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December 11, 2017, 01:37:06 AM

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Author Topic: My Ideas for Naughty Girls (Dom M seeking sub F)  (Read 1755 times)

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My Ideas for Naughty Girls (Dom M seeking sub F)
« on: June 09, 2017, 12:32:33 AM »

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Shadowinlight, but you can call me Shawn. I am a fairly experienced role-player whom has recently returned to Elliquiy after a few months Hiatus. I've returned to find some new partners to help bring a few of my little scenarios to life. I'm not hard stuck on any of the ideas, so if you have a new spin on one of them, I'm more than happy to listen. That being said, I would like to take this time to discuss what kind of writer I am.

I consider myself a fairly literate person and while I am not asking for a full chapter in response, I am always happy to see someone take the time to really describe the scene. However if you are only able to write a small response once in a while, I won't put up immediate stop to the story. Aside from that, while I do prefer my characters to be dominant and enjoy to play as a character with a certain level of power over my partner, I am willing to discuss removing some of the more dominant elements of some of the scenarios. So if you're not into the ideas of bondage, humiliation or the like, let me know so I can adapt the story. That being said don't expect me to play a submissive or weak willed character, since they aren't really characters I care for.

One last little piece of business, while I am fairly open minded and am more than happy to discuss additions to the scenarios, I do have a few hard stops. Anything involving Vore, Gore, Watersports or impregnation is a no. Aside from that, feel free to make your pitch.

I am available to roleplay over either forums or email if preferred.

 So with that out of the way, onwards!
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Re: My Ideas for Naughty Girls (Dom M seeking sub F)
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2017, 12:47:31 AM »

Behind Closed Doors: Taken

It was billed as the perfect little community, and if one was willing to look past the shined black metal bars and crafted brick work that kept the rif raf out, they were not wrong. Everyone's lawn was perfectly manicured, a two car garage on every home and the almost identical homes... it was a picket fence dream. Shame then that it was so boring, the same routine and the commute to the city was so long that her husband was almost never home and when he is, he was as boring as everything else on this block.

That all changed when the house across the street gained a new resident, instead of the happy couple or a family looking to settle down, he was... different. According to the local gossip he had sold his company and as a result didn't have to work or brave the commute to the city. He was new, mysterious and sexy. And being a good neighbor, its only fair that she welcome him to the neighborhood. However as soon as he welcomes her inside and the door closes, her old life will change forever, from suburban housewife to her neighbors sex slave.

And as for her husband, well he is almost never home and as soon as the his car leaves the driveway, she had best prepare, because her master would be over soon to add a little more excitement into her boring suburban life.

The House Always Wins

Welcome to the Oasis resort and Casino, a place unlike any other. Hidden far from the rest of the world, built upon a natural spring in the middle of a blazing desert; without another building or soul around and filled with every vice one might wish to enjoy. All are welcome and if one is lucky, one might even receive an invite to the personal table of the casinos mysterious owner, unseen or photographed, supposed to live in the penthouse of the main Casino, never to come down... save for a game of chance. And anything can be wagered here, credit, cash... or something far more.

Perhaps you are on a desperately need vacation, a honey moon with your boring spouse or perhaps were even invited for a tournament in the famous back room. Either way, you will find yourself across the table from a mysterious stranger with a seemingly never ending amount of credit and a strange offer. The option to win more than you ever even dreamed or... a week as his personal slave. And after both of you lay your hands, you will find just how many sins this paradise can provide, not just to its guest, but also its owner.

In the end, the house always wins.

Laying Low

Shawns' feet pounded on the ash fault as he glanced behind him, the lights hadn't illuminated the houses behind him yet, but the sirens had already reached him... Shit. He had hoped to have a little more time for his escape, but one bad turn on some rain soaked roads and his get away car, which was previously the prison wardens car, had found itself in a ditch a few miles back and now he was on foot. To be exact on foot rushing through a brand new fenced off upscale community. This neighborhood wasn't here when he went into San Revaro prison five years ago, instead merely a construction site he saw on the main road from the prison bus. Now it was covered in brand new homes, homes with high level security systems, guard dogs and... was that an open window?

He smirked lightly, he couldn't believe his luck as he turned on a dime, ran onto the green lawn and dove through the open window just as the blue and red lights began to dance on the pale white houses behind him. He landed as gently a he could, but he couldn't be sure no one heard him. The fist step was to see if anyone was home, tie them up, them lay low till the cops left and steal a car... at least that was the plan.

Perhaps he likes the company so much he decides to stay for a bit and catching up on five years of desires. And if at some point he decides to leave, he might want a companion for the road. She won't need much to wear... nothing, really. Probably for the best, leaves more trunk space for her. YC could be a house sitter, a daughter home while the parents are away, a lonely housewife whose husband is on a trip, whatever.


