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Author Topic: MP wants some Non-Con (M for F)  (Read 290 times)

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MP wants some Non-Con (M for F)
« on: May 21, 2018, 01:32:30 PM »
As always, be sure to check out my NSFW On/Offs for additional plots and pairing ideas!

I generally prefer consensual or reluctant scenes, but today I am looking for a select few dub-con or non-con games. A few of my ideas in my on/offs could border those lines as well. In general, I think the Male will be forcing himself on the female in all of these, though I can think of one or two where the role may be switched.

Some basic pairings that I would love to devise plots for: (names, ages, kinks, plot all negotiable)

Employee / Bosses Wife
Employee / Bosses Daughter
Male Coach / Female Athlete
Employer / Maid
Boyfriend / Girlfriends Sister
Boyfriend / Girlfriends Mother
Mothers Boyfriend / Daughter
Husband / Wifes Sister
Friend / Friends Wife
Father-in-Law / Bride
Father / Sons Girlfriend
Best Man / Bride
Groom / Maid-of-Honor
Groom / Brides Sister
Brother / Sisters Lesbian Girlfriend
Brother / Brothers Girlfriend
Brother / Sisters Best Friend(s)
Father / Daughters Best Friend
Brother / Lesbian Twin Sisters
Brother / Sister
Father / Daughter
Step-Father / Step Daughter
Son / (Step)Mother (alternately the Mother dominates the son)
Nephew / Aunt (Ditto)

Thats it for now! Hopefully some one likes one of those pairings and we can come up with some forced scenes!
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Re: MP wants some Non-Con (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2018, 08:57:18 AM »
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img width=250 padding=13][/img][/floatleft][b]Plot Name:[/b]


[b]Plot Idea:[/b]

[b]Other Info:[/b]


All names and details can be changed! Also, where there are OPTIONS, please let me know if any of them interest you!

Plot Name: Fun in the Sun

Pairing: Friend / Friends Girlfriend

Plot Idea: Andrew spent all day at his friends house, lounging out by the pool as other friends came and went. It stayed hot well into the evening. They had a grill going and were drinking and smoke. As darkness settled in, they moved inside, steal wearing bathing suits. They continued to drink and smoke until his friend passed out on the couch. That left Andrew and his friends Girlfriend, Sarah. They were sitting together and maybe because they were high or drunk, they started to kiss and makeout.

Sarah came to her sense first, but Andrew wasn't taking no for an answer. He had been staring at her in her bikini all day today and now he was going to take what he wanted. Despite her protests and resistance, Andrew was soon raping her on the couch right next to her passed out boyfriend.

Other Info: Looking for college-aged pairing for this one.
Optional: She could resist at first but quickly start to enjoy it, cuckolding her sleeping boyfriend
Optional: Another friend could walk in on them and help hold her down before taking his own turn with her or joining in more directly, DP'ing her together

Plot Name: Seven Drunken Nights

Pairing: Friend / Friends Mother

Plot Idea: Andrew was sleeping over at his friends house when he was awoken by a noise from the kitchen. No one else had woken, the boys sleeping in the living room. Investigating, he finds his friends mother had just gotten home from a night out with her girlfriends. She was quite obviously drunk and wearing a sexy little outfit. Aroused, Andrew helps her up the stairs and to her bedroom before helping her out of her clothes. He pulls his own clothes off too and gets into bed with her.

In her state she can barely resist as he touches her and starts to have sex on her, forcing himself on her despite her protests. Hours later and sober, she awakes and finds him naked in bed with her. Waking him up, asking what happened, he takes her again, fucking her roughly before returning to his friends.

Other Info: Looking for a sexy-but-drunk MILF
Optional: She enjoys the drunk-sex and wakes him up with a blowjob in the morning

Plot: How did it come to this?

Pairing: Father / Sons Girlfriend

Plot Idea: Richard wasn't going to let his sons death ruin things, especially not prom for his sons girlfriend. He pulled out all the bells and whistles for it, including a photo shoot and everything. They go to prom and actually have a good time, even if the memorial to his son leaves them both in tears. They otherwise dance and have a good time.

After the prom, she changes into a more comfortable dress - a dress she had been planning on wearing when she gave it up to his son. The memory makes her decide against going to an after-party, as had been planned. But she wasn't ready to be taken home yet either, too emotional over the whole thing.

