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Author Topic: ❈Let's Play❈Looking for MxM❈  (Read 973 times)

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❈Let's Play❈Looking for MxM❈
« on: August 30, 2015, 10:19:03 PM »
Hello, and welcome to my lovely request thread. I have heavily changed and updated what is written here, and I hope you enjoy. This is where i'm simply looking for partners to create a story with on this site, and all my plots and ides will be posted down below. Though, i'd like to ask you to read through everything to make sure we are compatible with each other, and most, if not all of your question and curiosities can be answered.


Politeness. Please respect all of my rules, and boundaries. Mine may be different to yours but you will never see me trying to cross the thin line of your sanity.
Proper grammar. I'm not perfect, but if you start typing like a twelve year old I won't be very fond of replying to what you have just sent me. Example: Jim wlked a say hey too bobby tday. Please, I will pull my hair out and simply close to roleplay down.
Replies. I haven't been on this site for a while, and my activity depends on if I have a roleplay in place or not. I will be able to replies at least once every one-two days. I will reply two-three+ replies, and I hope you can do the same as I can.
Private Messages. Do not come to me with a pairing, or asking simply if I want to roleplay with you. Obviously, I am on this site to roleplay with others, but it'd like it if you picked one of my plots below, or presented one you made yourself.
Character Sheets. I do enjoy character sheets very much in however detail you prefer. I will say I only use drawn/anime pictures for reference, I feel uncomfortable using real people.

"Yes, I will do this." in a roleplay.

Species. Humans, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Neko, Furry, Shifters, Element, Fairies. I am open to suggestions as long as they are not on my "No, I will not be doing this."
Settings. I'm almost only into modern day settings, I don't know much about the past, i've not read/seen anything about the future. I'm most comfortable with our time. I will, however, make up an entirely different world with you. I find this highly fun and gets my creative juices flowing out of my ears.
Genre. Fantasy, Horror, Slice of Life, Fandom.
Sexual Positions. I will play submissive[No pushover], switch[Like's it both top and bottom], aggressive submissive[Likes to struggle and make it difficult], and dominate[Not aggressive or overly kinky, i'm a bit picky on this one]. Most of my characters are switches or aggressive submissive.
Extra. I enjoy blood and gore when the plot calls for it. I enjoy a rather kinky sex scene.

"No, I will not be doing this." In a roleplay.

Species. Robots, and Aliens.
Settings. Historical, Sci-fi, Steampunk.
Sexual Positions. Pushover submissive[Doing anything ever said to him], aggressive dominate[Kinky/Abusive].

A Little about My Character.

I like to play more small male characters, more in size/strength. 5'1-5'5 is normally where they range. Though sometimes I do enjoy playing a what looks like a small boy who has lots of hidden strength inside of him.
I like twisted characters. A little more than anxious and depressed. Maybe i'll play a cannibalistic psychopathic schizophrenic character. That's a little much, but you may get my point.
I do not like to play large, muscular, and overly manly characters. I'm sorry, it just isn't for me.

Sensitive Topics

I enjoy them. It makes it have a more dark or sad tone to it all when something traumatic happened, or is happening in the characters lives. Please, tell me what you are and are not okay with when it comes to more sensitive topics so I know beforehand not to mention or add it into the plot.
What i'm okay with. Depression, suicide, self harm, eating disorders, mental disorders, gay, transgender, abuse, rape. All of these i'm perfectly fine with.


○Attack On Titan
○Tokyo Ghoul
○Vampire Knight
○Seraph of The End
○Blue Exorcist

Whenever I ask for a character sheet most people ask my preferences.
It's your character so you don't have to listen to me in the slightest, though I will say what I like.
○Long hair. Colored hair. Oddly cut hair.
○Piercings, and tattoos.
○Scars and freckles.
○18-30 Years old.
○ Thug/Punk/Emo - Professional/Wealthy
○Drawn/anime picture

Get a taste of the kind of plots I enjoy below.
Please do not post below.
Have a wonderful day!
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Offline QuietMisfitTopic starter

Re: ❈QuietMisfit❈Looking for MxM or MxF❈
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2016, 03:39:45 PM »
I've decided to play my plots here!
Red colored character = Mine.

