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Author Topic: Looking for Rps in all the right places.  (Read 473 times)

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Looking for Rps in all the right places.
« on: January 11, 2020, 03:44:59 am »
Hello there!

I am looking for several different rps. I like them on the more darker side of life that makes the happy times more of a wonderful respite in the dark ocean that is true life. I do other genres and types but anything with too much light heartiness tends to bore me a great deal. What fun is it to have cake all the time when there is a pie on the table?

Look at me, Talking about pie and I have gone and made my self hungry.

Anyways, Lets get back on topic. Here are some of the worlds that I like to play in but never as Cannon characters or on the main story. If it was on the main story then it would be like riding a roller coaster and I really hate those because they are boring. Always the same path and no divergence allowed. The only fun thing I see about them is standing fifty feet away and waiting to see who on the ground gets puked one.

So, I skip those and go to the bumper cars where I can ram into other people. That is how I see free form rps that are in an established worlds but not set on the main quest. Love these types the best since it allows you to have more free reign over how the original characters can act. Can still interact with cannon characters but also help with the main quest if the story has a bisection with it.

But that is enough spewing about that stuff and lets get to the tasty bits of what I am suppose to put here so here it is. Here is some of the movies/shows/games/and so on. If you like what you see then just send a pm and we can work some thing out. 

The * denote the fact that I want to run these Fandoms. The more * the more likely that I will play these with you. Doesn't mean that I wont try some thing that is not on my list so if you have some thing that you want to try with me then suggest it.

Sexual pairings


Game Fandoms

World of Warcraft
Elder Scrolls world
Fallout World ******
Star Wars *****
Resident Evil
Half-life Series

Movie/Tv Fandoms

Star Wars *****
The Walking Dead
Battlestar Galatica
Evil Dead
Mad Max
Reign Of Fire *****
Supernatural ******
Game of thrones


Horror *****
Dark Fantasy *****
Dark Modern *****




Celtic *****

In this section I will be leaving some samples of writing that I have made up for the fandoms that I like to play in or am craving.
Will post more samples here when and if I come up with more.

Fallout Samples
Horror of the wastes
               The Horror of the wastes

   It was a normal dark night in the waste lands in what was once the midwest of the United States. The plains had regrown to how they used to be long before the industrialization of the country. The only large animals on the plains on this night were some mutated two headed cows and some mutated bison. In the shadows prowled mutated coyotes, wolves, and mountain lions.

   A few Brahman stopped and looked towards the road when there was a scream. There was several black blobs moving a long the hard river of black rock. The bull of the group of Brahman mooed out before turning and heading deeper into the grass lands. The group of people kept moving on “Come on, Don't slow down!” A man yelled at the people in the center of the group of armed men and women.

   The man reached behind his lower back and pulled out a cattle prod. He sparked it a few times causing the person in front of him to yelp out in fear before speeding up there movements. The man laughed and shook his head “You are so weak” He put away his prod before looking around the land as they walked

   “We will camp in a few hours, Don't need these slaves dying on us. They are six hundred caps per head” He looked over the twelve people that were collard.

   There was five men and seven women.  The women were rather dirty but other then that, They were perfectly fine. The men on the other hand, They were badly beaten and had a few wounds. One was shot but the wound was treated by the groups doctor. Another hand several deep cuts that limited his movement in his left arm. Again they were treated by the doctor.

   The men were slotted to be sold to the pit and the women were slated for selling to people as pleasure slaves. They were to be sold to a broker that was settled in a settlement that was once the university of Michigan. The man was taken from his thoughts when he heard the slaves groan as they sunk to the ground “What the hell is going on?” He looked at the other men.

   He walked around the slaves and looked at the men as they were talking. One turned to the leader when he came up “There were several huge explosions ahead. One of them was a mushroom cloud.” The leader thinks a bit before looking at his scout “Go and see if it is the brotherhood and the damned rangers. Though I doubt they would be out this far” The scout nods before dropping what she had and took off.

   The leader turned to the others “Find a defensible location to set up our camp. Then get some food cooking” The men pulled the slaves to there feet before they started to search for a place to set up the camp. The leader stood on the road looking down the dark path as his mind wandered to who the fighters could be. He turned and would finally walk off towards where the group went to.