Richard takes her to the park despite the late hour. They walk a short way and find a nice grassy spot where he lays out a blanket and they star-gaze. They talk and reminisce and then share a kiss, a kiss that turns into so much more. She soon finds herself on her back, her dress up around her hips, Richard fumbling to free himself from his pants.

Other Info:

Optional: She is a Virgin
Optional: Their romp in the park draws a small crowd who watch.
Optional: The Father is too willing to share his sons girlfriend with the Watchers
Optional: After taking her in the park, he takes her to a hotel instead of taking her home, forcing himself on her all night long.

Plot Name: Alone in the Woods

Pairing: Son / Mother

Plot Idea: Sarah had let her son take her camping. He loved the outdoors and being in the woods and had planned the weekend long trip - 3 days, 2 nights - out in the woods. Sarah wasn't nearly as keen as he had been about it but also hadn't bonded with him in some time. Some time alone together, away from the rest of the family would do them both good. On that first day, as they paddled down a river, she started to  notice just how changed her son was.

Andrew had started to grow into his lanky, tall frame, towering nearly a foot taller than her now. His once lankly limbs and torso had bulked up a little, firm and lean muscles wrapping around his bones. His skin was a dark tan color from all the time he spent outdoors in the woods and she marveled at the way the sinews in his shoulders moved as he paddled. She was awoken from her thoughts suddenly when the canoe tipped, spilling them both into the water.

It was a disaster! That night, with everything hung up to dry, they had to sleep naked in a tent together. This had all been part of Andrews plan though. He waited until she was deep asleep before spooning up against his mother. He started to tease her sleeping body, fondling her and getting her wet before he laid down on top of her. He woke her as he thrust into her, sating his desires whether she wanted to or not.

Other Info: Looking for a petite mother to be dominated by her son. Bigger and stronger than her and the only who knows the way out, she has no other option than to give into him at every whim.

Optional: BDSM in the woods, using ropes to tie her up.
Optional: Clothing optional - she isn't allowed to wear clothes for the remainder of the trip.

Plot Name: Hot Nights

Pairing: Boyfriend / Girlfriends Sister

Plot Idea: Sarah and Sasha were sisters and could not have been closer. They did everything together, talked every night on the phone, and were virtually inseperable. They would never do anything to hurt each other and always looked out for each other.

Sasha was visiting her sister and her boyfriend during a heatwave, crashing on their couch in their one bedroom apartment. Scorching days gave way to hot nights and the power grid was stressed. It shorted out under the strain and fried their apartments AC unit. Sasha thought she'd be fine on the couch until the heat became unbearable in the middle of the night. Unaware her sister and boyfriend were sleeping naked, the only fan they had blowing cool air on them, Sasha makes the decision to get in bed with them.

She would have preferred to have gotten into bed next to her sister but her sister slept against the wall. It meant Sarahs Boyfriend, Andrew, was in the middle of the bed between the two sisters. Luckily, the fan was on Sashas side and she gave a sigh of relief as it blew over her. She soon fell asleep, only to be woken by her sisters boyfriend as he has sex with her. Not wanting to hurt her sister, she complies with everything he wants to do to her, knowing that if her sister woke up it would break her heart.

Other Info: Discreet, forced sex for this one.
Optional: His girlfriend thinks he is the one, but he threatens the sister that he will leave her if the sister does not satisfy his needs in secret

Plot Name: Bound for Family

Pairing: Brothers / Sister

Plot Idea: Sarah had recently started experimenting with her boyfriend, leading to her current predicament - naked, horny, and bound to her bed. Her boyfriend had had to leave in a hurry, having lost track of time, and she was now going to have to withstand the test of Time - could she really be his obedient little slave, waiting patiently for him? Or would she cave in, crying out for some one in her family to free her from her predicament? Her boyfriend could be gone for an hour or two, or several hours. Would she be able to last that long?

Unfortunately, Sarah had 3 brothers. Her youngest brother was the first to find her. She knew he had been stealing her panties to jerk off on and sure enough, thinking she wasn't home, he sneaked into her room to steal more. Only this time, it was like a wet dream come true for him. His sexual urges could not be denied and he used those very same panties he liked to jerk off onto to gag her mouth before he had some fun with her. Long the subject of his desire, he gave in to all the temptations and fucked her.

