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Author Topic: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)  (Read 3809 times)

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The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« on: October 19, 2013, 03:08:40 AM »
The Roleplay Thread:

The land of Albion is a large island on a flat rectangular planet. The island takes up about half of the planet and the ocean surrounding the island falls off the edge of the world regularly. There is more land on the other side of the planet, but no one has been able to explore it as there is a large whirlpool in the center of the ocean between the two islands maintained by the gods for some unknown purpose. Albion is divided into four kingdoms and at the center of each kingdom is a castle town. At the very center of Albion is a massive tree, miles and miles high that can be seen from everywhere in Albion. This is also maintained by the gods for an unknown purpose. Some suspect a dark secret to be in the center of the tree. Other's believe it is a god itself, banished from the heavens and cursed to stay as a tree. In the heart of each castle, one can find a smaller (yet still large) tree connected to the main tree, a place of quiet contemplation and worship.

A long time ago, all of Albion was united under one royal lineage. But it split into four as the four sons of the king grew further apart from each other and the four kingdoms began, and have been separate for as long as anyone can remember. The four kingdoms:

The kingdom of Astieria is to the west of the great tree. The kingdom is filled with rolling farm land that gradually shifts into tall mountains that go to the end of the island. The capital city of Westmist sits in the heart of the great mountains.

The kingdom of Lothendania is to the east of the great tree. It is primarily known for the great lake and rivers coming from it that divide the kingdom's land. The capital city of Dorhaven sits on the lake while the castle sits on a small island close to the shore. An extremely defensible position.

The kingdom of Ybardolla is to the south of the great tree. It's main feature is its large forest in the center of which lies the capital of Summerford. The castle and city sit on a river that runs through the large forest.

The northern kingdom of Perin is mostly cold during the year except the four months in the middle of the year. The capital city of Aelbourne rests on a small river near some mountains. Not nearly as big as the mountains of Astieria, but tall by Perin standards.

And this is where we come in my fellow rpers. Everyone that we play will be based off of a fairy tale character. Sort of like Once Upon a Time, although still set in a fantasy world. And no one has past lives. Characters can be from any fairy tale and any version of that fairy tale including Arthurian Legend or modern fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz.

Characters must be male, although they may be based off of female characters. A male character based off of Dorthy or Snow White would be acceptable for instance. The characters shouldn't be named the same thing as their fairy tale counterparts. You may have as many characters as you like if you really get into it. If a couple people go for a canon at once, I'll chose one of them to take that character. The only three species that characters may be are human, elf, and dwarf.

This will have a main plot (indeed probably several main plots if it really kicks off) and I will guide us through the plot. It won't just be mindless sex, although there will be plenty of opportunities for sex. Also note that sex is not required either. If you want to play but don't want to play M/M sex, that's just fine. It will be plot heavy so that's not a necessity.

The main canon characters (this list will be expanded later) are:

OPEN: Prince (Astieria)
OPEN: Prince (Lothendania)
OPEN: Prince (Ybardolla)
OPEN: Prince (Perin)
CLOSED: Morgan le Fay (Arthurian Legend)
OPEN: Merlin (Arthurian Legend)

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[b]Fairy Tale Character:[/b]
[b]From Fairy Tale:[/b]
[b]From/Lives in Kingdom:[/b]
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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2013, 04:23:03 PM »
Would be willing to tentatively throw in interest as male version of Snow White, perhaps as the Prince of Astieria. :-)
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Offline Orange Marmalade

Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2013, 01:20:00 AM »
Vaguely thinking of Merlin :) But interested to see who else pipes up here.

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2013, 11:03:16 AM »
Okay, the more I look at it, YRP, the more interested I become. Gonna brainstorm from my favourite fairtytales and see what comes out.

Do you have a character limitation in the off-chance I can't decide between two?

Offline YaoiRolePlayTopic starter

Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2013, 05:42:44 PM »
No, there's no character limit for now. Go ahead and make as many as you want. But only one canon.

Offline Saphir

Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #5 on: October 21, 2013, 07:56:59 PM »
I'm a fairy tale junkie....and my attention has been snagged. Though I was so hoping to play The Little Merman until I saw only humans, dwarves and elves but I think I will aim for a male version of Briar Rose/Princess Aurora from the kingdom of Ybardolla.

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #6 on: October 21, 2013, 08:02:42 PM »
You can do the Little Merman, just not as a merman. I don't want to get it too complicated just yet. Maybe one of the three species being fascinated by one of the others?

Offline Saphir

Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #7 on: October 21, 2013, 08:42:11 PM »
Nah, that's alright. I'll do Sleeping Handsome. lol.

Offline Cerevan

Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #8 on: October 21, 2013, 09:23:33 PM »
Can humans have curses laid upon them? I figure it's not really Snow White without some kind of curse hanging over the poor guy's head. ::) Probably the same with Sleeping Handsome.

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #9 on: October 21, 2013, 09:26:56 PM »
Yes definitely. We'll want to get some witch characters going here. Not only for various curses but also for some plot threads with Morgan le Fay and Merlin...

