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Author Topic: Coming home for Christmas (Looking for F)  (Read 457 times)

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Coming home for Christmas (Looking for F)
« on: December 20, 2009, 07:58:22 PM »
Sooo…I told myself I wouldn’t be looking for more games, I wasn’t going to do that, but…I had an idea that I really, really want to take a shot at. It might a be little slow, and it’s going to be quite a bit story oriented, but I’m hoping to garner some interest and just see where it goes.

Story Name: Coming Home For Christmas

When he was growing up, Daniel Ferros had a great life. His father was a wealthy doctor, his mother was a successful businesswoman in her own right, and they did their best for their son. The suburban white-collar town he grew up in was filled with other families with young children and plenty of spacious backyards, which left Danny and his friends plenty of room to play all the games that kids loved to play…baseball, football, soccer, you name it, they played it. Danny had a natural talent and his parents liked to joke that he was going to be a sports star. That is, if Sally DeLancey didn’t get there. Sally was Daniel’s constant companion and rival. The same age and the daughter of her own successful parents, Sally had the same flair and spunk that Danny had and the two were natural companions since they first met by knocking over a fishbowl at one of their parents’ fancy parties.

Nicknamed the Destructive Duo, the two were close friends and mischief-makers to the extreme. Out of earshot to avoid dangerous cries of “coooootieeeeeeeeeeeeeees”, the Ferros and the DeLanceys joked about their kids being sweethearts in the future.

In short, life was good.

Right until Daniel Ferros was 8 years old.

Two days after his eighth birthday, January 1st, both of Danny’s parents were killed in an accident. It was a freak accident…a patch of black ice on the road that hadn’t been melted or salted, a skid, a slightly faulty hubcap, and a Fed Ex delivery truck coming the other way. There were no survivors.

Daniel’s closest relatives had moved overseas long ago. After the funeral, his father’s brother and his wife took Danny back to their home in England. The goodbye between Danny and Sally was tearful, with much hugging and promises to write…

But the promises of childhood are soon forgotten and over the years, the letters had trickled into nothingness. It’s been years since Danny has had any type of communication with his home…

Now that he’s 18 and has the rights to his parents’ inheritance and property, Danny has decided to come back home. Graduating from high school early and deferring on his entrance to Oxford, he’s taking a trip back to the East Coast town he grew up in, hoping to catch another sight of his memories, to reconnect with his home and his upbringing. And the first thing he did, of course, was track down the girl who was his greatest friend…

But times have changed. That girl is 18 now and has had ten years to become who she is. When Danny meets Sally again, their friendship comes back…and with it, something more…


An east coast suburban town (though anywhere works, really) with a fairly strong white-collar population. A fairly large amount of parties and big houses for them to happen in. Fun for the kids, lots of trouble, and harried and irritated police force.


Christmas time. Danny is done with school early and has decided to take his trip during Christmas break, figuring he’ll be able to get a hold of people more often during the holidays.


The grown up Sally ;) You don’t have to be named Sally, choose any name you like. The personality of the character is mostly up to you, but I will specify that she had a rambunctious childhood and that her parents are very well-off. I admit I am kind of craving a redhead, but that’s really not a big deal.

This story is going to be pretty romantic/story driven. Yes, sex will definitely be a part of it, but there’s going to be a strong element of “Can’t Go Home Again” in Danny trying to be a part of his hometown again and dealing with the way everything has changed, deciding where he really wants to be in life. Will your character be the deciding factor? Or will there be something more..?

((I must request that the part of sally be played by a woman. I’ve no issues with men who play female characters, but I must admit I am not 100% comfortable with partnering with one. No hard feelings, that’s just how I am.))

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Re: Coming home for Christmas (Looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2009, 09:44:06 PM »
That was fast! This is taken. Thanks guys (gals, whatever)!