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Author Topic: Little request corner (FxM/ FxF/ Futa x M)  (Read 615 times)

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Little request corner (FxM/ FxF/ Futa x M)
« on: July 02, 2013, 12:50:49 PM »
Hi there and welcome to my little request corner. I'm going to make this easy I'm looking for all kinds of fun and open to almost anything. So if you have an idea you want to do just hit me a pm and we'll talk things over. Here under you'll find some of my idea's and my favorite kinks as things I absolutely won't do. Hope to have fun soon!!

*Muscular men
*Huge dicks
*Lot's of cum
*Age difference.

Things I’ll absolutely won’t do

* death

The other girl (fxf/fxfuta/fxm)

Humans and furries live together in the same world. It’s just a normal thing. They go to school together, they do the same jobs and same activities. The only thing that they weren’t allowed to do together was dating. The law said no human and furry would be ever allowed to date, have sexual intercourse and won’t be allowed to marry. Those that break this law, will be arrested and thrown into jail. In this world being thrown into jail meant nobody would ever hear from you again. So everybody kept on this rules. Those that broke the rules kept it hidden in fear of never seeing the other person ever again.

The story will obviously go about a human and a fury girl, meeting each other at a party and fall in love with each other at first sight. However both are scared to dead about their own feelings, they keep it hidden from each other. Yet at the same time they both keep hanging out with the other. If not doing something together, they are constantly on the phone or texting each other. Though when will they give in to their feelings? And what happens afterwards?

Modern setting

The gun slinging princess (fxf/fxm)

Cecilia Astisani still was only twenty one years old but already had become a name in the underworld the be feared. Daughter of Don Astisani, who had been murdered by his most trusted lieutenant when she had only been ten years. The attempts on her life had been foiled and Cecilia had gone into hiding for six years. As she came back into the spotlight as she turned sixteen, she made sure people would remember her name. The sweet little young lady had been turned into a ruthless, cunning, manipulative and sadistic woman. The men responsible of her father’s dead and those that betrayed him all came to a gruesome dead. Some bodies weren’t found and those that were found just weren’t recognizable anymore.

That still hadn’t been enough and soon she had taken over all the local families and rivals. Those that didn’t join her, were never seen again. Now she had just turned twenty one, she controlled all the human, drugs and weapon trafficking, the prostitution rings, money laundering and all other criminal activities in her region.
This off course causes her to become a huge target for both law enforcement as for other underground characters. One of these groups sends a hitman after her. Though since she’s always well protected, this hitman must become close to her, gain Cecilia’s trust. But what if they start to create feelings for each other? Can the hitman pull the trigger when needed to? And how will Cecilia react when she finds out what the hitman really came to do?

The new member. (fxf/fxm)

Elise had been an idol and popstar ever since she had turned ten years old. Now eight years later she still was as popular as back then. Millions of fans all over the world kept on buying every record and album she created generating her more money than she could ever count. Not to mention the merchandise that had been created around her. But money wasn’t something that interested her. Elise loved performing and seeing how her songs and music made people happy. That’s why she was looking forward to go on another world tour. However they day before they would start, one of her regular bandmembers got sick and now had to be replaced last minute. She was told the replacement was as good, if not better as the original girl, however she came from a different music genre. Because of this Elise and the new girl always seemed to get on each other’s nerves. Though one day Elise sees the girl practicing on her own and realizes how talented she really is. So she tries to befriend her and get closer to her. Will she succeed? What will happen between the two of them?

Also hoping to do something with a widow and her neighbor (can be the son or the dad or both).
And another craving I have is with a young student dominating my older teacher.

Well hope to hear from you soon!

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Offline KrisjeTopic starter

Re: Little request corner
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2013, 11:29:39 AM »
New idea

A woman’s world

Plot: In a world dominated by woman, one man has been chosen by his fellow men to raise up against their dominance. As these woman have proven to be the equals of men in power and battle strength, it was up to the men to find another way. And after many tests, they finally found the one weakness. If done properly, the woman could become hooked to sex, turning into a willing slave, giving up everything and doing anything just to get the next fuck. Because of this weakness, the men have hope on getting out of the oppression of woman.

Request: So basically the idea is of a strong, muscular and well hung man going on a journey to capture different woman, turning them into sexslaves using many methods.

Offline KrisjeTopic starter

Re: Little request corner
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2013, 12:16:07 PM »
(I have a massive craving for this one, so anyone who'll do this I will love forever!)

An experiment gone wrong (futa x male)

The idea I have is where this class is on a field trip to a local famous science lab. They are specialized in using nano technology especially nanites itself. During the tour of the facilities, a pair of students is invited to join a test, to show the power of nanites. The purpose of the test is to change the color of the clothes of both students to the one the other is wearing. As victims for the test, the nerd of the class is paired up by the most popular girl of the school. When they enter the test chambers, something goes horribly wrong. Though when they check both students, it seems that except a little raise in body temperature, nothing is wrong with them. However as the group goes home, the nerd starts to feel a bit sick, while the girl feels really horny. Later on it appears the nanite mishap did have huge consequences. The nerd faints when he comes home to wake up and find out his body know is that of a perfect athlete and he became well hung while the girl keeps getting hornier no matter how many times she masturbates and cums. They both go out, the nerd to test if people would even recognize him, the girl to get a fuck for that night. As they cross path’s at a party, the girl seduces him as he’s a good looking stranger while the nerd takes on the chance to sleep with the most wanted girl on campus.
However next morning they wake up to another surprise. The nerd is back to his usual self while she now has a dick swinging between her legs that would make most guys jealous. Both realize what happened, the girl decides to gets payback on the nerd and to test out her new cock. And thus they start their special relationship of pleasing each other and fucking each other’s brains out while looking for an answer to their problem. Oh did I also mention that because of the incident both of them are always horny, wanting to fuck and cum non-stop.
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