Offline Cerevan

Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #10 on: October 22, 2013, 11:38:05 PM »
Name: Prince Eirwyn
Fairy Tale Character: Snow White
From Fairy Tale: Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs     

Appearance: Tall and slim, Eirwyn is a figure of elegance rather than brute power. His hair is black and always too long to be considered practical and too short to be considered fashionable, constantly falling into his eyes or getting tousled by the wind. While his features can be quite expressive, it is most usual to see him appearing either sardonic or bemused rather than joyful. Rich though his clothing is, it's also usually rumpled: shirtsleeves rolled up to the elbow and boots scuffed from their mirror shine. Despite his tan, his skin is ice cold to the touch. His entire body is tattooed with tiny white snowflakes, swirling down his limbs and the strong planes of his back in seemingly random patterns. Perhaps the most beautiful part of him is his eyes, which are a blue so dark and deep that they appear black from a distance.

Species: Human (Cursed)

Personality: Quiet and observant, Eirwyn spends most of his time simply following conversations. He has an inherent distrust of most people but is quite fond of animals. Some might term him 'bitter' about court proceedings, and they would not be entirely off the mark. He can be shy and naive, but more often displays an astute knowledge of human nature born of cynicism and a quick mind. At his core, Eirwyn is a loyal and sweet person who will fight all odds for those he love about...the trick is getting him to open up enough for love to blossom. Currently he's aware that he is somehow cursed, though he is unaware of the curse's origins or purpose, and also that his father's lover is targeting him for some reason. This shapes many of his actions and causes him to be even more withdrawn than usual.

From/Lives in Kingdom: Westmist, Astieria

Occupation: Prince of Astieria

History: From a young age, Eirwyn was aware that he was different. Cursed. Everything from his tattoos to how others treated him communicated that simple fact. His father treated him like spun sugar or morning frost, like he would disappear at the faintest brush of heat. Others were less kind, viewing him as bad luck or unnatural or even a demon. It likely didn't help that he was so quiet and never reacted to the taunts thrown his way. Instead of responding, he buried himself in learning swordplay and philosophy and horsemanship. All of these he displayed great talent in. His friends were found almost entirely among the stable boys and squires, none of whom much cared about his strange coldness or his eyes.

For all that Eirwyn secluded himself away with books and horses, he still saw far more than most would be comfortable with. This included the machinations of his father's most trusted adviser, Wenwyn. Wenwyn was practically part of the family, being the king's lover and adviser, a beautiful and charming man who had the entire court at his feet, and who Eirwyn was to call 'uncle' in private. Though Eirwyn was not often subjected to his so-called uncle's presence, he knew that something was very wrong with the man. It was a pity that no one agreed with his assessment.

Many thought that, should the ailing king die, the throne should pass to Wenwyn and his line. Unfortunately for the court there was an heir: Eirwyn. As he grew older he was increasingly forced to socialize and engage with the intrigues of court. For all that he'd learned from books, Eirwyn was never quite comfortable in these glittering assemblies. Often his father despaired to learn that his only son had fled on horseback into the nearby forest to escape yet another ball. Wenwyn always laughed and smoothed things over.

When Eirwyn grew into his majority, everyone was shocked to find that the silent boy with eerie eyes had grown into a silent young man who was almost impossibly beautiful. His quietness came to be seen as charming instead of strange. Many of the court found amusement in trying to provoke one of his rare smiles, and it was believed that if he were to smile he might possibly the most beautiful man in Astieria, if not all Albion.

Okay, so, this is a rough draft for Eirwyn/Snow White. Please look upon him kindly! If there's anything outright wrong with it, Yaoi, I'll try to fix it. :-) As a general note though, I'd be really interested in having a Huntsman or a Prince Charming (or both, yay threesomes!) for my Snow White. If anyone would be interested... ;D

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #11 on: October 25, 2013, 10:39:22 AM »
Sorry I haven't said anything, I was just waiting to see if anyone else would join in or post characters or something. But yeah, it looks good to me. I might do one of those if we start taking off some more in addition to my Morgan.

Offline Saphir

Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #12 on: October 26, 2013, 12:41:23 PM »
Name: Prince Otho
Fairy Tale Character: Odette
From Fairy Tale: Swan Lake

Appearance: If there is one trait Otho is well known for, it would be his beauty, both his gift and curse as it's made him the target of a few rather shallow and unwanted suitors. He possesses an alluring set of eyes that look blue but upon closer inspection, one will see that they are actually violet. Blonde hair and fair hued skin with a tinge of rosiness to his cheeks that match his set of soft pink lips. Otho isn't very intimidating in size. He stands at a modest 5'10'' and has a lithe athletic build of compacted muscle. In swan form, he has ivory white feathers and he is distinguishable from other swans by his purple eyes and light blue bill.