My Plot World!
[Work In Progress]
♂♀=MxF[I will be playing the female.]

Basic Original Plots.
Please! Feel free to add/change things.
None of these are fully solid.
I didn't think ahead much, it's for us to decide.​

Regaining Hope.[♂♂, or ♂♀. (Wrote in ♂♀style.)]
A hope filled young art[Me] major finds herself working for a hope lost singer, who gave up his dream and instead built a coffee shop. They don't clash well as one is childish looking, young, and spilling with hope while the other is a hard working man, professional, and drained of his.

A Demons Touch.[♂♂, ♂♀]
A human[Me] has managed to touch the heart of a demon spirit who lives inside a forest. Found in the form a hellish wolf the human did not flee but instead approached with caution. It was a child filled with such an innocence. Day after day, month after month, year after year.. that child came back. With flowers, food, or water. The child grew and grew. The innocence faded but a question was never asked. On it's eighteenth birthday the human comes back like any other day, but another demon had followed. Is it time to show the true form of the wolf, or let the human die.

Unexpected Christmas Surprise.[♂♂. CRAVING**.]
A rich man[you] finds what seems like a drunken young man[me] stumbling along the street past midnight. Suddenly the boy faints, on a snowing Christmas Eve the man decides to bring him home, figuring out he was extremely sick, not drunk.

Notes: There will be an age gap 18 to late 20/30. I want this to end up being a cute kind of romance, a young boy falling in love with an attractive man. Then the man falling in love with a cute boy and going through the teenage stage of love, and not exactly enjoying it. "I'm a grown man for god sake and hes only a child!" Haha.

Little Master.[♂♂ CRAVING***]
This takes place in a world where demons are the ruling race and humans are often seen as dogs, and other animals. A wealthy man who owns a fairly large farm has multiple humans as labor slaves inside the house and out in the field. His personal favorite being one of the butlers, the one who got to live inside of the home but had strictest of the rules. The Master had a son who was refereed to as 'Little Master', he was a small demon who didn't quite like the humans in his home, or at least the way they were treated. Many have never seen him as he hides within his room. One day the master is rather angry and the butler drops a platter of food and drinks on the master. With screaming the son comes rushing down to see the slave on the ground, bleeding in a few places and still being beat. He takes the final blow, and uses a bit of magic to get the slave to his bedroom in a snap.

Note: I can play the young master or slave.

Bandages. [♂♂ CRAVING***]
This takes place in a world where demons are the ruling race and humans are often seen as dogs, and other animals. A non obedient slave[me] has gone through ten homes in eighteen years, often running away and being captured or being sent to a local shelter. His tenth home wasn't go good as he got little food, and was there more for being a beating toy. He escapes one night and runs into an alleyway to stay out of the eyes of the demon population. He ends up finding a fight, one with people shouting and throwing money at the two fighters. He takes and interest and lets his curiosity get the best of him as he gets closer to watch. He liked one of the fighters, the one who ended up winning and collecting the money. They notice him as soon as the fight ends, some eyes red, some gold, some even glowing green. Maybe he'd be taken into this whole fighting thing, or become a slave to the fighter, or maybe something different.​

More Thought out original Plots.
These are not meant to be changed much, but feel free to add/remove ideas.

School of Cards
School of Cards
A college with high school like set up, it's basically the same, but they have dorms.

It's gained its name by a system the students made thirty years ago, and that the teachers couldn't stop, no matter how hard they tried.