   After a few hours, The camp was set up and one of the female slaves was hard at work making some brahman stew for the group. The leader was sitting there looking at the map “Hmm, Ten more miles till we arrive at the meeting point. Then we all can rest for a few months. How about that guys!?” He looked at his guys as they cheered loudly. His group consisted of ten male guards and five females. They were all good people and helped each other when things got hard. He was proud of his people and would never change any one out.

Looking in from the outside
When the fall started, Those angels that were on earth was thrown in to chaos when they felt and heard there brothers and sisters falling while there wings were torn off because of the spell. Metaron was laughing while he bounced about in his office in heaven. He sang the praises that he thought he deserved for what he did. But little did he know of what he has done and what the lasting consequences are. He has the heavens and hell in chaos, He is enjoying the chaos and will be trying to get it back in order. His order, His image of the heaven and how he wanted it to be built.

In all of this chaos, A single man was not bothered by anything. His house, shop, and even the land it's self was heavily warded with a buried wards on the five points of his land which made a larger one to encompass his garden house and all of his other buildings that he uses on a daily bases. He was sitting on the porch with a bottle of whiskey and a glass in hand, He slowly sipped it as he watched the nightly shower of those that are falling. He was smirking knowing that he was going to get a nice surplus of enochian metal.

He got up when the show stopped for the night. He would pick up his phone and called one of his contacts. He put out a bounty on angel blades, Offering twenty-five hundred dollars per blade and a new custom weapon if they could bring in a living angel along with there blades. He sat down in his cabin and looked out the window as he waited. He thinks a bit before getting up once more before he walked out. He turned to the left before heading to his shop.

He pulled out his keys and looked around a bit in thought. He grabbed the handle of the door before pushing the key into the lock. He unlocked the door before walking inside. He locked the door behind him before he turned on the ventilation system before he turned on the furnace. He carefully placed a ceramic crucible into the furnace to warm up. He sat down and waited for a good ten minutes before he got up. He pulled over a container that held the metal he was going to melt. He looked in and sighed seeing that he was getting too low for his liking. He leaned down and grabbed a couple of the angel blades before he dropped them into the crucible. He closed the furnace and sat down humming softly waiting.

He got up and would prepare a few ingot molds next to the furnace. He opened the furnace and skimmed off the slag from the melt. He tapped it off in to a trash bin. He grabbed a pair of pouring tongs from the bench before he pulled the crucible out and quickly moved it to a pouring stick. He locked it in place before picking up the stick and crucible. He quickly poured the molting metal into the molds.

He shook the dust off before he let the ingots cool. He popped them out once they were ready. He grabbed some tongs before he finished cooling the metal. He grabbed one of them and walked over to the forge. He turned on the gas before he lit a match then tossed it into the forge. He smiled as the fire flashed out then quickly focused on the floor of the forge. He carefully slid the ingot into the forge. He grabbed his hammer and brought it down on his anvil a few times then sat it down. “Now, The waiting for calls really drags.” He mumbled to himself.

He turned to the forge and quickly removed the ingot with the tongs. He brought it to the anvil before starting to carefully square it up. He sat it aside to cool and repeated with the others. He took one of the cooled ingots over to the milling machine and started to machine the faces and prepare to make a colt 1911 out of it.

He blinked a bit when his phone rang. He walked over to it and picked it up. He blinked and grinned hearing the news he was waiting for. Some one had five angel blades for him, He told the person the location where to meet him. He hung up and would count out the money before tucking it away in his pocket. He grabbed one of his guns before he left the cabin and would walk to the other side of his property.

It was a good half an hour before a woman drove up to the tree where he was waiting. She climbed out and grabbed the bag. She walked over to him and tossed them to his feet “Five shiny blades, Wheres the mon. . .” She squeaked when she was assaulted with a large brick of cash “There, Now begone. Only come back if you want some thing made or bringing me more of these blades” The woman perks a brow but nods “Fine, I'm not one for small talk either.” She walked back to her truck and climbed in before tearing off backwards down the trail till she could turn around. He watched her tail lights disappear from sight.

He bent down and grabbed the bag and smiled to him self as he counted out the blades. He picked up the blade before he turned and walked back to his house. He stopped and looked to the southeast when he felt some thing try to get through the barrier. “Stupid creatures.” He mumbled as he continued on knowing that they are either badly injured or burning from the contact of the barrier. Once in side, He dumped the blades into a barrel and went back to working on the colt 1911.

