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Author Topic: New ideas  (Read 896 times)

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New ideas
« on: January 04, 2009, 08:52:59 am »
I lost a bet with Mudchaser and created these characters and story line specifically for him.
 As such they are not available

The King’s Sorceress

No one ever ventured into the tower room of the ancient castle.  The door was locked not with a key but a spell.  Inside the circular room, ancient dusty texts lined the walls, several more stacked on a table in the center of the room along with a huge crystal globe.  The globe reflected the waning twilight filling the room with shades of orange and yellow as if on fire.  Bashera, the sorceress of the King paced the room.  She was tired of serving the old king; his demands on her had become intolerable.  Brushing her long flaming red hair out of her eyes, she scowled her catlike emerald eyes keen as she glanced at the crystal ball. 

With a swish of her robes she turned and padded over to the ball peering into the crystal depths for a sign.  Her robes of velvet, emerald green like her eyes, were covered with golden runes that seemed to glow.  When she was in her power her whole being glowed.  The garment concealed her lush body.  Tall and slender with high, firm breasts, tiny waist and slender hips, her robe brushed the floor, her delicate bare feet peeking out from under the hem.

She was a high priestess of her order, a virgin, for only a virgin could wield her power and the king guarded her virginity at all costs.  Hard to do as she tempted every man she encountered.  Her full pouty lips seemed an invitation to ravage her mouth.  Men imagined her naked, her long legs wrapped around them as they rode her.  But she held herself apart, she wouldn’t forsake her calling.

The orb clouded over when she touched it, her long fingers caressing the glass.  An image, indistinct at first, cleared to show a ranger? Tall, dark haired, clad in brown leather.  She sensed danger emanating from him.  The image changed focus and the old King's castle appeared in the orb.  Stunned, she sat down on her chair trying to make sense of the message contained in the crystal ball. 

The Goth and the Vampire

Rhiannon strolled up to the bar and ordered a Bloody Mary.  Leaning back with her elbows on the bar she surveyed the crowd jamming the dance floor.  The throbbing hypnotic beat of the music rumbling in her ears.  The club “Blood Oath” was new and already Goths and wanna be vamps crowded in every night.
Rhia wasn’t a wanna be vamp but a hard core Goth. 

She had lucked into her job as a bartender here and even on her nights off like tonight she joined the masses to try and blow the walls down.

The interior was dark with splashes of red, red lights at each table and spotlighting the dance floor.  Overhead was an old out of date disco ball, the one holdover from its heyday as a disco club.

Her dark blue kohl rimmed eyes fixed on the bartender as he served her drink.  “Thanks Jim,” she said slipping a dollar into the tip jar.  Turning back she watched the crowds. 

Dressed in black, she wore a mesh top over a black lace push up bra, the shirt baring her toned midriff.  A short pleated skirt barely covered her lace thronged ass.  Thigh high fishnets torn in some spots, and black heels.  Around her throat was a wide leather dog collar and her long fingers were encased in fingerless gloves. 

Hard to tell in her Goth garb that she was a beauty when dressed normally.  Her slender frame barely reached 5’1” in bare feet.  Slender legs, hips and small breasts gave her an almost boyish look.  Her raven black hair was normally pulled up in pigtails, various Celtic and gothic tattoos adorned her arms and shoulders.

Her large dark blue eyes were always rimmed in kohl and a ton of black mascara to accentuate the length and thickness of her lashes.  Dark arched eyebrows, narrow straight nose and full pouty lips in blood red, the only color anywhere on her.

Her nights as bartender were wearing on her, she was constantly hit on and one in particular was the frequent patron known as Count Dracula. 

A confirmed blood drinker with the most realistic fangs she had ever seen had taken a fancy to Rhiannon on his first visit there. 

While most women fell prey to his intense hypnotic gaze, Rhiannon didn’t and that made her a challenge.  That and the fact that she was a virgin and held it like a shield to ward off unwanted advances.

The Countess and the Tsar's Guard

The full moon reflected on the pure white snow of the terrain, illuminating the path they were to follow.  Fresh snowfall had obscured tracks made by the sled runners and concealed any imperfections that may hinder the horses movement.  The four snow white steeds were restless, pawing the snow and snorting, impatient to be moving.  With a crack of a whip overhead and a sharp word from their handler, they quieted.

Tatiana Romanov emerged from her summer home and stepped inside the sled with the assistance of her guards.  Smiling she settled down in her seat wrapping soft furs around her frame, exhaling her warm breath like puffs of smoke in the frigid air

Tatiana was on her way to her cousins, Tsar Nicholas, normally a joyous occasion for her to be reunited with her beloved cousin, this time however, she was unhappy.  She had received a message from Nicholas stating  her betrothal to Alexsi Borsokov, a count in his court who had requested her hand in marriage.

Citing that it was high time for the twenty two year old countess to marry he insisted she come at once to his palace in St Petersburg to seal the agreement.  Tatiana sighed and settled back in her seat as the sled started to move.  She had no intention of marrying Alexsi, she knew him and he was a womanizing boor.  Besides her heart already belonged to Mikael the Captain of Nicholas’s Royal Guard.

Dressed in a long, heavy cream colored gown shot with threads of gold and lined with pure white ermine, her face devoid of any color save the rouge highlighting her aristocratic cheekbones and the ruby read of her full, moist lips.  Her eyes the same deep blue as all the Romanovs, with thick long dark lashes and delicately arched eyebrows, small, straight nose, graceful neck and lush curvaceous body.  Her waist length mass of thick, silky honey colored hair fell to her waist a fur cap sitting on top of her head, covering small ears to keep them warm.  Blessed with the attributes of her heritage, she was tall standing 5’8” in stocking feet.  Long of limb and graceful, she never lacked for dance partners…….

The love of her life, Mikael was taller than the man Nicholas insisted she marry.  At 6’4” Mikael dwarfed even her.  She thought of him the entire trip, dreading the meeting with Nicholas.  For the first time in her life she was going to defy him and marry Mikael.  She would not marry Alexsi, not on her life.
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