Species: Human (and Swan....he's cursed)

Personality: Since he was a young boy, Otho always wanted to prove his self worth; a trait that became much more prominent as he grew older. He found that everyone seemed to judge him by his looks alone; something that he was not appreciative of in the least.  Otho is known to be strong-willed  and wears his heart on his sleeve. While praised for his physical appearance, he isn't the least bit vain and is actually hoping that one day the right person will come along that will accept and love him for more than his looks. Otho can be a very defiant person. Not afraid to speak his mind and always follows his heart and his stubbornness is the very reason he remains under the curse of a powerful sorcerer.

From/Lives in Kingdom: Summerford, Ybardolla

Occupation: Prince of Ybardolla; King of swans

History: For years, the royal couple of Ybardolla wished for an heir to their throne and one day their prayers were answered when the Queen gave birth to their son, Otho. Naturally the little prince was welcomed and instantly beloved by the people of his kingdom. Present at his christening was the then five year old, Prince Siegfried and his father from a neighboring kingdom.  Otho and Siegfried would grow up to become competitive companions, everything from horseback riding to archery. In their teen years, feelings of more than friendship began to underline their relationship.

 Prince Siegfried himself was not a charming prince. In fact, he was selfish, shallow, promiscuous and self-centered....and yet Otho was able to see the heart of gold beneath those negative traits. However, when Siegfried was asked what else he adored Otho for asides from his looks, Otho was unable to give his heart over to the other prince. While that left him depressed, his life would take a turn for the worse.

Enter the sorcerer Baron Eric von Rothbart who planned to take over Ybardolla. He nearly succeeds by slaying the king and the queen but knows that the kingdom would never truly be his unless handed to him by it's heir, Otho. Entranced by Otho's looks, Rothbart offers to even spare the prince's life if he would become the sorcerer's lover. It was an offer that the prince instantly reused and proclaimed that he would rather die than hand over the kingdom.  This resulted in Rothbart placing a curse upon the prince. Otho would be transformed into a swan and only during the hours between sunset and sunrise would he be human. In swan form, Otho would spend his days upon the lake of the Baron's land and only within moonlight does his transformation to a human take place. During these nights as a human, Otho would occasionally be forced to submit to Rothbart but the prince would never surrender his kingdom to the sorcerer. The only way for Otho's curse to be broken is a vow of true love and eternal fidelity from another.

And to this day the kingdom of Ybardolla laments the loss of their royal family. The bodies of the king and queen have been buried while in their minds, their beloved prince is still missing and hidden away at the lake behind Rothbart's manor.

So yeah, I decided to go with a different fairytale since Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are pretty much similar minus a few details. If I need to change anything just let me know.

Introduced in Otho's history are a few characters I would love to be picked up for personal plots. Prince Siegfried, Otho's childhood friend and love interest who is supposed to eventually break the curse. As outlined, Siegfried is the opposite of a Prince Charming and is only really 'charming' when he's flirting and trying to get into someone's pants but he's supposed to get better through character development.  And also the devilishly handsome villain Baron Rothbart, a very powerful sorcerer who is hungry for power to rule Ybardolla and he is keeping Otho all to himself.
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Offline kasper

Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #13 on: October 27, 2013, 02:21:27 PM »

Name: Callum
Fairy Tale Character: Huntsman
From Fairy Tale: Snow White
Appearance: Callum is tall with a broad, muscular build. He keeps his hair buzzed short. His features hold a rugged, masculine charm. On his right shoulder is the Astieria family crest - a mark of his loyalty to the Asteria family.
Species: Human (though many have claimed his mannerisms to be more akin to beast than man)
Personality: Callum is probably the last person you'd expect to find characteristics like loyalty and honesty in. But, strangely enough… Callum is honest to the point of being outright offensive. He doesn't feel need to filter his words or thoughts. He speaks from the heart whenever he feels need to share his stance on an action that needs be taken or opinion. His loyalty is almost to the point of extreme, however, he seems to have placed it in the wrong hands. Callum is rough-mannered, rude and overall has little manners. He likes to fight both verbally and physically. He can be naive and a bit reckless. He finds himself more comfortable in forests than in cities, likely a trait from his roots.
From/Lives in Kingdom: From Ybardolla/Raised and currently resides in Asteria
Occupation: Huntsman
History: A woman had brought a baby boy swathed in blankets in the colder seasons. She said she was from Ybardolla. She was ill and seeking the father of her young babe, a man of Astieria by the name of Callum. However, before the night had even passed, the woman sadly fell to her sickness. The baby adopted his supposed father's name and was raised by the humble owners of the inn that the woman had sought refuge in.

From early on it was obvious that Callum had a deep love of nature. He would spend sun up to sun down playing outside. With his adoptive parents, Callum was raised with a genuine heart. It wasn't until Callum had found out that he was adopted that he started spending days, sometimes even weeks, out on his own- not telling his parents were he was or what he was doing. He'd started searching for his father but ultimately had come up empty handed. During one of his absences, his home, the inn, had been ransacked and burned to the ground, his parents still inside.

