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November 15, 2018, 07:09:20 AM

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Author Topic: BennyQ's Portrait of a Writer [M lf F, Seeking Skyrim Plots!]  (Read 426 times)

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BennyQ's Portrait of a Writer [M lf F, Seeking Skyrim Plots!]
« on: September 29, 2017, 12:40:59 PM »
Welcome to my request thread! Thank you for taking the time to view this thread and take a moment to browse and read if you have an interest in writing with me! Be warned though, for I am very selective and am only looking for perhaps 1-2 new stories to take on given my current load. You may also find me on Blue Moon, under the same username, if you prefer to write there or here.

And please keep in mind this is a work in progress and will be subject to changes! But for now I will be keeping it short and sweet.

Please check out my O/O’s here before proceeding. But if you’re hoping for much further ado, you’ll be disappointed as now, without further ado, here are the plots I am currently craving.

I. Mourning Never Comes.
Dark Brotherhood Assassin x Muiri the alchemist.
An aspiring Dark Brotherhood assassin is commissioned to meet a client in Markarth and help her in getting revenge upon those who wronged her. However, as she bargains for further killings, which add dangers and risk to the assassin’s life, s/he decides on a greater measure of payment instead, coaxing the young alchemist with her desire for death to become his specialized associate, continually making poisons for the assassin’s murders and crafted scenes of death, while becoming the target of his growing affection. And how else can an Assassin of ruthless methods showcase his passions, except by the most intense passions and possessiveness? Can be FxF.
II. More Than You Bargained For.
Dark-minded Dragonborn Mage x Freelance/Bandit Mage.
They are a successful bandit group, marauding from a secret hideout in the wilds to strike at merchants, travelers, and even Imperial/Stormcloak convoys. They are led by a sane and competent chief and YC is the best (and perhaps only) Mage among them, giving her a strong niche and importance to the group. That is, until the Dragonborn comes upon their camp, which happens to be near a certain Word Wall of knowledge the Dragonborn seeks. Only, he is like no foe they had ever faced, recently returned from Solstheim, empowered by the blessing of Hermaeus Mora, wielding dark and terrible magic. He quickly burns through the camp and its defenders, until he is face to face with your Mage, who…amuses him with her valiant defense, if not for the bandits then for her life at least.
He defeats her...and uses her, and come the morning, threatens her to follow him obediently as a bed-warmer, lest he kill her and raise her as a thrall to be tormented for as long as he wishes, never finding peace in death. Can be FxF. 
III. Dragonslayer.
Heroic Dragonborn x OC of any kind.
Basically, we create two OCs, myself or YC can be the Dragonborn, and we fight through the main quest and other obstacles with our own twists to save Skyrim, with whatever kinks and cravings we desired. Can be FxF. 

Those are my fleshed out plots for now and the ones I’m most intrigued in. I am however also very interested in the following fandoms or pairings. If you’re interested, contact me on these and we can flesh out a plot or premise more. I have plenty for these fandoms and listing them here would be impractical.

Star Wars: Smugglers, Pirates, Slavers, Bounty Hunters, and the crew and lifestyle that goes with it. Any plot works fine for me.

Avatar: OC x OC, perhaps centered about a mentor-pupil relationship that becomes a little bit more. Can be original Last Airbender or Legend of Korra themed.

Elder Scrolls: OC x OC, can be Skyrim or bonus points if you know Oblivion.

Lord of the Rings/Tolkien: Always interested in this.

Ancient Rome: Praetorian Tribune x Female Gangster Queen. He’s out to arrest her for her activities but he has little to no proof. His investigations have him coming nearer and nearer to her and they are all not that different in how they view the world. And certainly a scandal to form between a high born patrician and a lowly pleb like her.

Ancient Rome: Publican/Tax Collector x Indigenous Noblewoman. A bit darker and more sadistic, a greedy Roman tax collector arrives in a frontier province with a mandate to extract tribute from the locals. Those who cannot pay are often sold into slavery. Corruption is rife among the collectors and families are often forcibly removed under these pretenses to allow Roman elite to buy up the land at a cheap rate. Upon my character’s forays into the provinces, he encounters a local noble family who can’t pay up the extortionist Roman fines. Instead, he decides to take their daughter as payment, becoming enamoured with her beauty. With the stroke of a quill, she enters a state of servitude to him, to be used however he wishes.

Please shoot me a PM, with the usual perquisite of being more than a line or two of interest, and we can hopefully get into some juicy world-building if you see anything that sparks your fancy!
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