Each year is matched with a card symbol.
Year Four are Hearts
Year Three are Diamonds
Year Two are Spades
Year One are Clubs

Each year has a group, or basically gang due to how violent they are with one another.
King - The strongest of the year, shown in various ways, can also be voted for/picked by previous leader.
Queen - Second hand man/woman. Normally a close friend to the king, or a loyal follower.
Jack - One - Four main fighters of the group.
Ace - The secret weapon in the gang, maybe with brains, speed, strength, or words. Each has a special set of skills.
Jokers - Anyone below them, including the students who aren't particularly in their group.

Hearts are the most respected, and feared in the school, especially the group. They've gone through the school and are at the top for a reason.
Clubs are basically harrassment material, nobody takes them seriously unless somehow proven to be feared/respected by their superiors.

Important Notes:
This should be a multiple main character roleplay with plenty of detail!
The way the school works can be shifted/changed to fit different plots.
Fantasy creatures can be the students.

Tick Tock went the Clock
Tick Tock
There is a 'castle' hidden underground, a massive and beautiful home that fills a family of three, and servants.
There is a mother, father, and son.
This family is special in a way that they were once pure blood vampires. Over the years they have bred with humans, and now only a small trace of pure blood runs in their veins, still they're different from normal people.
Paler skin, mahogany colored eyes, sharper k-9 teeth. They have good vision in he darkness, can be faster/stronger, some have better hearing.
This family gains soul mates, meaning when born, or a few years into life they are bound to a vampire. It doesn't have to be romantic, it could be a life long friendship or a life filled with hate. Each soul mate will gain a tattoo on the back of their neck, matching their pair. For the first years they'll do anything to be near one another, almost painful to be away for a long time. It slowly fades, but the need to see or be near the soul mate will linger. Vampires could get sick, unable to feed properly, or lack former abilities. The family line gets depressed, anxious, and has endless nightmares.

My character is the son of the family, nearly dying at birth and having a weak heart. Unlike most he was two when he finally got his mark for his soul mate. An older vampire, well, they all were. His name is Aussie, and he was very close. He'd often wail and throw a fit whenever Your character tried leaving for a long time. Aussie called him Mr. Tock due to the pocket watch he could hear ticking even when he was on the surface. He had a good ear. They ended up not being apart for more than a day for eight years until one day something horrible happened.

A group of vampires who didn't like the family set the underground house in flames. Aussie was alone in his room when this happened, screaming YC heard and could feel the panic in the little ten year old. Aussie was saved, but his parents, servants, and their soul mates, did not.

YC took the memory of Aussie to keep him safe and took him to an orphanage. He always stayed close, but so Aussie wouldn't see him.

He said his name was Ozzy Ticken, but his real name was Aussie Demor. YC watched him grow up to be anxious, sad little boy who never got adopted. He was such a person because his heart craved YC, but he didn't know that. All he remembered was the color red and fire... he loved the color red.

One night Ozzy hears outside his window and sees a red colored cloak. Red..
He chased the cloaked figure deep into the woods, screaming for him to stop, asking who he was.
YC gets a burning pain in his neck where the mark of a soul mate is, Ozzy was in danger.

Would he finally return back to Ozzy and help him through the pain of the past, present, and future... or save him the trouble and let him die.

Rono High
Rono High
Stole this from my roommate <3

Note: This requires multiple characters 4+.
Will do MxM, MxF and FxF parings.
If in MxM search, at least one of that.
If in MxF search, at least one of that.

Ronno High is not your average high school. The only similarity is the classes, and even those are different.

These are the grades.

If you're 18-19 you are considered a Freshmen.
If you're 19-20 you are considered a Sophomore.
If you're 20-21 you are considered a Junior.
If you're 21-22 you are considered a Senior.

The 'Rooms' are like this.
Depending on crime you are put in specific 'Rooms', everyone in that room will be by your side the entire four years of the school.

A - Small crimes. Only been in Juvi for Half a year up to two years. Unlucky enough to be put in at 17/18 years old.
B - Bigger crimes. Robbing, Abuse, Gangs, Drugs. Been in for two years to four.
C - Bad crimes. Murders, Rapist, and such. Four+ years.