Her ordeal wasn't over though. An hour or two later, her other brother came into her room unannounced. She was supposed to have starred in a photo shoot for him today but in her predicament that was impossible. At least, not in the cute outfits as had been planned. He was too happy to take snaps of her as she was, then started toying with her, before his pictures and video took on a much more hardcore aspect to them. Again, she was helpless and had to go along for the ride.

Just when she thought it was all over, hearing a knock on her door thinking it'd be her boyfriend, her oldest brother entered the room. He was the stud of the family, rumored to be hung like a horse if any of her friends were telling the truth. He was well known for sleeping around with women, of all shapes and sizes and ages. Of course, he had never been with his sister despite everything he had heard about her. She was soon to discover that he really was as big as they said, feeling like he was splitting her in two. Her other brothers were big too, of course, but not nearly as big as him!

Used and abused, things couldn't get any worse could they? Oh but they could. One of her brothers returned for round two, only to have another brother walk in on them looking for the same thing. They soon teamed up on her before the noises drew the attention of her Monster Brother. Soon, Sarah was finding all of her holes being stuffed by her brothers. What would her boyfriend think?

Other Info: Gangbanged by her three brothers...I think this one speaks for itself.
Optional: The gangbang is filmed
Optional: This was all a setup by her boyfriend, who comes in at the end to add his load of cum to her cum covered and filled body

Plot Name: A Wedding Night To Remember...

Pairing: Father-in-Law / Bride

Plot Idea: It was a perfect day for Sarah. The wedding went off without a hitch, everyone behaved, and everyone had had a fun time. But now as the reception died down and the guests all left, Sarah discovered her new husband had had one too many drinks. She stumbled towards the Honeymoon Sweet with him half passed out, but luckily her Father-in-Law saw her struggles and helped. He was a big, strong man...rugged but handsome she had to admit...and he easily carried his son up to their room.

While her Father-in-Law got his son to bed, Sarah went to change out of her wedding dress. The zipper wouldn't budge though. Embarrassed, she called out to her Father-in-Law, needing one more favor. The gentle giant came into the bathroom, where she was and they chatted politely as he moved behind her to unzip her dress. She needed help getting out of it completely and this was where her embarrassment truly bloomed - her lingerie was sexy and revealing, not hiding her perk breasts or her nipples, the panties showing just how smooth and shaved she was down below. It was meant for her husband and her husband alone.

Now a prospect of a sex-less night and a drunk husband annoyed her greatly. But her Father-in-Law, well, he couldn't help himself. Bigger and stronger than her and her husband, the Father-in-Law decided to brighten up his night as he bent her over and took her roughly despite her protests. Her sounds of pain and denial soon turned to moans of pleasure and arousal as he used her roughly, all over the large bathroom.

Other Info: Ageplay and Sizeplay in this one.
Optional: They also move to her bed, fucking right next to her passed out husband

Plot Name: After School Attention

Pairing: Teacher / Student

Plot Idea: Sarah was a wallflower. Shy, geeky, wearing baggy clothes that did nothing to flaunt her body, she would rather do homework and play video games than go to a party. She was a good student but was struggling in her History class. She found herself too distracted by her cute teacher there to properly focus. It had never been an issue for her before. And now that they'd be assigned a huge project, she knew she needed help. So who better to go to then her teacher?

Andrew had dark fantasies and Sarah was about to play right into them. She had chosen medieval torture devices as her main topic. There was a lot to go on there and she really needed to cut things down and focus otherwise she'd fail his class. Luckily, Andrew had a bondage fetish which tied in nicely to her research. He even had a bunch of collectors items too - so he invited her over to his home to get some first-hand experience with some of the 'devices'.

Of course, he had to lock her up in one of the devices and the temptation there was too much. Even if she begged him NO there was no stopping him. Besides, it would go a long way to getting a better grade.

Other Info: Looking for a Nerdy but Cute girl.
Optional: Virgin
Optional: She is into Bondage/BDSM though not experienced
Optional: He lets other people run a train on her while she is bound up.
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Re: MP wants some Non-Con (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2018, 01:26:45 PM »
Updated with several ideas as promised!