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December 04, 2021, 04:53:30 am

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Author Topic: Domestic Discipline, Slice-of-Life (Seeking *F* Characters for F/F or F/M)  (Read 215 times)

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I've posted both these stories in other past ads, but since I am really hoping to get one or both of these up and running, I decided to dedicate one ad to both of them.

What I'm looking for in each of these (one is listed as F/F, the other F/M, but they will both work in either pairing) is a slice-of-life type story that will centre around romantic Domestic Discipline. The ideas themselves are just prompts and will no doubt require a bit of planning for us to come up with something we'll both really enjoy writing together! But I'm hopeful that they'll get the ball rolling. If you don't know Domestic Discipline is, it's basically just a type of lifestyle (24/7) BDSM relationship where one partner takes the Dominant (head of house) role, providing rules, structure, and discipline for her submissive. It's similar in some ways to a DM/lg(b) relationship, just without the really "Little" stuff. Spankings and other traditional forms of discipline are used. The rules are not sexual (though, sexual D/s can also be included in the relationship).

The following visuals might help you to better understand what I'm looking for! Or maybe not. But I think they're cute, so. (Also, NSFW)

Cute & Informative! NFSW

A Daddy and her Princess (F/F)
Two women, a Daddy and her little girl (I like these titles because I think they're cute, but I don't actually want my character to be a 'Little'), live together in a small downtown apartment where they host a live camshow that follows them through their day-to-day to life. There are multiple cameras throughout the house, along with strategically placed microphones that allow subscribers to watch and listen, in real-time, to these two women live out their kinky lifestyle. There’s no acting, no scripts – it’s just their life. The cameras go off every week on Sunday, and there are a few private rooms in the apartment where the two women can go for a break whenever they need one. Other than that, as long as they're home, they’re streaming their lives full-time for all their subscribers to see and hear.

What’s unique about their life, besides just the cameras, is their DD lifestyle. And it is this that their viewers pay to watch, to see the sweetness and affection, the dominance and submission. And, of course, to see the spankings and all other various forms of traditional discipline that Daddy uses when her little girl does what she’s not supposed to do.

For the second idea, I'm looking to start up a F/M story! It's a bit of a rarity for me, but I'm pretty excited about this one. Please note that I'm looking for someone to play the dominant female role in this - I am not interested in writing the dominant character. We can, however, turn this into a F/F story instead of F/M. Either way, I'll write the submissive role.

I want to include some femdom themes, obviously. Spanking & other forms of traditional discipline will feature prominently in this story. I am not, however, into anything to do with the ABDL stuff. Not judging; it's just not my thing. I do want to include the Mommy title, though. But it's not required. Other elements of femdom can and should be included as well: pegging, possibly forced bisexuality, power-bottoming, etc. Lots of stuff!

Now for the story itself.

Bed, Breakfast, and Boy (F/M)
A single woman runs a small bed-and-breakfast (or motel) and cafe. She can be anywhere from 25+. This bed-and-breakfast (or motel) of hers is located on the outskirts of a small, mountain town a few hours drive from the nearest city. It's a common tourist location, however, particularly for those seeking adventure well off the beaten trail. She runs her business well, and makes more than enough money to survive.

One night, she catches an 18-21 year old boy sneaking into her establishment and trying to steal some food. She is, of course, not at all pleased by his intrusion. However, a closer look at the boy reveals to her that he is clearly desperate and down on his luck. Indeed, it turns out that he grew up in the foster care system but was recently turned out now that he's an adult.

He has no money, however, nor any family to take him in. As such, he's spent the past few months bouncing around from town to town, fleeing when one too many people catch him trying to break into their homes or businesses and steal their food along with a good night's rest.

This woman, however, feels sorry for him. And in him, she sees a possible cure to her own loneliness. In him, she sees a project, a wounded pet to take care of, to love, and to nurture. She takes him in, offers him food and a place to stay.

But only if agrees to her conditions - only if she agrees to subject himself to her authority.

As mentioned above, I'm looking for someone to play the female role. The details of the scene can be altered, but I'd like to keep the basic premise in tact. I'd like the story to revolve around her caring for him, while the two of them together operate this little bed-and-breakfast. Their guests may or may not feature in some of their scenes. We might also include some other story elements involving their guests without actually involving them in the story directly. Maybe our two characters steal from their guests, or we could even make it a little darker. She might have some sort of sadistic tendencies that she gets her boy to help her fulfill. Maybe she's a murderer; maybe she just has a strong sexual appetite. Maybe she likes seeing other men use and dominate her boy. Lots of possibilities! None, however, are required.

If anyone's interested, please let me know!