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Author Topic: Club Xtacy (Extreme)(Interest Check)(Casting Closed)  (Read 583 times)

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Offline dapoetTopic starter

Club Xtacy (Extreme)(Interest Check)(Casting Closed)
« on: October 07, 2012, 11:39:56 PM »

Welcome to Club Xtacy where your passion is our desire, buried deep beneath a well respected jazz club, there lies a club that can grant your every wish. If you have a wish, we have a room for it.

Currently we are casting for staff and patrons

Sheet will be simple:

Staff or Patron:
Brief History:

You are free to add more if you wish. I will not require that you put the orientation, but you may if you wish. Otherwise include it in your on's and off's. I would prefer males write males and females write females, but am not going to base a character soley on that.

Also the first character that I would like to cast is based on this plot which is the plot that will introduce the club to the story.

The plot for the story is a tabloid writer that wants to be a "Real jounalist" so her editor sends her to a club to investigate a politician that supposedly frequents it..she goes there thinking that it's a strip club or something..walks in and it's a classy looking place called Vinnies..but behind the locked door leads to the real club. Xtacy a sex club for pretty much any taste..ends up in a room with a couple, and gets hooked on the place..finally ends up with who she assumes is the Master of the club, but he is the front for the real head guy, who is the editor that sent her there in the first place.

I am casting for the reporter: Female, age is 20-30, straight. May or may not have a boyfriend. I am open to appearance, prefer blonde, perhaps redhead. Must be open to any story possibility. Applications for the reporter can be placed here.

Applications for staff and other patrons can be placed here was well as other character that would fit this universe, either the club or the tabloid would be acceptable.

Any questions please ask. This group will containe muliple threads as well, likely to be used as locations.

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Offline helvorn

Re: Club Xtacy (Extreme)(Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2012, 10:11:42 AM »
This sounds like a lot of fun.  I'd be interested in the reporter for certain!

Name: Patricia 'Trish' Jenkins
Staff or Patron: Patron - 'Ace' reporter
Orientation; Hetero (men)
Brief History:
Patricia or 'Trish' as she is know by her friends and colleagues is a bright, young reporter for 'The Investigator' a fairly new regional tabloid that has big aspirations to go national.  She worked on the high school and college news papers as well as majored in journalism at a fairly impressive school.  Trish feels she has all of the skills she needs to become a star journalist except experience and a certain lack of respect due to her bombshell looks.  Since puberty she's had it easy because of her good looks and a lot of more experienced reporters don't accept her as a serious contender.  Still, she is smart and determined and intends to make it big in the biz.  So what if she's flirted or shown a bit of leg to get the edge; it's a cut throat business and she is going to end up on top.

Trish is 24, 5'6", 110 lb with blond hair and dazzling green eyes.  She is trim and well formed with an athletic body and curves in all the right places.   She is ambitious but a bit naive and not nearly as experienced in journalism or the ways of the world as she thinks.  She does not have a steady boyfriend since moving to the city for this job and has only been dating sporadically as she focuses on her work.

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Re: Club Xtacy (Extreme)(Interest Check)
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2012, 07:48:50 PM »

Name: Beatrix Daily (AkA: 'The Dame')

Staff or Patron: Staff (Organizes Clientele, appointments, and the girls)

Brief History:

Known to staff and clients alike as 'The Dame' Beatrix works like an oiled machine when it comes to the girls and clients who come to partake. Once a girl herself, The Dame moved up steadily from plaything to calling the shots.

Born Beatrix Elizabeth Daily to a couple of lowlifes, and that's putting it nicely, grew up in the slums. At 17 she found the club and worked for the money to get a semi-good education. She worked mostly in fetishes and extreme domination, growing to love the control she got when the clients came in wanting her to punish them. At 25 she was promoted from just fantasy girl, to dominatrix, she was called for extreme cases and for those who wanted to be treated roughly. She would sometimes switch being the one that the client would torture, these clients were usually submissive husbands getting the anger they wished they could express to their wives out on her.