Now with nothing, Callum searched for work but would not be taken in. He came to find a small abandoned cabin in the woods where he began living, quickly making due by himself. By the time Eirwyn had stumbled upon his little cabin, Callum was a truly skilled hunter. He immediately knew Eirwyn for who he was- Astieria's Prince. It did not stop him from nearly throwing the other out of his home, offended that the Prince had simply barged in. To Callum's surprise, the Prince had enjoyed being treated based on his actions rather than his title- the two quickly became thick as blood.

It wasn't until later when they were young men that Wenwyn had come to Callum with the opportunity to make something of himself. Callum would be the royal Huntsman and, perhaps in time, he could become something more than even that. Immediately, Callum accepted but Eirwyn was not at all happy for his friend. The two got into an argument that would shake their friendship. The two began to grow distant, Callum seeing more and more of Wenwyn, eventually becoming the captivated young lover of Wenwyn.

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #14 on: October 28, 2013, 04:11:45 AM »
Name: Morgan
Fairy Tale Character: Morgan le Fey
From Fairy Tale: Arthurian Legend
Appearance: While he is significantly older than he looks, he keeps himself looking very young. Morgan is actually into his forties yet he has the appearance of a boy in his teens. It makes others underestimate him significantly as well as keeping himself looking young and beautiful, if he needs to seduce someone for some purpose. He has very dark hair and eyes as well as pale skin. He spends almost no time in the light, living under a veil of the forest. His body otherwise is flawless. He keeps himself looking smooth normally, but shifts himself to match someone's desire, reading their mind, again if he needs to seduce them. If he gets any sort of mark on his skin: a cut or bruise, he just easily removes it with his healing.
Species: Human Mage
Personality:Morgan does not talk to anyone regularly. And when he does talk to someone it is normally only if he needs them for some purpose. He is outwardly cold to anyone and everyone. It is clear that he is loath to work with anyone on anything, but needs must when needs must. His outward personality is a reflection of his massive hatred for anything and anyone who is not magical. He has never actually attacked a city or town. Not just yet. Even though he is extremely powerful, Morgan doesn't think he is powerful enough on his own to take on an entire army. He'd probably be able to take down half of it, maybe even three-fourths, but not nearly enough to justify an attack just yet. So he waits, impatiently, to build an army of his own to take down the non-magic people of the world.

Mordred is the only exception to the way he acts. Mordred could be said to be his one weakness. He is passionate and caring towards his son and lover, the only person he cares about. And the only person he would actively protect if pushed, and maybe even die for (unless of course someone is of strategic value to him). Not only does he take on the role of parent and lover to his son, he is also teacher, helping Mordred perfect his magical ability and try to make him as strong as himself, or maybe stronger. Morgan trusts Mordred absolutely, the only person he trusts.
From/Lives in Kingdom: Born in Lothendania/Ybardolla
Occupation: Teaching/Killing/Recruiting/A little of everything
History:Morgan grew up in a little village on one of the larger lakes of Lothendania. It was a village almost entirely made up of mages. There were tensions in the kingdom of Lothendania towards mages as they realized how powerful mages could be and how destructive they could be. It could be potentially unsafe for mages living in cities in Lothendania. Of course their abilities were powerful, but no amount of power could stop someone stabbing you in the back or while you slept. Thus the mages lived in small villages together. The one in which Morgan grew up was surrounded by a magical barrier to keep people from seeing or hearing the village or anyone in it. Although not a barrier that could keep people out.

One day, when Morgan was about seven, he was playing outside of the barrier. His parents had always told him not to go outside of the barrier, that it was dangerous, but he had never really listened. Morgan was a rebellious little boy, always one to do his own thing. He didn't really understand the concept of consequences. However he would soon learn. When he was playing away from the village, Morgan saw a man dying on a road. The man had multiple stab wounds and looked like he could barely breath. His clothes were strange to Morgan: leather armor (for those in Lothendania never wore heavy armor, their kingdom mostly made of water) with some sort of symbol on the front. There was a sword and shield lying next to him. Morgan had known about his magical abilities for several years now, and used some of his healing power on this man. As the man sat up, his wounds disappeared. He looked down at the young Morgan and thanked him before getting up and walking away. Though not before hiding and watching Morgan walk through the barrier and into his village.

This turned out to be very bad, as the man Morgan healed was a knight in service to Dorhaven itself. He was not only a knight, but a knight who feared mages. It was was the reason he had volunteered for service in the first place. It was not long after that fateful day that Morgan's village was overrun by a massive army. It had turned out that the knight had told the king that there was a mage village hidden in their very kingdom, and what was more the mages in the village were plotting to overthrow the kingdom. The attack went very badly. Almost all of the mages were killed. Morgan was told to run as the soldiers destroyed his village. When he got out of the barrier, the sounds and sights of the attack stopped, and it was a shock for him, knowing that on the other side of that barrier, his friends and family were being murdered, and it was all his fault. Tears in his eyes, he ran until he reached the root of the tree separating one kingdom from the next. He managed to live there for a time, eating what food from the wilds that he could, hunting and cooking with his magic.

