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November 18, 2018, 10:22:34 AM

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Author Topic: All-New-All-Differnt Marvel rpg: Character requests  (Read 377 times)

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All-New-All-Differnt Marvel rpg: Character requests
« on: December 07, 2015, 07:55:00 AM »
Hey all, these are some crucial characters that I am desperate to *Cast* for my new Marvel game. if you are interested PLEASE send me a PM privately and we can talk about your application for them.

  Name: Tony Stark/Iron Man
Why he is needed: Tony is the founding leader of the Avengers and only he can lead them in this brave new world. After the Events of Secret Wars Tony has seen the dark paths some of his parrell universe counterparts have gone down. He is shaken to his core, pluse after the events of the whole Superior Iron Man storyline Tony is trying to rebuild his friendships with the Avengers and Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan.

  Name: Ms Marvel/Kamala Khann
Why she is needed: Kamala represents the new generation of super hero, a young new York girl who was given powers and turned into a Inhuman. Trying desperately to still go to school and make her family proud the calling to be a hero is ringing in her ears and she can no longer ignore it. After the Secret Wars event her mind was blown and her desire to be an Avenger really kicked into overdrive. Kamala is still trying to get a handle on her shape changing powers and is still unaware of the potential that she could reach.   

  Name: T`challa/Black Panther
Why he is needed: Prince T`challa is the king of Wakanda. Former Husband to the X-mens Storm and Avenger. T`challa is trying to hunt down Dr Doom for the crimes that he committed during the Secret Wars and is ever looking for the Iniffity stones which he believes should be kept safely away from prying hands.   

  Name: The Lady Gamora
Why she is needed: Gamora has recently been transported to Earth after she lost her powers given to her by the Black Vortex. She is like a junkie coming off a serious drug and as such can be considered to be rather dangerous. She knows some of her fellow Guardian's are here on Earth and hopes they can help her out during this difficult time.   

  Name:The Vision
Why he is needed: The Vision has had some all New and all different upgrades and is now stronger then he has ever been. With one of the Infinity Gems on his forehead his power levels have been amped up to the 10th degree. He still is trying to find that balance between himself of what is man and what is machine.

  Name: Scott Lang/Ant-Man
Why he is needed:  With Hank Pym MIA and presumed dead Scott is determined to carry on his friends legacy as well as to forge one of his own. Again batteling the problems of been a single dad of a teenager daughter who herself wants to be a superhero despite her dads protests otherwise.

  Name: Illyana Rasputin/Magic
Why she is needed: Illyanas power s are growing to great lengths, with even Doctor Strange himself worried about how powerful the young Russian girl is getting. Sister to Colossus and a X-man most of her young life Illyanya is determined to fight in a world where her mutant brothers and ssiters are on the verge of extinction!