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Author Topic: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)  (Read 3899 times)

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #25 on: November 05, 2013, 05:42:58 PM »
Well there's always getting raped by Morgan and Mordred in the forest... ;D

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #26 on: November 05, 2013, 05:48:47 PM »
Speaking of which ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to be starting relatively soon. So if you have any characters you want to get in before we start, now would be the time. You can always make characters later, of course.

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #27 on: November 06, 2013, 07:37:54 PM »
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are live and starting. All GM narration will be in all italics. So start posting!

Direct all conversation about the game to the OOC thread:

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #28 on: November 07, 2013, 09:25:06 PM »

Name: James "Omar" Straught
Fairy Tale Character: Captain Hook
From Fairy Tale: Peter Pan
Appearance: Tall, sturdy and strong, Omar is a handsome man with heart breaking masculine charm. His smile is dazzling and genuine, eyes as bright and blue as a sky over the sparkling sea. His hair is worn like a lion's mane in rich dirty-blonde waves or, often thrown up in a messy bun.
Species: Cursed Human
Personality: Omar is a cheerful lad. He can at times be brash but has the type of charm where one could get away with murder. Though, honest, Omar is the last person you would take for a murderer. He is ever optimistic and takes joy in appreciating all the luxuries life has to offer.
From/Lives in Kingdom: Lothendania
Occupation: Prince of Lothendania
History: James was born during one of the greatest storms of Lothendania's history, no less, upon the King's pride ship. It was only natural that the boy harbor a great love for his second mother- the vast sea. Omar learned to navigate before even learning to read. As a child, he hung off his father's tailcoats, syphoning whatever knowledge he could from his elder when it came to ships and the sea. Thus, Omar became an exceptional helmsman and navigator. He was let to command his own ship at the young age of twelve and since keeps foot offshore as often as he does on land.

Name: Tebastian a.k.a. "Tabby" or "Tinker/Tink"
Fairy Tale Character: Tinker Bell
From Fairy Tale: Peter Pan
Appearance: Tabby is small in stature. His frame is slender and light. He has blonde, nearly white hair and is fair complected. His eyes are grey blue.
Species: Elf
Personality: Tabby is curious and whimsical. Being extremely imaginative he's always tinkering with inventions he's created- hence the nickname Tinker or Think. He's very chipper and upbeat and has an infectious smile. He can take things a bit personally and doesn't take criticism very well. Occasionally when upset or angered, he will be a bit cheeky. He has a tendency to be a bit forgetful and a slight clumsy streak. He is absolutely naive.
From/Lives in Kingdom: From Ybardolla/Lives in Lothendania
Occupation: Tinkerer, Inventor
History: Tebastian is an unusual elf. Raised by dwarves, he found a great love for lanterns in the mines. His obsession with them began the roots of him creating his own lamps and lanterns and thus started his talent in tinkering. He has not quite grown used to human customs but marvels at the things they've managed to do. He can be a bit awkward at times and terribly naive. He is currently in Lothendania, having decided to stay after having found himself a very close friend there.

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #29 on: November 09, 2013, 10:41:40 AM »
Name: Arthur
Fairy Tale Character: Arthur Pendragon
From Fairy Tale: Arthurian Legend
Appearance: Tall for his area of the world, Arthur has blonde hair and brown eyes. He is strong as a knight in service to the king would have to be. His body is muscular and a bit bulky as he has built it up as a knight practicing and fighting in the barracks. His blonde hair is reasonably long, though not long enough that it gets in his face, something that he couldn't allow to happen in the middle of a fight.

