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Author Topic: Some cravings from a RogueLady (F seeking M or F)  (Read 1609 times)

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Some cravings from a RogueLady (F seeking M or F)
« on: December 18, 2012, 04:01:37 AM »

Thanks for stopping by to peruse my RP ideas. These are just the little plot bunnies that got caught in my mind and needed to written out and then, hopefully, RP'ed so that they stop jumping around in my brain.

I'm a huge fan of Supernatural, though ever since season six some of the shine has disappeared. I'd love a Supernatural RP set within the first five seasons, though. Either between the boys themselves (yep, a bit of wincest :D) or one of the boys and an OC (of which I can play either).

Hmm -- I'm not involved in too many other fandoms, although I am a fan of the Marvel universe in general. I'd love to RP something based in that world but without all the intricacies of the comics; maybe just something set at the Xavier Institute between a couple of students.

I play both male and female characters and I definitely prefer to keep them young, but of course within site guidelines. I also really like power differentials in games, as well. Despite media saturation, I'm a huge fan of vampires still.

Elvish Deception: (fxM non-con)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  For hundreds of years, men and elves had hated each other. They warred and battled -- each trying to prove the superiority of their own race and kingdoms. The elves were driven further and further back, their own lands eaten and absorbed in the kingdom of men. Finally, an uneasy peace came between the two worlds as the elves tried to make the best of the drastically reduced lands and the men expanded, farmed the new country and grew rich and even more powerful.

An agreement was forged between the two stating the elves would never more try to enter the lands of men. The two kingdoms would essentially ignore each other, trying to forget the other existed. That worked fine for the elves, they were free to practice their crafts and though they couldn't enter the lands of men, men were free to cross their borders. They would trade and do business and the elvish kingdom retained some degree of wealth.

Everything was good for a hundred years, when a new enemy attacked the northern border of the elves lands. An army of great, slobbering men twisted by some dark magic. They sought to subdue the elves and take them as prisoners and though the elves defended their borders well, they knew that they would need aid soon. And the kingdom of men were the closest.

The king of elves knew that the guards at the borders would turn away an elven party and so he made a decision. He asked his daughter, the young princess, to use magic and disguise herself as a human in order to gain access to the king of men. She would beg for aid for the elves and, hopefully, the king would send the aid.

But how would the king of men feel about being deceived?

Blood Brothers: (MxM)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
   Sometimes Christian still dreamed of Quinn. On those dark nights, he could see the face of his partner as the younger man was dragged away by blond leech, Therese. The bitch had taken Quinn and for all Christian knew, Quinn was dead. It wasn't often that a vampire would let a hunter live.

   When Quinn was taken, Christian had wanted to die along with him. The two young men had been closer than brothers; they were one of the best teams of hunters that the Church had ever employed. After it happened, Chris had tried to leave the Church, he tried to put that chapter of his life behind him, but it didn't work. When he had had wanted to try and find Therese and save Quinn, the church locked him. Kept him drugged and out of it for almost a month until the desire to mount a rescue mission faded. Then they reprogrammed him, turned him into a weapon once again.

   Chris was different now; he was colder than he'd ever been before. Any minuscule sense of pity for the vampires, any sense of mercy had disappeared. Christian also worked alone now, even though the Church had tried again and again to force a partner onto him.

   It was just safer to hunt in pairs, they told him.

   He told them to to screw off. He wasn't going to have a partner again -- there was no room in his heart or his life for one.

   And now Chris was on his own, hunting in New Orleans. Vampires tended to flock here; it was like some kind of mecca for them. It made them incredibly easy to find and kill, though. Christian stalked all night, tailing the bloodsuckers until he was able to find them and separate them from their heads. Sometimes they were in bars, sometimes clubs. They would hang out in cemeteries, as well. Christian's wanderings always drew him into different boneyards everynight. More often than not, he would find a couple of stupid little fledglings pretending they were Anne Rice characters. Those fledglings would never leave the graveyard.

   Though the church had retrained him (well, reprogrammed him) he couldn't get the thoughts of revenge from his mind. Every night he hoped that he would find the blond bitch who had taken Quinn from him. But he never seemed to have any luck; it as as though she had disappeared from the face of the earth.

   In fact, as Chris walked through the wrought iron gate of the cemetery, he wasn't even thinking of Therese at that moment. It was only the flash of long blond curls that brought her face to his mind. He crept closer, intent on seeing if his quarry really was the elusive whore. A feral smile on his lips as he confirmed that it truly was her.

   But she wasn't alone; a dark haired woman sat beside her. Sitting with his back to a crypt was a young man with shoulder length blond hair and a familiar face. Christian felt his heart give a sickening thud and he pressed a hand to his chest. There was no way it could be -- but it was ...

