An interest in transformation

Started by kelleycd, June 17, 2017, 11:30:12 AM

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I'm interested in exploring a scene of transformation. A young(er) male character has been attending University and has found that he has repeatedly had classes with the same Professor. As a result they have gotten close through private tutoring and after class discussions. As their relationship evolves the Professor begins to notice that the student is a bit effeminate.

I would enjoy for the story to maybe incorporate cross dressing, sissification, transformation, etc. There would be exhibitionist tendencies and an open dialogue. Mostly I want to play a character that is transformed into whatever the Professor desires him to be. This doesn't have to be set at University and most of the details are adaptable. I am open to some taboo play and am willing to discuss pretty much with anyone.

Would love to chat and see if we hold a mutual interest/desires.