Touched by Twilight
I wont bore you with how it happened but what happened when it did. It came fast and hard, out of left field, literally. I was walking through the left field of my grandfather's wheat field. It slammed so hard into me and I thought it was going to break me in two. Then there was a searing pain in the nape of my neck. Gods! It felt so horrible and then the thing pulled back and it felt like it was pulling my flesh with it. But then it bit down again after getting a gasp of breath to fill its lungs. After about four minutes the pain had stopped.

I remember twitching and shaking as I mouthed begs and pleased to be released. When it did release me, I tried to move but couldn't. Then there was cold and blackness but I could still hear. I heard heavy foot steps moving away from me and it was mumbling some thing under its breath. Then it was full darkness, It felt like I was sinking into the deepest part of the ocean. It was like that for the longest of time. I woke. . . . I don't know how long between me being plunged into the sea of darkness and seeing the light when I awoke. But I knew I was not in that sweet smelling field of wheat.

I slowly sat up in a very plush bed in what looked like to be a room in an ancient stone cottage or a castle. But I was in the middle of Kansas, just outside of Topeka and I know that we didn't have any castles or ancient English cottages. When I look around I see several beautiful and very old looking antique looking furniture. What caught my eye the most was the giant oak English desk that you would find in a layer's office. I just shake my head and swing my feet out from under the blankets and over the edge of the bed. I blinked as I was staring down at my bare legs. It took for a few moments for me to register the fact that my lags were bare. Then I slowly slid a hand between my legs hoping to who ever that was above that I had my panties still on.

But my hopes were dashed like waves upon the rocky shores of Ireland. I felt the bald smoothness that was my mons. I whimpered a bit before squeezing my breasts and whimpered even more realizing that my bra was missing as well. I looked down at the clothing that I was still in, it was a mans shirt but it was from the early 17 or 1800s. I blinked a bit before sliding out of bed. I was a bit unsteady on my feet at first and when I tried to walk, I just ended up on my face. I sat back up and shivered strongly when my bald pussy touched the cold stone floor.

I quickly got up back on my unsteady feet then rushed over to the dresser. I flung open the first drawer to find nothing but more of these ghastly shirts. I checked the rest of the drawers and it was more of the antique clothing. I cursed under my breath before walking over to the closet and flung the doors open. My jaw hit the ground when I seen nothing but antique dresses from the same era “Gods no! I am not wearing that” I stomped my way to the door which caused my apple sized breasts to bounce with each stomp “I want out of this hell hole! And where is my fucken cloths! They were expensive” I growled out to my self and grabbed the handle.

I screamed in pain and arched as energy rushed through my body like a thousand volts of electricity for a moment or two. I released the handle and fell back twitching in pain as the electrical residue worked its way through the muscles in my body. After about twenty minutes, I was able to move again. My body aching like hell and my head throbbing in pain. I sit up on the cold floor once more and reached up to touch my head. I yelped in pain and looked at my fingers “Damn it, I cut my head open” I sighed a bit as I slowly got back to my feet. I looked around the quarters once more then shook my head which was a bad idea. I grabbed a hold of the foot board of the bed as I grabbed my head “Ouchie!” I whined out then made my way to the bathroom to clean up the wound.

I went to look at my self in the mirror but just ended up staring at it blankly. My mind was wracked at what was missing in the picture that I was currently looking at. It took about three minutes for my brain to clear and slap me in the face with the answer. I shrieked at the top of my lungs when I realized that my reflection was missing. I rushed back to the door completely forgetting about the shocking revelation that I had not more then thirty minutes earlier. I grabbed the handle once more and got third shock of my young life. I thrashed around while holding the handle and it looked like I was badly dancing. I finally released the handle before falling to the floor once more. I don't remember what or who picked me up off the floor as I fought to stay awake.

The battle was hard to win so I just gave up and let the darkness take me over as I hoped that this nightmare was just that . . .a nightmare. It was a few days, I think but I woke to the sounds of two people talking. They both were speaking old french or some thing. I only know a few words of french and a bit of old English. I groaned a bit as I fought to sit up but my muscles were weak. I looked at the two and blinked a bit seeing a decently looking man and a stunning woman. I didn't really care for the looks of the man but the woman. She was so beautiful, Tall, a soft caramel skin and flawlessly smooth. She had long straight black hair the cascaded down around her face and over her medium sized breasts. She had a well toned body with wide hips that went down long legs.

