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January 23, 2019, 09:40:13 AM

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Author Topic: Macht's idea thread. (Slaves, concubines, and monsters, oh my.) M seeking F.  (Read 865 times)

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Welcome to Macht's idea thread. I intend to keep this post updated and fill it with ideas in the future. Rather than writing a reply, please PM me if you are interested in RP.


I have a few plots in mind that carry the theme of a "dark transformation" -- where certain extreme events radically change my character's personality and even his physique, but at the cost of putting a sinister warp in his personality.

My "transformed" character goes from being a moral or ethical character, to one without any regard for morals or ethics. He either shuns religious authority or thinks of himself above it -- God's own mouthpiece -- or, he simply denies religious authority, taking a coldly atheist, wholly pragmatic stance. The "transformed" may recognize legal authority, but will break any law to get what he wants. He becomes capable of any crime, and the calculations to evade any consequences that might come of them.

He becomes a character capable of violence, forcefulness, and ravenous, careless, indiscriminate passion.

Setting/Genre: Fantasy/Historical, early 20th Century
Premise: Our characters are a pair of religious missionaries traveling with the colonial military through the deserts of neighboring lands. While the military sets about conquering and colonizing people, our mission is to spread the Faith. After my character goes missing behind enemy lines, you later encounter him long after he was thought dead, when circumstances lead you to follow reports of a holy man who is in one of the enemy-occupied cities, who is said to have the actual power of miracles, such that the religious radicalist rebels of the city, who resist colonization at all costs, are afraid to touch him. When you meet him, you quickly realize he is not the man he used to be. Whatever horrors he witnessed in the desert have changed him, and he has been touched by something more.

2 / 46 and 2
Setting/Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror, modern day, near future, or early 20th century
Premise: Your character's scientific experimentation causes a Mr. Hyde-like transformation of my character. He goes from being rather average, honest, and trustworthy, to a sexual dynamo with nigh superhuman physicality, enhanced senses and mental faculties, and utterly no sense of limits, nor any desire to resist his urges. If he wants something, he simply takes it. If someone has what he wants, he steals it. If harming someone brings him some satisfaction, he does so gladly. He is transformed into his darkest id, but also the incarnation of his own libido and his utmost intellect.

3 / Lord of the Mists
Setting/Genre: Fantasy
Premise: After his family was slaughtered by harpies, he was changed forever. He turned his back on the town that failed to protect them, and went to live in the very mountains where the harpies held their enclaves. Most said he would not live out the year, but then rumors started of a lodge near the peak of the mountain, protected by man-made barricades, and guarded by attack dogs. If it is indeed the same man who lost his family, many question how he would be able to build such a foothold high in the mountains and survive on his own. None know the real truth--that he managed to build his mountain fortress and palisades using harpies he had captured and enslaved. Now he wears a cloak of the feathers of harpies he has slain, and keeps your character, a harpy, as a slave, perhaps as a hostage, as he exacts his vengeance on the clan that murdered his family.


Ideas in this section all follow a theme of humans intertwined with monsters, be it through romance, marriage, or slavery. Sometimes the monsters in question are simply evil men. Other times, the monsters are quite literal, and often quite a bit more admirable. Ideas in this section deal with relationships with concubines, marriages between strange and unlikely partners, and slavery.

5 / Lady of Nightmares
Setting/Genre: Fantasy
This is primarily a romance RP request. Your character is a monster of some sort, both terrifying and beautiful, and my character is her human contact--her only window into the human world that isn't hostile. He protects her, forewarns her of plots against her, and helps her in making her plans by being able to go into human cities, spy for her and do her bidding. As for what kind of monster she is, my main requirements are that she not be a vampire, because those are essentially just supernaturally powerful women who drink blood. I would prefer something a little more overtly monstrous, like a naga, or a dragon (provided she can take a humanoid shape with her magic). It goes without saying that she should be capable of love. I am very interested in the challenges of such a strange relationship with such a huge natural gulf between the two partners, and finding ways to circumvent it. So I'll be looking for a partner who is good at emotional and imaginative writing.

6 / A Year with the Beast
Setting/Genre: Fantasy
He profaned the wrong woman and was transformed. Now a monster roaming the halls of an ancient castle, the Beast has struck a narrow truce with the people of the surrounding countryside. His father, they say, was a powerful Lord who dealt with the devil and was whisked away to Hell, leaving behind his fortune and a great monster to guard his treasure rooms. The nature of the truce is quite simple. To keep the loneliness of the Beast at bay, a man brings his daughter to live with the Beast for one year. In exchange, he is given treasures from the Beast's coffers, both upon delivery of his daughter, and upon picking her up a year later. This has been the case for over fifty years, and for many of those fifty, the Beast has had a companion living with him. It did not take long, after the first and second daughters were returned to their fathers safe and sound in mind and body, that the Beast was a kind and generous host, and though the claims of the daughters have been largely ignored and dismissed, many grew to consider him a friend. Yet woe to the trespasser, brigand, or thief who dares his sanctum uninvited, or intrudes upon his promised year with one of the daughters of the countryside.

7 / Slave Girl
Setting/Genre: Fantasy
This idea can take a dozen different shapes, but the basic concept of master/slave is the dominant theme. It can be a woman who is taken in a raid, ripped away from her family and carried off to a distant land, or it can be a woman bought on a slave auction. It can be a slave girl who was born a slave and raised in a pleasure house and bought by a rich merchant. The setting can be historical, though I prefer we create a fantasy backdrop for this particular scenario. The relationship can evolve in many different ways according to your interest. It can be wholly non-consensual, it can be a relationship of S&M, it can be a situation where the slave tames her monstrous master, and so on.

8 / In the Dark of Night
Setting/Genre: Modern/Horror
The few who believe in such things say he's a nocturnal god of the ancient world. Others say he is a psychosomatic force, a powerful internal illusion. Most simply do not believe. But that is no matter to you, the woman he rises from the Stygian abyss each night to visit. He could be a dark angel, come to save you from a loveless marriage, or a ravager who takes you by force each night. He could be a bestial monster, stalking you through the concrete jungle, reminding your body of a more ancient, primeval time. But by daylight he is gone, and the world is sane again. Who will he be, and why has he come for you?

9 / Imaginary Friend
Setting/Genre: Modern/Fantasy/Horror
Guardian angel, mirage, delusion. Call it what you will, but someone went missing from your life long ago, someone very important to you, someone only you could perceive. Perhaps in the intervening years you forgot about them, convinced they were a fantasy, but now they've returned, and this time they're not just a figment of your imagination. They've grown, changed, and gotten powerful. But one thing is still the same: they are utterly committed to you, and solving your problems. What use will you make of your imaginary friend?
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