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February 21, 2018, 03:42:18 AM

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Author Topic: BennyQ's Portrait of a Writer [M lf F]  (Read 203 times)

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BennyQ's Portrait of a Writer [M lf F]
« on: September 29, 2017, 12:40:59 PM »
Welcome to my request thread! Thank you for taking the time to view this thread and take a moment to browse and read if you have an interest in writing with me! Be warned though, for I am very selective and am only looking for perhaps 1-2 new stories to take on given my current load. You may also find me on Blue Moon, under the same username, if you prefer to write there or here.

And please keep in mind this is a work in progress and will be subject to changes! But for now I will be keeping it short and sweet.

Please check out my O/O’s here before proceeding. But if you’re hoping for much further ado, you’ll be disappointed as now, without further ado, here are the plots I am currently craving.

I. Tribal Love: A Stolen Heart
Pairing: Nomadic Horse-Archer x Nomadic Bride
Kinks: Non-Con/Dub-Con, Forced Marriage, Tribal/Nomadic setting, Adventure, Romance

Plot: In a real world setting or not. Out on the vast steppes and endless ocean of grass, there live a sort of people who keep no permanent dwelling or habitations, moving with their tents, pack animals, horses, and families from one pasture to another in search of grazing land. These nomadic tribes are disunited, violent, and yet possessing of their own nobility and chivalry in a way. It is a place where every male and female learn to shoot the bow and ride a horse, often together, by the age of four, making each and every individual dangerous to the unsuspecting individual. It is a place where if you can't find a bride among your own tribe, you go and steal one from an enemy or neighboring tribe and take her as wife, while at the same time insulting and sniding her relatives in proving they were too weak to protect their women.

In recent times, more peace loving tribes have reduced this tradition to merely a ritual while marriage is now a more civilized affair and arranged with consent and negotiation. Raids against neighboring tribes have all but ceased as new warlords now recruit their warriors across all tribal lines, rather than sticking to their own tribal confederations. The steppes grow smaller as the tribes become increasingly interconnected in this sort. Several do not like this change. Others try to reverse it, by raiding and giving over to banditry, wanting to maintain the freedoms of their lifestyle. Joy-rides out of the encampment no longer seem as safe as they once were but a few brave souls still do so, not liking the sedentary routines of camp life.

So how would she feel, your character, a nomadic woman, when roaming the vast pastures and hillsides with lush grass when she is spotted by a warrior of a rival or more warlike tribe and he decides to pursue, hunt, and capture her?

It is not the pleasant arrangement her mother promised or the freedom of having a choice in the matter of a husband as allowed by her father. This man, this warrior, takes her against her will and weds her [via rape], but is he truly evil and cruel like any slave-master of the steppes or does he believe in the old traditions of the people long forgotten, in that she is his wife and now an equal in some regards?

There's the discovery, the chase, the capture, and finally the Long Defeat in which he charms/seduces/threatens his way into her heart and embeds himself there. Children usually help. Can they learn to trust and love one another in this strange ordeal in a place where nature, the people, and anything else is all trying to kill them? CRAVING.


II. ASOIAF: Reclamation of the Dragons
Pairing: Uncle x Niece (both Targaryens)
Kinks: Incest, Dub-Con, Emotional Angst/Turmoil, Dragon-Training, Adventure, Political Intrigue, Warfare.

The Seven Kingdoms are in rebellion. Tiring of the tyranny of the foreign Dragon-Lords, many Lords have risen up in hopes of overthrowing the ruling dynasty of Targaryens and their mighty dragons. Already several have been slain, proving the prowess and skill of the rebel armies. With the war turning against them, the King, who is father to only a daughter who is to be his heiress, fears for his child's life and commands his younger brother to take her into the wilds for her own protection. His mandate, not only to protect her, but to complete her education in Valyrian, while giving her the last and only dragon egg in all the west. Forced to abandon his wife, who is pregnant but with a history of miscarriages, as well as his own dragon, the younger brother, MC, is not too keen on babysitting his niece and abandoning his brother and the loyalist forces to fight the enemy alone. Yet he does as he commands and together, the two go out into the wilds to wait out the war, whether for good or ill.

Mid-way through the RP, they will regain the throne, but the heiress might find her uncle has other plans for the succession...

I'm going to be selective on this one. Plenty of world-building to be done beforehand, as it is an AU world where we might have to fill in plenty of gaps in the political structure of the realm, of which families are loyal and which are not.

Please shoot me a PM, with the usual perquisite of being more than a line or two of interest, and we can hopefully get into some juicy world-building if you see anything that sparks your fancy!