Several years later, he began tunneling through the root, trying to escape. Escape not only the kingdom that had destroyed him, but the memory of what he had done. He ended up in Ybardolla, living in the massive forest that made up the bulk of the kingdom's land. There he grew up, wanting revenge on those who had done this to him. He ended up hating. It was very easy to hate when he was all alone in the forest. As he grew up and started going threw puberty, he used his magic to rape innocent travelers. Or he killed them, depending on what mood he was in. His first time killing a human, he did not have the reservations about it that he thought he would. It was a human. And what was more, a human without magic. There was no reason not to kill it. Tales of dark things lurking in the forest soon popped up in Ybardolla. Even if he let someone go, Morgan always wiped their memory of the incident, leaving them with nothing but a feeling of darkness in the forest. They invented all kinds of stories and monsters to explain it. The recent loss of the royal family (Otho's history) made it all the easier. The internal upheaval of the kingdom made it harder to organize any sort of attack on Morgan. He was distant from harm and easily did what he wanted.

Around the age of twenty five, there was a forest dryad that took a liking to Morgan. She raped him for which Morgan never forgave her. He kept her prisoner and berated himself for being defeated so easily. He would never make that mistake again. After she had the child, Morgan killed her, of course. He couldn't let her live for what she had done. The child was Mordred. Morgan raised him to do the same things that he did, murdering and raping travelers, terrorizing people. As Mordred grew up, Morgan kept himself looking young, to make it easier to relate to his son. He and Mordred quickly became lovers as well. They lived together in the forest in a large house that Morgan had built over the years. It had a magical barrier, similar to the one that had been around Morgan's village all those years ago. It was so well hidden that even the best rangers and trackers couldn't find it. And that was where Morgan waited for an opportunity to attack.
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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #15 on: October 28, 2013, 09:22:16 AM »
So I've made an OOC and Characters thread and put the links in the first post. If you want anything in your character's profile changed let me know and I'll change it.

Offline Twisted iN Tux

Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #16 on: October 28, 2013, 05:53:36 PM »
This sounds like a great scenario. Is there room for one more? I'm open to playing whatever role is most needed.


Offline Orange Marmalade

Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #17 on: October 28, 2013, 10:45:21 PM »
Yay to see people piping up.

Merlin will be here shortly :)

Offline Twisted iN Tux

Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #18 on: October 28, 2013, 11:08:15 PM »
Just so everyone is kept in the loop, Saphir contacted me earlier in the evening and asked if I would play Prince Siegfried, which I accepted. I should have my sheet up in the next day or two.

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #19 on: October 28, 2013, 11:29:39 PM »
There's always room for more. Indeed, we probably need more. And yeah, just put up the sheet and I'll replace Saphir's with yours.

Offline Twisted iN Tux

Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #20 on: October 28, 2013, 11:33:00 PM »
Saphir is still playing. He just asked if I would play a character that supports his. I hope that is okay.

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
« Reply #21 on: October 28, 2013, 11:41:11 PM »
Oh yeah, you're right. My mistake. I thought the prince you said was the one he had. Totally zoned out there for a second. :P

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Prince Sig of Perin
« Reply #22 on: November 03, 2013, 12:31:10 AM »

Name: Sig, The Rogue Prince of Perin
Fairy Tale Character: Prince Siegfried
From Fairy Tale: Swan Lake
Appearance: Tall, dark, and handsome, Sig was once considered a "pretty-boy" prince; however, with the disappearance of his one true love, he has taken to a solitary life in the woods and allowed himself to become a bit rough around the edges. Therefore, his dark, silky hair hangs nearly to his shoulders, his skin is overly tan from spending numerous hours in the sun, and his once thickly muscled body is far more lean in appearance. He has acquired several piercings and body markings as well.
Species: Human
Personality: Once an arrogant, egotistical, son of a bitch, Sig is a bit more morose these days, for his heart has been broken along with his will to live.
From/Lives in Kingdom: The Kingdom of Perin in the North
Occupation: Prince, Trapper & Furrier
History: Born into the position of heir apparent, Sig wanted for nothing throughout the entirety of his childhood. Even as a young man, he was often bestowed only the best the realm had to offer, never having to work hard for anything in his life. Therefore, as would be expected in such a privileged situation, he transitioned from being a bratty boy to an insufferable teen to a self-centered young man with the greatest of ease. Furthermore, the prince was blessed with the smoldering good looks and athletic prowess of his very physical father, as well as the wit and wisdom of his far more cerebral mother, making him a force to be reckoned with in not only position, but body and mind.

Aware that he held many favorable cards within the hand life had dealt him, Sig felt compelled, even at an early age, to not only openly explore the numerous options easily afforded to him, but to push the envelope whenever possible. Demanding that he be allowed to travel with his father - regardless of mandates stating that Perin's ruler and sole heir should never be abroad together - the young monarch-to-be would be instantly rewarded for his brash behavior during his very first outing to a neighboring kingdom and, in particular, at the christening of a new heir.

