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September 20, 2018, 09:02:55 PM

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Author Topic: Jump on in, the Water's fine! [F looking for M]  (Read 462 times)

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Offline Muddy WatersTopic starter

Jump on in, the Water's fine! [F looking for M]
« on: May 19, 2018, 07:59:06 PM »
Please don't respond here, I'd like to keep this thread clean so I can reuse it if need be.   <3

You know you want to dip your toes in...  don't be shy.

Hi There!
You can call me Muddy!  ^_^
I'm an avid weirdo and newish to E so forgive the lack of pretty formatting and display.
I'm learning but it's a slow go!

I currently only have a few requests open for play.  Please see below for my ideas/prompts:
Please note that the setting is not set in stone and can be discussed to change certain aspects if need be.

Daughter of Power
(manipulation, corruption, cohesion, dub-con (maybe), paranormal, possible Extreme, possible bondage, possible violence/rape)

She woke to pain.   
Blinding, fire bright pain in every nerve in her body.
Fire lingered on her tongue, poured out of her mouth, coloring her breath white in the cool night air.
A lingering ringing pierced her brain.
Memories, flashes of pictures.
The crunch of metal and glass shattering.
The sheer force of the impact.

Sound rubber banded around her snapping back to normal as her own screaming pants seemed far too loud in her own ears.
The pain was vicious, sharp and numbing. 
A shadow swam into view before a bright light, her prone form pinned as it was amid a crunched up vehicle.
Blood bubbled up her throat choking her and running over her lips; down over a slender pale throat in ruby red rivers.
Thick, invasive, her blood poured into her lungs causing limbs to twitch, it allowed her the luxury of life for a few more moments  (even if those moments were in pain)  before she choked to death on  her own lifeblood
The last bubbling gasp of lips had eyes unfocusing as the light dimmed.

Power rattled in her bones, back bowed.
It should have been fatal but even now her body surged up out of the wreckage.
Bowing backwards as fire consumed not only the crash but the bystander that had come to help.

The basic premise is MC is a battery of sort, a magical construct born of a being of power ( be it a deity or a magician).  Upon her mortal death she is reborn int a vessel of power, the only problem is she cannot access that power.   The being of power  will send it's followers after her but it is not the only one that is seeking her.   YC could be a number of things (mage, vampire, shifter, magic user, fae, etc the list is pretty endless) but the goal YC has is simple.   Take possession and harness the power.    The only issue is that MC refuses to used as a battery for her creator, so she runs.   YC could happen upon her, move to find her, chase her down, follow the power... any number of possibilities.   

YC will have to trap, capture, hold and contain MC, how is up in the air as well.   It could be something as simple as YC lying to her and manipulating her, tricking her, or kidnapping her.
Violence is okay for this story.   I typically don't do general violence without a reason.  (So no beatings or physical damage) but in this story violence could be part of it.   She may have to fight other beings chasing her so violence would be part of the story yes in that aspect. 
Degradation: It would only apply if someone villainous caught her  and sought to break her.  (I'll touch back on this)
Humiliation:   Verbal yes, sexual no.   So name calling, instigation, bullying, rudeness etc  all welcome sexual humiliation such as being forced naked in front of people I'll pass on.
I would say a mental chase and entrapment would be apt in describing it.
I didn't really work the full idea out, it just had an interesting start and possible middle for my girl if it goes a few ways.
It could be a cat/cat/mouse game for that matter.   Perhaps she's being chased by "good" and "evil".   And something neutral approaches and offers her help.   
There is always a twist that can be put into the story.
As far as smut, I would figure it would need a bit of build up before anything could happen.   MC having to establish a basic trust enough to accept help without expecting betrayal.
Of course this opens the paranormal door as well as modern everyday door, magic, hypnotism, power use, drugs etc.

The original idea is she's running from both good and bad.   Stumbles into Vegas and draws the eye of a neutral party ( it can be based on religion/s or more paranormal).  Either way, she gets caught by bad guys, they soften her up.   Savior recuses her patches her up, she leaves as soon as she can.  Doesn't make it a day in Vegas before the good guy (respectively) come for her.   Savior shows up again, patches her up makes her an offer.   She will be protected, cared for, pampered.   But she will be this person's property.   And his goal is to figure out how to tap into her power.   (She is a giant store of power but doesn't know how to access it, tap or use it.   She technically can't, only her creator can use it.  The power does nothing for her as far as special powers or skills.   It does however grant immortality and a kind of quickened regen.  )  She doesn't read the fine print or ask the important questions like... "you're not going to hurt me or fuck me?" and this is where some of the issues of degradation and humiliation may come in. 

So it depends how he intends to get to her power and what is it that unlocks her power.    Once unlocked, does it trickle out, does it flood out? 

It's very vague as I'd like to discuss it with my partner and create a wider story between the both of us.
Please PM me with some ideas!

What is YC like? 
What kind of powers does he have?
What is his intention with her?

I am also open to one shots following the below settings:
If you are interested any of the ideas below, please be sure to mention when you PM.
Give me some ideas of  what you are looking for.
Please be aware that I will probably never play a dominant female.
Alpha female - Yes
Dominant Female - No

First slot YC - Second slot MC

- Teacher X Student
- Werewolf X Vampire
-Werewolf x Human/Hunter
- Human X Vampire
-Vampire X Vampire
- Alien X Human
- Monster X Human
- Bad Boy x Good Girl
- Orc x Human

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Re: Jump on in, the Water's fine! [F looking for M]
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2018, 09:41:43 PM »
Updated with current stories looking to fill, removed previous request - 06/02/18
Removed "Forbidden Gates", replaced with The Hunt prompt- 06/12/18
Removed The Hunt prompt, updated with One Shot info - 07/12/18
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Offline Muddy WatersTopic starter

Re: Jump on in, the Water's fine! [F looking for M]
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2018, 11:07:06 AM »
Bump!  ^_^