Most schools often punished their students by sticking them in a boring, silent room for an hour after school or making they write on a blackboard. But not St. Albert's, they wanted their miscreants to be of some use to the school; Even if they have to be kept in school long after even the teachers had gone home. In MCs particular case he had been sentenced to restocking the library everyday after school for the rest of the year. Seemed a little harsh for getting into a few fights... ok, maybe a dozen or so fights, one including a teacher.

At least he had company for his punishment and this looked to be like a long night ahead of them both, the job likely keeping them there till long after the school was abandoned.. and that worked for him, since when he saw whom he would be spending detention with, he had packed a few things to keep it fun. Just some cuffs he kept from his last flight from the cops, a few stolen toys and a gag to keep the noise to a minimum, after all, they were in a library.

YC might be the sexy librarian supervising MC, another punk girl whom finds themselves stuck with him in detention or maybe someone in the student body who volunteered to watch MC for extra credit. Either way they will make his late night in school much more entertaining.

Space Slave

Ver 1. MC, a scavenger whom picks through the remains of wrecked ships that got too close to asteroid belts or solar flares and sells them for spare parts or tech to more primitive planets, comes upon a fairly recent wreck. Perhaps a large star cruise liner that crashed, a military vessel destroyed in a recent battle or a basic transport set upon by brigands. Either way, it is one hell of a score, as it was mostly fresh and not picked over. A certain rare item, an intact space pod, is picked up with the intent to sell. However its contents interest him more and he finds a survivor whom was left behind in the rescue effort due to a broken transmitter. Now he is alone in his ship, has saved a life and has a long haul back to a black market planet to sell his salvage... Lucky he picked something up to pass them time. (This will more likely take a more romantic approach. Although if your character is a crew member, passenger, military captain or whatever, is up to you).

Ver 2. They had finally done it, after several years of checking out deep space, they had come across a new intelligent civilization so far from the core planets, they now know of alien life inside the milky way... Ignorance is bliss. As what they come across are far from from friendly and can easily outmatch the best technology the research ship, the Scribe, can bring to bare. Perhaps these creatures are warlords whom are looking for new slaves to serve abroad their ships for entertainment, perhaps an intelligent AI who takes over the ship and uses it against the crew or merely a collection of space pirates and slavers all to eager to make a profit on a new "exotic" race.

These scenarios can be from the viewpoint of single character or can include multiple characters and I am always up for suggestions.

A Different Kind of Fantasy

The kingdom of Ironwood, so named as it boarders a thick forest, that both served as a first line of defense and also a hindrance, as it was in constant need of the roads to trade its goods and only a few could be cut through the thick trunks. However someone or something has taken root in the forest, raiding their merchant caravans and vanishing under the nose of their soldiers, if the soldiers came back at all. And so the king issued a plea for aid and soon all manner of heroes answered the kingdoms call and amoungst them is YC, ready to track this fiend and put an end to his evil, either for justice or coin.

However unlike all the stories that end in parades and applause, this shall end quiet differently , as the threat to the kingdom proves to not so easy to catch and soon the hunter becomes the hunted, likely ending in the villains lair as his prized jewel, freed from the life of an adventurer into the life of a slave.

This evil (MC) could be the work of a talented and dangerous bandit, a bastard of the king planning a revolt or a powerful warlock that has taken up residence in the woods. YC likewise can be whatever you like, an Elf whom wishes to kick him out of the forest, a female warrior seeking glory or perhaps the princess of the kingdom who sees herself a warrior and sneaks out of the palace to prove her skill or whatever interests you. Let me know if you want to see how this typical adventure quickly becomes one to remember.

Fucked Up Fairy Tales

Join me on my quest to turn the wonderful moral lessons of these stories into amoral tales of Sin. So, what story do you think could use a little naughty love?

Perhaps Aladdin's wishes were more... kinky? Instead of going off to show himself a prince, maybe it was just easier to make Jasmine a slave in his new Oasis paradise. Or Maybe the Big Bad Wolf had more in mind for Red, preferably with her only wearing the cloak and some heels if he is feeling generous. Or maybe Snow White wasn't so much a guest of the seven dwarves as she was a sex slave for staying hidden from the queen.

Or maybe you have a different idea, let me know and we can work out the fun details.