As Sig gazed upon the angelic face of the newborn Prince of Ybardolla, he felt something...strange...yet oddly reassuring. Overwhelming, yet equally comforting. Years later, he would come to understand that what he had felt in that moment was love at first sight, but, as a mere child, all the boy knew was that he was happy and that he needed to continue to feel this way, for as long as he could, whenever possible. So, for years to come, the prince would continue to demand that he be taken to Ybardolla so that he could spend time with Otho. Upon becoming old enough to travel on his own, Sig would increase his visits to the point that he spent more time there than in his own homeland. However, as with most things that are too good to be true, the situation would first take a turn for the worse, before coming to an abrupt and painful end.

Otho, it appeared, wanted something more meaningful to develop between the two of them, but Sig, still very much a superficial young man at heart, couldn't agree to such a notion. Distraught by this lack of depth, the Prince of Ybardolla sent the promiscuous Prince of Perin away. Confused by this turn of events, Sig reluctantly departed, only to return a short time later - having finally come to terms with his true feelings - to discover that Otho was gone.

Out of his mind with grief, Sig returned to his homeland a broken man. Unable to face his parents, he took to a life in the woods. Little did he know that Otho was still very much alive and in need of his love more than ever.
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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
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The very bastardized version of Melin!

Name: Merlin
Fairy Tale Character: Merlin
From Fairy Tale: Various Arthurian legends

Appearance: Thanks to his magic, Merlin can look like almost anything he wants to. He can be young or old, or even transform into a rat or hawk.

But in his natural form, he looks like a young male of about age 20 though he is closer to 25. His hair is dark brown, almost black, and is kept relatively short about his head and his eyes are a deep, dark blue though they often seem to change through various shades of green as well. He keeps a smallish frame, though under his baggy clothes is a relatively smooth, finely toned body of generous proportions.

He normally wears fairly subdued clothes in natural earth tones of brown, greyish blue, and earthy reds, though when he needs to put on a show he can summon far more majestic garments that one would expect from a great wizard.

Species: Magical Human

Personality: Merlin will always be young at heart, even as he heads into his 20s he still often acts like a teenager. He has seen far more in his few years than ten people his age, and been forced to learn things far faster than anyone should, but overall he still maintains a happy go lucky and positive attitude.

He's constantly at war with how much he can help the people around him, though he's finally come to terms with the simple fact that you can't solve every problem yourself and you can't help everyone. You have to pick and choose your battles, even when you're a great wizard. He sees himself as a protector of the innocent, particularly those who have no magic of their own, and he'll do almost anything to keep the people of his kingdom safe.

From/Lives in Kingdom: Perin

Occupation: Herbalist, Great Wizard, Legend

Merlin was born in the capital city of Aelbourne within the kingdom of Perin. The land in Perin tends to be cold year round, but lush and full of plant life acclimated to the colder climate. His parents were servants in the castle, tending to the needs of the royalty of the kingdom. This royal court had an herbalist and advisor who was secretly a wizard of meager abilities. This wizard identified Merlin's abilities early on and knew that Merlin would once be a great legend within the realm. This wizard, Gaius, kept Merlin close, training him in his abilities as his apprentice wizard under the guise of being his apprentice herbalist.

As he grew up, his mastery of magic came at an absurdly fast rate, at least compared to normal wizards. He mastered things on his first or second try that his teacher spent a year on and he spontaneously created new magics that hadn't been seen within their kingdom in centuries. Throughout all of this, they kept what they were hidden, as magic was highly distrusted by many - particularly the royal family. In ages past it had been used for evil purposes and the kingdom was almost lost it. Luckily a hero came long ago and they drive the magic wielders out, sending them far to the south and out of their kingdom and ever since then magic was hardly seen.

But eventually, when Merlin was in his mid teens the capitol city was set upon by a legion of undead, led by a half undead necromancer. They threatened to overwhelm  the city until Merlin and Gaius stepped up to help. They were unable to keep their magic hidden when they joined the fight, culminating in a battle of fairytale epic proportions in which the necromancer was slain, though Gaius died along with him.

Afterwards, celebrated as a hero, Merlin assumed his old teacher's place at the side of the kingdom's royalty, acting as advisor and magical guardian to the kingdom. Though ancient prejudices remained, none could deny it was magic that had saved  them - and even helped them over all the years that the people had hated it. Many still did not trust magic, but no longer was one killed simply for displaying an affinity for it.

Over the next decade he became fast friends with a knight known as Arthur Pendragon. The pair quickly became a formidable duo as the steel-clad knight taught Merlin how to defend himself and eventually Merlin helped to create a fantastical magical sword which he named Excalibur, giving to Arthur to help defend him against magic and magical beings.

In current days, Merlin continues his magical research while acting as an advisor to the royal family as well as protecting them - and the kingdom - from outside harm.