A-1 = Room A, Freshmen.
A-2 = Room A, Sophomore.
A-3 = Room A, Junior.
A-4 - Room A, Senior.

Each room holds a color uniform, and the year they are placed on. (1-4).
A = Red.
B = Orange.
C = Purple.
Numbers are white, placed on the right side of the chest.

Males - A button up shirt/t-shirt with the color of their room. A tie with the color of their room. Slacks/jeans. No holes/tears in the jeans, and must fit right, belts required. Sneakers/Formal.
Females. A button up shirt/t-shirt with the color of their room. A skirt/jeans. No holes/tears in the jeans, must fit right, belts required. Sneakers/flats.

Dyed hair IS ALLOWED.

1. No weapons.
2. Get along with others.
3. Do not confront a student who is having a mental issue, get a teacher or officer.
4. No leaving school grounds.
5. No drugs.
Remember! We are here to help you get a more stable life. It's here or jail.

Armed police officers.
Cameras nearly everywhere. (Not in dorms/bathrooms.)
Bulletproof glass.
Metal detector at entrance of school building/dorms.
Windows do not open all the way, unable to fit a body.
Activated electric fence/guards.

Everyone will be given a dorm partner. Unless a student holds a mental illness that is a risk for others.
Any grade mix. A freshmen paired with a Senior.
The rooms are also mixed. A paired with C.

They contain
One bedroom. (Two beds. Two dressers, Two nightstands, One closet, One desk.)
A living room. (Cordless Tv/Couch/Coffee Table)
A bathroom. (Shower/Bath. Toliet/Double vanity)
A kitchen. (Stove/Microwave. Fridge/Freeze. Counter/Cabinets.)
A storage room. (Shelves.)

Events can happen. We can decide when.

Drawing contests.
Talent shows.
Field days.
Movie night.
Pairing ideas.
(Can always suggest one.)

One Pairing. Freshmen A is paired with a Senior C.
Second Pairing. Junior C is paired with a Senior C.
Third Pairing. Two senior C's.
Forth Pairing. Sophomore A is paired with a Freshmen C.

Plot Idea.

It would start with each picked pair opening the door to see who their dorm mate is for the year. A small freshman A, A thuggish looking Sophomore B? Maybe it's an awkward meeting while the other is yelling? It'd be a complete mix of reactions and type of people who have been forced to basically live together. Not much of the school days would be written, just after school. Unless there are two characters who share the same grade/room. Or if there is an event that characters are planning to be involved in.

Can be romantic/sexual.

I left a lot of space. I didn't say the direction it's going, or anything really. Simply stating how i'd start off. I want my parent and I to think of it together.
MY rules.
1. Color code a specific character speech. Set a color to them so every time they talk I know who is talking. Plus it makes it look pretty!
2. Character sheets are NOT required.
3. A picture of your character is also NOT required. If you want them from me they'll be strictly anime/drawn.
4. YES. Unnatural hair/eyes is alright with me.
5. Lets say A and B are talking in the library, but C and D are talking in a dorm. Separate the text with a divider.[/spolier]
Smut Plots.

My Kinks![WIP]​
✦Daddy kink! Referring to someone else as daddy. Giving.
✦Strangulation! Feels oddly nice, let's not judge. Receiving.
✦Age gaps! Eighteen with Thirty. Not a pervy Thirty, a mature an professional one. I want to be the young one.
✦Toys! Dildos, vibrators, all of it. Receiving.
✦Whipping/Flogging! For master/slave situations. Receiving.
✦Hand cuffs! Metal ones, fluffy ones, one with a tie/rope. Receiving/Giving.
✦Biting! Adore it. Receiving/Giving.
✦Cross-dressing! Forcing a boy into a dress/panties. Receiving.
✦Humiliations! Any kind honestly. Receiving.
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Re: ❈Let's Play❈Looking for MxM❈
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2016, 07:26:08 PM »
Massive update.

○Complete rewrite.
○All new set of plots posted.