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Author Topic: Seeking roleplays! (F for M or maybe F)  (Read 725 times)

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Seeking roleplays! (F for M or maybe F)
« on: December 26, 2011, 12:34:50 PM »
Hi there!
I'm looking for some roleplays, so decided to post a thread about it - which just so happens to be the thread you're reading!

Anyway, most of my pairings and such are on my on/offs page (a link to which can be found in my signiture). Currently, I'm mostly looking for a male partner (or someone to play a male character), while this doesn't mean I'm not up for a female/female roleplay, it just means I'm less likely to accept them at the time - feel free to suggest something though!

I'm able to play as multiple characters, any more than two or three though and other characters will have to go into NPC mode. I don't roleplay over IRC, MSN, YIM, AIM or any other variant of IM programs / chatrooms, and although I'm willing to roleplay over email, generally prefer to do it on threads or through PMs.

Anyway, have a look at my ideas, ons, offs, and feel free to PM me or leave a post here if you're interested in a roleplay!


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Re: Seeking roleplays! (F for M or maybe F)
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2011, 08:27:00 AM »
Here are the plot ideas from my on/off thread:

Plots and ideas!

I'm not going to say all of these are going to be very good, or any of them. These are just ideas that I've come up with. Some may be more complete than others - but none of them are set in stone. Some may be directed more towards sex rather than story as well.

The Hidden Camera
Pairing: Daughter & father, Sister & Brother, Sister & Brother & Brothers friend, Daughter & Father & Daughters friend
Your character would have perhaps become infatuated with mine over a time, and during a sleepover, he sets up a camera in the bathroom (or leaves a camera recording in it accidentally). My character would have noticed the camera and began 'unknowingly' playing up infront of it, maybe even walking in on my character watching the footage. Or the father / brother had set up a camera in his daughter/sisters bedroom, and looks at the feed as they are having some fun time - or something.

The Ex
Pairing: Daughter & Father, Sister & Brother
The daughter (or sister, but I'll write it as daughter for ease of reading) recently broke up with a boyfriend she had been going steady with for quite some time - perhaps convinced to by friends/family because he was sleeping around with other women/being abusive to her/whatever. In retaliation, the boyfriend starts sending out photos he took of them / herself doing explicit things (Could be just vanilla nudes, or certain more 'flavourful' activities). The daughter finds that her father has seen the pictures (maybe he confronts her about them), and she finds out that she is actually turned on by knowing her father has seen the images, and perhaps begins to wear slightly more revealing clothing around him.

Old Times Gone
Pairing: Daughter & Father, Sister & Brother
A father and daughter (or brother and sister. Will keep it as the first for ease of reading) used to have an incestious relationship (or at the very least a much closer than accepted one; perhaps bathing together, being in the same room while the other changes etc) until they were seperated - the wife having found out about it and sending their daughter to a boarding/military school. When she returns, the father/wife have divorced and could be able to continue where they left off, if feelings still exist.

Liquid Courage
Pairing: Friend & Friend, Sister & Brother, or Daughter & father
A guy (a friend, the girls brother, or the girls father) goes to a party where a girl (his crush, sister, daughter) is (it could be her birthday party at her house, or just some random one). The party goes well, and at some point during the party she gets drunk. At the end of the party he helps her back to her home (or to her bed, if she is already home) where she asks him to undo the back of her dress, and drunkenly tries to bed him. If he does, it may lead to a slightly more intimate relationship, but if he doesn't, it could lead to one where she trusts him a lot more.

The Party
Pairing: Daughter & Father
The daughter and daughter have a fairly good life in a large house, with the father being paid quite a large amount for his job. As they have lived on their own since she was a baby, they've grown quite close - enough that the father respects the daughters decisions, no matter what they are; so long as he doesn't find out about anything that happens in the bedroom, so long as she wears protection. Deciding to have a large birthday party, she invites schoolmates, friends, and people she enjoys spending time with, and as the party progresses, it gets more and more adult - with her father having already gone to bed, not wanting to be one of those overbearing parents - the party turning into more or less an orgy (or something of the sort). The party ends up with her being handcuffed/tied to the bed, at some point a blindfold being added. She falls asleep as the party is winding down, and the party-goers leave (including her boyfriend, if she has one). The next morning - father expecting the large party to have had at least some alcohol, and enters her room. Seeing no empty beer cans or bottles of drink, he turns to leave before seeing her tied up to the bed, the sheets pulled down to her hips, revealing everything above her hips to him.