   It was Quinn ...

((This will be a M/M role. I'm looking for someone to play the cold and hardened vampire hunter, Christian. It will involve bondage, some light non-con and violence. There will be a lot of power switching going on. Sometimes Quinn will have the upper hand, sometimes Christian will. The two characters were close once, but they haven't seen each other for three years and so much has changed between them. However, under their respective animosity towards one another, there is both longing and deeply buried affection. Perhaps more deeply buried on Christian's part than Quinn's. While there will be sex in this RP, I really want to build up a good story, too. Lots of personality in each of the characters that is revealed as they are somehow thrust together under stressful circumstances.))

Dragonborn Meets Dragonborn (MxF or FxF) <taken>

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I know Skyrim has been out for quite a while, but I'd love to play a role based inside the landscape of the game. What if two Dragonborn were to meet? What if one had been transported to Skyrim via magic or perhaps using a mythical Elder Scroll ... who knows? I just think it might be something fun to try out.

My dragonborn is a female Breton. She's a master of two-handed weapons and heavy armor, also a crack shot with a bow and arrow. She can't pick a pocket to save her life, but she's pretty good at sneaking about. Despite being a Breton, she's not super hot with the magic, though she can cast a pretty good restoration spell.

The Prince (MxF. Non-con.)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A long time ago, in a small Irish village, the people were afraid. A malicious faery prince had been stealing babies away and leaving changelings in their place. Because people were so afraid, they didn't know what to do. One brave girl from the village, through her own wiles, trapped the prince into falling in love with her. She used her lovers advantage to seal him away in stone, behind a small fence of iron.

And there the prince stayed, for three hundred years.

Then, one day, his iron fence was removed. Perhaps someone stole it for scrap metal -- who knows? But the prince felt the change, he felt the hard stone begin to crack. Finally, after so many hundreds of years, he could move. He was free but his heart was filled with anger, with revenge. He remembered the village girl who had outsmarted him, and he burned with the need to take his vengeance out on her. But, like all mortals, she was long dead.

She had descendants, though ...

(I was thinking that the prince would use his magic to find the descendant of the girl who trapped him. She'd be a normal high-school student and he'd disguise himself, perhaps as a new student, to draw her in, entrap her. Once she was in love with him, he'd take his revenge. Spirit her away to the faery realm ... or something... I'm not exactly sure. We could work it out.)

Reaper (MxF. Non-con) <taken>

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She's been going by the name of Reaper.

No one knows who she is, only that anyone who runs afoul of her meets with an unfortunate accident only twenty four hours after their encounter. They don't quite know how she does it, but people speculate it's through touch. Whoever she touches succumbs to her strange powers and ends up dead a day later.

She's also a teenage girl and she goes to high school, just like any number of other teenage girls. But the people who know Melody Solomon don't put her together with the girl who flicks like a wraith around the city at night.

Well, most people don't ...

You, however, have noticed something and this something that's caught your attention is enough to plant a germ of a seed of an idea. When you see Melody at school, she's always wearing long sleeves or, perhaps, long gloves. Nothing really strange there, it could be just a fashion statement. But the more you observe her, the more you wonder. She never associates with anyone and she's always coming to classes late -- so that she doesn't have to walk down the crowded hallways with people jostling her.

You're smart. You're brilliant in fact. But you don't always use your genius to aid mankind. And if you could get rid of this young vigilante hero, your work would be easier. And so, you keep tabs on this 'Reaper' just the same way you keep tabs on Melody at school. And you develop a serum which could temporarily strip of her powers so you could, in fact, touch her.

You just need to dose it out to her...

((I know this RP might be a bit of a hard sell, but I'm a Marvel geek at heart and I love superhero/villain RP's. Melody is a character of mine that I'd had for a while. Her powers are a little complicated, but every time she touches someone skin-to-skin she forms a psychic connection with them. When the connection starts, she sees a vision of how they're going to do. Once that vision has been seen, the person fate is set. The connection manifests in the form of a spirit-like doppelganger that comes from Melody's own subconscious. This spirit follows the marked person and manipulates events so that they are killed in the way the vision predicted. As expected, her powers are quite hard on her and prevent her from touching anyone. Ever. I've dubbed her powers 'Necrokinetic' She manipulates death; moves it to suit her.

But you, you genius, have developed a potion to strip her of these powers and you plan on using it.

You could be a teacher, a student --- maybe even a janitor or someone that works in the school. But that's only your day job. To really get going at your super-villainy, you need to get rid of Reaper or at least ... incapacitate her.))

