try to go straight once again.

  Things didn't pan out that way, and now she runs a small business that works as a cover for certain meetings and transactions that she doesn't officially know anything about.  Somehow she thought the bay area climate would get to her more, after moving from Miami, but she's found that everything suits her just fine. 

Current Situation:

  Building her connection broker, money laundering and smuggling operations, bit by bit.  She has open mic night on Wednesdays, and being closed on Mondays and Tuesdays allows her to host a steam-punk gathering, a kink event or a prize fight once in a blue moon.  Iron Dora's is fun like that.   

Primary Job: Underworld Connection

Secondary Job: Equipment / Weapons (I can drive, too.)


  Iron Dora's, Refreshments and Live Music..
    ..Lori's place of business allows her to conduct meetings, import and sell a little of x and y without having to let it see the sunlight, launder a little money, and gives her a wall of liquor to play with.  What's not to love?

  The Junk Monarch..
    ..a heavily modded El Camino that Lori keeps under a tarp, with the back outfitting for scrapping.  The machine is incomplete, almost a hobby that Lori couldn't let go of, but the suspension is outfitted for heavy carting and getting away quickly.

  Neon Marine..
     ..Lori's primary mode of locomotion is a royal blue 1991 Nissan 300 ZX, built with every worthwhile sleeper mod that Lori could get her hands on.  Neon doesn't make a lot of noise, but she has a great deal of power.  And the sound system is simply exquisite.

  iPhone 4S w/ Case, 424 contacts and 73 Playlists..
    ..because when you bite off more than you can chew, you'd better have an Apple.

  Old 26..
    ..A Glock 26 with a silencer.  Because you never know.  Need to get that rifle, though..

Special Skill:  (Oh, dear!)
  A Sense of Timing:  Lori has a peculiar skill.  One which makes her sneaky, one which got her out of dodge when things went south in Miami, and one which has kept her business alive.  She understands 'timing.'  Doing something at precisely the right moment to yield just the right result.  Dropping the right words to make a deal, taking the right step behind a crowd to get away, giving the right wink to make the fellow follow you, or firing the right shot right when it matters.  She calls it the luck of the audiophile, to be able to sense the rhythm of a situation.  In truth, it's inexplicable, to the point of being occasionally unreliable.  But it has kept her alive. 


  The Girl from Gang Land:  Lori was once a fighter, just as capable of trading blows as any street thug, and taught boxing theory by her fellow gang members.  While her leg gives her some very obvious disabilities in a fight, her muscles remember the moves.  That opening flurry can be doozy for those who don't expect it.  More useful to her now, however, as the skills she learned with guns.  As a former member of an arms and parts smuggling gang, she knows her weapons.  And those are skills she keeps in practice with.  There's a target sign hidden somewhere in Iron Dora's where she unloads a few rounds after hours..
  Scion of the Silver Tooth:  Lori is an adept street racer, who favors drifting around tight corners and listening to mood music while she's on the road.  She learned to do this by practicing in a huge abandoned parking garage, arguably making her more effective in such a place.
  KIT-dub: Of all Lori's talents, mechanics comes most easily to her.  She loves junking for parts, and if she can find the right stuff, she can modify a car extensively.  That's only part of the story behind that particular nickname, however..
  Sneaky Cripple:  No one suspects it, but Lori is actually pretty good at sneaking around places.  If asked how someone with a leg brace gets by being stealthy, she will say her edge is just simple awareness.  For knowing how to place her movements in sequence with ambient noise, for tracking the lighting, and gauging the space.  Her innate grace takes it from there.  It lets her get into tight spaces, although she  has learned to be wise about getting back out again..
  Spider's Art of Connection Weaving:  Lori doesn't give herself enough credit for being personable.  But she grant that she understands the nature of the underworld business ethos.  Favors for favors, words for words, and everything for a price.  Lori seldom misses a chance to make one of these connections when they appear, keeping a massive mental tally of who is owed and who she needs to pay.
  Monochrome Muse:  Lori's artistic nature makes her a bit of a jack-of-all trades, a craftsy woman that imbues almost everything she creates with a subtle flavor of her own theatrical nature.  This curious tendency also makes her an inspiration among other artists.  She has a policy never to give a musician a reason to call her rude, but she doesn't realize that she does more than that to some of them.
  When life gives you lemons..:  Lori is a survivor, who once earned her place among The Teeth almost entirely on her ability to improvise an increasingly bad situation into something awesome!  This trait is responsible for her junking skills, as well as many other things.