His normal clothes are that of his position. That of a knight. It isn't often that he wears something different as he knows he should always be ready even when off duty. Especially as he takes it as his personal duty to protect Merlin, his best friend. Though on the rare occasion that he does wear something different, it will be something light so that he can move about quickly if need be.
Species: Human
Personality: Arthur is mostly a serious person around everyone by Merlin. He's the only one who Arthur shows any sense of humor with because he's really close to him. Though to everyone else, the serious personality is the only impression they get of him. He is very devoted to his duty, he loves his cold country of Perin and knows that he is one of the people appointed to protect it. But more important than even that, Arthur is Merlin's personal bodyguard, appointed to protect the important adviser to the kingdom. That is a duty he takes with great responsibility, though it's not made easier when Merlin occasionally goes all boyish imp on him.

Though when alone with Merlin, Arthur is far less serious, much more joking and even sarcastic around his friend. He keeps his guard up, but at the same time he lets himself relax. He trusts Merlin more than anyone else and allows himself to just be one of the guys.
From/Lives in Kingdom: Perin
Occupation: Knight Commander of Perin and Personal Bodyguard to Merlin
History: Arthur grew up in a rural town in the country of Perin. It was cold most of the year, so he wore heavier clothes, but during those three months of summer, there was a huge festival that lasted all summer long. The summer was still cold comparitively to the rest of Albion, but to the northerners used to that cold, it was insanely hot. Everyone relaxed and had fun even as they worked. It was always a brilliant time of year as he could wear much looser clothing and he played with his friends during that time. The town was decorated with streamers and banners and it was just a lot of fun.

Arthur grew up as a normal boy might with a father and a mother. However he was an only child, something he missed not having any siblings. But he had so many other friends in the village his own age that it wasn't really as big of an issue for him. As he grew up he found himself interested in playing with swords which ended up translating into a real desire to learn how to use a sword. And he was quite good at it too. It wasn't until the king traveled through the village on a one night stop that he ended up picking up Arthur to be a knight.

The way Arthur tells it, it was a big magnificent tournament held in the king's honor, but the truth is a bit different from that. For one, his village was not nearly big enough for that sort of thing and for another he was one of the only ones that actually enjoyed swordplay. The king was just stopping in the village on his way to an actual tournament in a nearby city. Arthur had the good fortune of being seen practicing his swordplay in the middle of the night and the king decided to come up to him and attack. He was a bit of an impulsive king and one looking to reclaim his glory days when he was such a strong fighter.

Well the fight went fairly well for Arthur, he turned out to be a natural with the sword. It took an hour of fighting before the king finally bested him, throwing his sword away. But in the process, the king found Arthur to be an excellent fighter. He decided to take Arthur with him to the tournament and let him compete. It wasn't the last Arthur would see of his village, but it was a tearful goodbye all around as Arthur left with the king of Perin. When it came to the tournament, Arthur got really high up the ranks, but the king's best knight still was able to beat him, something that Arthur was loathe to admit.

But he still became a knight, the king recognizing his excellence as a warrior. His imperfections that came from his lack of experience back than were soon sorted and he became one of the best of the best. He was given the position of knight commander. He fought in the battle against the undead necromancer, but it was insanely difficult. How did you stop someone who was not dead yet still walking? Especially if they kept raising skeletons that were the same. Fortunately, it was the kingdom's wizards that ultimately saved the castle, Arthur's knights taking many casualties in the process.

Arthur was left to pick up the pieces and it was awhile before they were restored to their numbers as they once were. Over the next several years, Arthur became very close with the hero of that battle, the wizard Merlin. Merlin eventually asked that Arthur be appointed as his personal bodyguard, and that is the position that Arthur now has in addition to his knight commander duties. It allows him to spend a lot of time with the wizard when not in the barracks.

Arthur helped teach Merlin how to defend himself with a weapon while Merlin crafted a magical sword for Arthur, Excalibur. The sword was such that it was more powerful against magic and magical beings. Arthur wondered why Merlin would give him such a sword and asked the wizard such. He said that it was for if he should ever become too consumed by greed and personal interests over the interests of his people that Arthur should use it on him. Arthur hated the idea, but he keeps the sword on him as his regular weapon.
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