Sibling Love-elry
Pairing: Sister & Brother
A brother and sister are really close - close enough that they are able to share everything, have almost no secrets from each other; and are even fine being naked around each other (if they are changing, or getting out of/into the shower). They're both relitivly innocent, and the brother stumbles upon an erotic website (or magazine). Showing it to his sister, and they both agree it would be interesting to try something like that out.

The Little Black Dress
Pairing: Father & Daughter, Brother & Sister
The father tells the daughter that she can't go to a certain party, as the part is late at night and in a bad area where they live, with people she doesn't know, and people he doesn't trust. The daughter however, sneaks out in one of those little black dresses that all girls seem to keep for just such an occasion, and heads off to the party. All goes well during the party - a couple of people hit on her, but she rejects their advances. At the end of the party, on her way home, either someone from the party she was rejected by (who didn't think her 'no' was convincing enough) or someone on the street decides to have their way with her; raping her. After the event, when she has composed herself enough, she calls her father (or brother), feeling he is the only guy she will ever be able to trust. (this roleplay can develop into a slight master/pet or master/slave roleplay between father/brother and daughter/sister, or could just be a sweet romance between them both).

The Masseuse
Pairing: Masseuse & Client
A newlywed on her honeymoon decides to go to a masseuse; her previous night had been spent with her husband, consummating their marriage, and sometime during the event she had managed to pull a few muscles. During the massage, she begins to feel a lot more aroused at the touches he gives her than what happened in the bedroom, and either opts for a full body massage, or doesn't complain if he touches her in slightly more intimate areas.

Family Matters
Pairing: Sister/Daughter & Father & Brother
About a family, a father, a mother, a daughter and a son. While they would have all lived together when both the children were younger, it didn't last - eventually, the father and the mother separating. The father got custody over the daughter, and the mother over the son - and they went their separate ways for a number of years; having little to no contact with each other. As the son became more independent, the mother decided that she would need a break - a break from being a parent - she had been talking with a guy online, and decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to meet him. Sending the son to go live with the father while she was away, as he wasn't legally old enough to live on his own. I had expected that the relationship with the mother would end there, and she wouldn't be brought back into the roleplay - although that can easily be changed.  Staying at the fathers house, he realises that the father is treating the daughter worse than shit; forcing her to have sex with him and his friends, giving her very little freedom elsewhere. It doesn't take long for her to become attached to the brother - eventually perhaps stealing into his bed one night after their father had used her - seeking comfort.  I had assumed that this would develop into a sweeter relationship with the brother and sister, where she gets physical and emotional pleasure from her brother, allowing her to survive what her father does, or escape from it with his help.

The Camera Never Lies
Pairing: Sister & Brother, Friend & Friend
Girl is on a webcam website like stickam. A brother / close friend / dormmate walks in without knocking - as usual, to see the girl exposing herself on a private chat with several people. The other person then either makes a deal with her not to tell anyone if she does things for them; perhaps letting them watch in real life as she exposed herself for online people, slowly increasing the requests; perhaps stuff in real world, on trains or on the street.

Teachers Pet
Pairing: Student & Teacher / Student (slave) & Teacher (master)
I've had this idea for awhile - but haven't really formed it into a proper plot. The premise would be that the teacher would be teaching (your character) would be teaching his class sex-ed, and decides to take a more 'practical' approach; using one of the students (my character; potentially his slave, but could just be a student) as a demonstration dummy; perhaps orignally just to help the class 'learn' the female anatomy, but maybe going on for more explicit and erotic demonstrations.

School Doctor
Pairing: Student & School Doctor
Students of a school are subjected to annual examinations, however at least at least one of the doctors (your character) at the school is usually a lot more thorough in the physical exams he gives the students he sees (my character); could be anything from some stuff that realistically could be a part of the exam (breast size, taking measurements, seeing how flexable the person is etc) to stuff that almost certainly wouldn't be (seeing the size of a vibrator the girl could take, how 'bouncy' her breasts are, how sensitive her nipples/crotch are/is) etc. I'm keeping this fairly vague as I don't want to limit what could happen until I know the person/people I'll be doing the roleplay with.