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
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Name: Ashtid
Fairy Tale Character: Esmeralda
From Fairy Tale: Hunchback of Notre Dame

Appearance: Small and lithe, Ashtid has mischief written to every line of his form. His dark hair curls and falls into dark green eyes that are framed by long eyelashes. Full lips are made for sin and quirked into a smile that seems to promise wicked things. Bronzed skin is decorated with black tattoos in the shapes of dragons and he has several piercings scattered about his body—gold studs in his nipples, a diamond stud in his nose, and a series of gold and diamond hoops in both ears. The only signs of his elven heritage rests on his slightly pointed ears and the ethereal grace that he moves with.

Species: Half-Elf

Personality: Given his past, Ashtid is remarkably well-adjusted. He displays almost unerring cheer and his voice is always huskily sweet even when his words are sharp. Along with his exotic looks, this tends to make him popular among the upper classes of those places that he visits. He's quite cynical beneath all his charm, though this cynicism is primarily reserved for the silly protocols of the courts he so often entertains. The cynicism also extends to lovers—he has been offered plenty of positions as a concubine, something jarring to his wandering ways and craving for freedom, and has come to associate love with being bound.

From/Lives in Kingdom: Summerford, Ybardolla; travels frequently

Occupation: Dancer

History: It's a tale older than time—the human woman runs away from her village for the city and meets a handsome young elf. Upon getting to the city she finds that she's pregnant, and gives birth to a beautiful half-elven babe. She leaves the child on the steps of a temple and hopes for the best...and then the babe is scooped up by his father, who leaves a misshapen human child instead.

Despite the strange beginnings, Ashtid grew up happily enough. He remained with his father's tribe in the woods, living free and causing mischief in the human towns when the whim struck him. As he grew older, his beauty grew with him. It was enough to get him out of scrapes and to gain him extra money when he danced or played music for coins.

When he turned twenty, he went to Summerford to carouse. Unfortunately he ended up in a gaol and was separated from the other youths who'd come to the city with him. By the time he was released, there was no sign of the others and he realized that he'd likely been left. Some would have taken issue with that, but Ashtid simply shrugged it off and began dancing on the nearest street corner. He did this for the next three years. Slowly he rose up, learning to charm and to tease without giving.

By the time he was twenty-three he had the money and influence to begin traveling again, and so he did. He's done so ever since, going from island to island to flirt and dance. He's left a trail of friends whom he sees every few years, and a string of lovers that he always leaves with a kiss and a wink.

Yes, I'm going here. Fear me. :P

Ashtid clearly needs to be kidnapped by a dashing pirate lord or imprisoned by a handsome captain of the guard. Or something like that. ;) He's pretty open to all the things, even momentary passing relationships or one-off plots. However, I would like to hit him upside the head with a case of True True Love.

If there are any issue, Yaoi, please lemme know!

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
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Well there's always getting raped by Morgan and Mordred in the forest... ;D

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
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Speaking of which ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to be starting relatively soon. So if you have any characters you want to get in before we start, now would be the time. You can always make characters later, of course.

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
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Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are live and starting. All GM narration will be in all italics. So start posting!

Direct all conversation about the game to the OOC thread:

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
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Name: James "Omar" Straught
Fairy Tale Character: Captain Hook
From Fairy Tale: Peter Pan
Appearance: Tall, sturdy and strong, Omar is a handsome man with heart breaking masculine charm. His smile is dazzling and genuine, eyes as bright and blue as a sky over the sparkling sea. His hair is worn like a lion's mane in rich dirty-blonde waves or, often thrown up in a messy bun.
Species: Cursed Human
Personality: Omar is a cheerful lad. He can at times be brash but has the type of charm where one could get away with murder. Though, honest, Omar is the last person you would take for a murderer. He is ever optimistic and takes joy in appreciating all the luxuries life has to offer.
From/Lives in Kingdom: Lothendania
Occupation: Prince of Lothendania
History: James was born during one of the greatest storms of Lothendania's history, no less, upon the King's pride ship. It was only natural that the boy harbor a great love for his second mother- the vast sea. Omar learned to navigate before even learning to read. As a child, he hung off his father's tailcoats, syphoning whatever knowledge he could from his elder when it came to ships and the sea. Thus, Omar became an exceptional helmsman and navigator. He was let to command his own ship at the young age of twelve and since keeps foot offshore as often as he does on land.

Name: Tebastian a.k.a. "Tabby" or "Tinker/Tink"
Fairy Tale Character: Tinker Bell
From Fairy Tale: Peter Pan
Appearance: Tabby is small in stature. His frame is slender and light. He has blonde, nearly white hair and is fair complected. His eyes are grey blue.
Species: Elf
Personality: Tabby is curious and whimsical. Being extremely imaginative he's always tinkering with inventions he's created- hence the nickname Tinker or Think. He's very chipper and upbeat and has an infectious smile. He can take things a bit personally and doesn't take criticism very well. Occasionally when upset or angered, he will be a bit cheeky. He has a tendency to be a bit forgetful and a slight clumsy streak. He is absolutely naive.
From/Lives in Kingdom: From Ybardolla/Lives in Lothendania
Occupation: Tinkerer, Inventor
History: Tebastian is an unusual elf. Raised by dwarves, he found a great love for lanterns in the mines. His obsession with them began the roots of him creating his own lamps and lanterns and thus started his talent in tinkering. He has not quite grown used to human customs but marvels at the things they've managed to do. He can be a bit awkward at times and terribly naive. He is currently in Lothendania, having decided to stay after having found himself a very close friend there.