Vacation ... or bad dream? (Mxf or Fxf -- slave training) <taken>

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The vacation was supposed to be a dream come true for Alise -- three weeks in Paris, on her own with no parents to answer to. An adventure before college started in the fall and it had started out wonderfully. Lots of sight-seeing during the day and clubs at night. Alise even met a handsome Englishman who 'popped over to Paris often, actually', as he so charmingly put it.

Slowly but surely the man gained her trust, spent his nights with the girl, wining and dining her. She felt privileged to have such a handsome guide to show her around Paris. By the middle of the second week, the man was beginning demand more of Alise, but she still went along with it. He insisted that she only go with HIM to clubs that HE wanted to go to. He dictated what she to wear; tiny skirts and tight tops. But Alise didn't hesitate; he was older and she liked his possessive streak.

Finally, one night the man called the girl and told him that she was to meet him at a specific club. He gave her the address and a password and sent Alise on her way, telling him he'd meet up with her later. Alise did as he told her, picking her way down a narrow backstreet to a nondescript steel door. Alise knocked uncertainly, hoping her shaky French would be enough to see her through whatever conversation the doorman wanted to make. But she didn't have to worry much when a tall, bespectacled man yanked the door open and glared down at her approvingly. "Password?" he grunted in a thick, but understandable accent.

"Petite pute américaine," Alise spoke the words haltingly, her own accent shaky, but the man man was satisfied and he pulled the door open wider, inviting her in.

Alise gave him a nod and stepped into the dimly lit hallway. They seemed to be on a landing, with a set of stairs leading up and a set of stairs leading down. The man pointed to the descending stairs and gave her a little push on the shoulder. She put one hand out to steady herself as she picked her way down the narrow staircase and saw an open door in front of her.

"Weird club," she muttered and stepped through. The first thing she saw was a group of girls, all around her age. Some looked nervous, a couple just looked high. One girl was pacing in a short, tight line. As Alise entered the room, the door snapped shut as though it were controled by a remote. A couple of the girls let out high pitched shrieks. Bright lights suddenly blinded them all and a voice was heard coming from some unseen speaker.

"Let the auction begin..."

I'll be playing Alise, so I'm looking for someone to play a buyer. Can be a man or woman, I'm not picky :)

That Face... (MxF light consensual)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It had taken a long time to get over her death. For almost a year he had been mired in grief, not able to see through the dark quagmire that he thought he was doomed to. He functioned, but just barely. He was able to get up and go to work but he just seemed like he was floating through life, watching it pass as though he was just an observer. He didn't think he could ever feel a part of anything again.

Slowly, though, the grief ebbed and he began to live. It wasn't the same life as before, but at least he didn't feel as though he was drowning everyday.

The years passed and though he tried other relationships, they never seemed to last. There was always something wrong -- always something that put him off making a commitment. By the time he thought about it, it had been sixteen years since he'd last been truly happy. Sixteen years since she had died and taken his light with her.

That's when he noticed a new family moving in down the block. Mildly curious, he watched as they unpacked a U-haul. The husband and wife were both blandly attractive -- in their early forties with tans and very white teeth. His eyes lingered on them before swinging sideways to the girl getting out of the backseat of their truck. She was saying something to her parents and then laughed as she used her hip to bump the truck door shut.

The man felt his heart give a squeeze and his brows furrowed. She used to do that. Almost always. This time, he stared at the girl hungrily. There was a passing resemblance to his late wife; they shared the same long, shiny dark hair and pale skin. But this girl was a little taller than his wife had been; her nose was slightly upturned and her lips fuller. He kept staring until he realized that the girl had paused and was looking curiously at him. This made him give his head a shake and he raised a hand in greeting.

The girl smiled cautiously and returned the gesture and as she did, a flash of silver caught fire on her wrist. From where he was standing, the man could see a charm bracelet dangling there. Not a flashy new charm bracelet, but an old-fashioned one studded with dangling charms.

Just like the one she used to wear.

The man's stomach flopped and he quickly turned to go back into the house. He needed to think...

((A man loses his wife and sixteen years later, when a new family moves into neighborhood, he thinks he's found her again. The family's sixteen year old daughter so forcibly reminds him of his wife, that he's sure the girl IS his wife come back to him. Now it's just up to him to convince the girl. No force, though maybe some persuasion. Not only does he have to win her trust, but also convince her that she is who he thinks she is...))

If any of the non-taken RP's strike your fancy, send me a PM!
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Re: Some cravings from a RogueLady (F seeking M or F)
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Re: Some cravings from a RogueLady (F seeking M or F)
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Re: Some cravings from a RogueLady (F seeking M or F)
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Re: Some cravings from a RogueLady (F seeking M or F)
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Re: Some cravings from a RogueLady (F seeking M or F)
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Re: Some cravings from a RogueLady (F seeking M or F)
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Re: Some cravings from a RogueLady (F seeking M or F)
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