The look in her stunning hazel eyes terrified me. Like she was looking at a wounded kitten or prey. I tried to move away but my body was still very numb and would not listen to my commands. I just shrank my self into the bed as I kept my eyes on her but dared not to lock gazes with her unless I wanted to be devoured. I flinched when she spoke. “She is a scared pussy cat” The woman's words stung like a thousand daggers in my heart and in my mind. It was true! I was terrified and I am letting the world know it. “The idiot Liliana should of never turned the little bitch. She can't even withstand the weakest of turn undead spells” What the ugly little toad of a man said caused my stomach to turn.

I knew what a turn undead spell was since I did play skryrim for thirteen hundred hours. Though, Thinking back on it. I know I should have made my self get out and do more sports like I used to before getting skyrim but I just get so engrossed into the stories and mods. . .My thoughts were quickly jarred back to reality when the woman spoke again “You can't expect a blond woman of this age to have much brains.” I screamed in pain as the woman grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to a kneeling position. “After all, Collage girls just tend to think with there pussies and use there mouths to get good grades” At this generalization, I stared defiantly at her because I have never used sex to get grades nor was I a loose slut.

The woman stared at me with those dangerous hazel eyes “Oh, She still has some spunk behind those beautiful green eyes.” I gasped loudly when the woman released me. I fell to the bed and then backed up till I hit the headboard “Lilliana may have made a good choice in her. Though she has yet to have her first meal since being turned, So it is expected that she is weak as a new born kitten” I blinked a bit and shook my head quickly “No, I. . .I wont drink some ones blood” I whispered out hoarsely. The two people just stared at me with evil eyes and there minds were slowly cranking away with plots.

Star Wars
Shadows over Dathomir
It was a very very boring night as she floated in the cockpit of her ship. She tends to turn off the gravity when she is bored and gave her a different perspective on everything. Here she was, Just floating and staring at the navicomputer as it calculated the quickest jumps from naboo. She was given the last location of the star destroyer that the target had taken. The guild never really gave her any major data on it or the target beside it guessed that the target my be a pure blood sith but even that they never knew.

She sighed softly as she rolled around in the space a bit more before coming down on her feet. She turned on the gravity before sitting down in her chair. She sighed softly seeing that it would take twenty jumps to arrive at the last location. “Great, This is going to take months” She sighed softly and rubbed her face. She sighed softly and would look back at the droid who was tending to the motivators in the main power systems. “see-seven get up here and take over. I want to get some sleep” The droid beeped at her before it rolled up then plugged into the input of the computer.

She got up and walked out of the cockpit before she stretched a bit. She yawned a bit before she crawled into bed. She shifted a bit as she tried to get comfy but nothing was. She slipped from the bed and stripped off the armor she was wearing. She sighed softly as she started to undo the buckles that held the heavy plates of durasteel on over her bust. She groaned as it fell away to the side. She unzipped it allowing her small B cup breasts to breath after ten hours in the armor. She pulled her arms free then tossed the torso armor onto the empty bunk across from hers. She shimmied out of the leg armor but it soon caught up around her calves due to her forgetting to take off her boots.

“Damn it all” She wobbled a bit before she fell back on her bed. She carefully started to undone her boots and pushed them off her feet. She kicked off her pants then sighed softly “Finally free!” She giggled and sighed softly. She sighed a bit then crawled under her blankets before sighing. She closed her eyes a bit as she tried to sleep.

The jumps took a hour each so the total time of travel was twenty hours before they arrived at the Dathomir system. The droid flew the ship behind one of the moons that slowly orbited the planet that was called Leseel. The young woman sighed softly as she walked into the cockpit with a plate of food. She was only wearing a pair of tight red panties that showed off her womanhood. The droid beeped at her several times. She looked down at the mechanical noise box “Yeah, Yeah, We are alone so I don't need to get dressed” She lifted her foot and pushed the droid playfully. “Did they see you? Have you scanned the system?” She said between bites of food. She plopped down and looked outside at the stars.

She couldn't believe that she was back here. Her family had fled this system when the nightsisters had started to attack the settlers. Taking what they wanted and killing those that were feeling. She sighed softly remembering when they took two of her brothers into the night when they fell behind. It broke her mother's heart having to leave them behind. She shook her head softly trying to clear her mind of the memories “Scan the system for any sign of Ion trails in the three hundred hertz range.” The droid beeped and booped at her before starting to scan.

She sighed and got up before walking to the bedroom and started to get dressed in her back up suit of armor since the red set she took off needs to be washed. She walked to the main sitting room. She grabbed the pistols off the table before she attached to the anchoring spots on her thighs. She looked at the cockpit when c7 beeped for her.

