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June 24, 2021, 01:12:37 am

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Author Topic: The Titan and the Lawyer (Donna Troy and Matt Murdock) Taken  (Read 810 times)

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The Titan and the Lawyer (Donna Troy and Matt Murdock) Taken
« on: December 05, 2017, 04:18:07 am »
Donna Troy did not know how exactly it happened, but near overnight her private photo studio and business was shut down, the contents of her office confiscated, and a NDA on top of everything.  There was something wrong here, and Donna wanted to get to the bottom of it.  However her civilian identity and her business was not linked to the hero and member of the Titan's, Troia.  She needed a lawyer, and was steered in the direction of Page Legacies, the law firm of Nelson, Murdock and Walters.  They are small, but given the very public and celebrity status of Jennifer Walters, it is a firm with a reputation of taking on cases which skirt the line of the laws when the intent meets in  the gray area of interpretation.

As the trial advances it is clear not is all as it seems, and there are agendas being pursued from the shadows, and when it seems like the motive is in sight, an assassination hit is called out on Donna.  Thus Daredevil and Troia are brought together.  The two begin to work the case from all angles, and while Donna does not necessarily need her business or her civilian reputation intact, coming after her has made things personal, and for Matt, the need to get to the truth of what seems to be a vast cog and network of moving parts.  As Troia and Daredevil's involvement are brought to light, the stakes raise, threatening close associates and others.  What is the reason for such over a series of photos, and who is behind the vast layers of proxies, calling the shots?

This is a world in which Marvel and DC characters exist together.  There will be some world building together as this would be an obvious new world/continuity in which we would borrow some event and history, and alter others to fit the story.  I see this being a bit noirish type of story focusing more on Donna Troy and Matt Murdock, their investigation, and the growing attraction and relationship with one another.  Much like how Daredevil season one was done.  I also would like to focus on the inner conflict with Donna as her marriage is all but done, the divorce papers needing to be signed, but at the same time there is the lingering regret and remembering she had once loved her husband, and the growing attraction and spark she has with Matt.  For Matt there would be the struggle of him still in a bit of grief and guilt over the death of Karen Page, and how anyone close to him could be a target and have the same thing happen to them as it did Karen.  Now in the middle of struggling with his own sense of affection and attraction to Donna, he discovers her to be an Amazon Princess, and onewo could take on any threat which would come into Matt's life.

As far as the big bad, if anyone is at all a fan of the Dresden Files, I am looking for an organization like the Order of the Blackened Denarius, save they are more Devils and some of them are not as near powerful as they are portrayed in the Dresden Files.  They are a mythology with ties to both Hades and finding themselves in Christian mythology as well, and thus would have a reason to hate both Donna and Matt.  The rest of the plot I would like to work out with whoever takes interest in this.  It would be plot like an onion, where Donna inadvertently stumbled on part, a key part in which other plans are linked too.  What the key piece is, and how it relates to the overall meta plot I do want to work together to polish and smooth out. 

I see this game more on the character development of Donna and Matt and the relationship and bond they form as well as the meta plot.  While I am not opposed to smut, it will not be a focus and will be used again for the character development between Donna and Matt.   I also would not mind cameo appearances of other characters, such as She-Hulk, Nightwing perhaps.  They definitely would be secondary characters and not the primary focus, and I would not like to march a huge who's who's of Marvel and DC characters, and stick to a very small number, and obvious relationship links to Donna and Matt .  My On and Offs are listed below in my signature block, as well as a link to a list of most of my writings here on E!, discontinued and current.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


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