Thriving and becoming one of the most sought after piece, she got promoted again, forgetting her name Beatrix and only answering to 'The Dame'.

Now approaching 35 Beatrix has taken over the books of clients, making appointments and getting the girls ready for whatever they are asked to do, as well as keeping a small clientele of her own. After all she wouldn't be 'The Dame' if she didn't punish someone every once in a while.

Offline BlackestKnight

Re: Club Xtacy (Extreme)(Interest Check)
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2012, 10:01:26 PM »

Name: Bishop, just Bishop.
Age: 22
Staff or Patron: Neither, though he maintains close personal ties with much of the Staff Club Xtacy. Bishop is an aspiring musician who regularly performs at ClubXtacy to make a little money on the side, he's also drawn to the energy of the sexclub scene and he has a venue to exercise his craft which is also a plus , his job as a vocalist is to work the girls so to speak so that they put out better performances. Happy girls make happy patrons and what not.
Brief History: Bishop is one of those unique souls who could pick up an instrument and play musical arrangements as young as a toddler. His choice instrument of course, the piano. He was classically trained by his father, who had been a former jazz musician turned baptist pastor of a parish in new orleans historic 9th ward district. Though he was always involved in choir or some other church function, Bishop himself was never much of a firm believer. It wasn't that he was an atheist or anything, he just had doubts with his fathers religion.

 Bishop has always been a bit of a philosopher and he wasn't afraid to question dogma, it was his explorative nature that put a strain on the relationship between he and his father, this coupled with being responsible for his mothers death during childbirth made Bishop long for a life outside the one he had(It may also explain his interest in older women) so the first chance he got he left New Orleans . For the first 3 years of his independence, he basically lived as a vagrant living off the charity of his street performances, though since he's started playing at ClubXtacy, he's been receiving a lot more opportunities to flourish as an artist and he's making decent buck to boot.
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Offline dapoetTopic starter

Re: Club Xtacy (Extreme)(Interest Check)
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2012, 10:35:35 PM »

Name: Jack Forester

Staff or Patron: Neither (Manager of Vinnie's the Jazz Club Front)

Brief History: John Jacob “Jack” Forester is a man of many talents, He has been know to turn around a failing club, seemingly just by walking in the door. He has a good handle on what should and shouldn't be done and seems to know all the right people to bring in customers. Vinnie's wasn't a problem though, as it was popular since the day it opened it's doors.

Happily married to Trixie Forester, the two seem inseparable, clearly devoted to the other and clearly very much in love with the other. Jack took the job of manager, replacing another that vanished without a trace a few weeks earlier, he was also taking it to help out a friend, Bill Edison, who with his girl Hannah hope to make Vinnie's even more popular.

None of them know about the sex club that reigns supreme below them, a secret that their benefactor Louis Vinchenzo is perfectly willing to protect.

Offline Foxy Oni

Re: Club Xtacy (Extreme)(Interest Check)
« Reply #5 on: October 08, 2012, 11:19:39 PM »
Name: Cleo DuPrey

Staff or Patron: Patron

Brief History: Born into a working class family, Cleo was abused as a child by her mentally disturbed father. Eventually her mother was able to have her father arrested and subsequently institutionalized. Cleo also received psychiatric help herself to deal with the trauma and the experience led to an interest in the field. She earned her PhD in clinical psychology and went into private practice. For the last fifteen years Cleo has helped many people deal with their problems. Over time, she found this to be very stressful and it became harder to remain emotionally detached. Cleo tried hobbies like writing poetry and working out but she still felt the pressure. One night Cleo decided to go to a jazz club to see if that would help her relax. Cleo followed a woman she thought was going to the ladies' room. Instead she discovered Xtacy.