She quickly moved back to where the droid was “What did you find sparkplug?” She sat down as the droid carefully pulled up the scan data that showed that the ship had orbited the planet of Dathomir for about twenty days before it warped off. She frowned deeply seeing that “Damn it” She rubbed her face a bit more “Release all of the probe droids, Send them in the direction that the ship took.” She got up and walked closer to the window. “Once you are done with that. Land on Dathomir. We need information.” She walked back to the main sitting area.

She grabbed a glass from the bar before she poured her self some corillian ale. She downed the glass and then a second before putting the bottle away. She quickly sat down when she felt the ship start to head to Dathomir. She groaned deeply as the old ship started to bounce a bit as c7 was taking them down. She had always allowed the droid to deal with this since she was always a little nervous in landing anything larger then a shuttle.

After about five minutes, She sighed and smiled making note to give that droid a nice scrub down with oil as a reward. She got up and walked from the ship down the main entrance. She looked up at the large freighter that she inherited from her teacher. She looked around a bit before walking from the shadow of the ship. She headed to the outpost and into the cantina. She looked around a bit in thought as she took note of several different species. Most she knew nothing about and knew nothing of there language. She frowned a bit before walking up the bar and blinked seeing a modified HK-51 droid.

“Umm, I need some data” She was a bit scared seeing one of these slowly cleaning glasses. The droid looked at her “Statement : I can give you data but it will cost you” She nods softly “That is fine” She pulled out a fist full of credits before dropping two hundred credit sticks on the bar “I want to know if you or some one knows about some sith troopers who might of came through the system.” The droid sat the glass down before grabbing the credits “Statement: They indeed come through here but they didn't say much. They headed out to one of the sister's clans for some thing. They burnt it to the ground taking no meat bags as prisoners. They stopped here for food then got back on there shuttle before leaving. Some spacers said that the ship in orbit stayed for a week before leaving.” The droid nods in thought.

She nods softly in thought as she looked the droid over. She knew not to trust droids like this one but she will go check out the destroyed clan lands “Which clan was it?” She perks a brow at the droid. The droid looked at her “Retort: I am not sure. Seems that my data banks seems to be going on me” the droid touched the bar. She groaned a bit and rubbed her face “I am going to kill your programmer” She dropped another two more hundred credit sticks in front of the droid. The droid took it with a chuckle “Statement: It was the lesser branch of the signing mountain clan. They were not as well known or liked as there older sister clan. Here are the coordinates to the location” the droid transferred them to her data pad. She looked at them before nodding “Thanks.” She turned and walked out of the cantina as she pocketed her credits.

She walked back to her ship before pressing a button when she got to the top of the ramp. She sent the coordinates to c7. It beeped several times before the ship took off and flew slowly over the trees. Several rancors looked up and growled as the thrusters caused a bit of damage to the trees and nests as the ship flew over. A large bull rancor tried to grab it but quickly ended up falling on the others of its herd.

C7 landed the ship outside of the ruins of the clan's little village. She climbed down the ramp as it lowed down . She jumped down before walking up to the gate of the village. She drew her pistols before slowly moving into the village. She blinked seeing the pile of burnt remains in the center of the ten hut village. She frowned deeply seeing that even the younger ones were killed as well. She ducked into the first hut and poked around a bit seeing nothing helpful at all. She moved onto the second then the third and fourth. She stopped when she noticed that there was some saber cuts in this one “Hmm, I wonder” She pushed a few things aside before finding an empty container that held some thing in a pyramid form.

“Seems like they found what they were looking for” She got up and would look through the last of the huts. She walked from the village as she holstered her pistols before climbing the ramp. She closed the ramp before walking to the cockpit. She sat down in her chair and started to take off back to space. “See-seven, Did any of the probes report back yet?” The astromech beeped and rocked back and forth for a bit before it displayed the new location of where the star destroyer may have gone. “Alright, Bring the shields up and man the guns. Remember, No missiles. We still need to fix them” She chuckled as she flew from the atmosphere.

She pressed a few buttons before she activated the warpdrive. She groaned a bit as the ship lurched with the jump “Gods above, I hate it when the ship does that” She mumbled to her self as she rubbed her stomach. “I wonder if it is the target that was there or another sith?” She mumbled out to her self.
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Re: Looking for Rps in all the right places.
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