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A couple along with their young child (4 years old) is on a voyage through Pacific ocean. At some point the ship wrecks and unfortunately the father and son went missing. The entire crew searched for the missing ones, but this duo was not found anywhere. She returned back not just alone but also lost her hope that they will be alive anymore. (But the father and son were washed up in an island and the people living there treats them and brings them back alive. The sad part is that the father lost all his memories leaving them unidentified there. Years passed and they grew there until the child grow young enough to travel outside on studies.)
Here the mom character, remained single since then even though she was finding tough to make her ends meet has been living through the rent she earns by renting part of her house.
The son character visited her town for a job after being referred by a fellow men from the island. The company finds him a potential candidate to grow their business and hires him for a good sum. In search of a place to rent, he lands at his mother's place.

Son is more of a look a like of his father and the very second she opens the door, she starts to feel like she know him for a long time but not really sure how and when. This first attraction earns him the house for rent. Later they both start to grow thicker, tighter and finally intimate. Her years of determination to remain single vanished away all of a sudden now. In spite of those age differences they decide to get married and he assures her that his father will be present for their marriage.

On the day of marriage both in their bridal suit steps into the church holding hands together and walked through the carpet towards the church dais. Soon, the priest gets them married and a sign of love, they kissed back each other, tighter. Later he showed to her an middle aged man standing with his back towards them in a black suit, The moment he turns, she was shocked. It's her husband but standing there with a smiling face. Now she understands what has actually happened and it is out of her hands now. She decides to remain silent and continue with the marriage as she ca not expose who she to her new husband, her son, as he will think cheap about her. Since her old husband lost his memories, she sticks with her decision to continue with the marriage, hoping things will not turn awkward anymore.

But, what if, her old husband starts to regain his old memories?

We can discuss and decide the rest of the plot, if you find this interesting.


The country's population is on the rapid decline, (especially the male population) (it can be of any reason, which we can decide) which ends up slashing 90% of total male count. So to protect the humanity chain,  The president passes a new law called Free Use, which strips the woman of any rights and this is mainly passed to improve the population. Not all woman will be included here. Single, unmarried, divorcee and one who do not have child yet. Felix (My character) on visit to his aunt's place, convey's his intention to have her as they don't have a child yet. She verbally fights with him, and threatens that she may have to inform her husband. He informs her that it is of no use as uncle can not do something against the law. He gives her a day to think and decide over it before he shows up her door tomorrow.

She decides to take this issue with her husband, Robert that night. Robert is a kind and innocent person who can not think in a crooked way. Or may be he is so dumb. To her surprise , Robert on returning from office informs her that he met Felix later the same day and shared his concern about the newly passed law. Also he informs her bluntly, that he has requested him not to be too rough because of this law and he also agreed to it. Robert ends this conversation with her by saying, I know that the newly passed law doesn't sound good to you, but we have no other option but to endure it, until this law is in vogue.

(Here Robert informs her as a general idea on how Felix has to treat any woman irrespective of this new law and also asks her not to fret over the fact that the government is thrusting inequality on woman. But the aunt character presumes, that her cousin Felix indeed spoke with Robert about fucking or having her and for which her husband has advised him to handle her softly as he understands and has to abide by the law. Because of this situation, Robert is requesting her to adjust this scenario until the new law prevails )

So, this miscommunication, makes her assume that her husband can not help her from Felix as long as this new law prevails and she will adjust with her nephew, though how much she dislikes it. Now the next day when Felix comes again, she might inform Felix about what her husband told and he has to remember the points Robert has advised while handling her hereafter. Felix will understand how she has misunderstood it and he will grab the opportunity to exploit her.

So with the aunt character ready for his acts, he can regularly have her , make her wear sexy outfits , flaunt her in the public and over the days he will involve his friends as well and some gang bang can also happen. The risk of pregnancy can be there, as he or his friends will not use condom. This is what I have planned for the long term.

This is just an idea and would like to discuss and evolve a rightful plot.

Sweet Revenge

Felix is now out of his college and has to decide his career path. His parents are not wealthy to make things easy in the present economic situation, but his uncle Jake is, brother of his father James who now owns several businesses in the New York city and one of the prominent name in the Wall Street. He too wasn't a rich guy from birth, but it all started 20 years back. He is a real living model for Felix but now they are rich, wealthy and snapped ties with his brother's family. Felix decided to start a business only to better his uncle and make him look back, that they still exist. Hence for financial assistance, he decides to sell their ancestral property in their hometown Kansas, which they left to settle down here. When he went to check the price of the property, he was stunned to see that they do not have any rights to that property and it was sold a long back. Felix was sure, they have not sold the property, but his Father James often mentions about how his brother Jake sold his share of ancestral property and made big in business. This raised doubt for him. Did he sell the property of his Dad's as well?

He did not raise any alarm within the family too, instead decided to collect all the information and details. As he suspected his Uncle did sell the land by forging the papers for which he now has clear evidences. He knew this could work in his favor though his father won't agree to it. So he decides to keep it with himself and sent a set of copies to his Uncle's office, hoping his uncle will definitely come out for negotiations as any scandal would tumble down his business in stock market.

To his surprise he received a call from his aunt Marie. "What is this Felix. Your dad gave us the right to sell the property and there is nothing wrong" she tried to command him over phone, but he could sense a nervousness in her voice. "Well if that is the case, then let me file a suit in the court, aunt" that should have hit hard on her head. "Wait. we can discuss it out. The coffee shop at 5?" she asked him. "Sure, will be waiting for you there" he snapped the phone.

In the first idea, I expect drama a lot though I guarantee smut as well, whereas with the second one, I see the plot as more of smut than drama, unless someone can suggest a good drama for it. In the third one, I see the kid taking revenge on his uncle's family who turned their back during their hard times, in spite of selling their property with forged papers. Aunt Marie decides not to take up this with her husband and to handle on her own. But little did she know his intentions. He starts with employing her as his personal assistant in the newly started business and slowly discovers the submissive side of her. The more she submits, the more he turns dominant. Rest we can discuss.

Looking for anyone who is willing to play the female character.
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