At first Cleo was just a spectator but soon she became a participant. It wasn't long before Cleo learned the crazier the sex, the more she liked it. Gangbangs, humiliation, abuse, watersports... nothing was off limits to her. The kinkier it was, the better she felt the next day. Cleo had found her own private therapy. Sometimes she wonders how healthy the club is for her but she can't argue with the results... or the fun. Her fit 35C-23-36 body guarantees that she has little trouble finding people to help her out at Club Xtacy.

Online GaGa88

Re: Club Xtacy (Extreme)(Interest Check)
« Reply #6 on: October 09, 2012, 12:35:01 AM »

Name: Trixie Forester
Staff or Patron: soon to be Staff
Brief History: Trixie was born into a middle class family, that wasn't really poor but wasn't wealthy, they were more comfortable than anything. Her life was pretty ordinary until she was a teenager and her father died. After that she fell into a bit of a bad crowd, but never really got into a lot of trouble. Her life changed when she met Jack, now her husband, at a club he was managing. The two had fallen in love and married pretty quickly. They're almost inseparable and she loves him dearly. Jack took her virginity and is the only person besides their friends, Bill and Hanna, that she's been with but Jack had been there so it wasn't really being unfaithful. Trixie is straight, but has fooled around with Hanna. She and Jack have been married since she was 22 and they're nearing the 10 year mark.

All in all, she's happily married but doesn't know that something's about to happen to tempt her to be with other people. 

Online GaGa88

Re: Club Xtacy (Extreme)(Interest Check)
« Reply #7 on: October 09, 2012, 01:19:37 AM »

Name: Hanna Edison
Staff or Patron: Staff at Vinnie's but doesn't know about Xtacy yet
Brief History: Hanna wasn't born into the lap of luxury but was planted there when she was young. After her parents divorced, her mother went a little crazy when it came to marriage. By the time that the girl was 15, her mother had been married to 6 different men. All of whom had lavished Hanna with material goods to try to buy her love and blessing.

She got tired of the merry-go-round of step-fathers and decided to go live with who she thought was her real father, Bill Edison. Soon after moving in with him, they found out that he wasn't her dad...they weren't even related. She was happy because she'd always had a bit of a thing for him and knew that she was in love with him. It turned out that Bill felt the same way, well not when she was young but when she moved in with him. Weirdly enough, after all that drama, they ended up together and have been together for two years. Dated for one year and have been married for a year, Hanna's just turned 19. She looks younger though.

She sings at Vinnie's three nights a week and is happy to work there with Jack. She and Bill met Jack and Trixie when Hanna was 17, the men had shared the two women. Hanna and Trixie had even fooled around a little but she knows that Trixie is straight. Hanna experimented with a couple of girl friends in high school. She hasn't even done that, besides Trixie, since then. She knows that her husband is more than what he claims to be, just a regular guy, because she's heard Bill and Louis Vinchenzo. Louis just seems to hang on every word Bill says and does what he tells him to.
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Offline dapoetTopic starter

Re: Club Xtacy (Extreme)(Interest Check)(Casting Closing Soon)
« Reply #8 on: October 09, 2012, 02:56:13 AM »
This has been up a couple days now and has had a vary good response. I am going to look at closing the casting call in the next day or so I think, maybe sooner. We have a good group to work with here and there are others that are yet unseen that will be in this as well, so there is a good number to tell the story of Club Xtacy I believe. I will be placing an OOC up most likely after work today, if I don't pass out from not sleeping, and then also I will put together a cast page, if you have pictures of your characters that you want to use in addition or in place of these..please PM them to me. After I close this thread and we get started..I will also leave a disclaimer here that if someone sees this and is interested in the story to don't hesitate to contact me via PM..I will still take characters into consideration, even if they are merely held should an opening arise.

The major reason I am closing casting as well soon is because I would rather not drag the opening to the story out too long either as an endlessly open casting call might do.

Thank you to all that have looked at this thread, and especially to those that have joined with bios! I look forward to telling this story with you.


EDIT: Casting has been closed.
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