Historical ideas

The Captain and the Stowaway

There is a tale one can hear in drunken dock side inns by sloshed sailors, a tale of ship, The Siren, that is claimed to never have to make port. A ship that appears not long after an unnatural mist engulfs its victim and vanishes just as quickly, leaving only splinters and drowned men in its wake. Such stories are thrown around and debated in almost every dockside tavern and each time, Captain David Winter finds it funny. Years of preying upon ships, lifting cargo, smuggling and pillaging and yet none of the "experts" on his ship ever see it docked along side their fishing vessels. He would laugh, drink and pass a few stories of his own before returning to his ship to set sail again... although this time, he would find his voyage far more interesting.

A call from below deck and a few cries of anger or excitement from his men brought him down from the helm to regard a stowaway, his eyebrow rising at the idea that someone had the poor luck to attempt to sneak onto his ship, even if he had told the harbor master it was a transport ship. Either way, as his eyes looked over the curves of their stow away a smile crossed his lips. As captain he had first claim to any spoils and the woman before him counted as far as he was concerned. He could use someone to warm his cabin and he had no doubt that he could get her to... see things his way.

(This could be a noble woman fleeing a marriage, a street rat looking for opportunities elsewhere, a criminal skipping town, whatever you like)

The Wild Wild West

The stage coach bounced and kicked up dust as it moved, the town and train station that it had received its charge from now a long distant memory, no longer even a spec on the horizon, even if one could see through the dust cloud it kicked up behind it, the coach man and horse both letting breathing heavy as it rolled along, eyes shooting this way and that around the gorge as they rolled along, one hand on the reigns as the other ripped the Winchester rifle on the seat beside him. He just needed to make it to Casper Mine without a hitch and he would soon bury himself in the small dusty town of Caspers whore house. He just needed too...

The thought quickly left his head as the wood from the coach roof above him splintered as a bullet crashed above him, shards of wood raining down on his hat as his eyes shot behind him, three riders emerging from the dust cloud, each adding a mix of smoke to it as they fired at the coach, their horses hooves hammering hard and their masked faces fluttered in the wind as he caught up to the coach. The driver lifted his rifle, fire and sent one man from his horse, before finding himself with several new holes and tumbling off the seat and under the wheels.

The next few minutes were shot free as one man road up to grab the now free reigns to bring the coach to a stop. "Is the payroll there?" one masked man asked as the one who had stopped the coach looked upon the roof, mixed in with the collection of bags and luggage, a single large wooden chest was tied down tight... the payroll for the Casper mine. "Yup, its here." The man on the coach said and saw out of the corner of his eye his partner raise his gun towards him... same as he was doing the second he saw the payroll, difference being he was faster and the other thief fell from his horse with a thud. "Guess you wanted it all for yourself too." the survivor said with a smile as he hoped down from the coach and heard a noise from the inside, swinging the door open a smile formed under his masked face. "Pardon the intrusion ma'am." He said, his prize far better than he expected.

(this could be the Mine owners wife, daughter, a new whore on her way to work, whatever, let us discuss.)
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Re: My Ideas for Naughty Girls (Dom M seeking sub F)
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2017, 07:43:51 PM »
You have some very intreaguing ideas. I have two that you might like, if you want to me to post them to you, let me know. they include bondage and humiliation.

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Re: My Ideas for Naughty Girls (Dom M seeking sub F)
« Reply #3 on: August 21, 2017, 09:03:57 PM »
Added: "Space Slave"
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Offline Miroque

Re: My Ideas for Naughty Girls (Dom M seeking sub F)
« Reply #4 on: August 23, 2017, 07:53:19 AM »
I really liked your take on "Fucked up fairy tales".. if you would need writing partner on that ideatree, drop me an PM.

Offline SxyCowgirl

Re: My Ideas for Naughty Girls (Dom M seeking sub F)
« Reply #5 on: August 25, 2017, 09:50:17 AM »
There are 3 I find particularly interesting. Pirate's Treasure, Space Slave, and A Different Kind of Fantasy. I have ideas of characters for all three, so whichever one you've been most wanting to do, I could have some real fun with. I am literate without many limits and open to many things. I am a frequent and long poster, preferring good detail to set scenes, with the ability to post multiple times on the days that I am online (which is currently many, as my schedule is generally open). Please let me know when you have the opportunity.

Offline DarkWolfProwler

Re: My Ideas for Naughty Girls (Dom M seeking sub F)
« Reply #6 on: September 07, 2017, 01:12:15 AM »
I am totally into Fucked Up Fairytales! Please let me know if this is still on the table!

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Re: My Ideas for Naughty Girls (Dom M seeking sub F)
« Reply #7 on: September 17, 2017, 02:13:29 PM »
Added some stories

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Re: My Ideas for Naughty Girls (Dom M seeking sub F)
« Reply #8 on: September 29, 2017, 08:42:10 PM »
Added the "Historical" section