  That damn leg:  Her most prominent weakness is also her most obvious.  Lori's leg was crushed, and her entire kneecap broken into shards along with most of the bone in that area.  Modern surgery can only do so much to rebuild it, and the fact that she can walk at all today is a miracle, and sadly, a temporary one.  While Lori can get around, she simply lacks the agility for proper combat.  That and, well, the brace locks up sometimes..
  Snapping Turtle in a Porcelain Mask:  Lori's past is an intricate thing, but not entirely a pretty one.  There are a large sum of insecurities, regrets, and fears for the future.  It makes her hard to get close to, a fact she acknowledges in herself but makes little effort to change.  For right now, arm's length suits her.  That's her story, anyhow..
  Taste for Trouble:  That smirk Lori gets when she's about to do something crazy is a symptom of a much deeper condition.  She doesn't know if it's the thrill or the familiarity of the life style.  Live fast, die young.  Skid into your grave with a half drunk bottle of Yeager and flames in your wake.  Her old Gang boss gave her the keys to get out, knowing she would need them.  And she fell right back in.  She loves it.  And at this point in her life, she's decided the on-again-off-again relationship she has with it definitely needs to stay 'on.'
  Haughty:  If you called Lori stubborn and arrogant, she would argue with you, and tell you that arrogance was beneath her.  And then leave you to wonder if she was kidding or not..
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Some areas that I still need to fill out, but I wanted to get this up so that I can write the first post!

Ethan Lassiter

Current Occupation: Unemployed

Appearance/Style Description: WIP
Personality: WIP

History: Ethan Lassiter has been a professional crook for his entire life. He started knocking over banks, stores, and money trucks in the mid-80's and has made a pretty successful career out of it. That was at least until 2004 when he got shot in the side while trying to break away from what should have been a relatively easy jewlery store job. His partner had screwed the plan and gotten the cops called on them far too early to make the payout worth while. Blood-loss caused him to wreck his car. Leading to him spending the last 10 years of his life in a California prison, which all things considered, was not as bad as it could have been.

He got out on parole less than a month ago, only to find that his safety-retirement money had been completely spent by Jennifer Mae, the daughter of the partner who had fucked him over 10 years ago. He has discovered that with the rise in technology over the last decade, security systems are perhaps even more vulnerable to theirvery than they used to be. Everything is automated. He is excited to get back into the swing of it, and put a team together for some professional withdraws.

Current Situation: Currently Ethan is putting together a new team. After spending time in prison, and coming out with barely any money to his name, he is eager to get back into what he knows best.

Primary Job: Mastermind

Secondary Job: Underworld Connections

Gear: WIP

Special Skill: Airtight Plan – As the Mastermind, Ethan tries to prepare for any sort of problem that may come up during the course of a heist. Small variables, tiny nuance details, weaknesses, these are the things that keep him at at night. Pouring over blueprints while working his way through a pack of Marlboros. With the use of this power, Ethan can make it so that 1 portion of the heist execution is completed without issue. Breaking into the vault, tying up the hostages, getting the Bank Manager to hand over the security codes. One specific portion of the plan goes off without a hitch.


Been Doing it Awhile: Ethan is a career criminal, he's been at this game since before many of the party members were even born. A lifetime of experience has given him an edge during the planning phase of a heist. Chances are, he's seen most of the 'what can go wrong' situations actually play out in front of him during one job or another from his past.

Lifetime of Connections: Similar to the previous strength, as a career criminal Ethan has several people who owe him favors. For a fee, several options for additional equipment or information are available to the party through Ethan's professional contacts.

Cold Soul: Ethan has no illusions about what he is, and what he does for a living. He has killed mothers who tried to jump for the silent alarm buttons, and fathers who thought they could be heroes and cut him our from his big pay day. Frankly, he stopped caring about the emotional fallout of his actions a long time ago. He doesn't hesitate, and while shooting hostages is not his first choice, he would have no reservations about killing every person unfortante enough to be caught between him and his money.


Old Man: Physically speaking, Ethan is past his prime. He doesn't have the physical strength or stamina of the younger males in the crew. While he could still layout a bank security guard, or maybe even two if it came down to it, he is no longer able to battle his way out of a problem.

On Parole Ethan has just recently come out of a 10 year stint in California State Penitentiary. He is on parole right now, which means if he leaves the state or gets caught breaking the law, he goes back in to serve out the full duration of his sentence. Which is an additional 3 years past what he has already served. So, he can't afford to get caught.

Professional Dick: Probably because of his age, or maybe previous experience, Ethan carries himself as the kind of guy who knows more than everyone else.

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