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Author Topic: Pro - Wrestling Characters ~ Favorite Canons ~ Pairings  (Read 514 times)

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Offline DemonessOfDeathValleyTopic starter

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Pro - Wrestling Characters ~ Favorite Canons ~ Pairings
« on: March 23, 2014, 07:28:39 am »
~This thread will encompass Pro - Wrestling character types and pairings. Character sheets will be in a separate thread and linked. If you have any interest, questions or suggestions, feel free to ask. I will be updating this regularly.~

~Canon Divas/Knockouts~
Used as NPC or secondary characters only, unless played by my partner as a core character.

~OC Divas/Knockouts~
One of my most favorite types of character to play. I have created an OC Diva/Knockout to go with each of my most favorite canons. Playing those OC's is a joy. That being said, I don't mind tweaking things here and there to better suit the needs of my partner. However, please note that I will not completely make over one of my OC's. If the character is not to my partner's satisfaction, I'm willing to create a whole new character.

~Negotiable Female Character Points~
Bust size (Keep it realistic and not overly huge)
Waist Size
Hip size
Leg length
Shoe size
Hair color
Hair length
Eye color
Skin Tone (I only play Caucasian characters)
Age (18+ to about 35 only, I might be open to older depending on context)
Personal Style
In - Ring persona (Somewhat)
Real life persona (Somewhat)

~Canon Superstars~
These characters differ from canon Divas/Knockouts, in the fact that I like to play them. I'm a fan of slash stories(male/male) and I enjoy taking on the persona of my favorite male wrestlers. However, I enjoy it more when I'm playing opposite another of my favorite canon male wrestlers. However, I'm more than willing to play a canon male opposite an OC male. Please Note that I will NOT play a canon male opposite a canon or OC female.

~OC Superstars~
Preferably played opposite a canon Superstar. However, I'm willing to play opposite an OC Superstar. A few of the character points are negotiable, but like my OC Divas/Knockouts, I won't completely make over a character to fit with a specific preference or fetish. I will create a new character or create one with you to better fit my partner's needs.

~Negotiable Male Character Points~
Thigh Size
Shoe Size
Penis Size
Hair Color
Hair Length
Eye Color
Skin Tone (Caucasian characters only)
Age (18+ to about 35 only, I might be open to older depending on context)
Personal Style
In - Ring Persona (Somewhat)
Real Life Persona (Somewhat)

~Canon Valets/Managers~
Used as NPC's only.

~OC Valets/Managers~
Valet or Manager versions of all my OC Divas/Knockouts and Superstars have been created. As well as completely different characters specifically for the purpose of being a Valet/Manager.

~Canon Rookies~
Usually used as NPC's only, unless I'm playing opposite a canon male. Rookie versions of canon males are fine, so long as I'm playing opposite either a canon or OC male. Canon Rookie Females are a no - go.

~OC Rookies~
Rookie versions of all my OC Divas/Knockouts and Superstars are already created/in creation. In some cases, completely different Rookie characters were created for a specific canon. This sort of of character is enjoyable, especially opposite a canon Wrestler. However, with this sort of character, it's hard to be interested in an idea that has my character as the 'up and coming' Rookie sleeping their way to the top.

~Local Talent~
OC's or Local Talent 'versions' of canon males are the only two types of Local Talent that I will play.

~Ring Rats~
Ring Rats are men and women that hang around Wrestling events and wrestlers with the sole purpose of having sex with Wrestlers. Just no, I will not play a Ring Rat or opposite one. Period.

~'Lucky' Fans~
Unless indicated in a story request, it won't happen.

Characters that are not affiliated with pro - wrestling in any way, shape or form other than being a fan. I will play an OC civilian opposite canon wrestlers only.

~Cross Over Characters~
Pro - Wrestling Characters that are crossed into another universe. I love crossing Pro - Wrestlers into other universes.

~Those are all of the Pro - Wrestling characters that I could think of. Stay tuned for more.~
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Offline DemonessOfDeathValleyTopic starter

  • Chaos is when an Angel fell in love with a Demon.
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  • Location: Lawrence, Kansas
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  • Everyone has their demons.
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Re: Pro - Wrestling favorite Wrestlers and favortite Pairings
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2014, 04:13:59 pm »
~What follows is a listing of my most favorite Pro - Wrestlers and the Slash, Femslash and other pairings that I like the most. If you don't see your most favorite on the list, feel free to ask.~

~Favorite Superstars~
The Undertaker - In any of his personas. American Badass preferred.
Randy Orton - Ruthless, unstable Viper preferred.
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Triple H
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Steve Austin
Big Show
Evan Bourne
John Cena
John Morrison/Johnny Nitro
Rey Mysterio
The Miz
Cody Rhodes
Ted DiBiase Jr.
CM Punk

~Favorite Divas~
~I will only play an OC opposite these ladies.~

Trish Stratus
Beth Phoenix
Kelly Kelly
Eve Torres
Candice Michelle
Stacey Kiebler
Mickie James


~Canon/OC Pairings~
My preference is bolded.

Canon Male/Canon male
OC Female/Canon male
OC Female/Canon Female
OC Female/OC Female
OC Male/OC Male
OC Female/OC Male

~I WILL NOT play a canon female wrestler, period.

~Canon Slash (male/male) Pairings~
The Undertaker/Jeff Hardy
Kane/CM Punk
John Cena/Randy Orton
Triple H/Randy Orton
Randy Orton/Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy/Matt Hardy
Triple H/Shawn Michaels
Jeff Hardy/Edge
Edge/Chris Jericho
Jeff Hardy/John Morrison
John Cena/Shawn Michaels

~Femslash (Female/Female) Pairings~
As of right now, there are no canon Femslash pairings. At the moment, I'm only interested in playing my OC females opposite canon females.

~I will be adding to/updating this page as I go along.~
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