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June 13, 2021, 12:23:59 am

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Author Topic: Request Thread Dos and Don'ts  (Read 2565 times)

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Request Thread Dos and Don'ts
« on: March 13, 2021, 06:22:53 pm »
This post is to clarify what is and is not acceptable in Request Threads.  While many of these items are mentioned in our Rules section, this is a compilation for easy reference.  Some additional material is included for convenience, and due to frequent questions.

1) No Contact Information:  This board is public.  That means that non-members are able to see these posts.  Approved members can easily use the PM icon under your avatar.  As signatures are not visible to non-members, information such as Discord handles can be included in your signature as another option.
2) No images of minors Context is irrelevant!  Many celebrities have careers before they turn 18.  Verify that they were of age when the image was taken.
3) No images containing sex acts or genitals.  Again, this board is public, and it's a basic courtesy to your fellow members.  These images may only be included as a link, and that link must be labelled.  Below is a set of codes for a plain link to an NSFW image, and a spoilered link to an NSFW image, including a bit of relevant pitch.
4) No graphic descriptions, either.  Your request thread should not include descriptions of sexual acts.  Adult material is to be kept on the private side of the board according to rule 8.  While this rule is somewhat relaxed in this board, it does not mean that your request thread can be rated XXX.

Basic proper code for a link to NSFW material:

This goes to a picture.*NSFW*
Code: [Select]
[url=]This goes to a picture.[/url][color=red]*NSFW*[/color]
Basic proper code for a link to NSFW material using a spoiler:

Not your Disney Gargoyle!
Elisa Maza is on the case of a series of murders - murders of supernatural creatures.  All the clues point towards Goliath's clan, but what she finds is far different - and now it's hunting her!
This goes to a picture.*NSFW*
Code: [Select]
[spoiler=Not your Disney Gargoyle!]Elisa Maza is on the case of a series of murders - murders of supernatural creatures.  All the clues point towards Goliath's clan, but what she finds is far different - and now it's hunting [i]her![/i]
[url=]This goes to a picture.[/url][color=red]*NSFW*[/color][/spoiler]

    5) Where to store the porn?:  If you have NSFW material that you feel is necessary to explain your story idea, you have a few options for where to put the pictures. 
    • One is the Elliquiy Wiki.  We do ask that the images you put up on the Wiki follow our usual image rules (no minors, chibis, etc.) and that you upload images that you are planning on using for an RP - uploading hundreds of porn gifs is going a bit far.
    • Another is making a thread in the approved section of the board.  The advantage to this is that it's easy to organize the pictures to correspond with your plots.  Both 'Finders and Seekers' and your own O/O thread are admirable places for inspirational images to be stashed.
    • And of course, you can link directly to where you found it.  The NSFW indicator is still most definitely required.
    6) Mind the bumping!:  There are rules about how often you can bump a thread.  For example, if your last post was on August 25, your next 'bump' post can't come any earlier than September 25. 
    • Adding plots can be done more frequently, but we ask that you be courteous with this.  Adding plot posts more than once a week makes you look like you are gaming the system.  Consider editing new plots into an existing post, and/or posting a weekly update.
    • To keep your 'Added plots' from looking perfunctory, it's a good idea to say what plots you've added.  This also draws the attention of visitors to that fresh craving.
    • Non-substantive posts include:  'Bump' posts with no added content.  'Taken' posts, as these shoot your post to the top, while indicating that something is not added.  Cosmetic changes (changes or addition of images and formatting with no changes to your listed plots) do not merit a bump.
    7) Avoid the use of slurs in your Request Threads.  While Staff is not going to police this, you should be aware that certain terms imply homophobia, transphobia, and/or racism.  This will, as a result, impact the amount of success your request has, as well as how people see you, the writer.  If you and your writing partner have discussed and agreed upon using a particular term in an active RP, that's your business - but your request thread is seen by many potential partners.  If you have concerns about whether a term is considered generally offensive, please PM any convenient Staff member.
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