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Re: The land of Albion (fantasy/fairy tale) (M/M)
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Name: Arthur
Fairy Tale Character: Arthur Pendragon
From Fairy Tale: Arthurian Legend
Appearance: Tall for his area of the world, Arthur has blonde hair and brown eyes. He is strong as a knight in service to the king would have to be. His body is muscular and a bit bulky as he has built it up as a knight practicing and fighting in the barracks. His blonde hair is reasonably long, though not long enough that it gets in his face, something that he couldn't allow to happen in the middle of a fight.

His normal clothes are that of his position. That of a knight. It isn't often that he wears something different as he knows he should always be ready even when off duty. Especially as he takes it as his personal duty to protect Merlin, his best friend. Though on the rare occasion that he does wear something different, it will be something light so that he can move about quickly if need be.
Species: Human
Personality: Arthur is mostly a serious person around everyone by Merlin. He's the only one who Arthur shows any sense of humor with because he's really close to him. Though to everyone else, the serious personality is the only impression they get of him. He is very devoted to his duty, he loves his cold country of Perin and knows that he is one of the people appointed to protect it. But more important than even that, Arthur is Merlin's personal bodyguard, appointed to protect the important adviser to the kingdom. That is a duty he takes with great responsibility, though it's not made easier when Merlin occasionally goes all boyish imp on him.

Though when alone with Merlin, Arthur is far less serious, much more joking and even sarcastic around his friend. He keeps his guard up, but at the same time he lets himself relax. He trusts Merlin more than anyone else and allows himself to just be one of the guys.
From/Lives in Kingdom: Perin
Occupation: Knight Commander of Perin and Personal Bodyguard to Merlin
History: Arthur grew up in a rural town in the country of Perin. It was cold most of the year, so he wore heavier clothes, but during those three months of summer, there was a huge festival that lasted all summer long. The summer was still cold comparitively to the rest of Albion, but to the northerners used to that cold, it was insanely hot. Everyone relaxed and had fun even as they worked. It was always a brilliant time of year as he could wear much looser clothing and he played with his friends during that time. The town was decorated with streamers and banners and it was just a lot of fun.

Arthur grew up as a normal boy might with a father and a mother. However he was an only child, something he missed not having any siblings. But he had so many other friends in the village his own age that it wasn't really as big of an issue for him. As he grew up he found himself interested in playing with swords which ended up translating into a real desire to learn how to use a sword. And he was quite good at it too. It wasn't until the king traveled through the village on a one night stop that he ended up picking up Arthur to be a knight.

The way Arthur tells it, it was a big magnificent tournament held in the king's honor, but the truth is a bit different from that. For one, his village was not nearly big enough for that sort of thing and for another he was one of the only ones that actually enjoyed swordplay. The king was just stopping in the village on his way to an actual tournament in a nearby city. Arthur had the good fortune of being seen practicing his swordplay in the middle of the night and the king decided to come up to him and attack. He was a bit of an impulsive king and one looking to reclaim his glory days when he was such a strong fighter.

Well the fight went fairly well for Arthur, he turned out to be a natural with the sword. It took an hour of fighting before the king finally bested him, throwing his sword away. But in the process, the king found Arthur to be an excellent fighter. He decided to take Arthur with him to the tournament and let him compete. It wasn't the last Arthur would see of his village, but it was a tearful goodbye all around as Arthur left with the king of Perin. When it came to the tournament, Arthur got really high up the ranks, but the king's best knight still was able to beat him, something that Arthur was loathe to admit.

But he still became a knight, the king recognizing his excellence as a warrior. His imperfections that came from his lack of experience back than were soon sorted and he became one of the best of the best. He was given the position of knight commander. He fought in the battle against the undead necromancer, but it was insanely difficult. How did you stop someone who was not dead yet still walking? Especially if they kept raising skeletons that were the same. Fortunately, it was the kingdom's wizards that ultimately saved the castle, Arthur's knights taking many casualties in the process.

Arthur was left to pick up the pieces and it was awhile before they were restored to their numbers as they once were. Over the next several years, Arthur became very close with the hero of that battle, the wizard Merlin. Merlin eventually asked that Arthur be appointed as his personal bodyguard, and that is the position that Arthur now has in addition to his knight commander duties. It allows him to spend a lot of time with the wizard when not in the barracks.

Arthur helped teach Merlin how to defend himself with a weapon while Merlin crafted a magical sword for Arthur, Excalibur. The sword was such that it was more powerful against magic and magical beings. Arthur wondered why Merlin would give him such a sword and asked the wizard such. He said that it was for if he should ever become too consumed by greed and personal interests over the interests of his people that Arthur should use it on him. Arthur hated the idea, but he keeps the sword on him as his regular weapon.
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